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Tupac peforms live with +Snoop Dogg!

The late rap legend Tupac Shakur was resurrected in the form of a hologram, performing "live" with +Snoop Dogg at the Coachella Festival in Indio, California.

Warning: This may freak you the $#@! out.

Props to +Eric Orlaska
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Dae McD
Amazing, creepy and very well done. Thanks Mike :)
Saw them checking into the hotel as I was leaving
Tupac Was Never Dead. They Are Using The Hologram To Throw Everyone Off!
He is not dead! he freed himself from a political system...
This is absolutely insane. I so want to see this irl.
That's absolutely amazing!!!!!!!! Incredible
How is that done? Does it look anywhere as close to as amazing in person?
+Robert Misner: "Different companies may use slightly different systems, but Musion's director James Rock explains the company's technique. A large reflective surface is put at a 45-degree angle to a stage; historically, glass was used, but Musion has patented an "eyeliner foil", made of very tightly stretched, thin, transparent Mylar plastic. An image is then projected down on to a screen that's flat on the floor in front of the stage. The precise angle of the reflective foil means that the image appears as if on the stage. For the trick to work, the projected images have to have been filmed against a black background, and the stage must have a dark backdrop, so that the background of the projection "disappears" into the dark, leaving just the colourful hologram."
Erich W
+Robert Misner its done by using a 3d holograph. They've done this before with Elvis and with technology will probably become more popular and bring back other artists.
Next: iPhone 5 will be presented by the late Steve Jobs himself.
Where did the footage of Tupac come from?
Very cool tech, curious if they left in the moon walking just to help people differentiate between real and hologram. Some people are in no state of mind to handle this without it.
That was too crazy!! Tupac was ahead of his time!
i love technology,next time they must resurrect micheal jackson.
I guess the terms "3d" and "hologram" are being used pretty loosely here. It sounds like it's an image projected on to an almost transparent screen, and when you can't see the screen, you think the image is floating on-stage. Is that how it works? Still, it does look visually impressive.
the performance between you guys was very cool i like it and tight.
+Mike Elgan Very interesting, though it is not a real hologram. They are projecting a video on a semi transparent surface. It is more obvious at minute 4:10 when it shows a side angle which makes Tupac Shakur really skinny. :)
@Robert Duke: Biggie is to fat to be processed in bits and bytes. One too many burgers...
Walt B.
The image was probably rendered,and wrapped over a mo capped wire frame get that level of detail from something shot in SD in the 90's would be nearly impossible. However they did it,it was the coolest thing I've seen in awhile.
+Chris Vesper you are correct, it's just a projection on a screen, it's the closes we can get to a 'hologram" The work done in Japan a couple of years ago for the Vocoloid Concert was fantastic. Check out +Sterling Phry link above. I have a copy of the concert and it totally rules. Of course Japan brings anime to life, we bring dead people to life
Really bringing dead people to life is an art of Japan !
That was crazy. Creepy but confess to enjoyin two of my favorite Tupac tunes simultaneously ... Wish the close out wasn't so dramatic but otw, not a bad use of tech.
"I wrote this song a long time ago.. really really long time ago"
I love rocking to Tupac, but does he have the rights to do so? Seems like it would just be profiting off the dead...
Anyone else feel like this is a little sick? LIke one of those Japanese Sex dolls?
what the frickin is this about
while they may have taken this idea from Miku +Morten Nilsen, I am glad that the ideas and technology is spreading, and Vocaloid still gets the credit. I am glad that she is able to help technology move forward, even though it makes her seem less unique :( #savemiku
Jake C
So they use a dead, once politically-outspoken and socially-aware man for a for-profit concert.. pretty morally unconscionable. BUT OMG HOLOGRAM TECHNOLOGY
"Goosies" all over. Amazing. Hope to find this tech in IPhones and IPads soon.
I got cold chills and kinda teared up a bit seeing 2pac.... Seeing this only reminded me of the Hatsune Miku 3D tour that was done. Wonder if they will do a biggie n 2pac resurrection tour. That would be cool! Bring back all the rappers whom have passed away. My dream tour would have to be a Nirvana tour done like this. I doubt his wife n daughter would let it happen though.
Kinda wild how technology can resurrect Tupac. Holograms are like super 3D. They should make movie using this tech.
for the technology to be very well believed it needs to have perfect conditions. i.e. very dark with sharp contrasts. for the time being movies are better off sticking to CG
Who said it was a Hologram? I saw that dude cast shadows. And I've heard of Elepahants disappearing on stages the same way. The Pac, back from the dead! Where is he now? Where's the Pac and why, after all these years, would he show himself? Could be because he thought everyone would pass it off as a Hologram.. Or maybe he thought the appearance of his 'Ghost' would cause an uproar of excitement through his fans. Looks to me like he got blown off as a fake, say it aint so, say it aint so...
Couldn't do nothing but smile when i saw Tupac... I loved it..
The warning attached should read "will possibly bore you to death". Why on earth would anyone with an IQ above room temperature be entertained by this ???
Very cool. It was cool to see Snoop looking over at the hologram. Well done.
Anyone with a good IQ can understand why others are entertained even if he is not.
He is very much alive or technology has gotten fudging good
While this looked very visually stunning, and the thought of being able to see performers on stage long after they are gone has a lot of potential. However, that being said, it seems somewhat disingenuous to portray Mr. Shakur in this way, in his mid-20s, rather than as the 40 year old he would be today. It does not seem fair to Mr. Broadus to be performing on a stage at the age of 40 with a projection of a man who should be 40, but is shown as being much younger.

