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Dumb picture of the day: onscreen NBC logo puts 'glasses' on Japanese gymnast!
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NBC is the butt of all jokes these days :)
lol yeah NBC made some real screw ups hehehehe
Ace E
Looks better than Google Glasses. :-D
Rather unfortunate logo placement lol
chả hỉu gì cả
Hilarious. Looks like an African-style head garment :)
how many african style head garments have u come across?
I heard the gymnast is claiming endorsement fees. Pay up NBC. 
I thought for a second that was Lady Gaga!!
+Manoj Narayanan Unfortunately, the IOC is now claiming that the image looks "too much like real glasses" and not only are they suing the gymnast for wearing Olympic-related merchandise that obviously was not produced by an official, dues-paying sponsor, but the gymnast is actually being held and interrogated until he gives up the name of the "scum-sucking commie" that sold them to him.

The IOC's defense: "Look, it's right there on the TV.  Are you stupid?"
He's warming up for carnival in brazil
To bad they couldn't have blown bubbles through them for added affect.
Complete with peacock hat! Genius! Ok, maybe not.
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