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I post, therefore, I am.

Scribo ergo sum.

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it, did it really fall?

Likewise, if you never post anything on Google+, are you really here?

If you appreciate someone else's post, but don't +1 it, did you really appreciate it?

If you have an opinion about someone else's post, but don't add a comment, did you really have an opinion?

The answer to all these question is: Who cares?

To exist on Google+ is to act -- to post, +1, comment and share.

Do you exist? Prove it!
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I exist! I +1'd and commented! :-)
Ian Hex
Herein lies wisdom.
Why are people so bent out of shape over a non founded post saying Google+ is a #ghosttown . my #facebook stream definitely does not see as much action as my Google+ account does.
I felt the other way at first. If I post and no one sees it did I really post? But now I have at least a small cohort of interact-ers.
Great comment +Sascha Pallenberg ! Gotta love Latin!

I would agree, not just a one or two word post is really interacting on Google+. Taking the time to actually comment and interact with others from all over the world is the best part of this site that FB is still missing.
I thought it went "If a tree falls does it make a sound"
just prove my existence~
Just because you don't see comments or interaction does not mean no one saw your post.

This is why Google Analytics MUST come to Google+. It will show us what is really going on. My best traffic and much of it is coming from Google+ sharing, not by me, but by others. The difference is that I can see proof of this at my sites thru G Analytics.
You missed one that might be relevant to new G+ers. If you post something you think is significant and no one reads it, then was it significant?
Rene Decartes. Founder of most of modern math, science, and - famously - philosophy. I did some research on this guy today. Hilarious to see posts about his ideas here.
"If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it, did it really fall?" is a phrase that always gets my hackles up.
Are humans so egotistical that they think that something only exists if they validate it? Give me a break! In the vastness of the universe a tree or a human exist in and of themselves, whether either one validates the other or not.
Descartes takes a seat a bar and orders a round. When he downs it the bartender asks if he would like another he replies "I think not." The bartender then gasped as Descartes disappeared.

If a man states his opinion and there isn't a woman around to hear him, is he still wrong? :-)
Post to satisfy the need to communicate, and someone will eventually appreciate it.
+Bob Freeman it sounds like you haven't been sufficiently messed up enlightened by philosophy to enjoy profound existential doubt. :)
Well yeah you are for now at Google+ until Google opens the ability to use posting tools.
+Mike Elgan Does the fact that you don't know me mean I don't exist? Is our existence defined by whether the world knows about our actions? Can’t I appreciate something and not tell the whole world about it? May be its just me… Maybe I am getting too old…

N.B: I am sure +Mark Zuckerberg +1ed this post ;-)
If I add a comment on your post,but I don't accept any response,did I really add a comment?
Why is everyone hung up about comparing +Google+ to Facebook? If anyone remembers how many people were signed up to FB when it was 6 months or so old, let's hear it. i'm sure it was a #ghosttown as well. Let G+ stand the test of time and revisit this argument in seven years. +Mike Elgan, I see you are getting a good number of comments, + 1's and shares. Glad I could be one of them.
+Mike Elgan Your post made me think of the Turing Test, a way of determining whether a computer is intelligent. The test says that if you can't deduce whether you are communicating with a human or a machine based on the conversation, then if it is a machine then it's intelligent. So, you might exist because you post, but you might be a really cleverly-written blogging-app ! Just kidding, but in 20 years, this sort of thing might be more plausible.
+Meilani MacDonald "If I post and no one responds, do I exist?" Not until the cat opens the box you're in.
So, is there something wrong with this article? (via +James Salsman )
The Mounting Minuses at Google+: Playing Catch-up to Facebook, Google's Social Network Is a Virtual Ghost Town

"Visitors using personal computers spent an average of about three minutes a month on Google+ between September and January, versus six to seven hours on Facebook each month over the same period, according to comScore"
Jh Lee
Wish u provide us with more useful information,then we can share it.
Yes, trees were falling long before we witnessed them, but if you're not on Google+ you're probably not here, lol.
really perfect!
i leave comment therefore , i am .
i say the quote:
i dance, therefore, i am
BUT NOBODY UNDERSTANDS IT! get a brain people...
I may not always comment or +1...but I still think; therefore, I still am.
U are only ur Incognito...ssshhh
+Tom Jacob Your existence on a social network depends on connecting with other people. If you don't connect, you don't exist as a member of a community.

