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MIT student creates computer-controlled magic levitation.

MIT genius +Jinha Lee has created (in collaboration with +Rehmi Post from the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms,) an incredible computer-controlled system for levitating objects.

The project, called ZeroN, uses magnets, a Kinect visual system, plus special software that enables either the computer to move a steel ball around in space, or a human to just grab it and move it, essentially telling the computer where it should go.

It can even remember how it was moved, then repeat the movement automatically.

I need one.

By the way, if +Jinha Lee looks familiar, he's the same guy in a video I shared on an entirely different project: A Microsoft research initiative to create a transparent-display 3D augmented reality system: Applied Sciences Group: Interactive Displays: Behind the Screen Overlay Interactions
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very cool... would love to see this used as a translational hand controller input.
I feel like I shouldn't be as impressed as I am with this, because I am SERIOUSLY IMPRESSED! WOW!
That's amazing.. But about time anyone else agree? This era is like many others have said before, the time to discover! First steps like this go a long way ^^
Looks a little shaky to be accurate enough for the things he's suggesting but still, pretty damn awesome.

A little more time and he'll have it steady as a rock and then... there's no limit to what it could be used for.
Looks cool, but how would we use this in the real world without massive power consumption?
MIT gets the BEST toy's to play with!
it's a little shaky, but wow, that still awesome though!
Nothing magic about this. And it applies to metal objects only.
love it, I'm wondering what the effect would be if it where scaled up to room size. the effect I'm thinking of is on the human mind! what are your thoughts?
The things it can do are cool, but it's not technically zero gravity. It's just a force reacting against it. You can buy little toys that do basically the same thing without the computer part of it.
this thing is cool like the one Arnav Mistry of MIT created!!!
Please,if you know tell us something new about "black matter" and "black energy".I'm very interested!Ty
Governments are too busy stealing natural resources and murdering their peoples. Great piece of work, I work in a similar area of research. Is there an Academic paper available?
never mind having this on Earth, though the implications to manufacturing, health care, health would be astronomical, think about this on a space ship or space station or another planet. This would allow longer space flights, residence in space and other planets without the adverse effects or reduce or missing gravity, or intertial dampening during space flight.
This is straight out of 60 Star Trek.
Now, where is my Landspeeder?
Pay close attention folks. This may very well be the future of our space exploration Who knows...
Hmm. Technically this isn't defying gravity - it's just applying a magnetic force to counteract the force of gravity (see Newton #1: Net sum of forces at zero means acceleration is zero.) ;-)
Seriously, it's not magic, just a magnetic field tightly regulated in three dimensional space. Clever but not magic.
yeah, the title is misleading.
But the idea/concept is still cool if you consider the possible applications.
While a closed system I could see a lot of potential for this. Schools and art projects in public spaces pop into my mind.
Isn't "defying gravity" anything that lets you counter it? What this doesn't do is cancel gravity. Not sure how this would work for anything other than metal objects, and I wonder how it would affect objects with circuits.
what about practical applications? i mean, restricting it to art kinda sucks
the next step is electrolyzed cement so we can run an EM current. From there it's smooth sailing.
Actually pretty cool. I like that they are thinking of applications outside of the physical and into the digital.
and hoverboards wont be a practical reality, as they will wipe smartphones, and use more energy with limited control and a higher expense
so this guy likes magnetic balls.... sicko!
Just create antimatter and you will rich.
great..... need more information
Next up, the Google Self Driving Magic Levitating Car.
Simply amazing what humans are achieving.
Great work. Wish i could get into M.I.T. next year.
sorry, but this isn't anything spectacular... a lot of work has been put into this project I'm sure... however, if he manages to levitate any material in any space .. then that's something to really talk about!
Brothers i'm an Indian 12th grade science student aspiring for M.I.T. Can anyone please tell me the procedures &criteria for admission.
+animesh anand to be really fucking clever and make useless stuff like floating metallic balls with electromagnets that only works in a controlled environment!
After watching this I was thinking about the manufacturing and logistics industries. Take a distribution center for example, using this technology on a larger scale. Pallets of products could be loaded onto trucks quickly, safely and accurately. If you take it a step further and automate the trucks that deliver the product logistics would be changed forever. With what I have seen already with forklifts and now Googles self driving car this is most certainly the future. So long that we provide for all of the displaced workers.

