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Why Apple has already pwned the gaming market.

A number of recent opinion posts have suggested that Apple has a real shot at the gaming market.

Part of this flurry of commentary stemmed from a rumor, which turned out to be false, that Apple CEO Tim Cook met with executives at game publisher Valve.

“Apple is Set to Change Gaming,” said one headline. The deck went on: “It’s just a matter of time before Apple storms into the console business.”

“How Apple Can Conquer the Gaming Industry Without Firing a Shot,” said another headline.

I’m sorry, but this conquering of the gaming market has already happened.

Here’s why:

(Image props to Ubisoft)
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Ian H
Mobiles and dedicated handhelds are their own markets, Mike.

Today's handsets and tablets aren't able to satisfy gamers who want proper controls, dedicated gaming features, and games that don't have to be squashed down to under 5 dollars, just to sell.

You should know that quite well, being a fan of Call of Duty.
I see where you're coming from, and I agree on a lot of points, but I disagree that Apple's model will replace the gaming console. You can have great experiences on iOS no doubt, but nothing even on the caliber as Assassin's Creed (seemed to make sense to mention that given this picture) or Mass Effect or the Call of Duty games. Particularly with the FPS genre, you need a level of control and precision that simply cannot be matched with a touchscreen.

Mobile gaming is huge, and those are great for the majority of people. But just like Starbucks hasn't killed the gourmet coffee market, Apple's model won't kill console gaming.
As it stand now, there's a huge difference between console gaming and gaming on an iPhone/iPad. Not just in graphics mind you. And if I were to choose a gaming tablet, I'd choose an Android, because I can use a real controller, and games works best with a real controller.
I do like simple fun games based on touch and the accelorometer though. But there's little chance games like that can replace my Mass Effect experience, for instance. Or, Forza Motorsports.

Buttom line, they won't replace the market. A market for console based and controller based players, is gonna stick around for years to come. :)
Even if we see $200 tablets running Windows?
I can't wait for AC3! Sorry, no comment on gaming consoles or mobile or apple or... anything... you just made me really wish it was October so I could play AC3.
Ian H
+Mike Elgan It seems to me that the gist of your article is that casual gamers, and casual games will replace the current gaming industry? Correct me if I'm interpreting it wrong.

I don't buy that. I think those casual games will expand our industry and complement traditional gaming machines. Apple hardly seems to be "pwning" anything here.
Do we know if Starbucks was actually bad for sellers of high-end beans? I would guess that Starbucks was a net positive for them by reminding the masses that there was better coffee out there than the swill they were currently drinking. Sure, most Starbucks customers would stick with Starbucks, but I'd think some would feel newly adventurous and discover that there's far better than Starbucks to be had. That's purely conjecture, though. I don't know the actual history.
I still see console/PC gamers and touch screen/casual gamers as being separate markets. People who never played console games before now play Angry Birds, and that's great for the whole gaming industry, but it doesn't mean that PC or PS3 users are hanging up their mice and controllers.

You see, touch screen input just doesn't offer the same depth of control that you need to get really good at many types of game. Look at a game like Tetris. On lower levels it plays well on both keyboards and touch screens, but as soon as you get near the high speeds that advanced players play at the touch screen's lack of responsiveness gets in the way of progression. That fundamental problem extends into many game genres that simply play better on console or PC.

That's not to say that touch screen gaming is irrelevant. On the contrary, casual gaming is to core gaming what television is to cinema. Most people watch free TV, less pay for HBO, and enthusiasts pay for the superior experience if IMAX. Most gamers I know are starting to get ready for a new generation of consoles, and they seem willing to pay for it.

