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Cheeseburger pizza -- because Pizza Hut customers aren't fat enough.

You heard about the disgusting pizza with hot dogs baked into the crust? Now Pizza Hut is selling a pizza with cheeseburgers baked right in.

This isn't food, people. It's gluttony theater!
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Who cares??? Google Drive is out!!! MUAAHAHAHAHA
Ick. (Although a traditional cheeseburger pizza is pretty awesome.)
That does not look delicious.
This is absolutely disgusting.
That's it... I quit... I'll show myself out...
They try so hard to make it look delicious on the commercial yet it still looks disgusting and silly.
You're right. It's theater. I know I can't eat this stuff (at least not often) but it's fun to look at. Ogle at the ridiculousness of it. This is also the reason I like Epic Meal Time. I will never make or eat that food, but it's good entertainment.
Wow, amazing... I guess they want to keep America fat??
To be fair, the hotdog stuffed crust was a Pizza Hut UK offering, wasn't it? Not US.
Wow. Cheeseburger pizza used to be a pie with ground beef, onions, and cheese. I worked and Pizza Hut in high school, and we used to top it with lettuce and diced tomato after it came out of the oven. That just looks gross.
+Kevin Dunseath, you're right - the hot dog crust was UK and this one is middle east. Neither one is available in the US
This isn't in America.. It's Pizza hut Middle-East
Get rid of the crust, though, and you're on to something.
Ugg...I think I hear my arteries hardening as I look at this...
Updated the headline. Thanks, all!
No shouting please, we all hear you :P
And the hot dog crust pizza was UK. Americans aren't the only ones.
Looks yum in a grotesque way.

Also, "Puzza Hut customers" aren't inherently fat. I like the hut occasionally. Whilst I'm not trim and toned as I'd like, I'm hardly a sow.

Just stirring the pot a bit...playing devil's advocate as it were. 
+1 Just for the title of the post.
Have you noticed it is from the Middle East?
Wow! Even if it's not available in the US it certainly represents a US obsession with food. Somewhere Jamie Oliver just gave up....
But if a single serving of this was consumed as a one-off meal with friends, surely that's no big deal...
Ah Pizza Hut make all your dreams come true! But it is a malefic fairy since the price for the dream is your life, your health! I don't even get into the silent animal pain and environmental disaster this implies...
I like hamburgers and pizza, but I don't think I'd want to eat that -- ew!
mmmm tasty !! -- I think not .
this isnt pizza. yuk
i'd feel guilty eating cheesburgers or hotdogs and pizza all at the same time.
this is grose ewwwwww i would never get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who ever invented a fucking genius!!! YUM!!!!
No wonder America is the fattest country in the world!
I don't know why so many seem to think it looks so gross. It's just cheeseburgers on a crust instead of a bun. I mean, if you don't like hamburgers, well--no, you wouldn't like it. But, I'd imagine at least some of you eat hamburgers. LOL. Like the crust with hot dogs in it--hasn't anyone ever had a pig-in-a-blanket? I know people eat them. A lot of caterers claim they are the most requested appetizers. I dunno...I guess I just don't have a very sophisticated palate. LOL.
It comes with a free defibrillator and a coupon for half off on open heart surgery.
+Joann Metzger I think the thing that bothers them is that it's two junk foods mashed together. I'd probably try it just to have a story to tell. Haha.
this might be the worsed pizza ever!!!
Must get them fatter and slower for the slaughter continue the process of feeding mindless gluttons.I kind of question what are they really feeding the population these days? With 50,000 missing people every year....LOL....a must.
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