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Wonder Woman Origin Story TV Show In the Works

The CW is working on a TV series about the origins of Wonder Woman. Called Amazon, the project is in early stages, and no script has been written, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

NBC tried to get a lame Wonder Woman series off the ground about a year ago, but it was horribly written, cast and directed and it flopped.

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That picture brings back memories of the original show.
As long as they keep the tights, bustier, and whip, I'm in!   lol.
que saudade , da minha infancia , e da mulher maravilha , e fantastico 
Wonder Woman is one of my favorite superheroes. It long past time  she had a movie or tv series worthy of the character. The recent  animated Wonder Woman film was excellent! Hopefully this project will do her justice - if it gets off the ground!
I liked a lot the story in the New 52 with more mythology and less silly enemies. Hopefully they will get it right this time.
Looks like another smallville in the making. Run while you can.
WW is supposed to be part of the DC Trinity, but it seems that the company always forgets this. So many other characters get a respectable mini series or even TV show, and the strongest female character? no where to be seen.
Coincidence that this info was made public at the same time as the Amazon phone? I THINK NOT!
Who (man that is ) doesn't love her? What's not to like? Truth lasso, invisible airplane, bracelets to deflect bullets, and yes - great body. She's my superhero favorite.
 I traveled to the Amazon a few years ago. Among other things I was hoping to see her. I didn't (surprise,surprise).
Would love to see this!
I feel the most storngest women
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