With regards to charging, PS3, XBox and PC have their fair share of budget titles similar to what is on iTunes. So far these haven't been too disruptive. What I think will be disruptive will be a new wave of freemium games following a similar model to MMOs. Free to try, but you'll pay for extended content such as removal of level caps or access to more maps and game items.
excelente juego, donde lo descargo?

excellent game, where do I download?
It will not replace. It will go side by side, may even surpass, but wont replace. Touch game suck in comparison to controller and non controller games (kinect). Your fingers block the screen and are annoying. Controller free game are the future of gaming.
using that same reasoning, surely its android thats pwned the gaming market due to greater market share?

also, its not actually apple/android that make most of the apps so.......

however what i have noticed is a lot more games are social, My other half plays all sorts of games on her nexus S, mostly social ones like chess, scrabble and draw something... ALL OF WHICH ARE CROSS PLATFORM...

sorry... had to shout that, its about time that the iphone gave up the ghost and opened up to the rest of the world. Just a shame they are tied so tightly with facebook :/

I don't think traditional gaming machines (consoles and handhelds) will be around much longer than one more generation (5-7 years). By that point I think most handheld devices (phones, tablets, etc.) will be powerful enough to compete seriously with dedicated handhelds. People will see it as a consolidation of one more function into one device in the same way mp3 players were subsumed. At the same time, I think televisions will have become much closer to flat panel computers stored on your wall than they already are and include much of the hardware currently needed to run external console games. Internet connections will have improved to the point that you'll download a high-quality game instead of buying a disc. That's already reality for PC games.

All that said, I think Apple is far from having already won the market for gaming. Microsoft and Nintendo are incredibly savvy competitors in that market. Microsoft's xbox was the first to successfully become the "entertainment center" that so many other companies had tried to create and Nintendo has been making games that connect with the masses for thirty years.
Consoles are just devices. PCs are just devices. Do not be over reliant on devices. Other devices can very easily slide in and take their place. What's happening now is a change in the way we treat gaming as a medium. If you invest too heavily in a device and do not adapt, you will find yourself without a foundation very quickly.
Ian H
I can agree with "cloud gaming" being a disrupter. I can easily see a world where Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation are just software and an OS, streamed to you.
If Apple 'corners' the market around60% of target audience will be looking for an open alternative. Like happened with Android. Apple always creates their own enemies by building walls.
Lol. As a gamer and fan of eSport all I can see in your column is suppositions and wishful thinking. And with that I'm going back to Diablo 3 beta. Thanks for the laugh! ;)
Streaming games are the disrupter and not many people think Apple when you hear of the premium titles, like CoD:MW3, BF3, Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, etc. Look for consoles optimized for streaming. And if this is an argument that premium titles are on the decline, I believe it is price point and the current economy. Even in this climate, MW3 broke records, Apple isn't a real player in the premium market unless you count Bootcamp ;)
+Marc Roelofs yet the philosophy of the 'walled garden' has worked for them and is (I believe) the defining character of Apple :)
It sounds just like more macolyte claptrap, how Apple will eventually rule the world, then the solar system, then the universe etc. Apple have made attractive products and people like them, I can understand that, but Apple products only have value in a world of free competition. If these macolytes got their way and Apple was everywhere, no-one would value anything Apple... I for one think that this will never happen, the longer Apple and Microsoft go on the more tarnished their brands become not that the average macolyte will accept this, after all it's their religion, not ours...
The analogy doesn't add up for this issue.

There are different tiers of gamers, and iPod/iPad/Android/Tablet gamers are so far removed from console/PC gamers it's like comparing apples and coffee.

The Starbucks analogy is too simple for this use case. Those people were already drinking coffee. You potentially increase the quality of their product, and people went for it. The biggest difference with games come down to controls. Unless these touch screen devices are going to start sprouting arms, or expect people to carry game controllers, other peripherals and the batteries that go with them consoles are safe for a while.

Gaming is and will change. Most hardcore gamers don't acknowledge this, but we don't have a controlling stake in the industry. Casual gamers and their maternal figures do. (Mothers & Grandmothers) This E3 may be the last E3 that has announcements about game consoles, but the next 10 years will still have PCs and consoles.

