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You can remove and re-order items on the 'dynamic ribbon' of 'applications.'

On the left side of the new Google+, you'll see "Home," "Profile," "Explore," etc., which Google is now calling "applications."

You can drag and drop these into any order you choose. If you drag and drop outside the browser, they go away.

Under "More," I found "Pages," which I dragged to below my "Profile" icon.

Applications with multiple options display a pop-out menu when you hover your mouse pointer over them.

Very cool.
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It's a very welcome feature. Now I just wish they'd extend it to the Google bar :)
I feel like there's suddenly a lot of wasted space!
I love it so far. More sites need to adopt the customizable navigation
... And how can I add again something I had previously removed?
Btw, it seems like everything nowadays is an "app". Jesus.
Where is my new UI? Ctrl+F5 does not work for me!
Hmm... but...

• Quick access to your saved searches? Gone.
• Quick flipping between streams? Gone.
• Browsing the beautiful photos others have posted to your stream? Gone.
When did Google started the release? If I don't see the new look, is it because I am out of the loop?
I'm not seeing the new look yet, I think it's still being rolled out
+Howard C. Shaw III I agree! I hate having to scroll all the way back up (or clicking Home) to get to the top so I can select a different stream to view. I liked it when the streams were on the side, along with saved searches. I say hide the chat bar.
Did this just rollout today to some users? Any idea when it goes live for everyone?
It's mind blowing to see 2 most talked about topic in G+ is #newgoogleplusfeature and #tsunami . Seems this new update almost trumps the news on the most significant chance of 2004's tsunami to repeat itself again.
+Ian Niblett - Really? I've got a nice sized widescreen (24") and I think it looks just great... I like the white space, doesn't make it feel cluttered. I bet what most people are complaining about (even if they don't realize it) is that the content is left-justified (as it should be) as opposed to all being centered (like FB does).
Jeff F.
I just want my filters/circles back on the left where they are useful. I have no need to have Hangouts Pages and Circles always visible on the left. But now it takes more clicks to change and filter by a different circle, which is something I actually do often. UI Fail.
+Chris Anderson: I have a 24" too and I have enough white space to put my face on. Not that I'm complaining. Just sayin'. 8)
Ok... anyone figured how to remove the chat column on the right??
+Ian Niblett Mine 24" iMac gives me a big white space beteween posts and chat. And a space that is really too big and weird. And i'm only in 1920x1200. The white space is bigger than this stripe with the posts, for example...
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