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Man hitchhiking across the US to write a book about kindness is shot.

A man named Ray Dolin was hitchhiking across the US and writing a book about kindness is shot. 

Dolin, a freelance photographer, was eating lunch by the side of a road in Glasgow, Montana, when Lloyd Christopher Danielson III, apparently high as a kite, drove up in his pickup truck and plugged him. 

Dolin is recovering in a local hospital, and Danielson was arrested. 

Is that America in a nutshell? Everyone is really nice until somebody shoots you? 

Posted first on Google+ by +Michael Powell.
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There sure are some nice people out there.
Don't tell my mother this, that he was shot.  I hitchhiked across America in 1971 and she still doesn't know. 
Guess there won't be a chapter on Montana in his book then! Seriously though, hopefully he will fully recover and be able to include the kindness of the people treating him (assuming they are kind of course!)
"Everyone is really nice until somebody shoots you."

Pretty much so.
Wow, I hope Ray Dolin makes a full recovery
It wasn't first posted on Google+ by Bruce Eggum, however. Not by about 12 hours.
Well I guess he can write about the kindness of the hospital staff.
Sad story; but a new chapter for his book if he pulls through. :)
Oh wow. Another helping of Irony, anyone?
I feel so bad for laughing at this, but I couldn't help it the way it was reported by ABC news on the radio today.
Could happen to anyone... I guess it is something more likely to happen in the USA
Just shows that everyone should have a gun so we can all shoot each other, right? Keeling us all safe
Let's face it +Joseph B Cotton, it was a different America in 1971. This nation could stand to turn back the clock to a little simpler, slower time. 
Sad? Sad? Well I think it is nothing more that what you can expect from USA. In a country where legislation authorize everyone to carry a gun in their pockets. I still do not understand the journalist being surprised by such usual facts.
there is a second fact: the army is the 1st employer in USA. So once their career finished they still keeps reflexes and facilities to handle guns.
Indeed what is surprising or may be funny, is the Ray's idea to write about a book about kindness in USA. If he succeed to finish it, it might become a best seller.
It was a shot of kindness.
If Dolin was carrying a gun, he might not have been injured. (you can still be nice and carry one)
Yep, the world is full of morons, thank you for proving this fact Danielson. Though in another manner would have been appreciated. Hope Dolin recovers and gets back to his normal state of health.
+Gene Scalf So you can "shoot each other"? In America, do you prefer the chance of getting shot over the chance of getting punched by someone under the influence?
It's certainly sad, but I don't think the actions of one idiot should define the other 313+ million.
… with how many millions of easily available weapons in corner shops?
I think you will find that the real story is not that he got shot, is the acts of kindness he receives now on his road to recovery. One butthead does not  make a country.  While one gets all the headlines, the other quietly takes care of the mess without fanfare or headlines.
Sounds like he will recover.  That is good. Will probably make an interesting chapter. I hope he continues his journey.
or he might have to change the title of his book
Problem is they don't issue intelligence testing when dolling out the right to buy firearms
Hopefully a book about kindness would include some parts about its lack of appearance in this world..
Terrible. Reminds me of the ending to Easy Rider.
I'm not surprised at all. Publicly identifying with anything "nice" makes you a target for not nice things. In school I was more frequently cussed out for holding doors than thanked. This trend continued until I scared the shit out of another kid with a display of toughness. Kindness is too often seen as a weakness to be exploited or expunged.
We live in a world where someone was crazy enough to believe the world would be better without John Lennon.
So is it a “thing” now when you post something to mention whoever posted it first on G+?  I can't imagine why, but if so, I posted this more than twenty hours before Bruce Eggum. Just sayin'.
... So sad, Thank God he is alive and will live...
I am glad they caught the man who shot him,,, hope he recovers soon ,, 
+Jason Honingford a law? Oh no! What about a law for kind shooting kind people, children and pregnant women.
This is terrible. I am so sad this happened. 
By shooting him he unknowingly publicized the man's book and his journey. How nice of him.
Lol just posted on this, it happened not far from where we live and my hubby (who works in law enforcement) was called in to assist.  I'm sure it was awful for the writer, but the irony made me giggle.  I wonder how this will affect the book he was writing.  Curious to see where he takes this. 
I hope the guy who shot him goes to jail for a long while... or loses his hands and therefore the ability to ever operate a firearm.
I remember growing up with our front door unlocked and open in case a neighbor needed something. What the he!! Is happening in this world now. First face eating zombies are a reality now this
+Marvin Ferrell I see business is back on track: luckily Danielson heard the voice of god to shoot Ray.
Just stay clear of the red states and you'll be fine.
It would appear gun control is excellent here. His hand was steady enough even though he was high to hit his target. That's the definition of control.
+Jane Brown Gun control? without gun, you won't need them to be controled.
Not gun control...It was the person with the gun!  
If you outlaw guns then only outlaws will have guns. Just ask the Germans and the Italians.
Bet that guy doesn't make the book! Thoughts and well wishes to Mr. Dolin and his family
The mentality that if everyone has a gun, we all will be safe is moronic. It just ends up with people playing cowboy and making the wrong decision. I think the country would be much safer if nobody had a gun. Its much harder to kill someone with a knife, because you have to catch them first.
that is pretty much my view of the US, from Australia. 
Let's sell are guns and travel the world writing books about nice people
Having lived in Montana for a few decades.... No, this is not America. It's Montana. And Glasgow is hundreds of miles from anything to do. Sounds harsh, but getting drunk/high and shooting things is about the only entertainment.

