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I have seen the future (And it's made of glass).

It's hard to think of glass as an area of rapid technology evolution. But it's one of the central technologies that will bring us incredible innovations over the next couple of years.

A combination of new technology, plus a strong desire on the part of major companies to transform glass, will affect nearly every category of consumer electronics, from smart watches to phones to tablets to desktop computers to smart homes and offices.

Hundreds of companies and organizations are working on the coming glass revolution. But here are four companies and one university that announced serious breakthroughs recently, shattering old ideas about what's possible with glass.

Here's my column about how glass technology will completely change everything in the next two years.
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It looks beautiful

...crappy contrast though =)
Reminds me of that short film Corning made a few years ago that I saw on YouTube "A World Made of Glass" I think it's called. It was really well done. If a bit self-promoting. :)
Reminds me of that fad a few years back when everything was "clear," like Pepsi Clear.
So cool. Can't wait to see it all.
I appreciate the technology and all, but maybe I'm just old fashioned: when I look outside through a window, I want to see ... outside. If I want to see data, I'll put on my Google glasses.
Right now for certain chemical processing pumps and compressors the best system for gas tight systems utilizes metal diaphragms or bellows. There are several methods of manufacture, but the least expensive and most used method is to stamp out the pieces and then edge weld them together using resistance welding.

I'm thinking that the glass if flexible, and strong, it would be an even better method.

For substances like Hydrogen Gas if coated with pure Aluminum, it could provide very high diffusion resistance while also being gas tight.

Also Stirling engines which use Helium would also benefit from being gas tight and being able to handle relatively high temperature.
La tendencia hacia lo transparente.
The future was yesterday.

We're always trying to catch up with visionary fiction, glass monitors for mass consumer use has been a staple since science kicked pulp out of fiction.

We're also seeing convergence in eyewear, vehicle displays and controls, personal data storage and access and the monetization of intangibles such as personal influence.

Glass displays will be wonderful and will allow great decentralized automation and computer applications, this gets me more excited about the hardware that will use the display however.
Makes Project Glass look almost... pedestrian.
I want one of the computerized glasses.
There will be a couple of added desires not yet addressed. They all come down to the tactile and texture arena. Glass can feel... sterile.

In the doses we have today, it's not a big deal. Start glassing too much... and I'm thinking you may get push back without giving it an added dimension, appearance thereof, and/or less cool to the touch.

Otherwise - I like the article and think I agree.
Companies should use some of these technology on current normal eyeglasses. Right now my glasses still scratch easily and the anti-glare coating can fall off.
Any translucent material should perform with similar effects, texture and coloration will also be easily customized.
YOU"VESEEN THE FUTERE?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!
This is amazing! Thanks for sharing......if you know of any Principals looking for private funding from 250K-500M on this, let me know....we would be very intrigued in this technology.
Have an abundant day!
Venice's long-simmering plans for world domination will finally come to fruition.
is it going to be a take on of projection resolutions
i hope the bathrooms are not made of glass
In the future Mr. Sheen will have multistores.
i think roof will be cover with a umbrella.
omg, im pissing myself with lafter. oh wait, no im not
I'd love to have the "smart glass" technology that you see in movies like Iron Man and Minority Report become a reality to the public.
The members of #MIT are always great, indeed. Self Cleaning technology is that we all have been waiting for a long time.
First thought was of Minority Report! With all the gesture based programming that is going on right now we may not be far off from what they had in that movie!
I wish the future would hurry up and get here already!
Fuck you Dave Yeagly,open your eyes.
Fuck you Chen. You're stupid.
theresno future n ur glas pipe. i mean castle.
as a 16 year old, i say ur all wrong.. in the future we will become fully stupid.. cuz all this technology is making the world lazy.. we use technology more than we use our head.. pretty pathetic..
This would not work for alarm clocks-- the snooze button would break on the first use.
..sack of rice in four minutes?......or a way to amortize slave debt more efficiently,..methinks the latter...right on Brooklyn this is sad and pathetic
"Shattering old ideas" lol Very good.
thank you neville(: and matthew, wow, real mature man..
the future is made of glass but you should take care and look to what are you did , what are you doing and what are you going to do .. and you will be fine
its quite sad that you call me out on my grammar, but yet all of you are acting like children and arguing over the damn future.. well i'll live more of the future than probably most of you..
yes in near future it is part of our life ,after all what was impossible in past , we are using today , and today's thought is will be tomorrow life .
this is just as bad as facebook, disgusted sigh, later..
I'm just imagining replacing my wall mounted array of televisions with just a sheet of glass. Now that would be a display to end all displays, at least until we start getting three dimensional. :D
If I had money, I'd start investing in Windex. That future will need plenty of it.
Kodak Invented the video screens in glass windows!
In an increasingly glossy future, our world will be tormented by the greasy fingerprint.
Leo T
Sounds like we are going backwards by just hooking up our computers to oversized teleprompters.
Is this happening before or after we completely destroy all life on this planet?? I'm assuming before.
Very cool read, lots of good info. I can't wait for that multifunctional glass
the whole point of looking out of the window, is to take a break from the screen! I'm not sure, it's way too 'minority report' for me!
Already too many distractions, why do we need even more?
i think it would be a good idea..i mean we are already "behind" what was espected from us back in the 90s 80s and 50s
this will be so effing aweosme!
Bina Y.
soooooooooooper cooooooool :D
You have the cooooolest thinking and stuff.... really
It goes good with an afternoon coffee LOL!
Article was much more varied and interesting than expected. There's lots of cool stuff going on here, though I'm not sure I see the argument for semi-transparent displays. Like semi-transparent windows on the desktop, it demos well, but I'd bet that it would mostly just be distracting and hard to read clearly.

Putting that same technology in the visor of a helmet or in a pair of glasses could be very useful though.
more distractions.... great. Facebook on one window, Google+ on the other window. One day,i'll be standing in front of a window enjoying the beautiful scenery then have someone shout at me because i'm standing in front of their TV. haha
Cool - although I do wonder what the general lifestyle of society will be like in a few years as this 'digital revolution' carries on...?
Matt A
It will be interesting to see the effects this tech has on productivity and team collaboration.
Fuck yes, eventually we will be living in a real version of the grid. Hackity hack hack hack.
i cant believe our future is going 2 be made out of glass. OMG SHOCKING!!!!!!!!!
Transparent aluminum is where it's going to be.
oh I remember this video, It is in my favorites list on YouTube :)
While aesthetically pleasing, trying to read from a surface that is not opaque seems rather impractical.
Samsung tech is crap +Kendall Cabrera! I previously owned a $400 Samsung mobile, dropped it once, never worked again! Junk! I wouldnt spend 5 cents on anything with a Samsung badge on it
i recently got my first samsung mobile well i hate my phone samsung is a bummer
Mike E
yeah i heard someone dropped an iphone once and broke it - must mean that apple is crap, right? get out of here, idiots.
+mike notapplicable as you suggest, you can't blame Apple for a user dropped iPhone . They are incredibly sympathetic and reasonable when it comes to a replacement .

Commenting more on topic though glass is an incredibly useful material and I'm sure there is more to glass innovation than just increasing strength.
food is an incredibly useful material,..especially non genetically, can see through it...
cant believe this post is still going on, this was so long ago
Gotta have this in my car window!!
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