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Who else thinks 'Daylight saving time' is idiotic and pointless?

I think Daylight saving time is an obsolete, idiotic waste of time, energy and attention. What do you think?,0,4357567.story

Plus, Daylight saving time isn't good for your health:
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Actually, I think Standard Time is obsolete. Let's never go back once we've gotten onto Daylight Savings time.
It's quaint. We should keep it, along with other weird traditions.

It's also quite useful for those "up north" who like to enjoy an extra hour's sunlight in the winter.
Hate it in the spring; love it in the fall. Paint me fickle!

But yes, I agree with your premise.
I agree it's an outdated concept. Time to end it.
Big fan.
No point having light at 5am when I'm sleeping, then getting dark at 5pm before I go home.
Light in the evenings is when you need it.
We lie to ourselves about the time because it's easier than getting up an hour earlier.
I'd rather stick to Daylight Savings Time year round. I enjoy seeing sunlight when I get off of work!
In Hawaii, this is the one thing we're more advanced than the rest of the country in. No daylight savings!
In Cairo, we decided to stop it. Since last year, we no longer have daylight saving
Two weeks more and we in Finland get our share of this insanity...
I propose we change the Earth's 23˚ axis offset back to zero. Then we wouldn't need DST.
Some of the arguments in the article are idiotic:

"And who hasn't missed an important meeting or botched an appointment because they forgot to change one key clock -- such as the one on the car dashboard?"

Who uses their car dashboard clock to wake up?
Or to check if it's time to get ready?
By the time you're in the car you're already on the way to work!
Maybe it's Daylight Losing Time (Nov.-Feb., only 1/3 of the year vs. 2/3) that should be eliminated. :)
I'm actually looking forward to the DST, lately I've been waking up very late and I miss the sun :)
It adds an enormous amount of work for very little gain.
Maybe it's my location (Melbourne, AU), but I love the extra sunlight.
When the days get longer I love to have the benefit in the evenings rather than in the morning when I am still sleeping. And when the days get shorter I want the kids walk to school at some daylight. So the bottom line is: it is good as it is.
As a child, I loved going out in the summer and playing after dinner. Love daylight savings time!
When told the reason for Daylight Saving time the old Indian said, “Only a white man would believe that you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket and sew it to the bottom of a blanket and have a longer blanket.” – Author Unknown
I agree, but mainly because it's stupid. I don't buy the health "issues."

We should adopt GMT, worldwide, all the time.
What I think is ridiculous is the choice to ignore the rhythms of nature, light, the rotations of the Earth. Personally, I love sunlight. I love it being light for longer at night. But if it's just an excuse to put in longer working hours and to ignore the rest of life, which is what I think happens, the point has been wasted...
I think there's a growing moment to boycott and therefore you might have to miss some meetings that you probably didn't want to attend anyway!
Let's just split the difference, move the time 30 minutes and call it done.
I've lived without daylight savings time in Arizona very happily. It's a big change living on the East Coast now and having to adjust my internal clock twice a year.
It's an outdated concept that modern technology had overcome the need for.
Maybe if we weren't so locked into what the clock says all the time, we wouldn't have this issue. There seems to be a drive to push everyone onto the same schedules, regardless of circumstances.
So, we can discuss it here but nothing will happen. How would we actually push for this change?
Everyone should adopt a single time standard, worldwide. It doesn't have to be GMT, but that's around and familiar, so why not?

Then leave it up to local people to schedule their activities around the local apparent solar time as they wish. They could adapt their activities to the longer days of summer and the shorter days of winter as they please. But at least when we speak of "the time", we'd all be on the same page.
I'm fine with that extra hour of sleep in the fall, but the spring time change is an abomination. Particularly today. And even more so tomorrow, when I have to get up and go to work...
I'm a former geography teacher and I lean in favor of DST. Among my reasoning is that it does reflect the changing location of the sun's direct rays as opposed to a more arbitrary, fixed time.

I would also add that the issue of DST's value be measured by the net energy savings to a state. While many of the industries that clearly benefited from DST in the past are shrinking in number, I haven't seen a good argument that the majority of Americans are employed in such modern work that time is irrelevant.

Finally, I dismiss out of had the many complaints of how difficult it is to do the simply math involved with adding or subtracting the number 1. If international business interests are unable to function rather seamlessly with this problem, then they have much greater, systematic hurdles to overcome.