There's no real difference between people who can't read and people who don't read. And there's no real difference between people who aren't members of Google+, and people who are members but don't interact with anyone.
I had to do a report on this guy
haha, in fact, I can speak English....sorry for my rude jokes..more communication, more happy..
if I heard the tree, posted, +1 it and commented, but I am a FAKE profile. Am I the fear of exist?
iiiihh au gamanadu mai di tagi di beneinei daman.....koiz gu hagahahi...
The answer to all the questions is yes. None of yours even came close to paralleling the "If a tree falls in the forest"
Good point, Mike. It sounds like something that applies to life in general as well.
I have a female co-worker who can be loud and annoying(Vain). I've often wondered that is she fell in the forest and no one was there to see or hear her take a dive would she make a noise. And then I realize.YES--YES--YES she would DEFINAtely make a sound !
+Mike Elgan .....did you really just write, "There's no real difference between people who can't read and people who don't read.".....?


While I do understand social media marketing in a small sense, that statement is just...well, it's just ridiculous. It's like saying there's no difference in people who can't eat, and people who diet.
Well I must be here, your in my stream....
Ok I'll prove it. The question is not If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it does it really fall. It's if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it does it still make a noise. Please don't get rudimentary philosophical questions wrong in a dumb context like this..
+John Nuss, but more importantly.....DID IT PLUS ONE?
However, the context here seems to be, "if one does not +1, one does not exist". I beg to differ.
What does a +1 mean? Is it the same for each users? or is it considerate of a user to read a post and not +1 it?
In either case, it is good to read your posts +Mike Elgan ! They are challenging and informative and, in some cases not exactly what we are looking for- at the time :)
hmmp. quite an analogy you have there, if Google fall, who would be next? LMAO
irish d
morpheus says this isn't real.
If it thunders is it always folllowed by a lightening strike
If a man speaks his mind in the forest and there is no woman around, is he still wrong?
do you suppose this fellow was handsome in real life?
If I didn't exist, why would I be HERE
Hao Zou
i don't think so but he is ugly from wat me & u c!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLZ :)
I think I am still trying to figure out the value of Google+. It is easier for me to use than Facebook, but I do not get many responses from those I post to.
+Christopher Stokes Incorrect. The Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum physics states that it cannot be known to exist until it is observed; it makes no assertion as to whether it exists or not, save for saying that the best way to model the tree, is by saying that it simultaneously could exist and could not exist.
Bah! Now I feel compelled to comment!

But certainly I no longer exist on Facebook. I've never felt so free!
Totally weird for me: I was just looking up Descartes Discourses a little while ago because I'd forgotten the full title, then this pops up.
If nobody is around to hear it, your premise of "a tree falls" is already wrong. Of course the tree hasn't yet fallen. You should know better than that: it has become a Schrödinger's Tree ;-P
hey i knw yhu and i can your number phne i wnt talking wit yhu...
I read [what you post]; therefore, I am.
I am here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aw dammit....I don't know if I'm real anymore!

