Why Apple dropped the 'Mac' from OS X.

The latest version of Apple's desktop operating system, code-named "Mountain Lion," has a shorter name. Instead of "Mac OS X," the software is now called just "OS X."

Why did they drop the word "Mac"?

I believe that the reason is that OS X will, sooner or later, run on hardware other than products called Macs, iMacs and MacBooks.

When Apple first shipped the iPhone, that gadget ran an operating system called the iPhone OS. In preparation for the iPad, no doubt, Apple change the name to iOS because the software would run on hardware not branded with the word "iPhone."

The unceremonious dumping of the word "Mac" is being done for the same reason.

So what non-Mac hardware will OS X run on? Here's my prediction.

The first non-Mac to run OS X will probably be Apple's TV.

The next range of devices may be the touch-screen desktop PCs that I've been predicting for six years. One way to ease that jarring transition is to offer both old-and-busted Macs and at the same time, the new hotness: OS X desktop and laptops that don't use mice and don't need keyboards, which would be branded with something other than "Mac."






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