That is why I work in a service industry and in management. You can't automate me...yet :/
+Sam Howard interesting idea, but it might cost more to run as it would require extremely strong electromagnets to shift large heavy items around. Unless of course it was run from clean free energy!
Tim P.
I think it has potential for the future.
the sky is the limit, and we're getting closer
How can you grab a drop of water?? And Tim you use words that are taller than I am!! I don't like you!!!
this is not antigravity, and it will not enable us to fly around in futuristic spaceships that we all want.. and if it were to be used for moving items around, the items that are sensitive to magnetic fields (like all electronics), will have to be stored in magnetic shielded containers... can anyone suggest a real world use for this, other than a toy?
Wow! That was great! These are the kind of people we need more of. This has so much potential
+Frank Merchant we need exactly less of these types of geniuses, and more of the Albert Einstein types!
+Frank Merchant or even better, Nikola Tesla... now HE was a genius, and definitely what we need today.
Call me importunate, but I expect better out of MIT. I mean, kinect? Magnetic levitation? Ping pong? It's a cool combination of existing technologies, but these are supposed to be some of the brightest young minds in the world...
Physicists are so behind in even proposing a way to travel through interplanetary and interstellar distances at reasonable time, using non-conventional propulsion technology.

We are past the holding capacity of this planet, and we have yet to settle outside our womb, Earth, while there are vast resources out there for the taking. You thought living in your mom's basement until 40s was bad, we are still in her womb!

So, no I am not impressed with this, the title "Genius" has obviously undergone some inflation, if this is what counts as work of genius. I believe someone already created a magnet where objects are twisted above it and they keep their new position, isn't this a slight twist to that?
Lesseee... I have Iron in me.... I want to fly too
+Nate Norrish Potential uses (off the top of my head): programming robots (such as for manufacturing), 3d animation (as demoed in the video), computer input (3d mouse), etc.
It'd be great to have something like that but with million of small speres to create 3d objects with it =)
+Conor Schutzman not sure about that, it's very unstable, and those types of applications you suggested require accuracy.. look at it bouncing around due to the forces fighting one another.. but still, some possibilities of course.. who knows where this could end up!
+Dmitry Kres that's a really cool idea :), wonder if it would work.. I doubt it would work on a multilevel basis .. kind of like an old touch screen.. doesn't work with 2 fingers inline
not to mention 3d storage.... mettalic objects could be automatically organized
I have seen magnetic levitation but this is the first time I'am seeing the object getting controlled by a system
Just fantastic! I do not believe my eyes! How much does this thing consume energy? Options for home use too much, but still lacks stability :)
I was trying to think of an intelligent and insightful comment for this but it blew my mind so much the best I can come up with is:
da fuq?
makes me think of magnito
That....Is....EPICLY COOL!
wow o my gosh look it is like it is floating like a planet
It's like a magic trick where you put a magnet under the table to move a coin. I thought it would be like a thousand electromagnets working together to control an anti-gravity environment enclosed in the box, aligned in a grid like an LCD display, pulling and repelling any object and sensing it's weight, velocity, shape and resistance along the way. For instance if someone was to throw the ball into it, the magnets would collectively halt the object in its path- how cool would that be ?
Well question, how can we create 3D camera paths using a floating ball?
i wonder how much harder it would be to make it work with multiple objects, or finer grained control of the hovering objects. Perhaps it would require actively responsive magnets within in the objects?