Just my opinion, but moving from Montana to LA metro I saw a decrease in crime. Big time.
J Krah
No need to buy the book I guess.
This is the kind of guy that will give the man that shot him a free copy of his book about kindness after he finishes writing it. I hope he gets plenty of years to read it over and over again.
Umm the Germans and the Italians have much lower murder rate per capita than the U.S. Was that your point? I mean if open access to guns make people safe, then Africa must be the safest place in the world.
I also think that it is very sad what America has become. A man looking for kindness gets shot, what is that?
The country would be safer if no one had guns? Yeah our army armed with ten speeds and aspirations. See how it worked out for this guy
+Jane Brown thx jane.
+Tim Savage oh I see Tim, so because the bad guys got the guns, then everyone should have guns, in order to protect against them. But this kind of thinking is basically what makes the bad guys to kill you, instead of keeping you alive.
from my point of view I rather stay keep a chance to stay alive.
+Yura Yefymenko I agree with you
This speaks for itself! How sad and pathetic is the state of society at large if someone trying to spread peace is greeted with hostility and violence! Very sad...:-(
They used to say "nice guys finish last".
Fucking inflation.
Yeah even the nice guys are getting outsourced damn recession
I live in Montana.  Yah...don't hitchhike through this state.  
I happen to agree with Chris Rock. If you make bullets cost $1500 each you wont have near as much of this shit happening!
When you take guns away from everyone, the criminals will still have guns. I have legal firearms for hunting, I can walk outside, down the street ask a  few people I see lurking around, and purchase a gun in 30 minutes around here, 10 minutes up where I used to live in Houston.
New book title:
Still Kind, Even Shot in America -
and more even in Montana.
I believe most people are good and honest, but this is still pretty dishartening. 
People in Montana make their own bullets +Steve Wells .

Actually folks the reality is this is all tied with the Bakken oil field.  Oil workers are all crack head tweakers, crazies, and drunks....usually all three.  Crime rates are going up big time in Eastern MT and N.D because of the "employees" this type of work draws.  And just like this guy...these assholes aren't even from MT.  They're just living here temporarily on their time off from working in N.D.

You will be hearing more crazy ass things like this happening in MT over the next year or so because of the oil boom.
There are good people in the United States their are a lot of bad sick evil people too! 
This from a guy in the eastern block. Your memory is real short lol
+Steve Wells well it won''t get this effect, gun makers and distributors next business, will be to provide you a monthly or quarterly subscription to receive your 25 bullet's packs. once you own one of these you need to treat it well.
I am sure we will get closer from mobile providers business:
subscribe to "bullets' delivery monthly" and got your gun for free.
Oh stop making this about guns, the criminals will always have guns. Your gun laws affect the law-abiding citizens who could save your worthless lives someday so grow up, learn the truth and see reality for what it is.
the guy didn't have a heart and should be locked up for a long time
I +1'ed all of his comments before blocking him.
Milty C
Wow Hitchhiking these days ? Its lunacy !
Isn't hitchhiking illegal anyway?
I pray that God protects him and sheilds him with his kindness so that he can bring forth the fact that God is still in control. What a better way than to show his kindness is still in it. Amen!
+Branko Nuss yeah I was referring to him in the post just before yours. You know it was good old Americans who love our guns that stopped the world from blowing each other up twice. Ironic isn't it. 40 years of relative peace and quiet they forget everything lol
Hitchhiking is illegal as a way for the law to protect idiots from themselves, same reason suicide is illegal.
Laws to protect idiots from themselves are laws I generally don't agree with. I mean, when you start talking about protecting people from themselves, you are really talking about a reduction in personal liberties. I prefer only laws that protect OTHERS. 
But I keep reading that the dangers of drugs is all government propaganda...
I think if God had any intention of protecting and shielding him he would have done it when the gun was aimed at him, +Joe Wesley .
+Marvin Ferrell the military would logically be excluded from that, I meant to say civilians, and in the context of this story I thought it would be obvious. I apologize.