It's one hour. Do the math.
I completely 100% agree. I grew up in Arizona where we didn't bother with that nonsense, and now that we've moved away, I haven't noticed any benefits. We're a 24-hour society now, we don't need to rely on something that was only of limited usefulness when all we had were candles.
It IS obsolete and random!
Yeah, I agree the whole thing is stupid. You need more daylight to work or something, getcha ass up earlier.
Pfft. DST lets me play golf after work. :-)
i missed my flight 2 times because of DST , damn you George hudson i want my money back
I wake up when the sky starts getting light, regardless of what the clock says. But now my "backup" alarm clock (for the rare occasions when I manage to continue sleeping) goes off while it's still almost completely dark here in the mountains. Ugh.
Actually it is supposed to save time and energy and attention, so...
We're a 24 hour society. We no longer need the time change. Pick one stay with it.
Personally i get tired of so much light in my country,Greece,mainly during Summer Time.Must say im feeling better at nights
Why don't we ask the farmers? They're the ones it was created for in the first place. City people never were the ones it was created to benefit, so talking about what it does or doesn't do for urban dwellers with massive technology is irrelevant. How about looking to the people the change was originally intended to benefit, and see if it actually benefiting them -- and if it isn't anymore, THEN talk about doing away with it?
Liz C
Mike don't get me started. DST does no one good and many people harm. It's so wrong!
And here i thought that my kids let me sleep in until 7:30. Thanks for bursting my bubble!

And on a side note, if you haven't checked out cgpgray's other videos, do so! They are all just as equally informative and entertaining!
Eric Z
DST was not created for the farmers. They have to get up with the sun no matter what time it is. DST is a big inconvenience to farmers. The benefit was to city folk, who would save money on candles because they would have an additional hour of sunlight in the evening, when they wanted it, and one less hour in the morning, which they were sleeping through.
Well no one has died of daylight savings time, so I'm cool with it.
I'd hate to lose the extra hour I get in Autumn
You have no idea how great it feels to sleep an hour more before school ;D
useless question but it always draws a lot of attention worldwide twice a year.
+Gwen Patton My cows don't know when the time change is. So they show up when they want. My fields don't move so it doesn't matter. Now the job i have to do to pay the bills changes and make it harder for me to do the work at home. How many Farmers (people who only farm) are really out there now.
Me...for anyone who has kids this is a moment of is silly
Anyone own a congressman that we can borrow to stop DST ?
Eric Z
Let's speak "manager speak" for a bit...
There is NO "added value" in DST, none whatsoever.
It is a perfect example of government gone bad.
Misguided idealism coupled with power intoxicated politicians.
Now, for reasons of saving face, or other nebulous reasons, no politician will touch the problem.
Which is surprising because OUT OF RUSSIA comes the solution!
Last year the Russian government (Putin?Medvedev?) said "enough of this BS!" - and they put their clocks on summertime - forever!
That's it - choose a time and stick with it dammit - problem solved!
Also there is tremendous "added value" to doing this.
As mentioned in the video above - there are huge savings in many industries if we DON'T f*ck with the clocks twice a year!
And the list goes on need for expensive solutions at airports and train stations who have to cope with this crap either.
It's time for a brave leader to take this up and make a difference.
I say may Daylight Saving Time the year-round standard. It's a boon to Little League baseball coaches for practice. It would also help with football practices in the fall. Most of the parks in my town have no lighting.
I have to agree. Daylight savings doesn't seem to provide any benefits. It just makes it harder to deal with my international partners. I'll even go a step further and say that we should be on UTC/GMT world wide, no time zones.
I do. Can't stand it. Never have liked it. Ptooey!
I dont get th epoint of daylight savings what are we suppoesed to do save daylight or somehting which is imposible
I agree! What is the reason for it? Maybe "because we've always done it that way"??!!! What is the point anyway!???
how about this - drop daylight savings
If you really like it, convince everyone in your town to go to work from 7-4
Isn't the point of daylight savings time to allow for more actual DAYLIGHT during waking hours? I don't see the problem with it personally. I like having more daylight to do things outside without getting up at 4 AM to enjoy it.
Just another way the "green" scam has messed with us. Stuff like this will happen until people get over the man-mad global warming crap. Until then, it will never change. It has (and will continue to) cost us immeasurably.
I agree it's a pointless thing.
Day light savings one messes me up Sooo badly so yes. It it pointless. 
+Karen Lange Historically, DST was for bug collection, golfing, and eventually for conservation. None of these justifications [or any others, in my view] outweigh the massive drawbacks. DST should be ceased ASAP. Conservation is of massive import, but DST probably doesn't accomplish it [and if it does, the effect is extremely minimal], and does incredible harm besides.
Yay it's dark again when I get up in the morning!

