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Google's awesome future: It's in the cards!

We learned a lot about Google Glass this week. In doing so, we also learned a lot about Google.

For example, it now appears that Google Now’s cards metaphor is destined to become one of the main interfaces for interacting with Google’s many cloud services.

Google Now, Google Glass, Android@Home, Google's wristwatch and even Google+ will all be served up, and eventually shuffled together, on cards!
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I like Google Now but why do they make it so hard to figure out how to access it, and why only roll it out for Android and not on Chrome for all platforms?
+Mike Elgan I've been having a blast with Google Now lately. True value is when traveling through time zones. It just keeps getting better!
I know a gipsy fortune-teller who fully agree with you: future is in the cards!
I don't really like the card methaphore for Now. It feels uncertain every time I use it. I prefer to get info on demand. But I know I'm weird, I don't use any notifications either.
Windows Phone 8 model. It works well. Glad to see it continuing.
Great article! Got so curious about Android@home. . Not sure how cards would apply on that scenario. . Let's wait and see
+Patrik Johansson The thing about those cards—attractive as they are—is they don't work like Now cards, which is confusing. I have tried to swipe Play Store cards away several times without thinking. I don't think these cards are part of any plan; I think they're a mistake.
Google + is confusing and i dislike that I have to use a password every few minutes on Chrome and can not play Scrabble on my Mac
book Pro but  I love the search engine!
+Mike Elgan are you going to be a part of the glass explorer program? It seems like glass would be a perfect fit for a digital nomad.
Interesting read. Glass could turn out to be one of the greatest innovations like the iPhone.  Thanks for sharing +Mike Elgan 
+Rose Erdstein that sounds like a problem with your chrome, you shouldn't have to log in like that. As for scrabble, I don't believe google has a program/game like that on any platform. I'm using chrome and Google+ on my PC and I don't see any kind of scrabble game.
+Mike Elgan , great write up sir.  I'll be interested to share some data with you once my Glass arrives
Interesting. But what you say makes me seriously think that Glass is a secondary project. If Cards is such an important element in Google's future, why tie it so closely to Glass?
Makes me miss webOS cards :'(
+Mike Elgan Just coming back to say, you were right! Google+ looks like Google Now now. Incredible foresight.
I'm so excited to see content displayed this way.

It feeds so nicely into what I think was the longer-term thinking with Google and Bing working on - Mobile.  Card data is displayed based on very specific content - schema is marked up to show the search engines very specifically labeled content - win win
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