+Jason McPeak ever think where these criminals get the guns from? Do they make them themselves?
+Marvin Ferrell  actually living in the east doesn't make me originating from there :) When you talk about war, is a bit different from civil protection. 
and last but not least, guess who is making most of business from weapons
The sequel? Vengeance.
Now tell me that won't sell more copies.
@Jason McPeak I don't know where they get the guns from... maybe Holder's Operation Fast and Furious? Maybe they steal them or buy them hot on the street? 
Well, technically if the guy was really high when he shot him, he wasn't necessarily being unkind, maybe just stupid and reckless. Either way though, that's some shitty luck. Lots of people hitchhike and nothing bad happens.
 Well - at least no one tried to eat his face.  Too soon?
+Yura Yefymenko the criminals don't buy them legaliy. If you had a brain you would know that. Legal guns can be traced, its all the black market
Well, at least his book will have a twist in it. 
Glen B
While I'm glad we have some gun controls in Canada, I have visited the States many times and never felt uncomfortable or in danger.  There are a lot of people down there so bad things happen and get reported.
Or, perhaps they buy them from a licensed dealer... You know, the same way drunks buy cars and then misuse them. The main difference is that they don't do background checks on you when you buy a car. Curiously, however, you can be charged with "assault with a deadly weapon" by using both inappropriately.
What is interesting from the Washington Post publishing this article from Associated Press are the reasons why they decided to do so.
- illustrating the criminality inflation in Montana?
- Light black humor about violence in America?
- pointing out criminals having easy access to weapons in USA?
- giving a new opportunity to raise a discussion about gun proliferation in US or support the gun accessibility to improve selfdefense for US citizens (or in Montana only)?
The only thing worse than this news, is seeing people blame the tool, instead of the user. Is personal responsibility completely dead?
In 1994, the U.S. author Gavin Whitsett was mugged and badly beaten in Evansville, Indiana.  He is chiefly known for writing a surprise best-seller, Guerrilla Kindness: a Manual of Good Works, Kind Acts, and Thoughtful Deeds,_ which urges his fellow Americans to indulge in random and spontaneous acts of kindness.
Oliver, do you really have nothing better to do than argue with people on a public forum?
+Olivier C. To be clear, you are suggesting the Washington Post has ulterior, clandestine, motives for publishing the story? I just don't buy that. They are one of the few remaining news organizations with integrity... and I do mean FEW. VERY FEW.
+Marvin Ferrell oops! thank you, I forgot :-) I was not trying to be exhaustive.
It is just an invitation to complete a nice list of options.
I like this kind of article can bring people to deeper reflections regarding the actual situation and what are the solutions to improve it. if we can do so… this kind of conversation can do it, for example. 
What's the rest of the story? There is always something left out. I have been all over and have found that most of the time people tend to do the right thing. 
That's totally the book John Waters wanted to write. 
Glen B gun control only keeps guns from those who are law-abiding people. Many of whom might protect you if a criminal tries to shoot you. Laws do NOT stop criminals from having, and sing guns.
Every broadcast news source caters to a specific demographic of people. They would not exist these days if they didn't.
How are these things going
It's sad that we have 158 comments a bout a non news item. Argueing about punishing society for an individual crime. the gun did nothing a wrench or hammer could do as well. Quit blaming the object!
+Jeremiah White I do not think I was arguing. and sorry if you think so. Earlier in the forum, if read it all, you will find out who is arguing against me. and not the opposite as you think so. otherwise, sincere apologies.
Jeremy Collake I didn't realize this was a political article, maybe I missed something?
Now that is irony!!! Speedy recovery to him.
i dont blame the weapon at all. it would never have happened here in canada. no legal guns here.
That's sad that in his pursuit of kindness he had to encounter a drugged out moron.
Robertthat's funny since I learned of thousands of guns there.
i really feel for this guy. i have hitched across canada more time than i can count without incident other than the ocasional party animal kids.
+Olivier C. but living in the eastern block or western euriope you sleep really well at night because of American guns. Just was pointing that out. I think it ironic that while your all snug behind a wall of American servicemen you can repeatedly criticize the nation like we are all for gun violence. 
Your mighty smug and you can say what you wan't because of America.
That's crazy, and sure doesn't speak too well of us... :-O
The idea of America is fantastic until you visit ...
Glen B
Robert, we have shootings here as well.  Not as many as the American's even after you adjust for the population but never say never.   I support gun laws too but some criminals will have guns.
Shot, Stabbed, Mugged, or any of several other things that could go wrong.  Their is always someone out there that is willing to prey on others, and this is not just something that happens in the US.  Every culture has it's slimy underbelly.
Marvin Ferrell yes and yet one of the most violent countries. Next maybe you will ban sticks?
This is unreal!.......This has never happened before....Ever!...
+Justin Krezelak . My husband is an oil rig driller in our home state of Michigan. And if some worm or anyone stepped on that floor tweaking, drunk or cracked up. They just might find themselves thrown physically off the 20 or 30ft. Floor. But since safety is my husbands first priority when he hits that drill site, they would be run off the well in the change out room if not at their car. They would also have the law called on them! Now I don't know the breed of oilfield workers you have coming into MT. But all I know is my husbands crew wouldn't dare. You haven't seen an angry Company man like a Michigan angry Company man. Ain't saying we don't have some cuckoos but they are rare.
Chicago limos Inn your ride in style all night long