Is that you vodka? Was that you or me, pal?
+Kat Smith I was paraphrasing and mangling a notion by Mark Twain, who said: "A person who won't read has no advantage over one who can't read."
The Real World? Isn't that the weird naked drunk drug show on MTV? I don't care if a tree falls anywhere as long as it's not on my roof. And I am certainly not like god. And trust me, a lot of people should be glad of that right now or they'd be scratching their boils and batting away locust. I can't do anything I want because I am not now on a beach eating junk food and looking at scantily clad hotties. And I REALLY want that. I do.
Does it make a sound if the tree falls on a mime?
I don't post much on Twitter either, but I still use it to obtain information.
I comment (and share), therefore, I am!
Only if the tree falling get posted on Google....
I don't think much, therefore I get a government check
scrolled up and down in search for the "'Like" button! Good one Mike (:
Descarte could use rhinoplasty.
torio w
i hav heard that one before but i never figured it out
regardless if you post or don't post this 'space' is virtual, of course you aren't 'here'.
dude is Google paying you for this... Remember Don't be Evil!! LoL :)
But as you were asking I posted my comment after reading all this. So purpose is solved....Good Job :)
I exist....I exist as a trinity!!! ..No, not the father, son and holy ghost, even better! i will PROVE my existence to the google world:
...i exist as a trinity... because:

1) i have just shared this post with my extended circles
2) i '+1ed' it....
3) AND i am now commenting!!!

Praise SCIENCE!! and the Interwebs!! and may you be blessed by his noodley appendage. Ramen.
I think your point about +1'ing posts you like is very under-appreciated. Google+ builds a network, but it can only build a network from the data you give it. Google+ is a technology that requires active participation by its users. It doesn't work otherwise!
Saw a sign the other day that read "If a man falls in the forest and there isn't a woman around to see him, is he still wrong?"
Don't get it, I can still exist without posting things, can't I?
I don't exist... but I guess i do, cause I just posted this... paradoxs...
that should be the new +troll mascot
that should be a new troll mascot
It always seems to me that my posts are about my ego and not my id.
To exist is a minimalist objective. Strive to thrive by adding your own mark on the conversation.
anyone can tell whois this in the picture
Certainly, you are virtually here.
Rene Descartes, the one whose revolutionary ideas were even liked by the cardinal Rechelieu, and have given birth to classicism.
Sir Walter Raliegh no wait , Maggelan , no wait, Blue boy oh wait, it just came to me...The 5th Beatle of course
If I comment and nobody +1's it, did I really comment?
Sure enough, this is a good portrait of R. Descartes, I think was a famous philosopher. But this post is above my head. Now, as Shakespeare would quote it, " If a bear does his No. in the woods, does it have any significance"?
You see so few people with such character of face anymore.
I was under impression that "I think, therefore I am" - but on Google+ the law change to : "I post, therefore, I am"

My postings and comments are proof of my existence !!! Hurrah - I am alive and kicking !!!
So Mike, if a man says something in the forest and there are no women around to hear, is he still wrong? lol
Great philosophical thoughts! You are sounding more like Descartes, with his famous proposition, "cogito ergo sum." in this case, I think, therefore I am....putting +1 ! 
Looks like Sylvester Stallone in drag
I want to make more G+ posts, but I'm afraid no one will read them, much less comment or +1 them. If I only read my feed occasionally and then occasionally comment on other posts, do I exist?

I just looked, YOU have more followers than I thought were peeps on G+!!! Okay, so G+ has tens of millions of registered users, but how many regularly log in nowadays? Have most of them already commented on this post?
Hey, I am just getting used to G+ so I can say goodbye to fb when they force timeline on me!
If a tree falls and no one hears it DID IT MAKE A SOUND????? NOT did it fall... premise #1 is operative!
+irish d . Look again, Trin. See, no plug holes. As Tank would say, born in the free world here in Zion.
I just proved my existence in G+, by +1 your post..
The Sun has no need to boast of it's brightness.
This is how I envision Guy Fawkes looking for some reason. Perhaps Descartes was Guy's 9 year old son at the time of the gunpowder plot?
He looks kind of like Ernie Kovacs in a way, doesn't he? Descartes and I are having a drink. There's a cat in a box, on our table. I reach in, not thinking. The bartender disappears.
i commented, therefore i exist
Well, in the real world there are people who watch every move we make, silent and invisible, watching us, laughing alone at what we say or disagreeing in anger. In the real world they are creepy stalkers, online they are just boring people.
So,here I am.hah.
I didn't understand what you were telling, but this picture reminds me of Ian Anderson, my favourite
I'd think of it, but never to myself before.
I read therefore I am bored.
Posto cogito sum
In g+circus veritas
+1-are humanum est
Interesting post. It seems that the post is two-fold, philosophical and intentional, and it also interesting that most of the comments obviate to acknowledge the intentional purpose of the post. I will make an attempt to address both.

