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Hey, Look, Everybody! Free Money! (Just Sue Apple!)

Everybody and their mother is trying to cash in on Apple’s success, or dictate the evolution of media and technology through the courts.

Shameless gold diggers, grand-standing government attorneys, vindictive rivals, patent trolls and, well, good old-fashioned morons are dragging the world’s most valuable company into court to try and get their piece of Apple’s $110 billion pile of cash.

You won’t believe some of the crazy lawsuits Apple is currently defending itself against.

Read my column:

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Ward A
Or the crazy lawsuits Apple are throwing at companies and people.
You don't mention the slews of ludicrous lawsuits Apple has brought against others.
It also contributes to the high cost of healthcare.
Do you have any idea just how many companies that Apple has sued in the past year as well?
Anyone remember how Apple sued Microsoft for the Trash symbol on the desktop? Or the "nuclear war" Jobs promised wrt Android? This is not poor Apple v greedy idiots. The greed is on both sides. And the only winners are lawyers.
Gunther D
What goes around always comes back around, some say.
If Apple had been a little more fair play over the years than perhaps they would be little less of a gold digging site!
Sure it's not that Apple rode roughshod over other peoples' IP, coined it in and then waited to see if they had to settle anything then see if they could drag it out long enough that the other guy couldn't afford to fight it?

Apple are currently claiming they're being unfairly sued by Moto and Samsung for FRAND patents which have to be offered by the owners on fair terms. How likely is it that both Samsung and Moto have been deliberately trying to rip just Apple off when they have both being playing nicely with all the other mobile phone companies for the last twenty years or so?

Compared with how likely it is that Apple are trying to game them having done a calculation of profits vs damages for pursuing that course.
Hmm.. maybe it's just me, but I have a hard time feeling sorry for the Cupertino fruit gang.
Lawyers and morons are in big demand now days. It is an election year
Thats the pile that Apple got from their fanboys and by suing others. I am just waiting for them sue that little kid who invented a charger built into a shoe, he is calling it iShoe!!!
...More proof that +Mike Elgan is just another Apple fanboi... ignoring the reality of what a corrupt and greedy corporation it really is.
While I don't agree that these cases should even make it to the courts, I don't feel that Apple really has the right to be dragging half of the companies that they are into court either. Maybe what goes around, comes around!
I guess they are seen as fair game. Seeing all the weird and wonderful law suits that apple is throwing around, Like the galaxy tab because it has rounded corners and a flat front panel.

No sympathy here, what goes around comes around.
All these cases should be thrown out of Court . With so Much Money Shouldnt one Look for one Good Law Firm Looking And Preventing From Someone Stealing ones Ideas Patents?
lawsuits against corporation, what's new?
A little more good will from Apple, they might have won my sympathy. The way they sue everybody stating it's just business... no sympathy from me. Nice to see them on the receiving side for a change.
It all comes down to Greed if you ask me ugh!!
DON'T FORGET GOOGLE IS SUING, IS SUING... Oh, that's right, no one.
oh! many money.... its not good :P
In that second paragraph I thought you were referring to Apple themselves. Glad I read the whole thing. ;-)
that will make a nice bonfire.
maybe apple should make the iLawyer : (
how long does it take to take another bite. seriously eat the damn apple already.
I read about the old-fashioned moron the other day who sued (can't even remember for was THAT trivial)..but I remember thinking: this is going to end bad for Apple...because every spineless worm is going to crawl out of the wood-work now..suing sad. Greed - The undoing of humanity. I hope.
Look, someone uncovered Obama's slush fund.
Yeah, and Apple is suing others because they claim that such things as "slide to unlock", "autocorrect", "App Store" and even the idea of tablet computer are their "intellectual property." They even sued a food company for using an apple-shaped logo.

Seems the story is a trifle more complex than "shameless gold diggers" going after poor lil' Apple.
Oh no they found the Money President Obama been paying to get the nation up to where its supposed to be.
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I don't know that the ebook issue really deserves to be lumped into those other junk lawsuits. Ebook pricing has been a consumer matter for some time, and the issue is something that could probably use a different treatment then "someone's trying to cash in" - don't really see many good sources there. And a lot of good articles have been written on the case, with references to more than just rumor.