Touch screen devices are a great way to get people to play games, and potentially graduate to larger games, but that in no way spells out the immediate doom of the "traditional" gaming industry or show any kind of Apple dominance in the gaming industry.
I disagree with this argument "Apple turns non-gamers into gamers." I wouldn't consider anyone who just spends a few minutes at a time playing games on their iDevice while they are bored, a gamer. And Apple will never replace console gaming, they may join the fray by creating their own console or upgrading the capabilities of the AppleTV and throwing that into the mix, but you can in no way compare the quality of gaming content in the iTunes Store to what you can get from Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo.
+Favio Becker my believe is that closed solutions will always perish in the end. The problem is that the companies selling them will need harder and meaner selling methods to keep it going. That is bad for the larger encompassing ecosystem.
This isn't gaming any more than putt putt golf is sport.
Maybe theaters should start popcorn farms because they sale lots of popcorn.
You really shouldn't "Troll" Gamers Mike. Many of us have been trolling much longer than you have :)
And there's a few gigantic logical leap in those arguments. First of all just because non gamers are starting to play games that wont just make the HUUUGE gamer base out there disappear. They will still want their Xboxs, PS3s and PCs. Second of all just because people are playing Fruit ninja and angry birds on an iPhone it doesn't mean that they will continue playing for ever again these are non gamers their interest in gaming should not be taken for granted. And finally there's a lot of competition in casual gaming such as Android and the Wii. Apple could become a significant player in gaming Yes pwning it lolno
Casual gaming is not for me. Too boring.
Now that everybody has a game console in the shape of a smartphone or tablet, who needs a dedicated portable game console like a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP
I play a most of my games on my galaxy nexus but that is because I am often out and about with nothing to do and low and behold I have cut the rope on my phone to keep me entertained. But when I want to play a game it will be at home on my PC and called either The Sims 3, Civilization V or Skyrim.
I love listen all of those ideas of guys sitting behind desks and brainstorming... for some reason they have lost contact with reality. turn non-gamer into gamer and first think what they will do will be abandoning apple. kewl for me :D
Well +James Karaganis you can play many iOS games wirelessly on your tv, using Airplay, or through hdmi or vga cable connection, and some Android devices can be connected to tv's too
+Jacub Kuchnio On the contrary: Apple has attracted players to their devices, because of new game control, like steering a race car by moving the device, and other kinds of interactions
This is not really gonna happen...
All the best games are on the PC or Xbox or PS3... Most gamers don't want to play browser based games, they want to play real games with a keyboard and mouse or a controller...
Shouldn't an article about companies getting millions of people hooked up on gaming at least mention Zynga? This smells a bit of Apple tunnel vision to me. "As of February 2012, Zynga's games on Facebook have over 240 million monthly active users."

Also consoles are locked down vendor controlled walled gardens, they are not a "relic of the ... PC era", they are the prototype of all iOS devices.
These old game platforms (PC, PS3, Xbox) will become superfluos. Portable systems with wireless connections (to TV's and networks) is the future. They will become just as powerful as these home installed boxes
irish d
i play games with my phone but i don't call myself a "gamer" ... wouldn't want to insult the real gamers.
Greg M
"Yet they all admitted in a recent show that they’ve started playing casual games on their iPhones. Apple and the iPhone has turned them into gamers, and turned them into customers of game developers"

What exactly do they classify as casual games? Is DrawSomething or even Solitaire in that classification?

In Canada, Tim Horton's are usually very busy while Starbucks is overpriced. Believe it or not there are other countries in the world other than the USA and Starbucks coffee is not always thought of as good coffee.
Long live the pippin! Well, seriously I did a double take when I saw they had Soul Calibur on the ipad. But this revolution has come about ten years too late for me.
What is he talking about? I thought iPad was game console?
Playing Angry Birds or Draw Something is not being a "gamer." Tell me one game on iOS that has the depth of any pc game out there. I and 400,000 people have been playing Diablo 3 beta for hours even though it is very very limited. Imagine how that will be like when the game comes out.