In Chicago 
Just saying let's keep politics out of this, let us see the irony of kindness and a crazy person shooting someone for some unknown reason. (Do we know the full story yet?)
El Masbahi you are an idiot.
+Jeremy Collake I didn't read your answer sorry, to fast to erase it. but reading the article from Washington Post, the event was not as fresh as it could have been reported earlier. And I am not meaning that the intention of WP were wrongly oriented too. I am just suggesting again some reflections.
Very sad, wish you a speedy recovery....
+Bryan Ogden That is a good point. The most rare events are highlighted, then people get fearful, laws get changed even .. all over stuff that is too rare to even worry about. That said, rare events are indeed interesting events, thus they do get reported on. Over-reaction to them is the problem, and I don't know what the solution for that might be.
+Lisa Rood not sure what delusional world you live in...but its fairly common knowledge oil rig work attracts the very worst our society has to offer. if your husband isn't like this then he is in a minority.
Juan have you seen someone about that? Not to sound rash but that is not humanity, that is a psychopath and not normal society.
+Marvin Ferrell what did I say to make you so pissed? I am against guns to citizens in order to rule the law by themselves and being legally protected to kill anyone when it's suppose to be about selfdefense. But now you are talking to me about world war II history background to justify the way north america rules weapons in the country, and therefore it is the best way to do so. Is this your logic?
+Olivier C. I'm not going to argue with you about gun control. Primarily, because its our second amendment right, and if you want that right taken from me, then i'd like to see your first amendment rights taken from you as well.
Secondly, I live in Vermont. Vermont stands true to our 2A rights. There are no gun laws. No permits. No waiting periods.
Vermont also has one of the lowest number of violent crimes per capita in the nation.
Is that America in a nutshell? Everyone is really nice until somebody shoots you?

I don't think it only happens in America... It happens everywhere...
Kindness? Go to an elementary school. Hitch hiking=pre 80's. Now adays I would expect someone to get shot before getting a ride. I know I wouldn't give you a ride. And not because I'm an a-hole, I just am not into risking my life. I will help you if you're getting mugged, but if you need a ride, keep on walking!
+Steven Kapcoe a dumbass and a dumbass with a gun, you should ask Ray, and I suppose at least 10000 people in the country, but that's just a very very very little difference, isn't it?
Juan you really need to see someone. Oliver if you truly believe what you say then you are an imbecile, sorry for being blunt. A citizen might just save your life someday.
We need to control psycos...not guns!!
A gun is a tool, the wrong person can hurt you with a gun, knife, stick...
+Sean Donaldson in reference to your "guns can be traced" comment, and referring back to the no gun laws in VT bit... I can sell any one of my guns w/o paperwork at any point.
Its in my best interest to document the sale to protect myself in the event the firearm did at some point get used for a crime.

In general, this discussion needs more facts.
Tyson C
Olivier C. maybe you should move to Syria and you'll understand why our forefathers included the "Right to keep and bear arms" and why our governemt will never come at us full frontal. Instead they pass midnight legislation. A few num nuts does not define a country. You need to stop getting your news from 1 sided sources and maybe you'd have a different outlook on humanity as a whole.
Wow. Hope he gets better. What a crazy world we live in.
 I would change that to the owners of the oil rigs that make billions, get  people to work under noise polluted, chemically polluted and dangerous conditions until they are burnt out. If they were not burnt out to begin with, they sure are later. The rich guys you never see that own the rigs and the investors that back them are responsible for creating throw away people.
I love how this has become about guns like it would be okay if he had stabbed the guy, or hit him upside the head with a pipe.

The weapon doesn't matter, what matters is the fact that one person attacked another for no reason.  Did the gun make him attack this guy?  No it was some messed up part of his brain that did (or that made him take the drugs that messed up his brain causing him to be violent).  

Taking one weapon out of the hand of a violent person and they will just fill it with a new weapon, and it is luck of the draw whether it will be more or less effective then the one they had before.
My prayers are with Mr. Dolin for a speedy recovery and safe rest of his journey. Should be an interesting book , thank you we need to be reminded how kind the majority of the nation is. 
Pray he'll live to tell his story afterwards, if that's not ending ,:-#
That'll be an interesting chapter to read.
Read the actual article people. He should be okay hopefully, he was shot in the arm.
+Tyson Couch +Keven Fox OK guys, I got it, you win. Long life to all sorts of weapons, guns, and more, in order to leave in peace and FEARS. Let's kill each others in order to live a better (shorter) life, and in total freedom. Because of another Hicthhiker get shot in America, I am the (dixit Keven, thank you Keven) "Imbecile" whom gone die the first :-)
and let's transform your 2nd amendment to become the first.
+Keven Fox I am happy that you finally read the article.
Regarding the glory of making wars today, this is the real contribution cost at least US army soldiers are paying
for curiosity
Spoiler Alert! Dude gets shot. People at hospital are kind. 
Maybe the hospital staff showed a little kindness.
Can't talk about kindness without a little contrast?
Ah man, some back country boy heard about 'shooting up' and 'getting high' and did them in the wrong order. 
something seemingly bad happens and everyone says, "oh thats terrible!" but lets face it.... this is the lucky break that guy needed in order to actually be able to sell that book he was working on.  Sometimes bad things are good.
Oliver I'm glad you finally understand. If someone wanted you dead a gun ban of good people would not stop them.
Moral of the story, go to Montana, get shot.
I guess I don't have to buy the book, you just told me the ending...
Holy buckets! I was laughing at this for a minute until i realised that it wasn't an onion headline.
Poor man, I guess he runs out of ink in Montana for his book
@John Throneberry How would being armed have magically saved Dolin from being shot? He was shot completely out of the blue so he wouldn't have time to retaliate. Would having a gun have magically stopped the bullet? No.

