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I'm on This Week in Google in 30 minutes!!

Join me, along with the brilliant +Jeff Jarvis, the lovable +Gina Trapani and the fire-breathing +Leo Laporte for This Week in Google, where we'll be talking about the Big Refresh of Google+ and many other Googlish topics!

TWiG goes LIVE in 30 minutes right here:

Produced by +Eileen Rivera
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Someone should warn that gentleman that he is ingesting fire.
Tell leo that vic said that they have plans for the whitespace!!!
OK; I'm curious now. I usually watch the show the next day... but this has got to be seen sooner!
Omg funny timing. I posted a pic of my daughter eating fire this morning here in g+. I'll listen tomorrow on my way to work.
Well I think we all now the opening topic of this episode.
So excited, I'll pull up ye'old live stream
I'll be watching... hopefully the connection at work will keep up. heh
Yeah, vic was in a hangout with some people earlier today. And they are working on something. He wouldn't tell what though. No advertisement he said!
+Mike Elgan Did my comment seriously get deleted because I used the word "bada**"?! I thought that was well within the bounds of propriety!
Leo, no wonder you always have heartburn.
I want that toothbrush, its removing flames lol...
Nevermind... Seemed to be an issue with the TWiT app on the Logitech Revue. Switched over to Chrome, works fine.
I haven't watched in about a month because of work. Glad this is the one I get to see.
Mike - What plug in do you use to back up word press? John 614-448-0090
Don't let Jeff Jarvis shout you down. You're right that Google maps is highly inaccurate in NYC! I constantly get incomplete or completely wrong subway/direction information from Google Maps!
Goggle constantly thinks certain subway lines or stations are working when they're not. I find it hard to believe Google Maps would know the 6 train is delayed in soon enough to be useful to me as shown in their Project Glasses promo.
You were great this week on TWIG +Mike Elgan you just need to be more vocally assertive. Several times you were either mid thought or about to start a thought and either Leo, Jeff, or Gina (All of whom I love they are just more vocally assertive) interrupted you. I would be very interested in your opinions on why Google Glasses are not likely to be mainstream, and I would also be very interested in your "prepared statement" that you started but never got to finish.
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