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Don't look now, but here comes 'Captain China'!

The first "Captain China" comic book has now become available as a Kindle book.

The Amazon site says "Captain China" is "a propaganda-styled comic series aimed at capturing the main-stream consciousness of China. The stories will reflect and give insight to China’s current political stance, social environment, and cultural differences by blending complex characters, historical information, geographic locations, comic satire, and over-the-top explosive action!"

In the comic, "Captain China" is last surviving member of a band of communist superheroes created by Mao during the Great Leap Forward (the catastrophic communist experiment that killed tens of millions of Chinese people), but has been in a cryogenic sleep (like Austin Powers) for 50 years.

In the first edition, "Captain China" wakes up from a 50 years' sleep and saves US President Barack Obama's life during a visit to China.
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LOL!  Well many can say the samething about Captain America.  Great art!
Love the Art, the concept however i question
Artwork looks good. Wonder if the writing is any good?
Hmmm...looks like Captain China will need a summer outfit. lol
Walter W
Captain China is forced to redistribute his powers to the people and then becomes just one more miserable jerk.
Depends on what will be done with it.. i can either good or bad
no surprise from the country that renamed the film "captain america" to "the first avenger" for political reasons, but this confirms chinese knockoffs have officially hit bottom.
Call me crazy but I'm actually going to fork out some cheddar for this.
Can't wait for the movie, when he joins The Avengers ;-)
RE: the last paragraph: I can see the Republicans making hay with that one!!

Is it me or does Captain China look alarmingly Western?
Will he be as strong as Captain America while taking knock off steroids? Is his suit sewn in a child sweat shop, is that a German made Luger in his hand, stay tuned...
+rob hasker Foreign countries were given the choice to rename Captain America to The First Avenger.
It actually looks like a fun read, lol, not sure what to think of it though.
I wish I was Captain China. Hopefully a movie comes out soon! My kids will love it!
Nalla J
Nice... (sarcasm)
They're trying to manufacture (steal) Captain America back-story also...
Gotta love the Global Economy... (sarcasm again)
Looks a foot taller then the entire population.
That was an amazing design and creative work.
Well, I can't say we Americans have done anything
So, the Chinese really do copy everything that other countries do.
Captain America... chinese version, including frozen in sleep for 50 years and now living outside his time
I just like that the title is also printed in English underneath. Here's some ultra-nationalistic propaganda, oh and let's also make it available in English.
I'm puzzled.  Isn't the concept of a superhero, and the lionization of said superhero diametrically opposed to the concept of Communism?
Oh great. Now nobody will like American superheroes anymore because we all know, China makes things cheaper and in greater quantity.
I wonder if he gets his powers from all the fossil fuel emissions ?
He had to save Obama because all his secret service agents were in brothels.
He should murder a few peasants to celebrate the Tienanmen Square protests.
don't let the past hold you back,you're misssing the good stuff
Does that mean he'll be constructed of inferior materials and sold in Wal-Marts for a price that ends in .88? (Just kidding--I actually like China, most parts of it, anyway).
When will we get Captain Europe who will personally solve the "Euro Zone" crisis! :P
There go the Communists again copying, not only our business model, but also the cultural one. A superhero with a hand gun? What a joke!
A real superhero wouldnt use a gun...
I can hardly wait to see him take on the Red, White, and Blue Skull.
Nice gun.  Does he charge the family for the price of the bullet he used to execute the civil rights protester?  What's he stand for Lies, Enslavement, and the Communist Way?
Captain America will take him down any day.
 To captin china... No homo.
Captain China? y prefer (by far) Captain Chayote...
How long until he comes out?
Captain America got a race change. Lots of plastic surgery and a slight wardrobe change.
He looks ready to handle any repeats of Tiananmen Square, with extreme gusto! (that was sarcasm, in case you had doubts).
M. Bison is gonna be pissed.
This is just plain scary since he's holding a gun.  Like he's saying, "I will execute those who oppose me."
Good artwork, and a nice touch on the interview scene. Why beat a goddamned thief when You can shoot him dead on spot, chinese way? I liked It a lot.
It kind of favors "Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen" only in red.
Seriously, what's his superpower; killing the good guy with his less than fashionable gun?
What is his weapon, the Gun? Captain America has the shield. Not making accusations yet.
Coming next Captain Mexico (or Captain Taco for foreign countries). :-D
Can't wait for the cross over movie where Captain China and Captain America struggled with their cultural lust for oil and their secret desire to go Brokeback Mountain on each other.  
Ha, this guy looks like the end boss in Street fighter - Bison.
Ma Loy
Oh no Captain China will be sent and conquer more of our islands and destroy
more natural reserves :( 
Free Tibet1st. Then I might be impressed Mr Captain China.
probably more interesting then the rubbish we have here
that old school handgun...
Frank M
Why does Captain China look Caucasian?
so who is the bad the guy in this comic??  Freedom Man??
Amazing. Amusing. And then I wonder . . . Who is/are the villain(s)?
Perhaps this work of propaganda is meant only for Westerners, formulated for our appeal. 
Im sure he still has a small d***...