Meanwhile, if intelligent gun control laws were in effect, someone like Danielson wouldn't have had access to a firearm in the first place and Dolin wouldn't need a weapon to "defend himself".
huhuhu ahahahahihihihio
+Kirk Butler You do know Easy Rider was filmed in 1969, where at the end a guy in a pickup truck just shoots the two guys cruising along.  There really was no slower, simpler time, that's just the nostalgia talking.
Most of these comments are kind of .... #missingthepoint .
Punishment: Force Lloyd Danielson to walk across the country as well.
I think the moral of this story is actually: "Whatever happened to Crazy?" Dolin wasn't shot by someone who set out to kill him or derail his project. He was shot by a random druggie. Sometimes, people get crazy, and do stupid stuff.
+John Throneberry and if Dolin had shot the guy, there would have been two probably even more injured or possibly dead people in the hospital. And from what it sounds like, he would not have been able to anyway. Sounds like a driveby, and defense requires some degree of prediction. And all people who disagree with you aren't all tree-hugging hippies. Nor are all hippies tree-hugging.
So much disregard for human life these days.
These comments are amazing. I have lived in America (in a very gun and explosives happy state) for 22 years, and I have yet to get shot or shoot someone. This kind of thing is rare, despite what your political Bullshitters in Charge want you to believe. They're just trying to distract you from the crap going on in your own countries. More people are seriously injured every year attempting to open plastic packaging, than they are from firearms. I don't even know why I bother, keep on viewing firearms as these evil magical devices that murder people, because thats what the world needs, more ignorant people.
This one is just messed up. Im at a loss for words.
Are people really worse than they used to be, or are we just connected enough that we get to hear about it all?  (Hope he's OK, and agree on "his dream" comment.  It has to be a shock at all levels.)
Reminds me of high school. While skateboarding after school a couple guys around my age drove by in a car, pulled up to me, and asked for what I thought were directions. When I got closer to the car and asked where they were going the driver punched me square in the nose knocking me out. I didn't even know them. It was a real wake up call.
i have hitchhiking across the US on my list of things to do before i die... after reading this i decided to put it DEAD LAST on the list.
This is a sad story. The photographer taking the trip is emblematic of America, not the low life who shot him.

I pray the man recovers from his wounds. He was on a mission to inspire others to be kind. The only way to conquer evil is with good. God be with him.
Oh, yeah, remember John Lennon? He was super nice, and an American shot him down. You have to be careful when in West Virginia, they keep it real.
I've read probably a dozen blogs in the last couple years documenting various folks - men and women- walking, biking, hitching across America. All of them show the kindness of Americans and strangers. Not to make light, nor should we take this as an example of all of America but...shit happens, folks. Dude could have been knifed, shot with an arrow, stabbed with a pencil. I've never owned a gun nor can I ever imagine needing to. I'm also not going to act like the old lady across the street and bar my windows because an old ladies house a hundred miles away was broken in to. Take a breath. It's an ironic and unfortunate incident but hardly damning of an entire nation regardless of political leanings and NRA dumbassery.
Love the height marks on the wall... "Hey Bob, got grease pencil and a ruler?"   ;-))
most people are still kind.  a few idiots just need to get a life and off drugs.
New article headline: "Man hitchhiking across the US to write a book about kindness; now writing about irony"
My son is hitchhiking across the US for the second time! 
True a person has to be cautious but there are still kind people in the world they're just few and far between.
That is sad:/ what has this world come too?
+Jason Honingford .........there is. Hince the reason the idiot was arrested. +Olivier C. just because the military is the number one employer does not make it their fault. The idiot shooter was some dumb ass drugy probably in a rural area and shot him "for the fun of it". And just to let you know Americans are not authorized to just vary a gun in your pocket, you have to do tests in order to do that.
I suspect there is more to this story than what we're hearing... nothing to give a man any reason to shoot him but i'm just saying...
+Alexander Priest -- good thing I live in a country with restrictive gun laws. I pity all ppl that live in countries where you need a gun to defend yourself. Too bad you feel that you have to defend yourself in the first place. You Americans will probably never learn...
I suppose if Mr. Dolin had been brained with a frying pan there would be folks claiming that cookware should be banned! (Actually, the Food Police would probably support such a ban). It has been my experience that within groups of armed people, courtesy and politeness abound. Unless he was totally unaware of his surroundings, Mr. Dolin might have been able to deter his assailant had he also been armed. It is abundantly clear that banning firearms only removes them from the people who would not misuse them anyway; a criminal isn't going to start obeying the law with that particular regulation and such a situation only makes his job easier.
I know no one who supports these bans cares for such logical examination of their beliefs, but I suppose I must try... 
Well what did you expect? Either that or get your face ate off.
+Peter From Kennesaw, Georgia, USA actually requires every resident to own a gun.  It has been select as a "Top 10 town for families."  And has crime is lower than half the country. My guess is "out-of-towners", lol.
This is not to be  blamed on the "gun laws", but on the mind that pulled the trigger, and it is the collective responsibility of the society to further restrict the access to substances that influence the brain. Starting point would be to change the attitude and the mindset among young generation that trying such things is not "cool"  
+Sean Donaldson mr.Donaldson, I am well aware that the people buy illegal guns in a legal maner, thus making them illegal.  What I was trying to underline is that the access to those guns is made easy for them as a side effect of gun proliferation in US.  More guns, more illegal guns.

