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Why Apple dropped the 'Mac' from OS X.

The latest version of Apple's desktop operating system, code-named "Mountain Lion," has a shorter name. Instead of "Mac OS X," the software is now called just "OS X."

Why did they drop the word "Mac"?

I believe that the reason is that OS X will, sooner or later, run on hardware other than products called Macs, iMacs and MacBooks.

When Apple first shipped the iPhone, that gadget ran an operating system called the iPhone OS. In preparation for the iPad, no doubt, Apple change the name to iOS because the software would run on hardware not branded with the word "iPhone."

The unceremonious dumping of the word "Mac" is being done for the same reason.

So what non-Mac hardware will OS X run on? Here's my prediction.

The first non-Mac to run OS X will probably be Apple's TV.

The next range of devices may be the touch-screen desktop PCs that I've been predicting for six years. One way to ease that jarring transition is to offer both old-and-busted Macs and at the same time, the new hotness: OS X desktop and laptops that don't use mice and don't need keyboards, which would be branded with something other than "Mac.",_physics_and_gestures
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I would imagine that, like Microsoft consolidating their mobile and desktop OS's, and the rumours that Google is doing the same with their Android and Chrome OS... I think that Apple would be wise to do the same with OS X and iOS.
There's no reason to have separate operating systems these days when one system can handle every device they produce.
So non-Mac hardware but not non-Apple hardware?

Mac OS X Lion also wasn't called "Mac OS X Lion", just " OS X Lion"
Of course OS X already runs on non-Mac hardware thanks to the efforts of the Hackintosh community. The widening of the spec it can run on has been an obvious move for deeper penetration of the Apple ecosystem.
The truth is, Apple is in the best position to pull something like this off since they make all of their own hardware... or at least control what goes into it anyway.
Microsoft and Google need to make OS's that can expect the unexpected and work on just about every device it knows of and has yet to even be made, with any combination of peripherals and components... Apple can make their OS to work specifically on Apple devices.
Sure, I'll run IOS, oh, wait, OSX on my hardware, just as soon as they address the over exposed risk surface area that their now bloated code presents to the world.
OS X would be a hefty OS to run on a TV, wouldn't make it easy to keep component costs down. And why use OS X when iOS is probably better suited for a TV?
Three screens and an os. The notion is almost a decade old.
That would be great! I dream of the day when the full OS X will run on an iPhone!
I think to suggest that the Apple HDTV will actually run some flavour of OS X rather than iOS is to believe that it will be more of an iMac-esque computing device than an appliance after the fashion of the existing Apple TV and iOS devices.

Personally, I don't think this is the case. As +John Gruber put it in his report on Mountain Lion today: "Apple sees a fundamental difference between software for the keyboard-and-mouse-pointer Mac and that for the touchscreen iPad. Mountain Lion is not a step towards a single OS that powers both the Mac and iPad, but rather another in a series of steps toward defining a set of shared concepts, styles, and principles between two fundamentally distinct OSes."

I think the dropping of the prefix "Mac" has more to do with the conceptual move ahead for Apple as a company and a platform provider than any indications that we're going to suddenly see OS X on non-traditional devices. To be, the analogy is closer to Apple having dropped "Computer" from its name a few years back... "Mac" still suggests a traditional computing platform, and in reality, Lion and Mountain Lion, even if they continue to run only on traditional mouse-and-keyboard devices, are definitely beginning a paradigm shift away from traditional desktop operating systems.... New UI interactions, new file storage concepts (iCloud), and a more segregated, app-centric approach to computing inspired by the iOS platform.
+Kris Ward As a fellow shutter nut, I use Windows and Linux for my post processing. I "would" have gone Mac, but since the Intel switch, Apple is just "Microsoft 2.0". Same architecture problems and limitations, with a bastardized BSD kernel. Sure the UI is slick, but so is Linux with Gnome 3 and Compiz-Fusion. Do I need all that slick and pretty? Nope.

My tools are efficient, my workflow is fast, and I can depend on my Linux systems for their ability to maintain operations without crashing. I only use my windows systems for the bloated photoshop, when I need to retouch something specific that I cannot do in GIMP. (Not that GIMP can't do it, I just know PS better.)