he reminds me of captain canuck....
most likely because chinese people aren't black, they're usually more fair-skined. 
Wonder if he'll punch the Dalai Lama in the face.
Go Captain China!!!
Captain China uses Communism
Chinese Citizens are imprisoned
Chinese Citizen's attack and defense drop
what this is horrible copyright. did they ask the creators of captin america?
Captain America Vs. Captain China! Who would win?
Oppression! Poverty! Censorship! Violence! Callousness! By your powers combined, I am Captain China!
With the first Chinese knockoff...The Mauser 1896!
If he is Chinese, why does he have red hair and look american?
Looks pretty Anglo to me.
It would be nice if it gives some insight about what's going on there for the world and hopefully all information would be true :)
I feel so sad. I really hope that Captain China is a CCP. Then he can fuck the shit out of the evil western capitalism. Those free-Tibet guys, you are first. 凸. Can't read Chinese? Too bad, yes, that is a middle finger to your dad's ass. I will make you use your own middle finger fuck your own dad. 
Cool... I like the gun and the fact it looks like Kato
to unoriginal, stupid horrible idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( copy righters
captain China looks mighty Caucasian ......
Why does he look like a white man?
He is the bootleg captain america. USA USA USA
go captain china but why did u save barack? if u r trying to save the world u just made ur job alot harder
Isn't this Green Lantern's new boyfriend?  I bet they look so cute together at Christmas.
Yeah...he must be a cross breed. Chinese-American if you like. 
Why does he use a pistol? I thought guns were illegal to have in China. Also, the only superhero that uses a gun that I can remember is the punisher... I'm sure I'm wrong though.
They steal everything else.  What's new?
what's the dif between a communist superhero and a ..normal?...superhero
WOW that doesnt look anything like captin america
Made by guy from Taiwan...who is an american. So ya go chinese propaganda! Woo! </sarcasm> Seriously guys we believe everything on the internets?
"Captain China!  Born in Beijing, plastic surgery in Beverly Hills!"
Ben H
He s here to stop the nasty americans from takeing their nuke capeabilities
he looks like M. Bison From street fighter
Why does Captain China look Anglo Saxon? He does not look Oriental. 
+Rey Navarro  its probably due to anime influences in the illustration style more than any race-related characterization. 
personally, i think this is awesome, and absolutely no different than captain america. i would love to see him cross-over and work together with mainstream american (or other nationalities) superheros against like, aliens or pollution or something.
Um... NOTHING I can say will be appropriate.
Funny, seems some people with stereotypes cant imagine this character to be Chinese.

I know Chinese people with similar faces.
Captain China should have a five-stroke armband!
中國隊長顯然應該是“五道杠”,胯下草泥馬,Great Wall 弱爆了,還是換成 Great Firewall 吧。武器應該是鼠標!!
Should've been an asian superhero eh?
I just can't remember bout the flash, thats all
I don't like it in less it is captan america 
Uh, that second picture looks like the miracle of birth.
wth do the china think they are
Alright so when does Captain America come in and kick his commy ass
Captain america would kick his ass.
For a society that's so oppressive, he's pretty flaming with those poses.
A engineered super-soldier Captain branded with the moniker of his nation awakes from frozen stasis after an extended period of time to remind the world of the country's strength and reinvigorate the people's patriotism...

