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First public photo taken with Google's Project Glass.

Google's +Sebastian Thrun talked to Charlie Rose yesterday while wearing a functional pair of Project Glass glasses. While talking about the picture-taking ability, Sebastian snapped this photo of Charlie Rose, and uploaded it here to Google+ directly from the glasses.

First posted on Google+ by +Marshall Kirkpatrick
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David H
Considering the lighting on a set, that it a good picture.
it's like Geordi's VISOR from Star Trek the next generation, except WAY cooler.
Where's all the data on Charlie Rose? I expected that in the display. ;)
I will believe it when i will see it by myself, not just a supposed picture!
What ?!?! No White Balance???? :)
wouldn't mind beta testing glasses like that!
Incredible, so this is the quality of image that the glasses are interpreting?
Shall wait for the second generation thinner better one
I hope it's just the bright lighting but I'm not impressed with the pic quality. but hey, it works so I'm good.
Sebastian Thrun is so passionate about researching for practical applications for societal good as opposed to research for publishing papers.. Watch the interview, and be inspired by the infectious enthusiasm of this man. Get an inside look at a demo of the Glass prototype, and the driver less car. Hear him talk of Salman Khan inspiring him to deliver Stanford quality courses to 30,000 students. Thanks +Mike Elgan for sharing.
Looks okay, but the quality doesn't seem to be great yet.
Ah, but did he take and upload the picture using the power of thought?
I cannot believe anyone is griping about quality ... um. yeah. it's a picture taken with glasses and sent into the universe without any wires. um ... am I the only one old enough to remember when that was the stuff of science fiction?
I really want to see a live feed from the glasses. 
There's something seminal about this shot.

This photo gives me the same feeling I get from stills of early early moon landings.

I know that's saying a lot and I wouldn't have expected it from Google glasses.

It may be documenting a special moment, as something that's no longer science fiction takes a breath in the here an now, before it becomes history.

Then again, there are already 10 websites that swear it was faked with the use of Instagram and a far reaching conspiracy...
That's way higher res than I was expecting. I'm not comfortable with having Borg Drones wandering through my real world capturing my image for the hive (even though it's hardly just me being captured). I'm seriously considering shunning people with these glasses.
You know that uncomfortable brain warmth you feel after using a cellphone for too long? Now imagine a Project Glass device that's always on.
+Arnold Valentino remember this is just a first go at it. Picture quality will improve with time as the components shrink and get more powerful
I had a watch that took pictures over 10 years ago and the pictures are barely higher quality than those. I was expecting more from google. Maybe they should hook up with apple on this. However it is cool that he could take and upload without wires or plugging into a USB. 
In the video you can see how he interact with the glass (it's just one after all). He turned his head to the left to change pictures and waved his head in a "yes" manner to select and upload the picture. It's more intuitive than the video and it can be done in a noisy place.

I read somewhere that Oakley is doing something similar (remember the THUMP?) and that it's probably going to compete with it. I think Google should do the same as it did with Android.
I, for one, welcome our Google Glass overlords!
I would say that the glasses are the least interesting part of the interview. Udacity has a much bigger impact potential for society as a whole.
how hard would it be to have a simple button on gmailo that would select every piece of spam or trashed mail at the same time, so I dont have to click on every stupid email to move it to the trash and then all over again to toss it out forever. Yahoo email has that little feature and You dont. Hate Hate Hate Hate it. GMAIL THAT IS. TRY FIXING THE LITTLE THINGS FIRST
Uh, you can do that Betty, calm down on the rage.
+Fernando Diaz Yes, Udacity is indeed the more important part of the interview. I knew his numbers were great but I had no idea they were that big. Incredibly exciting. 
+Mike Elgan Wow! So wild! I wonder if I can get my hands on a pair for my next Hangout Concert!? Musicians-Eye-View of the guitar would be pretty rad right? ;)
Reminds me of the Gargoyles (I think that's what they were called) in Snow Crash....constantly taping everything around them to sell to the CIA/Library in case someone would pay for it.
Completely agreeing with +Daria Musk
Like those videos of live performances or following the artist but through their perspective would be a completely new dimension
Make it happen +Google!
Glasses may merely be the first step. Would like to see these in contact lenses (no to brain implants though, like my gadgets but nothing invasive please).
The question I think most people REALLY are asking: will they be handing them out at Google I/O??

+Mike Elgan And a new Mororola Google phone to operate them. That's what we all keep forgetting, the glasses are just a Bluetooth connection / display / sensor platform to a smart device. 
+Icaro Morse, thanks for the link. Not surprising to again see military use lead the development of tech.
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