How else would I remember to change the battery in my smoke alarm!
Occupy the time and make a big deal out of it! Freedom of time! Lol...

When I read that We are a 24 h society I wonder who is the We and why do the We think they are we. Most people continue to live on hours that need synchronizing with their communities. 
hmmm....I forgot about Arizona - so this is a States Rights issue - would love to see a local state candidate campaign on this issue...
There is a postive econimc side of DST that allows for retailers like garden centers and other agricultural and hoticultural businesses who do not have standard store formats to be able to operated longer hours. From a economic (and personally), I too am in favor of DST year around.
DTS was recently removed in Russia, but some people want it back.
Seems I'll get problems with sleeping again :'(
Thanks +Mike Elgan. DST - such a simple thing thats grown entirely past its use. Something along the lines of a government control measure comes to mind, but its too early in the morning here for me to put those particular words down coherently ;)
I think the entire world should be the same time. midnight GMT next 'standard' time shift. The whole world should be 12am, then everybody just adjust to that.
Wow, what was the whole point of this post ... I've never seen so many misguided opinions in my life. Whatever happened to doing research and understanding cause and effect?
More important problems to fight....
That's one reason I like living in Saskatchewan. Our time doesn't change. What are they thinking anyway? We already have more hours of daylight in the summertime. And if doctors want to go golfing for an hour, let them get up an hour earlier.
Well and the whole thing depends on where you are (relative to the equator). up here in Minnesota, we like being able to see the light of day... yes, its not great for your body at first, but neither is waking up in the dark, because your body doesn't even know it's morning.
Eric Z
Day light savings time
Gobal Warming/Climate change/CARBON CREDITS

What do they have in common?
They are all political agendas which we follow- AND WE DON'T KNOW WHY!
The supporting arguments are shakey - AT BEST, where as the non-supporting arguments make much more sense or are rooted in facts instead of opinions.
The bottom line can be summed up great in “manager speak” :
There is actually a name for this kind of CRAP, they are called “wicked problems”.
(see wicked problems in wiki)
Whenever we are faced with a “wicked problem” it is even more important that we stick to common sense or use “added value” as our measuring stick.
In which case the 3 problems above are neither problems nor wicked anymore -
they are non-existent for people which use common sense!
I will spell it out for our more philosophical friends-
Where there is an unknown problem - which only exists in the minds of some politicians - =wicked problem = DON’T DO IT!
Agreed, in the words of an old Indian Chief "only the government would think you can cut a foot off the top of a blanket sew back on the bottom and have a longer blanket"...
When you live in the north and wake up to darkness and drive home from work in darkness you will take any day light you can get.
Well, I think this is related to the Western, capitalistic, materialistic world we are living in. What can you do?
This is to maximize the time used under sunlight and minimize usage of artificial light, energy. That is all it is... if it is used incorrectly or inefficiency in some places... what to do? can you fix those? You can but it might be very hard...
I beleive close to equator there is no need for those... there, the length of day is quite constant, during the year.
Keep the time after u spring ahead so it stays lighter out later!
Can you please send me some funny videos
what the heck is that supposed to mean
is it not to help the farmers and school kids?
I wish the time could be split 30 min, spring forward 30min and never worry about it again. No more DST.
Then you can stop burning your candle at both ends. <:-)
When told the reason for daylight savings time the Old Indian said, "Only the government would believe that you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket, sew it to the bottom, and have a longer blanket."
I'd prefer to stay of DST year round. Make it "Standard" so that there is more daylight during the winter afternoons.
Eric Z
I'm with you guys - pick a time and stick to it.
If Russia could then we certainly can too right? And we don't have to worry about being called communists because it's really not political.
Especially if we just use the "added value" argument.
Absolutely loathe DST. And the emotional trauma one experiences from the nuisance of change twice per year can take a costly toll, let alone heart attacks and suicides!
It's finally light when.img leave for work, then suddenly it is dark again. And the days are getting longer anyway! There is no point.
Trying to catch up with the Russians again, I see. They went forward last spring and have stayed there ever since. (Permanent Daylight Savings Time). Some of the same arguments too.
Eric Z
Hahaha- yup! They got sputnik up first and now they're the first to get rid of the BS known as DST!
It forces me to read my car manual twice a year to decode the steps necessary to update radio display ... YAY!
Eliminate DST - I won't miss it.
It's the other way around, not having DST is stupid. Way better to have an extra hour of light in the evening that early in the morning.