Do we have 'any' intellectual property they haven't taken yet?
jajaja bison street figther, capitan america have shield
Come back after 50 years to complete Mao's revolution. It'll only take a few million more deaths and we'll be in Utopia.
....WTF....the least they could have been was original....douches...
Looks like an M. Bison knock off with a Red Zorro mask.
Is it the angle, or, is he a tad taller than to be expected?
Its the camera angle, CC is only 4'7". (>_<)
+Asher Devuyst Exactly. Not to mention how the title of the comic further promulgates the stereotype that the Chinese have a tendency to make knock-off goods of successful products...
Not to long until him and good old captain america team up i bet hahaha
That's awesome and his colors aren't clashing like Captain America. lol
Captain China huh? Does he fight the evil forces of freedom and democracy? Is this seriously state sponsored?
hoos better him or america???
Tao Bi
I don't understand why this man has long hair
you'd think captain china would actually look Chinese...
It dose look like m. Bison from street fighter 2 it looked similar 
Captain China! Defender of dinnerware! Protector of plates! Crusader of cups and saucers everywhere! 
What? That's china with a small "c"? Ooooooooh. Sorry. never mind.
Ironic that he's carrying a Mauser Broomhandle. Sure it's probably the 9 which is the Chinese made variant but still. 
With the awesome power of human rights violations and a powerful copyright nullifier pistol, can't wait.
poor things are trying to digest western rough pop meal and inevitable stomach disorder they get in many shapes and forms...
that is hilarious
The Amazon site says "Captain _____" is "a propaganda-styled comic series aimed at capturing the main-stream consciousness of ____. The stories will reflect and give insight to _______'s current political stance, social environment, and cultural differences by blending complex characters, historical information, geographic locations, comic satire, and over-the-top explosive action!"
No Vids
Captain America is better :P
He makes you sow together nikes and disney toys
Until the writers get fed up with the message and change it considerably.
(Someone's probs already said this, but:)

Why does Captain China look like Captain White Guy? Looks China has a self image problem...
Good lord ... How original 
watch out, captin america, there's a new guy in town. 
wow. captain america would kick that guys trash!
Mhh...think i like samurai x better
Looks like Captain America has a new challenger. Captain America vs Captain China? This would be a good movie title.
looks like Kato from the green hornet mixed with captain america
Uh u no you r wearing a supersized condom
how did obama and captain china FCKN COMMUNICATE?

"Ni hao!"