The intentional part. Do we really need those tips ? Is there a code of conduct on a social network ? Do you think that a condescending post should change the behavior of the Google+ users or even serve as an incentive ? Is is the intentional purpose just another approach to increase popularity of Google+ ? And finally, if the answer of all the questions above is 'no', why would you create the post ?

The philosophical part. Let's go deeper into 'Cogito ergo sum' - 'I think, therefore I am'. 'I', or more precisely 'I think', can also be
momentaneous, and without invalidating the deduction of 'I am', it does not guarantee that it will propagate to the next moment. The claim can also be applied to the analogy 'Scribo ergo sum'. Most people end up opening the profile out of curiosity towards its features. The fundamental need to actually use the system is not guaranteed to disseminate, and in fact does not really happen. And if I am wrong, I would argue why 'What's hot' functionally is there.

The tree analogy seems also flawed. We can argue whether a validation of a certain action makes it real or not, as long as we want, but that is not the point here. This is a social network. It is equipped with all these features for validation, relevance, acknowledgment, propagation and evaluation of every information that is stored on the network. And yes, the actions on the network are made so they can be heard, read, viewed. Those functionalities become pointless if there is no end-medium to provide the informations to. And by implication it also becomes pointless to put the informations in the system in the first place. To be transparent to the analogy given: the system provides the environment to spread the sound of the tree falling to the ground, but we need people around to actually hear it. Finally, the important part is hearing the noise coming from the tree, not the fact the tree is on the ground (no matter whether it is there or not). I hope that makes sense.

Reality is that Google+ is a very well designed social network. As Google is a big player on a global scale, the product will always be compared with other social networks (and as Google+ does not have the first mover advantage, this can be treated as a compliment), as other internet search services are compared to Google. But Google+ will probably never become as powerful as Facebook. Maybe if there is a way to make people collectively move from one network to the other, might be possible. People will never double their work, to post on several social networks. But, what Google+ can do is to fragment the use of social networks. I personally enjoy the vibe on Google+, I see a lot of creativity on this network, whereas others seems that reflect the egotistical and self-absorbed nature of humanity. I think the best bet of Google+ is to continue promoting this image, instead of striving to become a general purpose social network.
Of course the tree fell,though so many times we are around/in places/situations yet unaware of whats going on around us.

A Cure for 80% of Human Cancers
and proof of Creation.

N 60
However I suggest that the Record be read in conjunction with the revelations as it puts everything into perspective,and you will then understand why I have it.

I mangled the zen koan of the tree falling. But I'm not going to fix it. My mangling is still true to the original notion of whether phenomena exist outside of experience. : )
This makes so much sense... truly inspiring!
I do not exist. Is this a contradiction? ;-)
Great point +Mike Elgan I feel like the reason people don't find the amazing parts of Google+ is that it requires more active participation than Twitter or Facebook. On Twitter you have 160 characters, it's easy to post often and on Facebook you're mostly speaking at a personal level with friends. On Google+ you have to look into what interests you and get involved in those circles. Google has captured a very real part of life and most people are blind to it.
Really i am interesting to be in touch with all of you and to know the updated articels that people talkl about .Also i would like to make some new friendships .Although its my first time to share this point but i love it..
I Post therefore I am an LCD CRYSTAL display GROWN FROM THE INSIDE OUT! I yam what I yam I'm Popeye the sailor man. Proof via the method of "reductio ad absurdum" is fraught with evil demons demonstrations which entail the nature of the septic sceptic. This morning I awoke to hear politicians using the term from the domain of the logicians 'ATTRIBUTE" and then very badly. I am what I am, is a tautology. Nothing extra is revealed except a bit of trivial information that has already been affirmed by the "I AM". You are, we are all here too in the same instant coffee moment with eternity before and after each moment deciding how to spend our time for the best possible outcome IN OUR USAGE OF IT. Liv+Luv=Peat<:] OVER THE FENCE
Philosopy Thinking of thinking
A baby being born at this very moment in the delivery ward of the govt. maternity hospital in New Delhi does not cease to exist just because we are not there to witness its birth and hear its cries.
If, however, the event had CNN coverage and was beamed to all four corners of the world, the only difference would be that, apart from its immediate family members, relatives, the maternity ward staff concerned and perhaps the taxi wallah concerned, more people around the world would be aware of its existence.
Lack of such coverage would have no effect on its state of existence.
Yet, what +Mike Elgan has accomplished here is nothing short of fantastic. He has challenged us all to get off our butts and move out of our comfort zones, to shed our cloaks of invisibility, to prod us from being mere spectators to vocal participants, to shove us around to the point where we shove back in our respective ways.
I am of two minds about this post... Does it, but subtly, fall into the dreaded "please +1"-category, or can I +1 it and commit on it without feeling slightly sick. Only one way to find out.
+Mike Elgan There is a difference between people who can't read and people who won't read. The difference is choice.

