Why Eduardo Saverin is the 'Ungrateful Douchebag of the Year.'

+Farhad Manjoo lays bare the shamelessness and depravity of Eduardo Saverin's decision to renounce his American citizenship to avoid U.S. taxes before the Facebook IPO that will make him billions.

As Manjoo points out, America saved Saverin's life, educated him; created the Internet without which Facebook could not exist; created the elite university where he could meet someone like Mark Zuckerberg; created Silicon Valley where a company like Facebook could grow; thrive and have a $100 billion IPO; created the U.S. legal system, which protected his investment in Facebook when in many other countries he would have lost it.

Saverin was happy to be American when it afforded him these many opportunities, and the coming opportunity to gain $5 billion or so for his relatively marginal contribution to the creation of Facebook. And now that it's time to cash in, suddenly he's renouncing his citizenship to avoid contributing back to the country that made him rich beyond imagination.

So you and I will have to keep on paying taxes to support the US government. But not Saverin. He's just going to take the billions America made possible and give nothing back.

What a greedy, shameless, ungrateful douchebag.

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