When someone wises up and starts using a better processor for graphics systems, Mac will be an "also ran" in the Photographers studio...
Why would the Apple TV run OS X instead of iOS?
+Eric Souza Why not use something that already exists? it's call XBMC, and runs on little tiny Intel Atom processors... I use them for all of my TV's... and they work great.
....or it can be stated simply that Apple is obsessed with why not just trim fat where it can.....even including the name.
+Mike Elgan You really think Apple TV? I would have guessed an iOS Apple TV. A TV wouldn't really use touch like a handheld device, but I would think an app centric operating system would be a little more user friendly for a TV.
Apple will announce Apple TV set in Q2 2013 and it will have a build in gaming console
WOW , it look great>>> I have never try such experiences>>> photoshope SC looks so cute on that big touch screen.
... why is it that everyone seems forget that iOS is a stripped-down version of OSX?
I think the OS that will run on all Apple devices—iPhone, iPad, Macs, AppleTV—will be OS 11 (or perhaps OS 12, with OS 11 on Macs with touchscreens).
what program is he drawing on an what device is this?
Yeah you know, OS X, cause it's the only Operating System. /sarcasm
It's already happened. The first products to run OS X that weren't Macs were the iPhone and the iPod touch. iOS is a derivative of OS X, more or less the touch screen version if you will. Now with Lion, and further improvements in iOS you're seeing more of a re-convergence of these two branches.

As for Apple TV the current black box as well as the original grey one have been running software with similar pedigree... the new TV really won't be that different.
Id like to see Apple allowing their OS to be downloaded on anything that supports it (like a windows based PC) without out all the work arounds and things. Microsoft allows it, Windows can be downloaded on a MAC just fine but the other way around is a NO! (It didn't hurt Microsoft allowing it... it won't hurt Apple either)
+Brian Marwa

Looks like Photoshop for Mac to me. And that device is likely just a concept picture done up by some artist.
what ever that hardware is, i want it.
bruh u b flexxin wit dah drawnnn #kno dat ain u
+Kris Ward "No doubt. It's PS. That oversized toolbar and history/layers window are a dead giveaway."

I don't think that anyone was implying that it wasn't. It's just a concept.
If Apple plan to release their OS for self-build computers that might prove very interesting. I might even be tempted to try it out instead of Windows.
aren't they using OSX for quite a few years now?
your products price is very high in india i request u apple inc plz drop your price.
C Sanyk
So will they call it OS Ecks? Or OS Ten?
Apple always has been a niché market. It's where they thrive.
Or maybe it's just shorter and not redundant.
+Jourdain Casale Explain what you mean by "proprietary." Do you mean that Apple designs their own hardware, just like every other computer manufacturer? Or do you mean that Apple's computers are somehow incompatible with existing standards (which is wholly untrue)?
me too...and that is really cool.
"The next range of devices may be the touch-screen desktop PCs that" are already in the marketplace, having been produced by multiple vendors.

Just want to be clear here that any touchscreen desktops Apple puts out are not new nor revolutionary. They are just Apple's version.
Or maybe they just want to be viewed as the only Operating System in existence.
+Jourdain Casale Why? So you can deal with driver issues and compatibility problems just like with Android?

