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The best yogurt I've ever tried was in Turkey.

This is my wife sprinkling fresh pomegranate arils on some local Turkish yogurt in Kusadasi, Turkey a few months ago.  
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Oooh, yum.

Was the best yogurt from somewhere in particular in Turkey, or available widely around Turkey?
Best for me was in Iran. Turkey was swell, though.
A bit more flavorful that Yoplait huh?
+Mike Spinak Most of the yogurt we had was local, but their method of making it results in a very, very thick yogurt, as you can see from the picture. 
Yes!! Just like in Greece! With honey... Loads of honey.... oh yumm
The creaminess can be achieved very easily at home: Make sure you've got plain yogurt (sans emulsifier and coagulators). Let is sit in a cheese cloth lined sieve for some hours. Done! The fantastic taste comes from the whooping 10% fat, btw. :-)
Edit: You can do the same with curd, too...
+Daniel Becking I do this after I make homemade yogurt in my crockpot. Sometimes I get lazy and leave it overnight and it becomes the same consistency as cream cheese.
looks like a good idea! shame i just got home from shopping.. :)
I eat one or two yoghourt by day, very common in France
the Turkish should be good at making yogurt  after all they invented it. (yoğurt -> to curb, to thicken)
When I moved to the U.S. I noticed that the yogurt was different - it was thinner in consistency - sort of watery. And it did not have the tart, almost bitter taste I was used to in Australia. Now that America has discovered "Greek Yogurt" I am eating yogurt more in line with what I grew up with.

But this Greek Yogurt craze is getting a little out of control. It is EVERYWHERE - dried up "Greek Yogurt chunks" in cereal for example. Defeats the purpose.
Besides honey, 100% pure maple syrup is fantastic on Turkish or Greek-styled yogurt. I like that combo with slivered almonds and sliced canned (yes, canned) pears added.
Yogurt!! My favorite. Greek. Never tried Turkish. Got to be out of this world! A friend from the Middle east taught me how to make custom yogurt dish. I will share if you like. Im sure you have tried it though being a wordly traveller. My cats favorite is yogurt as well.
Aloha Mike. question. Why do they call some yogurt Greek, when the cows live in Cali. ? here is a receipe for yogurt. A friend of mine from Iraq taught me many things about his homeland cuisine. Plain yogurt. 1 to 2 cloves of garlic. Squeeze of lime or lemon, lime better. Fresh chopped mint and diced cucumber. I cannot remember the local name of this dish, but delightful on hot summer days or just an inbetween to cleanse one's palette. I have another secret dish that is, it's so delicious and romantic. If you can imagine the scent of the most beautiful Rose, this you can taste. Aloha <3
Aloha Hamilton <3 Where do you live? can one find this yogurt in U.S.A.??
I remember Greek yogurt being especially good but I've never had the pleasure of Turkish yogurt.  I've keen interest in yogurt and the lactobacillus that ferment it !
How did Turkish yogurt compare to American yogurt. Texture? Flavor? Color? I am very interested in knowing what I am missing.
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