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thx i need to make a couple small business ones.
I think the +TIME , +Motorola Mobility , and +Google+ pages are over-rated. Where's the original content and/or interaction? Maybe it's just me, but I think uploading pictures of icons and buttons is pretty weak.
I would recommend +Intel . Their use of g+ circles is awesome!
What is the criteria for "best"? Eye candy?
+Mike Elgan Hi, I had 4 with your list, good score, greetings from Poland - Warsaw
Volkswagen is the best of the bunch and targets and engages it's audience with original content. Don't know how the other 4 made the list.
Hmmm...I would say that the +NASA page trumps all of those. At least they are actually posting some great content that is both visually appealing and interesting.
+Cindy Brown same question popped up in my head. +Motorola Mobility , 1 post, no does that define as best page? It's a one post ad. My page/profile adds more value. +Intel ? Yes. They even released a Google+ guide on their page.
Someone has a clickhappy sharefinger.
Ryan J
Did Motorola Mobility recently change their page to suck? There's nothing on it but an image of a RAZR

I Guess that means there's not That many decent Google+ pages yet.
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