Also, to be correct, it's not DST that is unhealthy, it's the change from/to that is unhealthy. So we should just make DST permanent and all problems are gone.
DST has no place in our modern context in my opinion. It is bothersome and ananchonistic.
I always get the feeling that this is like redefining PI as 3. At noon the sun is the highest in the sky I.e. standard time. If you need the daylight for some reason in the summertime just get up early or open your business early.
It is obsolete. Idiotic is too harsh.
Very nice YouTube explanation about daylight saving and agree 100% with you that it is obsolete and it should be abandoned.
Actually I used to like it (now I live close to the equator, where we don't have it) for the simple reason: you had more daylight after work. Good for socializing around the barbecue when the standing order was "You have to be home by nightfall"'s never really affected me. I do like the days suddenly getting longer in the spring though!
Actually, I just wrote a piece on this from a Christian perspective that was published last night:


Bronwyn Turnbull
Durban, South Africa
I just changed it recently because I can't do it at 2 in the morning(You know what I mean.I sleep at 11:29 last night.)
Seems like a lot of time and energy was wasted on researching and posting this
Doesn't bother me. Live by light or dark, just live.
..but the days aren't getting longer because you reset your clock. They're getting longer in the Northern Hemisphere because the Earth is leaning the North Pole towards the sun. Folks in the Southern Hemisphere are heading into shorter days now. The bottom line is, you want "longer" days, get up earlier if you like. The total day length will always be 24 hours no matter where on Earth we are.
You're only upset because you had to get up an hour earlier today...
Mik M
I feel the same about Twitter tbh ;)
Its useless. I get up when its dark and go to bed when its dark. all it does is move time and require me to change my clocks ( Electric, windup and biological) it doesn't make a day any longer or give me more daylight.
completely agree that it is pointless in today's society with global interaction making it even more difficult to remember who is on what time when the time changes, someone needs to push legislation to end it, or we all move to hawaii, hmmmm
Eric Z
It's profoundly "temporal" isn't it?
My brother used to set his clock 10 minutes in advance so he would get to meetings early- or just on time.
Guess what, after a couple of weeks, his subconscious adjusted to it and he started being late again!
My point is - there's absolutely NO REASON whatsoever for this self deception or better said "mind f*ck" to be mandated and have a whole nation of people screw around with the clock twice a year!
Again where is the added value in that?
I live in Saskatchewan, and we don't do DST here. I think it's stupid.
+Mike Elgan As the saying goes "you can't cut off one end ,sew it to the other and make it longer".... and the savings are very minimal
If you don't put it forward you end up sending your kids to school in the was tried back in the sixties in the UK and was a disaster
No daylight savings time here in Arizona. We are no worse for ware.
i hate daylight savings. thats not fair for arizona.
Its pretty dumb really especially since where the only country that does it.
Me. I think its ridiculous. I loved living in AZ just because I didn't have to mess with my clock twice a year. That and the obscene number of sunny days.
like who needs their grey matter
boiled for an extra hour down in Az.
Why is having an extra hour of daylight to enjoy in the Summer a bad idea?
It's outlived its usefulness. 
To me theres no Dang point. It's a waste of time. Dang just stay on one hour(hour behind would be my vote) thn be happy with it
I helps ppl up north and it helps farmers so it is rly useful to some ppl
It's not an extra hour of day light, it is simply shifted. If people would wake up in the morning, or not work all day, they could still enjoy the same amount of day light. But most people work during a majority of day light hours, so, by shifting the clock by 1 hour they can "enjoy an extra hour of daylight" at the end of the day, after their work day ends.
This is not a black and white arguement. Some countries need it, others could do away with it (i.e. those closer to the equator). It's also tradition. I have no problem with adjusting to a 1 hour shift in the day. International travel does a lot more to mess up our biological clock. Doesnt mean we should stop travelling.
I think it sucks to but they have made a new calander to get rid of it
China is a country the size of the US, and has a single time zone and NO DST.. It has not seemed to hurt their economy...
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Read this yesterday. Only the government thinks it can cut one end of a blanket and sew it on the other end and say you now have a bigger blanket.
How does it take any energy or time? I guess a bit of attention. But a huge majority of people like having more daylight hours in the evening in warm weather.
I already put my clock back, looks a lot better. 
i dont get it. just keep the same time! is that so hard?
Agreed; an old idea that's lost its value as we moved into industrialization.
Daylight saving is just shifting an hour from the fresh start of the day to the tired fag end of the day.
Put an end to the stupidity - stop daylight savings time!
I think even time zones can fade without too many problems. People have different languages, they can have different noons and midnights as well, no?
Bruce, youre an idiot. Its called base-10. Not "deci-world". And the need for leap year is based in the planets rotation around the sun. Otherwise Christmas would be in the summertime.
Absolutely. It never made any sense to me.

