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thx i need to make a couple small business ones.
I think the +TIME , +Motorola Mobility , and +Google+ pages are over-rated. Where's the original content and/or interaction? Maybe it's just me, but I think uploading pictures of icons and buttons is pretty weak.
I would recommend +Intel . Their use of g+ circles is awesome!
What is the criteria for "best"? Eye candy?
Volkswagen is the best of the bunch and targets and engages it's audience with original content. Don't know how the other 4 made the list.
Hmmm...I would say that the +NASA page trumps all of those. At least they are actually posting some great content that is both visually appealing and interesting.
+Cindy Brown same question popped up in my head. +Motorola Mobility , 1 post, no does that define as best page? It's a one post ad. My page/profile adds more value. +Intel ? Yes. They even released a Google+ guide on their page.
Someone has a clickhappy sharefinger.
Ryan J
Did Motorola Mobility recently change their page to suck? There's nothing on it but an image of a RAZR

I Guess that means there's not That many decent Google+ pages yet.
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