Anyways I did not expect a real gaming article on a site called "cult of mac." You need to look at some numbers before talking about stuff you merely have an idea on.
I can't help but feel like you jump a bit of a logical gap. You argue that Apple is attracting non-gamers when you say "Apple turns non-gamers into gamers," yet immediately conclude that the console market will be replaced by future devices. This assertion is not supported by the evidence presented. If Apple is attracting non-gamers, then they have opened a new market and should be congratulated for this accomplishment. However, Apple must attract current gamers from existing markets for your conclusion to make sense, and you would need to provide evidence that this is the case. Otherwise, the implication is that two markets will exist: one of established gamers and one of non-gamers who, as you put it "feel alienated from the entire gaming world" and have grown into a new, previously non-existent, market.
Unless apple designs an analog controller to use with its "pads" that gamers will be willing to change over to from their beloved PS3/360/RAZR controllers, apple will only garner the casual market. I have tried to a couple of the "dual analog" controlled games on both iphone/ipad and they don't hold up to the tactile feel of real sticks and face buttons.
Ben Xie
My cousins, ranging from age 4 to age 12, all play games exclusively on iPad, despite having Wii's and PC's with lots of games at their disposal. I don't know what the future holds, but from what I see around me, this article has merit, and dismissing the idea altogether is incredibly naive and short sighted.
My awesome boyfriend would do that!
Yea...not likely to happen. These are two separate classes of gaming. And there is no where near enough "horsepower" in a phone or tablet to run some of the most popular games out there on a high graphic setting. And that's usually what makes a game good is the amazing graphics and details. Plus, on a touch screen, you just don't have the same control as other people have stated. That can be taken care of with an Android by using a wireless controller mind you...
I'm going to have to disagree. Apple is making non-gamers want to play games but they aren't making them gamers and sub sequentially aren't going to really hurt the gaming market. They may put a dent in handheld systems but dedicated consoles will continue to be the main destination of the gaming industry.

There are a lot of factors at play and Apple and the mobile industry is a small part of it. Publishers and Developers are not about to start porting games over to iOS. The experience of gaming on a touch screen doesn't play too well with most games that actively have you pressing buttons if you were playing on a console. The tech will slowly catch up but the experience will not be the same.

Like its been said, they will more than likely run in parallel with the mobile platforms becoming more of a factor alongside the core gaming industry.
they have a a lot of work to do to get performance parity
Lucai J
+Abe Abrahamian How clunky the ipad experience right now is not relevant to why it'll take over though imo. To think that people will always rather sit in front of a screen that's usually in a static position in the house instead of handheld device that they have around them all the time is kinda crazy.
I think this article is a lot of Apple-loving, corporate koolaid, but it has certainly raised an interesting conversation. As an avid gamer myself, my purchases have been driven by the games, not the consoles. I have purchased consoles because the game I wanted was only available on that platform. Hated it, resented it, but did it anyway because I played with a friend and liked it so much I just had to have it. What did these games have in common? Stunning graphics, great music, terrific game play, and above all, I had to know how the story ended and my geek friends wouldn't spoil them for me (laugh). I have a small mountain of consoles I haven't used in over a year because the games I am currently playing just look awful on anything but a PC. It would take a LOT of improvement in a console or a game I just could not resist for me to go back to playing on a console. If any hardware company wants to "pwn" the gaming market, then they have to start by funding the kind of creative talent that can put together epic games that people can't resist playing. It is NOT about the hardware. It's not even about the software. Reviewing the comments I keep seeing "Mass Effect" coming up, and that's because for all its flaws (ME3 Ending, 'nuff siad), it is still an excellent example of the kind of content gamers want to see. If the story, music and art in mobile games were that level (or better), people would overlook the hardware/graphics limitations long enough for the control options to catch up.. Where it comes to hardware, I am less concerned about stunning graphics on my mobile, I hoping for some kind of holographic controller/eyeglass integrated HUD for my mobile gaming, the company that gets that out could pwn everyone. Something like that could even possibly get me to buy a Mac ;-) ...
"Apple is Set to Change Gaming” - that'll be game changing!
lol.. "has already?" they haven't done anything yet aside from their pricey ipad and iphone!
yo yo
he is killing the guys dick off
I've read other articles who say that Nintendo is doing the same thing: rather than trying to conquer the existing gaming market, they're trying to expand it by bringing in more people.
Well nothing can really beat Xbox or Ps3. I feel that the traditinal controller is much better than these touch screen games. I would much rather play a fps on xbox than and fps on my ipad or my iphone
Scary. Hopefully Apple won't do for gaming what they did for the E-book market...raise the prices by 50%. Perhaps it's a preview for the next DOJ suit.
Nothing that Apple will do enormously change gaming. They have to play catchup.
+Akshaj Paturu Exactly. And coffee snobs will say Starbucks can never serve the best coffee. But Starbucks really does dominate the coffee industry because it's turned non-coffee snobs into drinkers of premium coffee.
Just like what Apple does with everything. They produce lousy phones, and sell it to people who had never used smartphone before, and they think it is great.
+Mike Elgan I'd can't say I agree and that's for a collection of reasons:

1. None of the Mac OSs are dominant: not on phones and not on desktops.

2. Consequently you're talking about a smaller number of people compared to Windows desktop machines (which I don't own) and Android devices (which I do).

3. Based on your description, my mum is a gamer. She's not. She plays some games. Though she writes letters and has uses and writes on Facespace, this doesn't make her 'a writer'.

Additionally, I'm not sure what you mean by 'owns the gaming market'.

Given points 1 and 2, Apple have access to the smaller numbers of users available and thus fewer users overall.

I'm not sure you've made a point regarding game playing on Apple phones as against Android phones. If you had figures that showed a statistical difference between the two, that would be interesting and would support your argument.

A quick look gave me this:

25.6% of 10 billion downloads are android games

30% of iApp :) downloads are games.

You'd need to extrapolate from current figures and then look at usage data.

Additional to the above, I didn't look for the link just now - trying to keep this short - but I recall something about less than 10 apps get used weekly for most mobile users.

I found your article interesting but too anecdotal to make a claim regarding any prominence of Apple in the gaming space.

As you know, I like a lot of your posts so please read this as coming from a friendly person :))
Your argument is based on your definition of a "gamer". My wife plays games on her iphone, that does not make her a gamer. The un athletic short fat white guy at your gym who tries to play basketball but can't run across the court without grabbing his inhaler is not a "baller". The teenage boy who has a real girlfriend and a secret FB girlfriend and a short that says "I'm a pimp" is not really a pimp...etc...gamers invest more time and attention to what they do at a level a phone will ever be able to match. What the iphone did is kill casual readers and turned them into ADD patients. These people don't game because they want to they game because they're sitting at their doctors office bored not wanting to read those garbage magazines.
as much chance as linux as being a gamer platform! actually, I'd prefer linux
Sorry Sir but Apple Bocoming a Gaming Giant Wont happen on Microsoft's Watch! Too many of us Xbox Heads are way too political are hardware to look to Apple for a gaming platform! Look at Nintendo trying to get everyone heathy, it failed! The games console market wont go to Apple unless the could improve the VR experience!
Sir, you give the iPhone sheep stereotype validity. Just like Rednecks kissing their cousins. How do you like like that analogy? To leave Android out of the argument is mind blowing and that is to say the least. Right now the iPhone has a dual core processor and some Android phone and tablets have quad core processors with the GPUs having slightly similar spec (don't quot me on the GPU part, I could be a little off). Even if you ignore Google's side then you are still wrong. Apple does not have the gaming market wrapped up because of the other players at the table.
An iPod’s purpose isn’t for gaming; its primary purpose was for listening to music and watching movies. It is inconceivable to think that the storyline or immersive plot of PC, Xbox, or Playstation could possibly come close to being replicated within an iPod app(at least at Apple's current stage of development on the market). Even though I agree that there is an advancement in some of the games that are coming out on the iPod (such as in Modern Combat 3 and in Galaxy on Fire), it is not nearly the same as playing a game like Call of Duty or STWtOR. Apple will have to create a new step in gaming, a dedicated game console something that is at least 3-5 years ahead ofthe current market in order to have some competition against the big companies.And just to point out, PC’s, Xbox’s, and Playstation 3’s don’t run out of batteries in the middle of your game.
+Justin Ho Equal game play and strictly iPod gaming were not his points. His point was that iOS as a whole gets previously non gamers to turn into gamers in loosely defined sense.
+Ben Sovereign Egads man! What are you saying? Linux is NOT a gaming platform?