And to answer your point about cars.  I think cars are a necessity, guns are no longer are.  We no longer have the need to hunt for our food nor do we need them to protect ourselves from Indians or the English.  We have supermarkets and the military for that.   
Interesting, I really hope that Dolin recovers well, and that Danielson gets some help, rather than just getting sentenced to years in prison. I don't believe the ending statement is America in a nutshell. While there is an unecessary amount of violence in the U.S. there are many feats notable kindness that occur everyday.
The shame is not in trying to prove the impossible but proving it impossible while trying.
He was either guna write about kind strangers or stupid people who get chopped up into fish sticks.
People in America are still living the wild west mentality. It is so insane, what a madness.
He wasn't a psycho so I hope he gets better.
Personally, I think penalty for drug use should be way harsher than gun control. If we all were allowed to have guns without bullshit ass regulations, we'd be better off. People get mugged/robbed/attacked with guns because they know they have an extremely high likelihood that the victim doesn't have one too. Change that equation and everyone should be a little calmer...
Uh back in 1971 even a psychopath could get away with hitchin choppin dumping a body and getting away with it.
I agree with Steve. If we did we would think Europe was full of Nazis. We probably have more here hiding out.
Gary Evans and 13 others are idiots. (Not an antiabortionist)
 A tragic Event for Mr. Dolin and I've mentioned him in prayer. The second amendment as are all the Bill of Rights is there to remind the government that we the people know that throughout history in order for a government to govern without the consent of the governed, the government must hold all the weapons. It's not a matter of defending oneself in our neighborhoods it's for us to protect our freedom. And there's nothing that can change that except a constitutional amendment brought forth by the people. And that's the way it is in the USA.
Oh gun control. "Mainly" supported but people who should never touch a gun and opposed by people that seriously underestimate the importance of them.
+scott kuhar really!? Why would you carry one just in case you need to clean it urgently? Its a weapon, a weapon has one intent to kill or injure... How would having a gun in his pocket saved him from getting shot? Would it of magically deflected the bullet?
The same folks that want to outlaw guns want to legalize drugs.  Which is more responsible in this case, the drugs and the idiot that ingested them, or the means he used.  If he had stabbed him or run him over, the media wouldn't even report it.
Oh God did he want to kill him and call it abortion. I'm used to dealing with people who would support a 25th abortionton to a hooker a week from delivery and the ones that would deny an abortion to someone who was gang raped and beaten. If that was a joke I'm sorry. I missed it. Both of those people piss me off. (Not being sarcastic)
I put "mainly" there to avoid this. I know there are people who know guns need to be regulated but not outlawed.
Out of the hundreds of millions of americans who didn't get shot yesterday he had to pick the 1 who is writing a book about kindness.
Absolutely these killers with the smoking guns are given appeal after appeal and other prisoners are released cause there crimes are "lesser". It's outrageous. There needs to be regulation to stop those that abuse abortion and makes things harder for people who have been assaulted, have medical complications, or had defective precautions.
+Alexander Priest take your point, but you still stand more chance of being shot in the US than here in Oz (where there is some semblance of Gun-Control), stats for the US are pretty horrifying.....
I dont think he'll finish that book once he gets out of the hospital.
America... Land of the free to go on a spree
If only you knew how much your country is screwed... 2012 and people are still fighting to be allowed to wear weapons like in the times of the Far West... ridiculous. I'm from Switzerland where almost every adult men, doing his army duty, has a rifle at home and no such things happen. Junk or too industrial food, stupid TV shows, biaised news networks, individualism, dollars... not really great bases to build a safe living.
+Jeremy Nixon, yeah man, that has always been a thing.  I'm thinking that Mike doesn't really care who was actually the first person to post the story, but he just makes sure to give credit to the first person that he sees post the story.  Am I right +Mike Elgan?
Grief... such a grim sign of the times... or sign of the place? Who knows?
+Kevin Beavers No, you're not right. I do a search, sort by "most recent," and follow it all the way down to the bottom. To the best of my knowledge, I'm the only person on Google Plus who goes to the trouble to do this. I've advocated several times that everybody does this, in order to promote early posters. 