Unless of course you think there's no problem with paying something like $24 for an ebook that sells in hardback for $12. I've got quite a few history texts on my wish list that have that sort of going rate. And there's an average $9.99 ebook for books that are $7 and under for paper. (And no, I'm not looking at used prices for any of this.)

It seems really easy to target Amazon in this - but the spotlight really should be on the publishers as well. But then I get it, you just wanted to pop in three paragraphs, and the issue doesn't boil down that easily.
Don't worry...Apple is involved in suing other companies for stupid reasons as well...I think of it as karma...
A small number of commenters point out that Apple has sued a lot of companies, and have said Apple isn't the victim, etc.

I'd like to point out that this particular column doesn't express any opinions about or judgements of Apple pro or con, good or bad.

I've written many columns both praising and criticizing Apple over the years. But this particular column is about the companies, law firms and individuals suing Apple. It's not about Apple suing others.
+Jon Marcus Apple's lawsuits have absolutely no bearing on most of these lawsuits. (Exceptions include Samsung, which appears to be suing defensively.) Shameless gold-diggers suing Apple are shameless regardless of how shameless Apple is or isn't.

"going after poor lil' Apple." are your words, not mine. If you want to criticize your own words, let's just be clear about whose words they are.
+Kelly Sullivan I do have a problem with the eBook monopoly (Amazon) selling ebooks at a loss (for less than they themselves paid for them) in order to drive competitors out of business and, in the process, eliminating writing as a paid profession.
if u want some go and get some.
charging people thousand of dollars for something that costs close to nothing is shameless. who cares about your intellectual property. Are they trying to make our lives easier through their products or increase our suffering by taking away our hard earned money. let the dogs fight over the bone, who cares there is no meat on it.
+Mike Elgan I object to your use of the word monopoly wrt ebooks and Amazon. A monopoly would mean there is no competition. But we all know that for ebooks that simply isn't the case.
Live by the sword. Die by the sword!
+Mike Elgan "Shameless gold-diggers suing Apple are shameless regardless of how shameless Apple is or isn't." True, but I think not taking into account Apple's trigger-finger litigation behavior when discussing how other companies/entities are suing them is not taking looking at the larger picture. This is the company, mind you, that wanted to make it illegal for you to jailbreak a phone you paid hundreds of dollars for.
aren't we all made from the same dirt of the earth, aren't we all brothers. why do we need a sword, if you brother wants something just give it to them
+Mike Elgan Except that many big box retailers do the same thing. Remember how Wal-Mart sells music cd's at a loss to drive customer count into their stores and still artists plunge insane amounts of money into red carpet appearances and spend on a lavish lifestyle many of use are not even close to dreaming of. If the music industry with all the bitching and moaning about not being able to make decent living anymore can do it I'm sure writers can do that too.
Warning, the "Their morals are wrong, so our morals can be wrong too!" argument will destroy humanity. Check yourselves.
+Carlos S. Lebrón Jr. It's wrong no matter who does it.

It's just that I think the irony of a monopoly engaging in blatantly anticompetitive acts is being actively supported by the justice department to suppress the only significan't threat to its growing monopoly .
since when did money start buying happiness. it only buys happiness for those who understand how worthless it is. These people with their piles of money are being crushed by it. let them be, they have no love for others, let their lives be wasted on chasing dead trees.
jeez mike r u like a phd or something thats a lot of big words.
+Mike Elgan Companies sell products at a loss to gain an edge on their competitors all the time. I don't see why this situation is any different. Handsets, gaming consoles, GPS navigators...

I am also not 100% clear how such practices eliminate writing, either. The publishers get most of the money for the e-books, and authors get a pittance. I don't see how that is Amazon's fault. I don't mean to defend Amazon. They are a greedy, faceless corporation. In this case, it seems like publishers are the ones to blame for the starving artists.
+Mike Elgan So you think Apple is not being anti-competitive when they tell you that you can't sell your book at a lower price than in itunes store? What happens when Apple becomes the strongest ebook retailer in the industry and you have nowhere else that would be viable commercially to you.
+Carlos S. Lebrón Jr. The anticompetitive part of the iBooks contract is the clause that publishers can't sell the same title at a lower price elsewhere. But I like the agency model, where publishers set the price and the catalog service gets a set percentage.
Money is such a wonderful........
+Carlos S. Lebrón Jr. What I don't like is a the category's monopoly selling at below cost until all rivals are driven out of business.
+Mike Elgan But the thing is, Apple isn't doing anything better for the consumer of ebooks than Amazon is, if you take the tack of "Amazon is the only thing that's bad for authors in this scenario." It's not just about writers - it's also about offering readers a fair deal. Thinking of it only in terms of the writers doesn't seem fair when the readers are also effected in actually getting access to the product.