Be off with you, you uncouth fellow. I play games on my Android (Linux) phone and Android (Linux) tablet and on my Linux desktop. Cards...and other stuff ;)))

F'actually :) There are ways of getting a lot of REAL games onto a Linux desktop but it's not as simple as going to the shop, buying a pre-installed Winders machine and then installing the game you just bought/borrowed.

It can be done and apparently well - just most gamers are Winders people and they'd have to learn something new first :)
I pad will NEVER be used for gaming, it is an offense to all the gamers out there who use controllers.
+Mark Simpson iOS is vastly superior to Android as a gaming platform. It's why all the big companies focus on it, and many of them are ignoring Android. This may be temporary; I believe Android devices have a chance of becoming the PCs of mobile gaming, and iOS devices being the consoles of it. PCs tend to have higher specs, but consoles still perform better than most of them, at least at the time of their release.

As for specs, you can't directly compare them anymore than you can compare PC specs vs. console specs. PCs have far surpassed consoles by now in terms of graphical capabilities, but the current generation consoles continued to deliver a comparable performance for an impressively long time. iOS devices still continue to deliver clearly superior performance in games than Android devices, even when the latter ones boast impressive specs.

That all said, I would not say that iOS dominates the gaming market. The mobile gaming market, perhaps, but not the entire gaming market.

Speaking of GPUs, have you seen how the new iPad's monster GPU performs?
+Mike Elgan .. This article written in the style of an Apple fanboy is just funny.
What you are commenting on in your article is not about "Apple" turning people into gamers (as a gamer .. the term being applied to the new hipster gamers is funny as it is insulting). Smart phones in general are bringing previously non-gamers into gaming. This is solely not the domain of the iPhone, Apple or iOS & is presumptuous to assume so.
Android, while being late on the smartphone scene, will eventually put Apple in it's rightful place owning its tiny part of the smartphone/tablet market (just as the PC's did with mac desktops). Yes, Apple have the head start, but ultimately they will be pulled back & far surpassed by the competition, as it is usual history for Apple to innovate & then fail to capitolise & consolidate the market by their stupid insistence of controlling EVERY thing a user can do & not allowing their users the freedom to do as they wish with their products.
It's the usual piece of rubbish writing i expect from an Apple fanboy. Completely one-sided propaganda which reflects nothing but wild fantasies that all the apple fanboys can masturbate to as Apple continue to fail at achieving world dominance .. yet again.
Written for "Cult of Mac" .. what can one expect.
Hey +Mike Elgan , waaaaait a minute, I see what you are doing, lol (somewhere down the line you will be know as the writer who started the most arguments in google+).
I don't always agree with what you share but gotta admit most of your posts have valid opinions. Anyhow, keep up the interesting posts and let us plusitizens fight it out :p
Please create another walled garden and tell me I am happy. I'll believe you. Baaahhhhhh lol :')
Apple sucks. Why waste your time writing about this horrible company.
+Mike Elgan I have to disagree, like it seems plenty of the comments are doing. The gaming market is only expanding. Saying the Apple will pwn the market is laughable, no offense. They may become a part of the market, but they'll never take it over. Too many Apple haters. I've seen some of the pretty bad-ass games featured on the iPad3 - yeah they look fun, but they're not going to take over without a controller and a way to get it on the ol' big screen. I like my Andriod, PC and consoles and Apple will never sway me otherwise - I seriously doubt I am alone in that statement. Was an interesting read, nonetheless.
If that's the case, I hope Apple knocks out Nintendo out of the hardware business.
"Of course, the hard-core coffee snobs think Starbucks is crap. But nobody can argue with the fact that Starbucks rules the retail coffee market."