That being said, I think I have just figured out how the Olympic Committee can have Keith Moon perform at the opening ceremonies in London...
Could you repeat that again in English Mahan?

Why not illustrate your point by linking us to some of your artwork to show enlighten us all on how it should be done

+Snoop Dogg
thats fake cuz he's been dead for a while. he would turn on his grave if he knew people were chatting rubbish about him making a video when he's already dead
that is pretty crazy sh*t. weird too that they had to cast someone saying "what up coachella". think it's dre?
Fake? Seriously? They said it's a hologram. Of course it's fake....
Riiiiight; a "hologram" of Tupac? He just wanted to figure out a way to come back without admitting he wasn't really gone to begin with.
freaking holograms live onstage but we still only get 380 px worth of vid quality?
I invision a tour of dead musicians for instance classic rock bands like the original lynard skynard touring again
thats so sikk i saw that video over the weekend
I admire 2pac but really do we have to be reminded about him,that is just not cool coz nothing can ever wake him up,RIP legend
Very creative and cool but not holography. In fact by the looks it would seem they combined anaglyph with projection mapping, that is hardly cutting edge tech or eerie. 2Pac is good stuff tho.
Zombie pop, I suppose he's all dead not just dead inside.
fuck tupac, suck rapper,
I don't even like Tupac but that was amazing
I wonder how they did it?
Wow man ! The end was amazing . Stunned!!!
I fully agree about bringing back artists or groups that are no longer together or with us, I would pay to see the great Bob Marley again in concert.
this really amazing wish I was there.
Can't wait to have a TV with this tech.
I watched this vid a few hours ago, and its just amazing
Good use of technology showing a great legend....
holy guacamole!! cant stand the rap but the hologram technology is amazing !!!!!!
this is just weird, I know it's performance/performance art, but it is just ... I can't find the words for it, but that is what it is.
surprisingly awesome ,crazy ,and wierd at the same time
Still working hard. No one seems to work harder than Tupac, still.
It is crazy how far technology has come in this day in age but still there is no way to cure cancer....Smh
Why do we glorify and car jacker and known murder. Really....
That looks too realistic, seemed like he were really there.
I'd rather see Herman Munster interacting with Rob Zombie during Superbeast.
So Jesus didn't resurrect from the dead...
Yeah ok make my dead homie come back then! So we can park and just talk for hours.
best years of music not like the crap we have now like kanye and wayne
Disrespect to the dead...
this guy looks like he takes more drugs than charlie sheen
It sucks that anyone I would want to see in concert I've either already seen or their dead...
Some good people die young, some ass hats earn the chance to die young. Shame he was so talented (so some think at least) and wasted it on drugs and crap. Gangsters are going to die. they live and die and another takes their place. I am sorry to their families for the pain they feel in the loss. Other than that, Oh well just another victim of poor choices made. I guess some want to glorify this murderer? What about those he killed?
need hugs much Karrina? sheesh let it go already...
Th only "freak out" bere is that YouTube user pulled the content. Again.
New to blogging? Old to spamming. DIAF!
The name 3pac will never.......
Thanks for the spoiler alert cory. Bitch. Traditionally magicians pride themselves on their trade secrets. But apparently, once a rogue director who has worked for at least one illusionist decides to claim patent, he sits pretty. Wow, what an asshole. I guess now: let the patent wars begin? Fuck that. This trick is clearly in the public domain. So what that it's brighter.
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