I think we should start a petition to abolish it.
C Oh
I dislike it. I live in Scotland and it pisses me off that it's made worse for us to better for those in London etc.
I like Daylight Saving Time. In the summer, I don't want to see sunrise at 4am, but I do want to play golf until 10pm. DST helps both those issues.
I do. It destroys my body clock rhythm.
M att
Agreed - the idea for it is long since lost. We should adjust to nature and not the other way around.
it proves that time is a mere human concept we think we have control of
I prefer DST as the extra light at the end of the day is worth it.
i think the whole thing is so dumb...... i mean really? why do we have to go through all this confusion?
I think we should definitely quit doing day light savings time BUT we need to stay on the summer time so it stays light outside longer in the winter AND summer.
I don't really care whether DST is used or not - what I do care about is gratuitously moving the dates around as congress did for the US in the waning days of the Bush administration - ostensibly to save fuel costs, but costing far more in computer system changes than was saved. And now the DST change is too early in March, and three weeks out of step with Europe.

Very annoying.
I thoroughly enjoy it here in Nunavut. Although in summer it doesn't really matter as get get 23 hours daylight. But at this time of year I enjoy it
I think we don't need it. I am one of those people who take a week to adjust - I know it's only an hour, but it's like the worst jet lag I've ever experienced.
DST is awesome, all year around please! +Mike Elgan you are hating on the wrong time.
The initial idea was admirable. Make it lighter @ quitting time so our ladies won't have to walk to their cars in the dark. Of course then we had the brilliant idea to install parking lot lighting which eliminated the need for daylight savings but it still haunts us! It is idiotic and unnessary. Trouble now is what congressman wants to expend the energy to have that on their resume; "Congressman noted for successfully eliminating daylight savings"...on second thought, that might not be too bad!
Arizona was on to something when they refused.
I like an extra hour of daylight after work. I want that all the time, not just in the summer.
I soo agree I lost an hour of sleep arghhhh
Well I hate to disagree with alot you Professors of history out there talking about candles.And golf My pop was in the war And told. Me that DLS was started so back when they were making wepons for fiting they thouht it was a nessesary to get A hour extra in to get more work there goes all the winers who are saying they miss out And wateva else.. ruins our just a luxsury we now have. Who could eva take bak those childhood memorys of playing that bit longer.. b4 sittin bak indoorslooking out at the rainn
I agree I mean whts the point ...:-)
I'm leary of government controlled time travel. What if I run into my future self and screw up the space time continuum.
I just think, now I get to feel like a neglectful father again when I leave work at 6 and it's already dark outside.
Yer yer my spelling is crap but I'm notsaying I'm a professor or usingbig words to sound above others.I hated tewthers like that. Android nnoyed the hell outta more dls I say
Its my understanding this was done for farmers, we have far more NON farmers. Just leave the clocks alone!
I am all for being on DST all-year-round, and would rather the businesses and schools start an hour later during the winter months - to avoid waiting for the bus in the dark. Just my 2¢...
The real problem is a business fixation on 9AM to 5PM work day. This drives the school day for children.