For instance, I have a Kindle. Do I like everything about Amazon, no, not by a long shot. But I think that Apple will lock me into the same deal of "you can only use our products to read your books from now on" - and thus you're stuck accepting their prices, without competition, thanks to the hardware. Yes there are workarounds, and people can always root their devices - but reading a book shouldn't be this much tech effort in comparison to the simplicity of picking up a paper copy.

Again, I think it's a bigger issue than the scant paragraphs you wrote, and in the context of your article a bad fit/example of your main argument, that everyone's only after Apple for the cash.
Remember... "a lawsuit need not have merit to be profitable.
so call 1-800-HHARASS - the extra H is for extra harassment." :)
(no, don't really call it, it's a joke)
+Mike Elgan
Precisely, the solution Apple offers is far more restrictive to the market, at least in my appreciation, than Amazon's model. I see where you're coming from but sometimes I see the criticism sound as if people didn't get paid when Amazon sells a book. You get your asking price from Amazon, they pay people for the book and they make their money, in many cases more than they do with a conventional publishing deal. If you want to make more money ask for more upfront. You'll still make your money and Amazon can sell it as they see fit.
Lol @ the Chinese suing Apple for copyright infringement.
It is quite amusing to see how this thread develops while the subject of this column isn't really Apple but rather the idea of greed and what drives it.
The simple fact that it involves Apple will just drive the discussion toward Apple vs The rest of the world. Despite the valid points that are being made.
+Jan Wildeboer All your facts are wrong. Apple hasn't sued. They threatened to sue. And it's not because they're using an Apple as their logo. It's because they filed to trademark their logo.

In order to maintain trademarks, you have to challenge possible infringements. Not challenging them can be used as legal evidence that you do not claim them as your own trademark.

The scenario Apple is trying to avoid is where companies all over the world trademark logos shaped like Apples, then sue Apple for violating their trademarks. A court case would rule that the coffee joint's trademark is valid because 1) it looks different; and 2) it's a different kind of business. This is no doubt the kind of precedent that Apple wants on the books.

Apple has filed a lot of dumb lawsuits, but this is just standard corporate lawyer stuff that any company might do, as far as I can tell.
Ok, walking into the door? You might want to blame yourself first. However, virtually all of the others seem, on paper, to be legitimate suits. Oh...and Amazon is behind the DOJ looking into Apple's price fixing? Really? Amazon holds the DOJ by the short an curlies?
omg did she rob a place or something?
How dare anyone try and sue a company
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+Mike Elgan having talked directly to the owner of Apfelkind and having seen some of the documents in this case I am not accepting that you claim that all my facts are wrong. In closing, let me state that Apfelkind has registered their trademark in categories that Apple hasn't registered theirs in. And I am not alone in failing to see a possible similarity that Apple has claimed. This is bullying, plain and simple. Apple has been asked several times and excused itself with all of this being done by a lawyer that isn't employed by Apple, just freelancing effectively - however, so far they did not make any direct contact with the owner of Apfelkind nor did they retract their opposition.

And Apple did threaten that Apfelkind woud have to destroy all of their coffee mugs with the current logo, all of the dishes, menus, effectively the whole cafe.
Wow, this has nothing to do with Apple, this has to do with my appreciation of a new social network that has well informed technically savvy individuals like myself!!!


Honestly, I have found more engaging opinions and thoughtful feedback on here in less than two weeks of using it than in years of using Facebook!

And I'd like to thank you Mike Elgan, for making this so obvious with your posts!!!

Sincere gratitude and appreciation for the Google+ community!

As far as Apple getting sued, well it seems I don't have to say anything at all about that!
Boo !!
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Not a word about Apple's lawsuits against Samsung.
The same thing happened to Microsoft after the government went after them for anti-trust. There comes a point in mass psychology where something becomes a "honey pot."
I think the entire patent system should go away. All ideas open and compete in pure quality and price. That to me is the true open market.