And that's the key to the whole premise. It doesn't matter if Angry Birds is nothing like the CoD franchise. What matters is numbers and dollars.
"A number of recent opinion posts have suggested" Are these opinions from gamers? I doubt it. I just can not base this assumption on Apple taking over anything just because they helped sell half a billion Angry Birds downloads. Please don't say that a non-gamer who picks up Angry Birds a few times a day is a gamer.

Apple may introduce new concepts in gaming and new ways of controls but guess what? Nintendo has done that already and so has MS. If anything Apple has a lot of catching up to do before they can take anything over. They need to stop with assuming that any era is in post. Apple is not the Starbucks of gaming, Nintendo is/was. Starbucks came into the coffee scene when there was no coffee scene just like when NES came into the scene when there was no ES scene. You could say that Apple is the Starbucks of the mobile smartphone era.

The article you posted voids the idea that Apple is in the gaming market when they said "They’re not the kind of people who would ever play Call of Duty on Xbox. They feel alienated from the entire gaming world, and didn’t grow up playing console games as kids."

So basically this is saying that Apple is bringing gourmet coffee to non-gourmet coffee drinkers but the real market is tea. I understand now. Thank you.
Apple may not be aiming at hardcore gamers, although their portable devices might become attractive to them with ongoing technical developments, but that doesn't mean casual gamers are no gamers, or should be treated with contempt. Not everybody has the time to spend hours intensively on a game. Game console producers like Sony and Nintendo are struggling to compete with the smartphone and tablet, forcing them to lower the prices, having considerable losses on them, making new models with smartphone functions nobody is waiting for.
+Patrick Jefferson, people who play casual games are not gamers. I enjoy bowling, but I am not a bowler. I play golf, but I'm not a golfer. You play Angry Birds, but that doesn't make you a gamer.
No Apple pls. They trivialize everything. Their games gonna be simplier than Nintendo.
+Rex W Pwned does not mean to ruin something... It is just a geek way to say you owned someone on a game, comment, or other uses... It really did start as a miss spell
It's a well written article, but I strongly disagree.
Isn't this what the Wii did? They got grandmothers and grandchildren bowling on very simple, easy to pick up games that don't require 200 hours of dedicated gameplay to finish. But - something went wrong, and the Xbox 360 surpassed the Wii as the most successful gaming console of this generation. This is going to turn out differently for Apple because? I'm not sure I get that part. They're going to get the mass consumer audience and then develop platforms strong enough to support the serious gamers too? Or that the mass consumer audience is really what counts? $.99 apps that take a team of 5 guys a few months to code are going to win by sheer numbers over games that take a team of hundreds several years to make and cost $59 (and sell in numbers that make Hollywood studios weep).

It seems like a muddied analysis warped by an heavy lean towards Apple optimism. Apple owns music, Apple owns Smartphones, Apple will own TV, Apple will own the desktop... Apple will own gaming. Microsoft has been dedicated to supporting leisure programs (gaming) since Windows 98 with Direct-X technology. Even prior to that, Microsoft technology always had an actual API layer advantage over OS Classic when it game to game development. Apple didn't have a significant gaming presence until iOS. These optimistic "Apple will own whatever they decide to" forecasts seem to overlook that after nearly 3 decades, Mac Classic still owns less than 15% of the total desktop market. They've survived, and to the people who've decided to go with Mac, this is a real success - but it is hardly dominating the market. (Disclosure, I'm writing this on a Mac Mini Core Duo at the moment).