In this case, I must have made a mistake somehow. I didn't post the earliest person. I've now corrected it. 
Wow, my apologies +Mike Elgan.  That's what I get for assuming.  That's pretty impressive.  And my apologies also to +Jeremy Nixon for steering you wrong. 
+Alexander Priest the main cultural difference I think is the time that the culture is in place, ie. USA's culture is very new, making it a too thin ground for solid values. Resulting into superficial values, like short time profite in financial market, promotion of poor food (eg. meat grown with medicines), individualism where a way of protecting self is only seen via owning a gun...
Glasgow - living up to it's reputation - no matter where
Oh, the irony.

It would be even more ironic, if the shooter happens to be a nice guy, well, at least up until he shoots you. 

A gun in your hand is a gun in your hand, irrespective of wether you are kind or not. 

Gun control anyone?  
+Alexander Priest I fully agree with you and am fully aware of the 2nd amendment of the constitution, but that is my point... Today is 2012, not anymore cowboys and bandits time. Your country has to evolve and changing the constitution is not necessarily wrong. USA is not anymore rural only, it is an advanced country as such self defence becomes obsolete. You need to trust your state.
Guns are not the problem any good person deserves the right to keep a fire arm the problem is when you have to much control then the good people have nothing and the bad have freedom to do as they wish with their firearms and we cannot protect ourselves. Did early cave men have stick and stone control ...........
I don't think so. If anything, we should trust the state even less. All sorts of weird crap gets passed through if we don't take notice... 
I have been to Montana... I am sure that was the peek of excitement for that guy.
+Yura Yefymenko +Phil Maly thank you Phil & Yura, you made good points
Finally about this article, in WP written by Associated Press, I think now it seems its real intention, is to publicize more fear in order to support firearms amendment of the constitution. 
This book might become a best-seller if sold in firearms shop across the country, and kindly including a coupon for a discounted gun of any choice.
the guns' maker lobby love to hear about more stories like those just to bring back and indirectly support the firearms possession. In order to reboost the business in low season.
+Alexander Priest You are the very lonely, lonesome cowboy, among many more others, watching too many thrillers, and murders stories from tv series and movies mixed with tv-news bombarding population only with greatest daily violence examples. 
and finally i can understand your natural inclination to selfdefense with guns, very similar to those very same influenced people.
… for sure Danielson was just "yelling" then. He could have pulled the trigger several times on his target instead of just once. Bullets are still expensive, may be.
We dont need trust our state. Our state need to earn our trust.
Yes but it is one of the main debat USA should one day have, before it is too late. Taking my initial examples shows that what USA promotes and promoted for many years is more and more frequently fought back.
- Junk food... after years of success for McDonalds and others such companies outside of the USA, people tend to go back to local seasonal products (at least it is an emergy tendancy in Europe)
- Financials institutes' short term vision for only making profite has shown to fail putting countries in great difficulties, causing people to stand up.
Danielson was high, he had the devil in him already. The devil doesn't want people to be happy, he's goal is to destroy and that's what Danielson did. I pray that Dolin makes a full recovery.
+Maddy Kazadi It was not the devil inside of him but the devil outside of him: easy access to guns.
People kill people a gun never killed anyone!!!!!!!!!!!! Move to another country if you love giving up your rights.
protect more people - plug the people like Danielson; eliminating more problems
Tyson C
Oliver C your still missing our (those of us saying the fact it was gun is irrelevant) point. A disarmed society is an enslaved society. Everything has pro's and con's. There would still be crime or war even if every person on this planet was disarmed of any and all weapons. The perfect society doesn't even exist in nature. It is what it is, PEOPLE kill PEOPLE.
+Kevin Enloe +Jane Brown +Yura Yefymenko +Daniel Tonnon +Phil Maly
You are all basing your points on your opinions, or at best, misunderstood facts.
Briefly, one more time...
Fact: There are no gun laws in Vermont. No waiting periods, no permits. The only restrictions are that i cannot carry a firearm on federal grounds or public school property. That's federal law.
Fact: Vermont has one of the lowest violent crime rates in the nation, per capita.

Phil, trust the government?
Are you familiar with Orwell's 1984?
Think for yourself, take care of yourself, because big govt would LOVE to herd the people like sheep.

Btw, all you "city slickers" who insist there is no need for guns in civilian hands..
1. Not everyone lives in a city. Again, Vermont as an example, is the Green Mountain State, not tge drab concrete state. I can think of only four places here that I would consider cities. That leaves a lot of rural.
2. Wildlife management. Believe it or not, human kind has made a mark on this planet, and it affects every living thing. Without hunters harvesting animals, deer being an excellent example, their population would outgrow their habitat, food would become scarce, disease would spread, and they'd suffer. Btw, are you aware there are programs to donate deer meat to shelters?
Thank hunters for their service to man, and animal kind.
3. You only speak of firearms used in defense against another armed attacker. When I was a teen in New York state, I was cornered outside my house by three large dogs that had excaped from their owners property and had worked themselves into a craze with their freedom. I was fortunate that they became distracted and instead of attacking me, turned on one of my pets, tearing it to pieces. Had I been legally allowed to carry a handgun in NY, I would have been able to stop them from hurting anything... or potentially anyone. I have four younger siblings.