Monsanto stealing seeds from countries like India and patenting it is also ridiculous. Korea is paying US royalty for Korean cucumber seeds US stole during war times.
Well Apple deserves it, after all it did make all this money from consumers like us.
is like a giant apple is normal that can be attacked and can profit by falsely but Apple is a snow avalanche that has gained momentum and nothing prevents
i think so... they use the china to develop the pad and they got caught .. owell
Oh come on. Apple rips of the work of countless other companies. Also, Apple sues many companies and cause trouble for companies that have done way more innovative work. Apple is almost guilty of all the things mentioned above.
Yeah, a guy with an iPhone pointed out to me that Apple totally ripped off the slide-down notification tray from Android. And that in the iOS 5 beta they actually had the autocomplete that Android has, although it went away.
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Hey, ya stack up that much cash, sooner or later some @$$clowns are gonna come along and try to take it from ya. Good Luck, Apple (and this from a definitely non-Apple-fanboy).
Apple has filed a few lawsuits of its own.
Obama's answer to all our problems! Print some more money! $$ <sic>
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What goes around, comes around.
Hello people, cult of mac, did you really think that this article would be anything but bs.
When I think of the lawsuits of apple against samson ... Makes you wonder, who started it all.
i hope they loose all there cases, and the price fixing thing with e-books it is about apple got a taste of there own medicine, by the way samsung smart phones have out sold apple one in the the last business quater yeah.
I feel sorry for all the drones that have been brain washed into thinking that it is apple or nothing? many of the lawsuits also mentioned are apple suing to stop others from making money. as has been well documented lately Apple is losing it's luster, the investors are slowing cashing in their stocks because they know that all Apple is doing is conditioning the drones to buy anything they stick an "I" in ffont of and sell.
Yea, screw the Apple, "Where's the money??" Apples got it all!!
People are at their best when it comes to greed, holding contempt, the world owes me a living, that was my idea, I'm holier than thou, and my shit don't stink!!......God ...I LOVE PEOPLE!!!! It's better than the alternative!!
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Perhaps apple shouldn't have gone suing everyone for patent infringements to start with instead of coming out with better products. It's nothing more than a taste of their own medicine.
If you want to use G+ to promote your blog, best not to reveal that you have no clue what you are talking about in the spam post :)
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Oh thats funny. Apple is suiing everyone and there brother and when it comes backs to them its gold digging. I love Apple fan boys.
Why is a Cult of Mac writer's post/article in my update feed? I didn't follow you. If I wanted to follow a brainwashed corporate puppet who spews out misinformation I would follow Mitt Romney or Karl Rove.

You do realize that most of the patent lawsuits against Apple were filed in RETALIATION for their patent infringement suits. The other, non patent, lawsuits have to deal with Apple falsely advertising their products as working a certain way, their anti-competitive price fixing or negligence that comes at the store level for safety violations.

Apple is not being picked on because it has $110 billion in the back. Apple is being sued because they are in violation of the law and made their $110 billion as a product of that violation.
Tiguer Wood won US$300,000.00 playing black jack last night an tipped the dealers US$12.50
You even have no clue about Amazon - they never drove ANYONE out of business; they merely broke the stranglehold of publishers that was scamming buyers (and is again with Apple's help) and denying authors a chance. Go look up John Locke; he made millions self-publishing on Kindle; very rarely off the NYT best seller list, never charges more than a couple of dollars per book (and damn good too).

Whereas Apple connived with publishers to sell ebooks at above soft-cover prices - you probably aren't aware that ebooks have negligible cost after formatting the author's Word Doc. No publisher bothers to proof read anymore, let alone sub-edit,even for hardback.