Here's the weird thing: Apple has stuck to designing hardware and software together. OK, that's not the weird thing. The weird thing is: people like that. This is why 3 out of 4 tablets purchased in stores or online are iPads, and why 2 out of 5 Android tablets get returned (only 1 in 7 iPads get returned, and usually it's to trade up to a larger size). I know these numbers because I work at an electronics store.
I figure it's because they're cutting costs. Printing the word "Mac" on every CD, box, and marketing poster costs about $0.00006 each time, and having their marketing department type the word has to cost at least $0.02 at their labor rates. All in all, they could save enough money in one year to buy Tim Cook a new stapler!
+Sean Masters how much of Apple's 'revolutionary' inventions have ever truly been revolutionary, outside of selling lots of units?
they're not going to license OS X. Silly rumor is silly.
Well, considering that the OSX "Dock" is basically a glorified Windows Taskbar.
+Wesley Christian Not exactly "glorified"; more like "uglified." I pretty much hate the Dock; love the Windows Taskbar.
The sooner that company implodes the better. Shortly followed by Microsoft.
technology design fancy in your system thumb up go fun
I just find funny when Mac fanatics complained that Macs where also PCs (Personal computers) until the "I'm a mac.." ads came out. I want to know what they say about just "OS"; you know Windows, Linux, and many more are also OSs
Very interesting Theory,,,, Apple is very good at what it does and it is time for a large shift in technology,,,, Apple has been delivering the goods for the last Decade, and I see no reason to think that is going to change.
Is nice to play with. Still messing my screen and work. It change the screen without any command and I lost a lot of work
If they even know what "OS", stands for! lol
I'm pretty sure OS Xi and iOS 6 or 7 or 8 or whatever will end up being a merged single OS. Or at worst one will have the full OS and the other will be a light mobile version.
Whatever about the naming of the OS. The graphic table is AWESOME !! I want one.
Trimmed the name to be shorter and sexy for marketing
Hot on Google+ sucks; why do i get your spam!!!
Ya I've predicted that for a long time now. It could shoot their revenue through the roof...
But Linux does not have so many zombie followers and it does not generate profits for Apple.
If thats real I want one NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've seen this before..... where was it? .... Oh yeah, Microsoft "Surface"!
If Apple had the IQ to check the latest Insurance exams they would have to agree with the following:
Based on Apple's latest statement about, our economy not being any of their problem, I will never purchase any product from them again. When corporations take responsibility, and assist environments they do business in, they gain to. Its a No Brainer. Now we know what Apple without Steve Jobs really means.
I thought the reason they dropped Mac is because Apple dropped Steve.
+Mike Elgan I think this is close to right on - iOS does not have multitasking horsepower that Apple TV2 will need and this will finally provide an example for not bringing touchscreen operations to MacOSx ... oops OSx. Supposedly touchscreen ops smear and mar Mac screen surfaces and "is too arm tiring for Mac users".

.If Apple had lowered their Mac prices and brought touch screen to Macs 6 years ago when you suggested - we would not be wondering what is in Windows 8 come Feb 29th.

Apple is going to have to do something spectacular with Apple TV because Google Android has early and big lead in TV integration
I foresee a future when our cubicle desks are replaced by artists drawing tables. Set at an ergonomic angle, the entire surface of the table will be a touch screen, and the computer desktop will become an actual desktop.
Horrible thought. <shivers thinking about an apple run world>
I agree, Eventuality i believe IOS and OSX will become one, OS XI? anyone?
wow apple is so shit. microsoft is a superior company
With respect I'd suggest any breakout of Apple OS to other devices will be very, very select. You don't just buy an Apple device for it's software, you buy it for the hardware and the two are tailored to work together. This move would fundamentally break the Apple model to date. Supporting multiple hardware platforms has a number of challenges. Apple could do this, but I don't see the direction it would even want to go.
Oh, my! Is the chap in that photo using and EVIL "stylus"? Clearly failure is in the future at Apple. (I, for one, would love a pressure sensitive stylus for my iPad.)
Woow..... This is unbeliever.
+Walter H Groth more like playing catch up, multi-platform operating systems have dominated the market for years (perhaps with the exception of iOS, although Android is doing very well). Apple is perhaps finally realizing that their strategy is NOT a good one in the long term, free-platform software will almost always have the market advantage.
I don't think table tablets will ever catch on. We want small unintrusive technology. Not something that takes up a huge amount of space! The next big thing is going to be screens that can be pulled bigger and pushed smaller. Mark my words. If you can have a cell phone sized device with a screen that expands to 17", I am sold!
This could be an important story for a much bigger reason. I think Apple will permit OEMs and consumers to install OS X on non-Apple personal computers in 2012. They could make billions in revenue doing that and end the Wintel monopoly sooner. We are seeing competition return to the personal computing market, first in mobile last year and now in desktop/notebook. It's time. This will also be great for GNU/Linux because anything that breaks Wintel helps FLOSS in retail spaces.
predicting touch screen desktops, for 6 years? even a blind squirrel will find a nut if he's persistent...keeping the same predictions year after year I suppose might eventually garner results of some sort.
+Torsten Adair, yes, and physio therapists the world over will weep tears of happiness over all the extra business they will get from office workers having to look at a screen at that angle all day...
If we can have smartphones with the 17" screen
It would be very post-Jobs to intentionally run Mac software on non-Mac hardware. Jobs felt strongly that the line between hardware and the OS software was blurry, and there was no reason to separate them. Indeed, by controlling both you can release a very optimized, differentiated product.