So, in regards to any of the facts, or situation I've presented, what is your argument against firearm ownership?
The tone of this thread saddens me. We want to quibble about gun control and how evil the defendant is. A human being was shot and is injured, while working on kindness. Another sentient human being was apparently in enough pain to turn to drugs and alcohol . My sympathies go to both men and their families. 
+Ken Robinson I'm disappointed about the direction this has gone as well, but any time the uneducated try to teach the uninformed about the evils of firearms, I feel its our responsibility to try to teach everyone the reality of the situation.
I hope he writes about this in his story and if it changed his attitude.
Here's hoping for a speedy recovery for Mr. Dolin. 
This is unbelievable.  Thank you for sharing Mike. 
+Jane Brown better education, quality of life, etc.
Not a cure-all, but I'd venture a guess that a majority of violent criminals aren't scholars...
So far, "gun control" hasn't stopped violent crime, so why would more laws curb outlaws? Try another direction.
... I'm 58 and I hitch hiked a lot before I was 16 and got a car. (In 1969). I never had a lick of trouble. The population has basically doubled since then but crime, especially heinous crime has growm multiplicatively. Why? My thoughts on that is we citizens have lost a substantial part of our cohesiveness and how I think that happened was a combo of the diminishing 'nuclear' family (divorce was a shameful thing to most back then as it mean't betray of a solumn vow), a drastic change in the defination of 'entertainment.', a nillistic edge to music, shifting of wealth, poorer and poorer curriculum's in schools, loss of pride in workmanship, and a few other things I'd rather not mention.
There is no going back as we made our bed now we're stuck sleeping in it and sometimes I, myself feel as though I am rummaging through sewage on a daily basis.
I agree with you ,, I use to hitchhike many years ago but was not alone,, I got to see things that I can not see now but it was interesting and scary,,, I do hope Ray gets better,,,
+Justin Krezelak . I do not live in a delusional world. I live the life of an oil rig drillers wife. I am not attacking anyone personally, why would you appear to find so much pleasure in personally attacking my mental state? Is your generalization of oil field workers based on personal interaction with every oil rig worker in the world or just an assumption on your part do to ignorance of a profession you have no working knowledge of. Just a bias view of, " If one or two are rotten that means the whole breed is rotten." If that's the case you're on the wrong site. You want the kkk or some other extreme factions site. They share your opinions, all they are is an opinion, wholeheartedly. All oil rig workers are scum then you should have no oil by-products in your home and no gas or oil in your car. Its their sweat and labor that lets narrow minded ppl, like you live fat lives driving your SUV's and heating your home so you can sit at home in front of your computer and spread out and out fabrications about a group of unappreciated, hard working group of laborers on your computer. You sir, know nothing of which you speak on this matter. Stay silent when ignorant. Or at least ask intelligent questions in search of knowledge. Others will see a persons heart through their words. Just saying. :*)
+Phil Maly .So you are saying that we, as an "advanced" country, have no reason to defend ourselves. That self defence becomes obsolete to us as individuals because in "advanced" countries the governments will do it for us. Hmmmm. And just how does an "advanced" country, such as yours, protect all of its citizens, individually? Each and everyone of them 24/7? Just how do "advanced" countries do this? Do they put video cameras on every corner of every neighborhood? On every portal of entry to a home? Inside the home? In every room? Closet? Bathroom? Your car? Even the eyeglasses you wear? Do we attach internal electronic monitoring devices inside every man, woman and child? I mean if the country is so "advanced" it would eventuality see that these would be some of the best ways to protect every last citizen of their "advanced" country, right? I mean how else could you do a decent job of protecting everyone's personal safety, right? I'm not promoting NRA. I'm not promoting regulation. I am asking an honest question here. Because I have noticed a lot of strong determined opinions here, without the benefit of true evaluation of the stand they are taking. And will stand on a principle or view without really comprehending what the consequence of that stance could produce. And in some cases have actually started to be implemented under that very guise of in the best interest of protecting the citizens. And through current world affairs have started using those tools in more intrusive and out and out clandistine spying on its own citizens under the catch all phrase of "in the best interest of the safety of our citizens." I find nothing, truly" advanced" about that type of society. In fact it is a major step back in advancing a society. They are now reduced to subjects under control of their governments. Not agreeing with the pro gun lobby either. For pretty much the same reasons. Meaning that a society that has just anyone carrying a tool specifically made to kill another is no more "advanced" than the other scenario. Which brings me to my point. Just what is a so called "advanced" country? And do truly "advanced" societies even experience crime in general. Meaning this. By definition, Advanced means above the normal. Better. But my point is what is our idea of better and the consequences of enacting those opinions.
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