Just once, try and get your facts straight and get your head out of Apple's rear end ... I can't even see your shoes!!
I'd maybe shed a tear about Apple being sued by "gold diggers" if Apple weren't one of the most frequent instigators of litigation out there. Lets face it, what separates Apple from other patent trolls is that Apple actually makes real product and doesn't have lawsuits as their primary income-stream.
+Kendall Cabrera go to the what's hot/explore tab and turn the slider all the way down, that will stop "hot" articles appearing in your stream.
now.... should I feel sorry for Apple ? Just gimme a break.
Its my money, i want it now,,, lol (J. Wentworth commercial on tv)
Have you counted the number of lawsuits Apple files against competitors? Many many! That's how they're trying to beat the competition -- through litigation.
Why is it that it's bad when Apple is sued but it's good when Apple sues? Why the double standard?
Oh, I know -- it's called the "fanboy syndrome". It's amazing, though, that anyone could have it that bad, to be that oblivious to the rest of the news. Or maybe he's just stupid.
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If Apple weren't such a bunch of money grabbing, lying fucktards, maybe it wouldn't bounce back on them.
When it happens to McDonalds: Take that you corporate pigs.
When it happens to Apple: LEAVE APPLE ALONE!!!!!!!! QQ
Yo looks like a drug deal gone good!!!
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Poor apple. Maybe they should actually invent something instead of being a marketing company for existing technology invented by other people.
Jon G
I want to -1 this. Apple redirects their spending from innovating to suing any and every competitor. Now the competition fights back and they're the bad guys?
Hey, that's business. Take the good with the bad. How many billionaires out there actually get to curl up in bed with their cash without the rest of the world peaking in the windows or trying the door to find a way in and lay hold on it? I say, if you dream big and succeed bigger, then prepare to lose big or bigger.
You reap what you sow apple. That's all I got to say.
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The Chinese can just use our money as toilet paper because the own us. 
There are these kind of lawsuits all the time to big corporations. Most of the time everyone knows they won't win outright....but....that's ok because the big corporation will settle for some ridicules about of money so they don't have to go to court and deal with those costs and the bad publicity. The plaintive walks away with do the lawyers. . 
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This blog post is a joke, Apple set precedents for frivolous law suits and continue to sue. Why would companies not sue a company whose CEO claims that great artists steal?
As the worm turns . . . . asi fuera en mi pais yo ceria feliz...
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What would you do with it?
Apple's "success" is built on marketing campaigns and slave labor. Who's the gold digger when they pay their employees $3.00 a day at a suicide factory?
Shame it is US notes lol, should have picked a stronger currency!
Ooh yes apple is so innocent they don't try to sue every other phone company for saying they stole"their"idea. Like yea apple was the first company to use touchscreen. (sarcasm)
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When u're big, more people noticing u.
All I can say is, "only in America", why don't you septics just trash elementary and high school and replace it with one conforming Law School! The world knows you need it, if your not trying to be a gangster thug 'yo', your trying to sue someone that is. Get on with being human and give the rest of the world a break from all the trash talk stories. We know you are not all that way, but it's all the rest of the world heard about, so....
Hey if im not mistaken when apple noticed that they weren't coming out with anything innovative and saw how android was growing and fast they went ahead on suing Samsung, htc, etc, to eliminate COMPETITION isn't that what amazon is doing? so is ok for apple to do it but not for others to do it to apple.
By the way, not interested in defending my words, only repeating what I see daily on TV. Can't believe everything they say either.
Android forever, apple can rot in the fruit bowl, forever!!!
From the people that patent the rectangle and slide to unlock, this serves them right.
EXCUSE ME! This pile is more like Apple's stash from SUING EVERYONE ELSE!!!
Kang Li
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Yeah, I'm not sure what news you've been reading but this recent battle of the courts was started and is being dragged out by Apple.
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Apple didn't put a camera on a phone first, or an mp3 player, or a touchscreen or icons or a GPS or accelerometers .. others including Samsung were the pioneers here.. and yet apple is claiming everyone stole their work? Software patents are stupid and are the reason more is now spent on litigation instead of innovation.
what u will do by that much money give 50% to me
I looked at this post because there was a stack of money, an all the comments are about the law suits?? That's a shame
I remember when everyone including the government was suing Microsoft not all that long ago.
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Wow, it almost seems like the article is suggesting that Apple is being bullied! I suppose Apple would never start law suits over silly thiings like... oh wait.
Vel Raj
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Oh yeah, the article discusses that awful Justice Department lawsuit against Apple and book publishers for price fixing of e-books, arguing that mean old Amazon is behind this because they want to sell e-books at a discount below the fixed price that Apple agreed to. Poor Apple!
Don't worry as the reality distortion field's strength fades people will slowly see what Apple really is. I hope that the poor souls don't feel too bad about being duped all these years.