The preparation for their TV product may sense - though I'd imagine that product will closer resemble iOS than OSX. It's probably also just simplifying the name and distancing from "macintosh apples", which may not be as well known in international markets.
i agree, somewhat at least. i do believe os x will be on another device. but i think those devices will be apple products
I wonder how that would work out? An OS that is not machine specific. What a concept? Why you could get royalties from makers of other machines that run your OS. What a great marketing gimmick. Oh wait, I forgot it's been done by a guy named Gates.
no its just a way to reach a broader consumer base. There are alot of people that dont buy mac hardware because of both price and the availability of parts...much like windows running on a mac....soon mac will run on traditional windows pcs.... given enough time dont be surprised when you see 1 machine that can run windows linux and OS+ without needing to use any bootloaders or switching hard drives... might just be 1 Operating system that can run all 3 types of programs...without eating resources and hard drive space into the wouldn't that be something...
who the F cares.. there's more important things in this world to worry about than why MAC isn't in the title... lame ppl
While we're on the topic of OS X, I want to point out how extremely slow and disappointing Lion OS X is. Runs like a dog with fleas--on a brand new, robust Mac. Snow Leopard MUCH better. What a lemon Lion is, reminds me of Vista on my Sony Vaio.
Funny that the picture shows photoshop. The only actual creative people brand. Adobe is probably the only company who could ruin Apple if they wanted to.
Apple tried it too, but Jobs stopped it when he came back because selling their OS when not licensed to their own hardware wasn't making them enough to stay alive.
This is all fine, except that the more I work in 'new media,' the more time I spend on command lines and in text editors!
+Mike Elgan I agree with you. But, I hope they do it a bit differently than what they did back in the 'Power Mac' 1990's. I was working with a start-up company "Power Computing" doing their ads and marketing stuff, and it was so crazy with how Apple was working with the 3rd. party companies. I too think that soon we'll see an open OS that we can choose the hardware we want to run on.
OS X on non-Apple hardware? Steve Jobs would do a full rotation.
Think of the implications... if that was to happen, why should we not be able to run Windows/Android/ChromeOS/Linux on Apple HW?
So then they may put Mt. Lion Kitten on the iPAD ?
OS X on non-Apple hardware? Man, uncle Steve will come back form the dead... lol
What would an Apple Touchscreen desktop computer be? Surely not an iMac with a touchscreen, as HP has that and it hasn't set the world on fire. I would think that a touchscreen interface to a desktop could be better provided by integrating input from an iOS device.
Stephen, it's comments like that that make me glad I never upgraded. I love my Mac running Snow Leopard!
IF you know what you are doing OSX already runs on a PC.. OSX is just BSD linux with a few add ons and a nice front end..
computer screens are getting into the territory of the way things were in farenheit 451 where every wall was an interactive screen
They drop Computer from Apple Computer now Mac from Mac OS, soon Apple will be the company with no name. Minimalist to the very extreme. Saves lots of money in printing costs too.
I believe the reason is so they can sue anyone using OS or X.
+reine toutou That is because they are trendy, overpriced and overhyped purveyors of "electronics for dummies."
Its a no-name company anyways in my opinion... quite suiting actually ;P
This is a joke post yes? I mean wow Mike Elgan has been predicting Touch Screen Desktop PC's for SIX do you do it...i mean i hadn't even heard of the concept till just now. You amaze me
Well i think eventually there will be a return of the mac
Funny thing is, Mike, I was using a touch screen PC 5 years ago at work...but the truth is, I preferred using the mouse.
this should be the best thing that will ever happen to apple
Don't know why, because they are not ashamed !
A lot of people thought that this would happen. All you have to do is increase the hardware to the right size and then you can make bigger things.
oh mah gawd! seeing a desktop tablet that big makes me weep with so much joy. it's beautiful!
wait... is that real?!
Maxi H
Cool. I didn't know. This is why I love Google. So easy to learn things!
Look at all the Applefags pretending like Apple has new ideas.
It's an interesting idea, although I think at some point soon iOS and OSX are going to combine, and that may be for Apple TV.
I don't care what they call it, I don't want anything to do with it.
in any case that's pretty advanced ..........
Just saying.. you can already install Mac OS on desktop computers, I have a friend who called Apple customer support to know about the legislation around using Apple's OS on different platform, he was informed that as long as there is Apple's logo on the device, it has the right to run Apple's OS. (As long as you paid for it)
Most engaging...

