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Facebook to announce wearable device for the hand.

+AllThingsD's +Kara Swisher reported this morning that "two sources with knowledge of the matter" say Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will announce this week a wearable computing device designed to compete with Google Glass and the Apple iWatch. 

According to the report, Facebook will unveil Thursday a glove-like device called Facebook Finger, which connects via Bluetooth 4.0 to an Android phone. 

The technology came from Facebook's acquisition of a startup called Cera Industries, owned by the brilliant designer and inventor Bryan Cera, who has been working on the Finger project inside Facebook since the acquisition in May of last year.

Once paired with an Android phone running new software that Facebook will also announce, the Finger device does three things: First, it works like a Bluetooth headset for making voice phone calls while the phone is still in the pocket. The user speaks into a microphone built into the pinky finger, and listens via a speaker in the thumb. To hang up the call, with pinkie and thumb still extended, the user points both downward and moves the hand down in an intuitive "hang up" gesture. 

Second, it responds to what Swisher called "a limited vocabulary of other gestures." Rather than detect those gestures with cameras and sensors like Microsoft Xbox does, Finger directly perceives the position of the user's hand and configuration of fingers. 

Third, it has a built-in camera for taking pictures. Users take a picture by holding up the hand like they have a camera, and "triggering" the index finger. 

The gestures feature is especially interesting. For example, to check into a bar or restaurant using Finger, you simply make the "thumbs up" gesture. That registers a post on Facebook with a "Like." 

By extending the index finger and jabbing it at another Finger user, Facebook registers an online "Poke." 

And here's what I think is the killer feature. When you shake hands with another Finger user, it registers a mutual "friending" on Facebook, eliminating the need for exchanging business cards. 

A similar feature enables two users to automatically "Like" each other's profiles with a high-five gesture. 

The Finger software will come with several games, according to the report. For example a Scissor, Paper, Rock game that's played with the hands. 

Facebook intends to evolve the Finger technology to eventually relay context-sensitive, location-aware information to Facebook's ad servers, so that Facebook can more accurately serve up relevant ads. This could be a powerful tool in Facebook's competition with Google and others. Not only will they know your location, but they'll always know what you're doing with your right hand. 

Facebook Finger will be shipped in time for the holiday season, according to the report. Facebook's marketing tagline for the device will reportedly be: "Give your loved ones the gift of Facebook. Give your family the Finger."

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lol, that sounds almost stupid enough for Facebook. 
I'd believe it, if it were not reported today :)
That must be an April Fool's joke right? ;-)
Keep dreaming guys! Facebook wouldn't do something amazing! Ever!
Swats at mosquito.
Erases all posts from Facebook.
Oops or Win!
I have a new wearable computer myself, but I can't show you where it is
And when you punch someone in the face, what does it register it as? Unfriending?
"Give your loved ones the gift of Facebook. Give your family the Finger,"  was an interesting choice of quote. 
Could this device be that tech alternative to toilet paper?
If it wasn't for the last line, I would have thought that wasn't an April fools joke. Instead, it is. No marketing agency in their right mind would walk headlong into that one.
Point at target, take pic from camera in forefinger, thumbs up, autoshare/like to facebook.
So the expression, "Giving one the finger" might present a problem?
This sort of thing actually may not be that far away, though the glove in question needs to use wearable fabric computing type technology (allows flexible natural feeling fabric that can think).

Trouble with that, as always, is supplying power.  So because of that it isn't anywhere near ready for production yet, even though the flexible computing part has been demonstrated.

But that might not stop someone from trying something similar to this ahead of time, since it could serve as a bit of a high-expense beta test opt-in while they flesh out the smartapp interconnect and general scale issues ahead of wearable computing becoming available.
Oh boy, this company is burning money even faster than I thought. All kind of weird and useless things to keep their overvalue stock high?
LMAO... FB is desperate to keep its users active, specially after the official launch of G-Glass
I can't believe people think this is real.  You are April fools.
I think it's more about dedicated resilience, or keeping inter-actors connected as much as possible!
I'm loving all the changes we're seeing.
nice April fools +Mike Elgan , I can't believe I got sucked into reading that whole post. You owe me 3 minutes of my life back. funny guy you are.
This would be nice if i actually had a Facebook A/c.
Yeah...Facebook has been giving its users the Finger for years already.
Lol,does it have a matching glove to scratch my ass..
Good Grief. Just what the friggin world needs.
love it great april fools joke...the coments are more funnier than the jokes...
The 'Poke' just got literal! 
I thought this was an April fool's joke.
Yeah I've got a finger for Facebook and Zuckerberg, alright...
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