Imagining some 3D adaption of checkers :P
well,that's cool. really does make the imagination go all jetson's!!
that would be a very good invention to use in rail transport systems
After watching this, the first thing that popped in my mind was this is the beginning of a machine like the one the aliens used to moved those heavy rocks. Just need some tweaks Lol. Oh boy, my mind can wonder.
Mohit Deopujari - I think the "shadows" of the ball are actually shadows of some magnet coming from below the semi translucent lower surface, so you wouldn't see any hand or ball shadow.
Yeah, I saw that fushigi ball before on TV. It's all just a trick.
You call this HOT? Shame on you Plus1
Very impressive. I'd like to see it on a larger scale but still, kudos to him.
+Jinha Lee, that is spectacular, Any more where that came from?
yeah,,.. awesome,.. improve it, make it as a very good system,..
I can see this be used for 3D animation software - sorta like a 3D mouse. Very cool.
It's more than just playing or controlling magnets. This guy just engineered a "guidance system" without the need of controlling the project at object level. Imagine a new medical technology of control a small object to clear/cleaned blocked arteries and blood clots without the need of surgery.
the trains in japan are using magnetic induction .they can glide along at two hundred plus miles per hour.
That's great, now where is my flying car?!
Awesome, now throw some ferrofluid in there.
wow, the next step would be to control two or more balls at the same time!
great, can be used for surveillance
goo goo gaa gaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Nothing surprises me anymore in the world of technology.
how about that, we actually live in the 21 century
Now if it could only levitate a space ship.
really cool science project!
I think I have one of those in my shed. Next to my phaser.
+Teondre king How is this retarded? I believe it is amazing how this technology is being portrayed.
medical, automotive,military,and more applications for this tech are limitless.
Hey He's My Favorite Dude Off StarWars XD
I want one :/ How do you get one?
This is very interesting development for vrtual haptics. 
is it your whole name that you say?
Mind blowing demo! Amazing what the human mind can create!
wow this is amazing! technology has developed lately at a very fast speed ^3^
Wish my uncle, Dr.. George G. Harvey (MIT Physics) were alive to see all this! Hopefully his work opened some of the doors leading to this. Amazing!
Someone is always coming up with something new. Amazing!
indispensable imagination meets invisible innovation
How far we've come, in such short a time.
Not really anti-gravity, but awesome!
It is the magnetic pull that is allowing them to do that
Crazy!.... add me ppl awesome music posted daily
This could be alplied in many different fields. and also revoultionize the classroom.
This is a technology innovation!! look forward to application!
Two words.

Nikola. Tesla.
i only wonder about the jntensity of the generated magnetic fields otherwise very interesting especially the "paths" and other possible applications...great work by the team :)
so cool must buy for me when it comes out to the general public and it is just really awesome
Incredible! Love how we utilize technology and keep innovating...
It's cool. I like it.
great! so all we need now is a full metal jacket and just about float anywhere without walking, using our cell phone to remotely navigate anywhere...we'll be dependant on a giant computer controlled magnetic field high in the sky.
The thought of being an andriod is drawing near...and everything will be made of recycled plastic. everything datawise that is personal will be stored in "clouds". Only thing left for us to do is eat and sleep.........hmmmmmm
omg! Wow! Time for some awesome technology...!
What molecular structure is that? 
But why do they need to use terminology like "this will create a small space without gravity"... This fuels the anti-gravity believers pows and the miconception of the non-physics-litterates.

Still very cool of course.
Thanks for the share just think what this can do in construction to medicine to pretty much anything this can change how our economy works and the world round us. Keep it up !

This is total geek porn. Love it!
This is brilliant! The applications are limitless!!
that looks wonderful! but i don't understand how it is useful..:/
Carm N
should be applied to public transportation
if materials could defy gravity they would fly?
superb... am i seeing the Einstein of this
WOW I agree before we move too many things let find out what might happen, it is still neat.
Holy @#$! I want to work on this!
Replace metal ball with fusion reaction? Energy production problems solved! (:
the applications are endless,restricted by imagination
+Sean Roark wait...what? Just because you can balance a ball within a computer controlled three dimensional magnetic field doesn't mean you can make an efficient fusion reaction as that problem lies in energy consumption vs. output (efficiency) rather than where it lies in space. #magnetshowdotheywork
You want to see applications of this tech? Transrapid is one of them i guess...
It looks a little wobbly, but I cant complain. Its a flippin floating interactive ball.
ITt is an amaging concept yah.......................................!
Scott R
That is awesome. True magic in its rawest form. 
Cungthat tuyet nhung ko ra sao
levitation is good but Telekenesis is awesome!!
You could really fly then by defying gravity. All you need next is propulsion to move around
Левитация описана очень давно. Теперь нанотехнологии позволяют ливитировать наглядно. Или это работа иллюзиониста.
bec Ka
That is so amazing!!! Maybe those ancient Indian sanscrits aren't fantasy after all. They are supposed to hold the secrets of levitation
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