I start my commute at 05:30 AM and work from 06:30 to 2:30 or 3PM (7.5 hour workday). This schedule works perfectly with standard time. But most people are not morning people...
TIL some people can't add or subtract 1
In places that get a significant winter, DST makes sense. We need it. In the winter, it means we can travel to work without driving in the snow and dark. In the summer, it means we can enjoy an extra hour of sunlight. Although there are some accidents due to the sleep deprivation at switchover, there would be more accidents from morning driving in the dark and in poor winter weather. The light in the morning also makes me sleep in less.
I always thought it was so kids wouldn't be at bus stops in the dark.
Yes I think daylight savings is stupid ..whts the point of it to confuse us ..
Well if you think its stupid then move to a place that doesnt do DST like arizona.
+Warren Malmberg Which they are anyway because of the obtuse schedules public schools use nowadays.

Re DST, I'm just angry because I forgot it was time to spring forward and now it's 11:30 AM and I'm still in my pajamas eating breakfast.
Lol bustops nar I swear it was for making warfare. Its just an ozzy thing . Not no government controling agenda. Well not now. Now they can't b f*** changing it... simple.
It isn't just stupid in Hawaii and Arizona, +Doug Klemann. It's stupid in Indiana and Illinois (and it is stupid that Indiana is mostly Eastern not Central, but that's a separate argument.)
Russia eliminated 2 Time zones, from 11 to 9, and has permanently set its clock to DST.

I prefer not to change the clock back/forward. I like the seasons with all they give. But in the end, it's not that big of a deal.

If your kids were walking to school in pitch darkness, you might think differently. DST is for the people in the North. The rest of you,are just being considerate to the fact that the planet isn't your shape, everywhere, so to speak.
Love DST...being in a northern midwest state, having more sun later in the day is great.
I Prefer DST. Wish we would just stay with it and not switch back to standard.
A Ramey
It is wonderful for all those who have outdoor activities on weekdays. Soccer practice is ruled by when the sun goews down.
I have to admit that i have no preference either way :)
yes lets fuck off daylight saving
Renee G
Thats why another reason I love AZ....we dont fall behind or spring ahead....remain status quo <3
Daylight saving time is nonsense. Communications, flight timetable, work hours are affected. Human biological clock slightly affected too.
I'm trying to figure out how to tell my 19 month old that his bedtime will be here early tonight...
I agree that the changing of time is obsolete, pointless, and stupid; however, as a lot of others here I think we should settle on daylight savings time rather than standard time. Having an extra hour of daylight at the end of the day is a lot more useful especially in winter when days are short already.
You go on about DST not being good for your health but the twice a year body clock change has nothing on working shifts. Those of you who don't work shifts shouldn't moan about having to reset your body clock twice a year when some of us have to do it weekly if not more.