If I don't participate till I find something worth participating (in that sense G+ is is still in infancy), it is my choice.

+Kat Smith nice one, but why do you have to bring dieting in to it? Oh, and what wouldn't I give to pick a women brain?
To quote The Far Side: If a tree falls in a forest and hits a mime, does anyone care?
Same is probably true of life in general, there are many who just seem to stick around not really adding anything to what they found. I think that's our imperative, look at what you can add to that you found. Reminds me of one of my favourite quotes: "Always go to far, because that's where you'll find the truth" - Albert Camus. I would paraphrase that and say "Always go beyond what you have found, because it is closer to the truth".
DesCartes walks into a bar. The bartender says, "Would you like a drink?" DesCartes says, "I think not!"
And he disappears...
but often, wise one, my comments would be "meh"before I move on, or I find myself deleting comments under the "if you don't have anything nice to say" rule or the "if what you wrote could be taken literally, instead of the tongue-in-cheek way in which you meant it,it will be and you will have 10,000 whatever types [see I even had to edit my example because people will pop a vein] pushing their perception of the world at you when you really didn't care enough in the first place)" rule (not quite as catchy I know).

I try live by "you can always tell the calibre of a scientist, by the difference between how much evidence he needs to support something he wants to believe in verses how much evidence he needs to support something he doesn't want to believe in" and the gap in pretty large in the non-scientist and scientist alike, with political views and random acts of blind faith like"I believe that guy will run the country well even though he cheated on his last 4 wives, because he will be sooooo much more trust worthy when you give him a $trillon empire to run”, or the “the U.S. is the only country that has the moral right to pre-emptively murder, sorry neutralise, people” (and I almost comment but the comments are “but he’s right” or some such comment which makes you lose all hope for humanity ), and even despite the so obvious blind faith they swear they are not religious and they’re the evangelical/nouveau atheist type that is so condescending to those they know are wrong or that believe/think differently to them and they feel the need to push their views with such vehemence because they KNOW that finally the world has produced an “unblinkered one” who has escaped Plato's Cave. so +Mike Elgan it’s often just not worth the effort and besides that: meh.
No tree falls beyond earshot. To do, would be to lack purpose.
I wish I could give multiple +1's for great posts like this, but I cannot. So I'll comment and reshare! :)
If you read a book but don't tell anyone about it, did you really read the book? +Mike Elgan, it's enough to think in order to exist. There is no need to drag introverts into active participation :)
+Val Schuman You have definitely read the book. The connection between author and reader has been made, even if you don't tell anyone about it. But the purpose of social networking is two-way connection, not one-way.
I don't exist for I never comment to any post.
I've never participated in a website where so many people bothered over how you were supposed to participate therein. It makes the whole place seem a little contrived or something.
Thanks for the THOUGHTS Mike, NOW, what about the "EXPLANATORY GAP" which requires a bridge to be built from theory to action. "Think local, act global" can be said, turning the lights off when leaving the room is the action. liv+luv=peat<:]off fence|
Damn, Robert Downey Jr. had some fabulous hair back in the day!
Omnes quod facit mathematica, est
Not necessarily true, from the standpoint of preventing useful info from being buried by garbage. :-p
according to google stats you're here... but actually I'm not.