The history of gaming is litered with companies that have "owned" gaming for a brief moment in history. Atari, Coleco, Commodore, Nintendo, Sega, Sony and others. If one thing is clear, gaming is the most fickle and constantly moving targets in personal electronics technology. Apple might have their day in the sun with gaming. But part of this is how we define "gaming". I'm not sure One Billion People playing an electronic version of a boring Scrabble or Pictionary board-game knock off is "owning" gaming. Sure, it is on a computing device and sure, it is also a GAME... but is that really video gaming? Maybe it is more accurate to suggest they're bringing a more accessible, mainstream kind of gaming to people who never would have sought any kind of gaming entertainment as a diversion from their computers. It doesn't pwn gaming, it creates a watered-down kind of gaming that simply has more widespread average-consumer appeal.

That would be consistent with Apple's general approach to consumer computing.
Apple just wants to appeal to the lowest common denominator when it comes to gaming... much like Nintendo.
Ian H
+Donovan Colbert, Wii is actually still the leading console, with almost 100 million units sold, despite 360's recent strong sales.
Ian H
+Pedro Camacho, Games like Skyward Sword and Super Mario Galaxy are the lowest common denominator? Nintendo's put out some of the best stuff of the generation.
Nintendo gave us Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon. Those were the games that everyone use to play. Even though most of us have grown out of it, most little kids (like my sister) still love the classics. Nintendo isn't all that bad...
Everyone... Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, The Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and everything else is meant for your kids to play. I'm not saying you shouldn't like it, but I graduated from kids video games decades ago. My favorite genres are action (Ninja Gaiden), Racing (DiRT 2), and adventure (Uncharted).
I wonder if Apple will ever do an iConsole? A box as powerful as a console with iTV integrated, and has features like OnLive gaming. I can see the possibilities, all Apple devices in unison over the iCloud. Play a game on your TV, save it to the cloud, carry on with the game on an iPad or IPhone on the move. Microsoft with the Metro style Windows 8 and WP7 (WP8) are heading in that direction, especially with the already establish XBox Live.
Ian H
Plenty of people of every age play Nintendo games. That's the beauty of them; incredible, extremely well made games, with appeal for everyone. Some of the stories in Zelda are more well-thought-out, intelligent, and mature than most of the games in this industry.

A game, movie, or whatever, doesn't need strippers, blood all over, and a guy busting a nut on the screen to be good.
I use to like your posts, but now it seems every other post is you trying to spread propaganda on behalf of Apple.
This article is not clearly defined, nor is the word "Video game" anymore. We need to clarify "Arcade" games or even all the simple games that you find on phones, tablets, and on Facebook are not the same as blockbuster games that redefine the Video game industry. This last year had Civilization 5, Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, Gears of war 3, and many others (MW etc) pushing the definition of what it is to be called a video game beyond farmville or angry birds. Apple might have the bored, mindless fools that waste their lives with digital checkers but what about Chess status and beyond games? I've watched the slow social acceptance of Kinect and wonder if Apple has the masses but not the core of the gaming industry. We are talking of two separate industries for now. It will be interesting to see as the years go by if the two become yet again the same or stay separate.
AJ, you just nailed it. There already are two separate gaming industries, and it is not the core these guys are after, nor was it what this article was talking about.

As for Kinect ... did you see the Angry Joe's review of the Star Wars game? When I saw how truly awful it was, I did not know whether to laugh or cry. Princess Leia in her slave girl get up dancing to badly re-written hip-hop? Are you kidding me? I found myself in the odd position of being embarrassed for completely imaginary characters, I could not keep watching it, it was THAT bad. I was waiting for a good Star Wars title to come out before investing in Kinect, and from what I saw, it will be a very long, long wait before they part me with any more money.
If Apple cared about games, they would have updated the Game Center, but they haven't touched it since release almost 2 years ago.
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