But yes I am for crapping DST. I think here in the UK we should be on GMT/UTC all the time. Not overly happy with David Cameron wanting to actually keep DST but move us forward an hour so even in winter we will be GMT+1 and GMT+2 in summer which is damn stupid when you think that means Greenwich will never be on Greenwich Mean Time :|
I really enjoy the time change in the Spring. It's a sure sign Summer is on its way.
I think it makes sense... Did you know the first person to suggest daylight savings time was Ben Franklin? However daylight saving didn't start until during world war 1.
I think it's a good thing an extra hours sleep when it needed and then up an hour early when you don't need it. The people who.are against it want to get up early all year round, this is madness.
Even though it will be light at 3:00am in June in Boston if Daylight Savings Time is no longer observed, I think it would be great if it was eliminated. There are now so many applications that are time-based that get screwed up when the time changes, it's not good for overall productivity either. And I sincerely doubt that the last time the daylight savings time was changed, that it actually saved energy consumption.
Let's do GMT for everyone, and as most of our time pieces are location aware, also use +/- sunrise and sunset, noon and midnight. Thus no coordination problems with people in distant cities, you can automatically have your run always be at dawn, etc. Also, no more leap seconds. Astronomers are going to need an offset in any event, why make life hard for the rest of us.
Yes, agreed -- how many of us have anything to do with "farming" and depend on day light to have things done? Very few to none! When was the last time your work depended on outside being day light? Never :-) So if those are true, what is the point of daylight savings time???? It is obsolete notion for sure!
In this day and age of technology the need to change the time in any direction does not make sense. If it is needed, why are we the "US" the only ones who use it and furthermore not every state follows the change. So why do we still need to do this every year? It couldn't be the money now could it?
I hate this daylight Saving thing! 
<yaaaaawwwwwwnnnn> OMG! It's WHAT TIME?? NO EFFIN WAY! Why do they always change the clocks at the worst possible TIME?? :-)))
Take it to the next level, make time zones obsolete. Use GMT the world over.
I think it takes me only 20" to set forward the wall clock. That's it.
I agree... but lets change this process after we fall back an hour :-P
Uh. It actually saves billions of dollars in energy every year. I think this post was a waste of energy and resources. Of course, that just my opinion
i think its just a waste of sleep
I'm confused, surely in Arizona they will still have to use the same amount of air conditioning if there is DST or not?
It easier to change the clock than change individual work schedules in northern latitudes. Depending on your profession and where you live it may make little difference, for people in the southern United States it's of little benefit but for those in the northern states and southern Canada who work outside for example it's still has benefits. Unless your one of the lazy people that don't start work till 9am like politicians and Lawyers. And waste time complaining having to go to all that work changing the time twice a year. As for setting clocks most usefil clocks reset themselves these days to the correct time once you pick your time zone at least. 
Time to make it permanate! Getting off of work and still having some sun light is precious.
Come to Kenosha, and tell me the world doesn't rise and shine according to the day like a toddler's bedtime... Boring. And who cares about LED bulbs? We have huge TVs and power supplies in our computers. Besides, when we have a clock rollback party, I want that extra hour of drinking you prick lol.
Absolutely! A total waste of time and energy. I want it made permanent!!
Why can't we "spring forward" around noon on a Wednesday?
Can't we change working hours in summer?? Say, 8 to 16:30 instead of 9 to 17:30????
What about the extra Vitamin D we get as a result of longer daylight?
DST is a completely unnecessary and useless practice....for people who spend all day inside anyways staring at their computer screens!
I do. What exactly is the point? I don't think we need longer days to harvest the crops any more, do we?
Just leave it on Standard Time. Springing forward requires more air conditioning because it shifts the workday into the peak heat part of the day.
I saw this video last DST and found it humorous with the use of memes and informative. Had to watch again! Also, his other videos are just as good in regards to voting and continents. We could probably do without DST after setting this video
I love it, I"m a night owl, not an early riser, so not having it get dark earlier is awesome. My kids love it too, since there is more light outside to play after dinner.
You'd think that archaic ways of thinking like this would have been dropped years ago. Down with DST. I enjoy my standard time.
Lets not forget evil of adding another day to the week and the addtion of another month also ,They're trying figquer out the names and add a holiday ... I'm just kidding about it ,not to throw off the post .
it works to keep the clock on the correct time
I don't have exact times of sunrise and sunset throughout the year, as I haven't kept records, however, I have noticed that aside from the first month or so after the time changes that it seems to adjust to fairly similar points. Besides, if a mere hour makes that big of a difference (esp when you get the hour back in the next time change) maybe you should be checked to be sure you don't have a sleep disorder. I don't change my clocks, because I use my phone and it changes automatically. Also I have never been late or missed any meeting or appointment - nor anything else as a result of my laziness/forgetfulness at time changes. I see that may be an unpopular statement, and everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I respect that. But with today's technology and the reminders on tv, radio, work, and everywhere else I feel that it should not be a big deal.
Ur So True, Daylight Saving Time Is Point less
What's more expensive correcting all the time calculations for DST or adding signage for "winter hours" where necessary? Hard to say but one time mode for the whole year sounds good to me.
It's tradition, doesn't matter one way or the other. It just gives everyone something else to bitch about....
Clearly Mike does not work 9-5. Those of us who do, enjoy the extra day light hours during the summer so when we return home at night from work we actually have an extra hour of day light.
... There is so much more to change in our world than clocks, join me, pick something.
Get rid of it. Arizona can manage without it.
That's probably why there don't do daylight savings time in Arizona.
doesn't make much difference if you never sleep.
I do. I posted last night that I am officially against it. I think it is a stupid policy and the "science" behind it is flawed. Because we are the US when we mess with the clocks it causes the whole world to adjust. Think about flights and wall street opening and banks.. It is ridiculous!
Actually +Joel Dove it's not such a stupid comment - either crops (veg etc) are grown in lit polytunnels or tractors are harvesting with huge lamps so it doesn't matter what time the clocks say. Speaking as someone who used to live beside a pea field that was harvested all night long.
What do I think? I think that anyone who cannot see the obvious advantages of Daylight Saving Time is a sap and a moron.