The evil demon argument contains a vicious circle as does much so called philosophical and scientific discussion. We must take good care of pathways that lead to double binds or catch 22 situations. That tree on falling came down with a tremendous roar based on, a priori or ontological considerations. We well may via process of logic or reason assume from particulars a generalisation of the case or from generalisations assume the particulars of the case. The argumentum ad absurdum is a tool in the toolbox of reason. For a to be, not a, is clearly absurd even when, a is a is called a trivial fact. For a to be, not not a is equally as true, as a is a, for it to be otherwise is: absurd. That to my mind is the law of identity logic 101. For a to be b denotes a difference in form or shape that enables things of greater complexity to be introduced via one similarity: b is a member of the alphabet as a is too. A categorical necessity for a think, for a thought and for a idea to be written at all. All science has ever done is from empirical data reverse engineered that which is, that which preceded and that which could not have come into existence without a cause since we the thing created are the witnesses to the effects. We can say "I OWN A PROPERTY" and act like a Pharaoh or a Chinese Emperor with an army of terracotta soldiers and ferret the stuff collected into ones platonic cave if you so wills it. That will not stop the Ali Barbers and their forty thieves from entering at some future time to relieve you of your so called afterlife inheritance now will it? The atheist claims their is no proof of the existence of a GOD, that their is no such thing as MIRACLES. The miracle is that life is and that it can be observed that is till the day you die. Genesis began with in the beginning "Dust you are and dust you will become" Their thus is no justice done till the dead are brought back to life. WHY? Simple! Their is party of the first part let us call him A. There is party of the second part lets call him B. A kills B with an axe because he wants B's wife. (Note: This action of will denotes a criminal abuse of power one that applies to nation states and the individuals who support them) A gets B's wife. B has been denied justice if there is no resurrection. Therefore the atheist claim is in-just since B can never ever receive a right of reply. OK you will say A gets caught by the police and is either hanged or sent to prison for the term of his natural life. So all have been punished. A double bind has occurred. Neither A nor B is free. SEE! Without a JUST CREATOR who has a perfect memory of all who have died and the trillion or so souls yet to come into existence based on one simple principle called pair bonding none of us would be to do or make do. We are all related to ADAM and EVE and ADAM was a son of GOD as Jesus was that means those who know him have fine prospects, those who do not have no future. PUNK IS DEAD since those who love their others who are visible do not kill and rape and plunder and slander etc. therefore love he who is invisible for they clearly perceive the invisible qualities made present in that spirit that holds all the material universe together in the atoms in that trusty periodic table, composed as hardware and a set of coded instructions, "We give ourself very good advice which is very seldom follow " Sin is Lawlessness so to make law simple love GOD the creator whom you cannot see by loving your others whom you can see. Politics is Racist while international borders exist. We are all brothers via period doubling. 10 generations ago existed 1024 parents. 1000 years ago existed more parents than people presently living @ a mean reproductive age of 28 years ( do a spreadsheet to see what I mean)which is more than 33 1/3 r-evolutions per minute of your tuntable can ever hold as a recorded message. "Do not multiply entities without neccessity" or Ockhams Razor was brought to our attention then, near 1000 years ago, as was the trivium of logic, grammer and rhetoric hence the terminology trivial or absurd is distinguished as being in existance for it to be otherwise is accounted foolishness in extremis: extinguished.. HA'WAH is the Father of us all and the first born of creation was the Archangel Michael. Henceforth we are all under trial, the free offer is everlasting existance: love never fails. ABBA Father in Jesus name AMEN. liv+luv=peat:)
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