I wonder if Captain China wakes up and is proud with what China has become. 
Theoretical excerpt from #1 of Captain China:
Ahhh 50 years asleep, that was nice. Lets see what I've missed. 
Excellent, this is exactly what chairman Mao wanted. China has become the extremely polluted, human rights violating, manufacturer of cheap crap and knock offs of superior western products that Mao always dreamed of. Oh and look at what a great job you've done with North Korea, the chairman would praise your diligent work.  Wait what level of corruption is inherent within the Communist government? ... Oh good its rampant.  Mao didn't want a communist government that actually worked for the peoples benefit.  Wait whats this, the rest of the world isn't communist yet? Time to get to work, me with my trusty machine pistol from the 1950's, surely thats top rate tech still."
I think episode 2 will see Captain China defect during the London Olympics.
What I think is hilarious is how 'Captain China' doesn't look the least bit Chinese....I guess he does have black hair, at least. He is very clearly a white are Chinese children supposed to relate to him????
Can i have a plastic action figure toy, made in china?
Am I seeing right?  His features don't look too asian to me.
Interesting that it would take a Chinese version of Captain America to point out how vile many of these Super Heroes are.
does he know kung fu? if he doesn't i'm not interested xD
Dollars to donuts that gun doesn't work in under 6 months.
I wonder if this is published by the State government there, or Marvel Comics, because all I see here is a different take on Captain America.
Never mind. I just looked at the picture again. That's definitely not from Marvel.
this is what our world is coming to ladies and gentlemen. 
well i dont know, what do you think!
Groan!  Shows how America the Chinese have really become.  Is that really hysterically funny.  I wonder how well it sells in China.
M. Bison from street fighter?? Welcome back!
Episode 1; Off to Tibet to battle Dali Lama and his shenanigans I suppose. LOL. Episode 2; will involve the Green Lantern and explains their love/hate relationship ...stay tuned.
I want to interview Captain China! Where does he stand on Syria? Gay marriages? Lady GaGa? Does he Google or is he the defender of China's web sovereignty? Leather or vinyl? Does the costume come with a cape? Coke or Pepsi? So many questions, so little time!
the red and gold i might say makes him look vary slimming
They copy cars, toys planes furniture drugs clothes companies tv show ; now comics ! China is amazing !
captain china? WHAT THE HECK! This wierd taken to a whole new level
Captain Crunch would kick his ass!!!
Are we making fun of this propaganda because China is 70 years behind our own propaganda?
Episode 3; Captain china uncovers N Koreas missile saboteurs. and Episode 4; Captain China puts a stop to Philippians fishing  in the China Sea. Episode 5; Captain China uses his technologies to strengthen the Great Firewall and squashes VPN providers. 
Archenemy of Captain America, but secret lover of Green Lantern. I've seen it all.
Maybe they kind of copied Captain America?
@ Bill Bartholomew...
Well he has been cryogenically frozen for over 50 years! 
Now all Captain China needs is a Wonder Mama!
That looks like captain Russia to me.
Just exactly whos is this character lol
and a side kick. Episode 6 introduces Colonel Kim who was mysteriously eluded to in Episode 3. 
Will the movie have subtitles?
Why doesn't Captain China look Chinese? - -
Captain China, he's our hero, gonna take America's economy down to zero! I couldn't resist.
That's Cap'n Pakistan, and you'll be hearing from my lawyers ;^)
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)))))))))))))) This looks intersting!
It shames me. The guy in the captain China suit doesn't look asian at all.
Is it my imagination or does he look a bit Nazi themed with the uniform and the Luger-like pistol?
El capitán china hilarante me encanta comics
Hmm, let's see, Captain America was created during the WWII for American society morale boost. Now here comes Captain China, should I be expecting WWIII?
Oh snap! 'Merica better watch out! Ha ha!
Can I buy it in China mainland?
for the good of the community!!!
SMH... Captain China, next they'll have a Captain Slovakia...
That's so freakin' stupid. Captain America would kik his butt so fast he couldn't even say one freaking chinese word 'fore he was dead
No it Captain America welcome to America sucker
+nickdelaney can't tell he has a mask on ;-D
Personally I like seeing an Asian superhero.
Reading the racist responses to this post is hilarious! 
Mike you're a dumbass...captain china was created by a dipshit like you 
Is he going to save the self immolators of Tibet from burning themselves ? 
Mark L.
Ah, how humorous it is when a woefully inadequate vocabulary makes its appearance.
Who is next Mickey Mouse?

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(Sigh) that is all I have to say
Cough Rip off of Captain America *Cough* 
whoooooooo that sooooo stupid lol!?!?!?!?!/!?!? :p :) :0)
God damn china looking for more stuff to knock off? .... lol
Captain China, i see. Well ,who's next, captain Europe??
Also, this will a showdown of the century: Captain America VS Captain China = World War III (if u know what i mean)
I love how this comic has incited a rash of hatred for communism within the confines of this thread.