but doesn't the Mac OS ALREADY run on things besides mac computer? Unless I'm mistaken, powerful enough PCs can use macs via virtual machines or even dual boot.
iOS is the mobile version of OS X, so it is already running on non Macintosh hardware and it has been doing so for some time now. No big revelation there.
This isn't your daddy's Mac. If anyone can remembers Mac's didn't run Microsoft Office for the longest time. No one likes having to use ungainly work processors. Apple also decried the use of Intel processors and foreign labor. All computers have become all computers have become disposable appliances. And yes my household includes Mac and PC.
I'm late to the discussin (269 comments) but I disagree. The reason they dropped "Mac" is because pretty soon they will literally drop the Mac and you won't be able to buy one any more. Or run Photoshop. Or write your own software. Or a host of other things that people do with computers. NeXT quit making computers. Apple will too. Wait for it.
Does anyone know where I can find the drafting table in the picture?
that's soo cool I can drale but not like that.
Apple hard up for publicity....boring. in other news, my dogs name is Skipper
Providing it runs better (quicker) than Lion, I don't care what they call it
I really hope not, i think its a bad move if its true.
Why would anyone buy OS X? You can do everything and more on Win 7.
Seem that Lion was just one big beta. It finally holds itself together now, and a new one is coming?

Rock solid. That's what I want from Apple now. I paid my money. Enough with the betas.
Apples policy of "my way or the highway" when it comes to workflow is the reason I stopped using Final Cut Pro in the first place. It's not just in there OS where they limit you, but in their proprietary software as well.
No thanks Apple.
No Thanks.
Your mentality and work ethic is counter productive.
Integration is definitely the way forward for Apple!
Because they realised there would never be a Microsoft OS X
There was another operating system known as OS X at one point. It may also be that they now have rights to use the term OS X. I remember some discussion about this when OS X was first being released.
looking at your post, I see there are already over 200 comments on this... surely someone has mentioned that the iOS is a slimmed down version of the same OS that runs on the Macs. So the iPhone and iPad already run OS-X... as does the AppleTV (even the 1st gen version) It would appear you're predicting something that's been true for years.
They dropped the name cause it is too long. It's like saying "iPhone iOS 6 Broccoli".
Who cares how much it will cost the end user... Linux is FREE.. wake up sheeple.
Also why did Apple change their emails to .me instead of .mac , now that is so uncool! I keep the
Why does everyone neglect the fact that apple OS is the same thing as Linux?
do you know how productive you can be with this?
For those wondering, the computer in the picture is a Microsoft Surface table computer ( Its almost 5 years old now but isn't marketed to the general market due to the price I think.
As for the whole dropping the name Mac from OSX, it might be do to Apple slowly trying to move away from OSX and only want to focus on iOS, aka slowly kill OSX. 70% of Apples money is made from iOS ( and basicly put, iOS is in a better position for Apple then OSX is for the futre. OSX still can't beat Windows due to the lack of programs (there and many, MANY more programs/games on Windows then OSX) so for many people Windows is the better choice. On iOS though, they have a large selection of programs and games which helps them for a better future in computers. Not to mention, OSX doesn't always keep generating more money after the initial sale, iOS does (30% per app, and whatever on going fee's). Apple loves this, regardless of what they say to the public since they made I think like 3-5 billion last year on iOS app sales, nothing to sneeze at and more then OSX made after initial sales. And with how locked down and App specific it is, it would be harder for people to leave iOS (instead of platform neutral things and sites).
Examples being people only know now to look up their mail from their eMail app and not the website or get their news from their Newpaper App instead of the companies website it suddenly makes change a LOT more harder to another OS that isn't close enough.
I can also see Apple trying to sell its locked down nature to companies as being better for them/less power for the customer. iOS is just the newest console on the market. Can only do what the hardware maker says it can do. And when the consumer has less power, the companies have more power and have no problems abusing it. We see it already with todays bigger consoles. Games and such only are what are 'approved' and money talks in that game. Also prices don't really go down since you can't shop around. And while it's cheap to make iOS games now, without OSX you can't make iOS games so its back to spending a fortune on a Developer Kit for a locked down hardware that costs way too much money.
You've been predicting touchscreen desktops for 6 years? Wow, your like nostradamus or something!! What else do you "predict"? warp speed capable star ships? :-P
Indeed after 6 years it seems more an eventuality than a prediction given that computers and fingers have gone together in various forms since the dawn of computing.
I just thought they dropped it because it runs on regular computers now too... Intel mobos anyone?
What ever the case if OS X is ported to non Apple hardware you can still bet your hard earned dollars that when it crashes for your average user the only option will be return to Apple store and pay huge amounts to fix it.
+Mike Buckhout-White seems like most people here have either forgotten that or didn't know it. Licensing it would go against what Steve was doing. Apple is all about setting an image of themselves. That's why the stores are set up the way they are. To make you feel like you're part of something special. Licensing osx would take away from that.
ive never tried using it so i dont know if i would like it.
OS X Mountain Lion, sounds silly.
Don HO
"I believe that the reason is that OS X will, sooner or later, run on hardware other than products called Macs, iMacs and MacBooks. "