Milty C
Wow, the perpetrator has now become a victim. I wont be shedding any tears !
WHAT!!! people are trying to SUE APPLE??!!! - GOOD!!!
Apple's success also derives from suing every company that makes a touch-screen mobile phone so I guess its just a vicious corporate-legal circle
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Did apple pay the creator of star trek for ripping off his tablet idea?
wow lol that is a lot of money were u get it
Every company should sue apple for using their stuff. Like touch screen. Or voice commands. Or swipe to unlock. Or how about push email. Or how about their ripped off notification system from Android. These companies should!
I'm hoping that, eventually, the courts are going to be so overflown with phony lawsuits like these that judges will just dismiss cases on sight.
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Perhaps every human being is strgling only for mony in this world.........
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ironic story... Apple sues lots of companies all over the world.
When I read stuff like this from tech journalists I'm starting to wonder if its some sort of reverse psychology to start debates? apple deserves any lawsuits they get because they spend all their time picking fights with people
Hey Joe then build a company that rivals it.
im not greedy thought i wasnt materialistic but money does make me smile a little more
Apple is price-fixing eBooks. It isn't even that Amazon would sell them at a loss. They can't even run a promotion.
I think Google is being sued more often. By companies and governments
Oh, and Samsung is counter-suing Apple. Apple having submitted doctored images claiming Samsung violated its design patents.
So you give a litany of cases without any commentary on the merits of a single one of them and expect that to be evidence that Apple is being frivolously sued? Here's a crazy concept: if Apple actually did infringe on patents, they should pay damages for that. Just because they're successful doesn't mean they're always right. Bonus points for blaming it on lawyers at the end.
Jesus Christ! What a load of cash.
wish that could be me with all that money ;P
Wow, really? Seems to me that Apple is spearheading the patent troll litigation.
Both sides r money-seekers.POOR US
+Mike Elgan .....I cant even believe that you posted this Apple sympathy bullshit. So its ok for Apple to sue everyone who makes a phone at this point.....including the companies that supply 90% of the parts in their phones.....but it should not be done to them? This is just a gross must be bored. Do us a favor....get a iPhone and post this crap on their social site.....Oh wait.....Apple didnt invent one yet.....but dont worry they will.....and then they will sue Google for having G+ and infringing on another thing they invented. You can go back to grazing with the rest of the iSheep now.
Rob Go
Here's an idea: let's focus on anything and everything that's a bigger deal that what's going on with Apple. Sounds like a cool plan. I'm all in.
Ell Tee
In your article you claim that Amazon has a monopoly. In what way? You mention that they sell books at a loss, but that's not a monopoly. There are other companies selling books online.
Don't forget all the crazy lawsuits Apple started.
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Can I sue them for discriminating against other types of fruit? :p
Ck Fang
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An 83-year-old woman is suing Apple for $1 million because she walked into a glass door at an Apple Store. She says clear glass doors represent negligence. Sounds legit.
No sympathy for Apple, probably one of the most ruthless companies when it comes to 'patenting the wheel' and then suing everyone else who's using it...
And the other ones, well let me remind you that Apple sued MS for the cascade property, which we do everyday irl with real documents. Apple is the evil here, for starting patent bullying as a business.
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I know what Apple should do with it's fortune. Hire all the lawyers in the country.
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Wait... I thought Apple was suing everyone because they invented a rectangular phone? Is this a different Apple that is a patent troll?
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But doesn't apple engage in the exact same activities. Apple sued MIcrosoft because windows copied their look, which they stole from Xerox.
Apple assisting the publishers in organizing as a single enterprise to fix the price structure of their products is against the law. Its really that simple. The fact that Amazon benefits from the publishers not communicating is neither here nor there and has no bearing on the merits of the case (which are sound).
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+Mike Elgan So.. What is your take on the Anti-trust suits against Microsoft when they were rich? I only ask because at the time there was the same backlash against those cases, a la money grabbing folks with nothing better to do than sue.
+Mike Elgan This thread is proof positive that most folks using g+ aren't apple fanboys and don't drink the marketing koolaid.
+Daniel Wilson Not at all. It's proof that Google fan boys are all on Google+. The world at large has a higher concentration of Apple fanboys than Google+ does.
Well's Google+ and not your last statement: patience :)
+Mike Elgan I do have to say that I enjoy your posts alot because you are engaged and participate. Good Work!
92 +1s on any comment (or post) of mine makes me smile. I guess I was just one of the first ones to say it. I do understand the evils of litigation, and some idiot woman screaming for 1 million because she's too stupid to see a glass door really does remind of the moron who won against McD's because they didn't warn her her hot coffee would be, you know, hot. :D
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