Oh, and Captain America the whole way!
captain china is always looser like every other times. these sub-species are naturally made for slavery.
I am more dumbfounded by the comments I read which were for the most part incredibly xenophobic, almost racist at times than by the comic itself. Really guys? "too white" ? Where have you been for the past 50 years with Japanese, Chinese and Korean comic books -- you know, "manga?" Yes, some Chinese people are very fair-skinned, with eyes that are not as slanted as  you would believe. And yes, in most asian comic books (albeit not all), slanted eyes tend to be less so in the pictures. So what? In our very western comic books, almost all super-heroines wear "double Ds," super-heros are (sometimes ridiculously so) full of muscles... 
Finally, should I remind people of the infamous "Comic Code Authority" and how it prevented US comics to grow as they should have for almost 20 years, by forcing them to censor any reference to drugs, sex, abuse of any kind (even to say it is "bad")?
Not all countries grow and evolve at the same pace. 
You know something...heroes from the past were ACTUALLY heroes created in the past. Captain CCCP can kick rocks.
It's a joke? caption China copy from somewhere?
it looks kinda kool i mean it's a comic book so.....
Well I guess there's a "Captain" for everything:)
Cool stuff.. ILL see the movie.
Isnt this just like captain america? -.-
With an antique German pistol?

The same model that they had so many problems with "cooking off" in the '30's?

Like captain barbel in the philippines..
Two questions. Why does he look like an emo white dude? Why is he carrying an antique pistol? Nothing "super" about him from the cover.
It must be a communist plot. (pssst, 1950's reference)
Captan America vs Captan China
who will win in the final showdown?....
Okay guys. Here is the difference. Captain America stood for good and right and freedom, while keeping himself humble. An obvious captain china will stand for world domination oppression of his followers, and be filled with pride. (Military parades anyone?)
Leo T
Why does he have European eyes?
Yes, why are his eyes' height more than 0.5 cm?
now that's a mystery we will never know
both use guns, and neither are bullet proof, so the one with the bullet proof shield in my book
Is it just me, or is he richer than the average person in China and he can afford a hat?
Should Captain China look more Chinese or am I missing something?
2 billion chinese and not one original thought.
I can't say much about China for creating a superhero who's purpose is propaganda. Captain America was created for the purpose of war propaganda. However, they could have A) Come up with a better name (although it probably means something else in Chinese) and B) They've been doing propaganda for a while in China, so why didn't they try this idea earlier. This is probably just popping up because of the Avengers making such a huge splash in the box office.
He seems a little too tall to be Chinese
Sid J
Communism has always been good comic fodder ;-)
LOL .. :P :P Captain China ???? Sooooooooo unrealistic .... 
doesnt even look chinese
I think the reason that he doesn't look Chinese is to add an unrealistic sense to him. He is meant to fuel dreams of people in China wishing to be like him. If you think about it, Japanese anime people don't look Japanese, but nobody complains about that.
looks like he is an American who moved to china
If this superhero really Chinese, he should argue for half-hour and call all his buddies before start a fight
B Ossia
The only thing they should and need copy is democracy. A non-democratic system is condemned to fail and will not ever be a source of success and inspiration.
this capt..use flag....or shield?
Capt America, Capt China, Capt Britain.... Is this the start of some international male beauty pageant? The winner of the year gets to be Capt World or Universe.... And what do they all want most of all? World peace!
For those who say he doesn't look chinese, he does. He just looks more Taiwanese chinese.

\ducks. runs
Made in China
Like Usual
he looks tall chinese r pretty small
WHAT!!!! Captain China??? more like captainphonie he looks more like the chinese version of Mr.Bison from streetfighter(one of the best fighting games ever growing up}.
mostly everything is made in china
Maybe their is a sense of humor in China afterall
Really that is just a copy of Captain America.
Next is what Captain North Korea
Hien Vo
The question is: can he assemble an iPhone?
If there`s a Captain America, why not a Captain China?...just saying...
Captain Communism, Captain Marxist just doesn't have the same ring to it.
I wonder what Captain China's next feat would be? Demolishing houses?
Meanwhile, the long march goes on. You can joke all you like, without the Chinese the world has a very limited economic life. You know that they have more US dollars than the US reserve. You also know that they have the military might to rival the US. These people are very serious & you do not want to get them off side, just for the sake of your over inflated ego.   
Will he have a knock-off shield made of lead, mercury, and chromium?
Haha... Captain China sure has a.... small-barrel pistol. Propaganda? Yeah, surely not Chinese (right?).
Sounds cool. The cover art looks nice.
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