And PC and any smartphone!
All you Apple haters crack me up... Look at Nasdaq lately? They only went from $70/share to $502.21 in the last 2 years... But they have no idea what they are doing! LOL...
Ever heard of Gorilla arm?! Physician warning: Sweeping your arm across a large surface area like desktops for a while in the name of touch control may numb your arm!
this is totally amaze! I have never seen this anywhere. Is it still being designed?? Or just not released yet
It already does ..with a few tweaks I can install it on most pc's today. When they switched to Intel based cpus the genie was out of the bottle.
Or it could be Apple trying to distance itself from its past. If apple releases a tv, it will likely run ios. Any future tablets will continue to run ios.
OMG, that screen looks awesome. I want one.
Kris Ward, having been in a position to maintain scores of Mac at one time I'd have to say that you were dead wrong on several points.

1. The screens may not have been blue, but every flavor of Mac has had it's own share hardware freezes which totally crashed the system. they just weren't blue. In Classic OS they were sad faces, in OS X they were several lines of unix error codes that decorated your now frozen machine. Anyone who tries to tell you that pre-Intel Macs did not have their own equivalent of BSOD's is either lying to you or in a deep state of denial.

2. The experience of Apple has always been primarily the software, backed up by tightly designed hardware. If an Intel box running OS X is just another "Windows" why do so many people go to the trouble of Hackintoshing it on their own?
Wow, what's this and how sensitive (precise), good in resolution is it? And I'm being crazy for wanting an Wacom.
hey bob, use the scroll bar at the top of whats hot to set it to show nothing
I was just looking for a way to do it when I read your post in What's hot on Google. Ironic...
I never know about "Mountain Lion" but I know it's gonna be a big hit! Coming out this summer (Anticipation)
+Justin Brown The headline mentions the iOS trademarks, not iOS itself. And the word "acquired" is not the same as "stole." True, Cisco's operating system was (is?) called IOS but I don't think it's at all similar to what runs the iPhone/iPad, etc. And Cisco did have a product called the iPhone but I think this was settled back in 2007.
+Glenn Reid r-i-i-i-g-h-t. Back to the clone days? I don't think so or a zombie Steve Jobs will return to eat whoever green lighted the idea.

+Kris Ward I don't miss Classic Mac OS but then unlike many OS X users, I have the Terminal open all the time and use it. A lot. OS 9 and it's forebears were great for their time but I don't see people settling for those limitations today.

And I'm not how "only" 3 OS updates since last summer means Lion has been abandoned. That's about one every 90 days: any more than that and it would look like the bad old days of Windows with weekly patches and service packs.
+Bob Brown You can, at least, remove "What's Hot" from your main stream. If you click on the "What's Hot", you get that slider at the top of the posts that lets you control how much a circle appears in your stream. Perhaps not what you wanted but it's a start.
I would love to run OS X on an iPad. Then I could read G+ on Chrome, and run Scrivener. This probably would require porting OS X to the A6, but Apple has already gone through that drill twice before: 680XX to PowerPC. PPC to Intel. OS X would also probably require a faster processor — just like the one rumored to reside in iPad 3.
+Eric Souza I think they're going to want Siri running in place, rather than on a remote server as it does on iPhone. The main cost of the Apple TV (and of an iMac and of an iPad, for that matter) is the screen. Of course, the TV will have a big, expensive screen anyway. The difference in hardware price between an iOS computer an a OS X computer would be very low.
A product like that table has been commercially available for nearly 5 years. Made by Microsoft Microsoft Surface: Business 2.0 Demo

The "touch-screen desktop PCs that [you]'ve been predicting for six years" are already out, but the one's I've seen run Windows 7 and touch isn't great on that.
Who cares? Apple sucks ANDROID 4 LIFE
Already suspected this myself when jobs told us all in one of his keynotes that the entire product development of OS X has been coded to support intel architecture in secret since before OS X was publicly released.
And since I've been running 10.7.3 on my new Wintel system since the latest update from apple. LOVE it on MY OWN CHOICE of hardware. If Apple is smart, they will engage with enthusiast users to help determine the future of their OS. We are already using it beyond the scope of support thanks to the OSX86 community. And it runs beautifully on my GTX 470, an option not available with Mac customization options.
i would have left the name mountain lion. even if i wasn't interested i would have looked to see what it was.
Suppose it can push Apple expanding the market to flood the super pad in whole world.
+Mike Elgan Actually Vizio
made a line of Mac-like
products at CES 2012, I can see
them licensing it from Apple...

can you speak spanish, Stephon Walker
Omg! Now what do we do if apple did that? How can i prepare? Should i stock up? Should i defer paying my taxes?
Sooooo obvious theory ... i think apple will be launching a new i__.
thats so cool..may I take it to my room..ahaha
MacOS will never, should never, run on anything other than Apple hardware. Doing so well open them up to all the incompatibility and updates and issues Windows has. And MS had been doing it for a lot longer. There were a lot of issues when Apple moved to the Intel architecture. Hello, the hardware is fine, it took Apple some time to optimize their software to run on it. If Apple moved to the open hardware model of Windows, it will open them up to a lot of issues with basically no real benefit, probably just tie up a lot of their resources.
Probably ditched the "Mac" because of all the thievery and corporate espionage that is going on. Mac takes a little piece from every tech giant t create their Apple Pie
o man dis is awsome!!..=)...
Magnificent job apple................impressed have the real acme of success .
vehliiiiiiii jnta pnge len nu..............
Lot of people are still saying Mac os X or os X, sure I'm running snow-leopard and I know the lastest os X is called Lion, but I just heard that a new os is coming to replace lion already, the os is said to be called mountain lion, it is also said it will include new feature such as iMessage, game center… the new os X Mountain Lion is said to be released during summer, this tells me that Lion had only 1 year before being replaced by a new os. Snow leopard is os x 10.6.x, lion is os x 10.7.x, so this tell me mountain lion is os x 10.8.x. This tell me it will go 10.8.x, 10.9.x, 11.0.x or 10.10.x… well Good Luck to all. I had already used Microsoft windows pc, Microsoft Xbox, Microsoft Xbox 360, apple Mac pc, apple idevices, and Linux as my Ar.Drone. But I also heard about some other os such as Ubuntu, Jolicloud (also an online cloud service, os accessible straight from browser or as main os)… Thank You!
Right, software shouldn't be hardware-dependent, especially when we only hv several chip providers.
+Mike Elgan , why would Apple want to run Siri locally on a TV when they already have significant investment in the infrastructure needed to run it remotely? Esp. if they want to keep extending Siri's natural language interpretation to more languages, more accents, etc. which all just lends itself to getting support from big datacenters? Given that a TV will likely have a more stable, higher bandwidth network connection than the average smartphone, it doesn't make any sense to abandon the remote approach.

Siri's not going to go offline. That's daft.
Zo Fryer - The OSX hackers are doing Gods work, but what is Apple's incentive to take this road? They are making mountains of cash, the share price needs an oxygen mask, they could buy small third world countries. I just don't see it.
+Eric Souza They don't. Half the time I run a Siri query, I'm told the request can't be processed because their servers are overloaded. There's no way TV watchers would tolerate that.
Mike, there's no way TV watchers are going to tolerate having to try telling the Siri the names of many tv shows and movies over and over again that are challenging for the current state-of-the-art in natural language recognition either. So, if we're going to employ this "what TV watchers will tolerate" logic, Siri wouldn't even be on the drawing boards.
I can't wait to play "Relapse" 2- player game on an i-phone : ) , The phone-App is being finished as I'm typing this,,,, A little later than planned, But Very exciting and soon ! , Learn how to play in minutes on you-tube..... Fun : )
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