I propose the whole U.S.A. go on Double Daylight Saving Time... year 'round. And, have just two time zones: one zone for the East Coast and Midwest, and the other for the West Coast, Mountain States, and Alaska.
I never thought about Daylight Saving Time before, but now I'm just annoyed there's ONE MORE inefficient thing we continue to do.
I propose that we can daylight savings time and time zones, and just have a world 24 hour clock. Bam, no time zone conversions, no confusion. So what if the day begins at 02:00 in one place or 18:43 in another? We'd each get used to it.
Much like Unions, once upon a time this served a valid purpose. And much like Unions, it no longer does. Shit can this crap.
Have a baby and then realize how much DST sucks when their schedule is all an hour off.
I wonder how many billions of dollars this daylight savings madness costs every year? For the software industry, banking, telco's and a whole bunch others it is like the 'millenium bug' every year. An utter waste.
Sorry - I absolutely LOVE DST and think it's stupid to go off. I love being able to enjoy evenings outside.
in this day and age, it is kind of pointless ...
It's all about business, when u live in Touristic place like miami or the caribbean this single hour means millions in 1 season, at 8 o'clock PM u still have daylight
+Mike Elgan How about splitting the difference? Just go to the half hour mark between the two and stick with that all year?
If I have to pick 1 I want Daylight Savings and forget Standard time, I want the daylight after work not before. My office is not going to change my hours. Spring sports benefit too, not every field has lights.
An old Indian chief said white man crazy they think if you cut 1 ft off the top of the blanket and sew it back on the bottom u got more than they started with
Wow, I didn't realize just how stupid some people really are until I read these comments!
I've come to the realization that I'll only live either in Arizona or Hawaii just so I won't have to abide by DST.
leave the clocks where they are right now changing time is F ing stupid.
I'm definitely anti-daylight's a hassle and the rest of the world seems to get along just fine without it.
Mar g
Well I hate losing that hour of sleep. I think that probably has something to do with the fact I now have the FLU!!
I'm blonde so when the time changes i get completely lost and confused about the time i wish daylight savings did not exist.
Hey Mum
I hate daylight savings time... I was late to Church this morning cuz of it.
Its not that big of deal...change your clocks. Your not that important.
For those using the 24 hour clock I would never abide by that crap. 24 hundred hours is much longer than a day, therefore making anyone using fourteen hundred hours or whatever number is supposed to represent the time using that clock sound totally ignorant, just my opinion.
i hate dls so annoying espcially 4 skol
Cant wait to get to heaven, No sense of time
Timezones are obsolete and a waste of time now too. Just use utc.
Marly - flu has a two day incubation period. Of course you got flu, a virus, not by being exposed to it, but because of a totally irrelevant occurrence. I'm sure that if you go to a doctor they will confirm this, just before laughing with their colleagues at such a ridiculous idea lol
if that diddent happen it would be summer in december true fact
"Daylight saving time is an obsolete, idiotic waste of time, energy and attention" exactly! I have been saying that for years and people used to laugh at me. Some folks do defend it with everything they've got.
LoL, this was great. I do love the benefits of dst for fishing.
I like clocks going back.moreso monday morn when u have to get up for work...
it's nothing more than an annoyance!!!!. The same people who "like" daylight savings time, are those who have no job and dont wake up un till noon when the light is always the same anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
It is stupid. After the whole Septentrional part of the world agreed in utilizing the Daylight saving time, it happens that America is one more time, leading the way. The rest of the countries will change their time until April 1st.
raises hand Can I have a day that makes sense? I like it to be light outside when I go outside. I couldn't care less about the actual time.
Letting people to freely adjust their daily routine, let it be earlier or later, would be a lot better way than forcing everyone to pack into the peak time trains one hour early.
I solve the issue with daylight savings time. I just got two clocks that are one hour apart.and cover one.
Well time is just a concept, and our artificial way of rigid time keeping (eg start work at 8AM finish at 5PM) does not sit well with the planet's natural daylight time

So unless all businesses keep altering their hours to fit into daylight time - which would be totally impractical, then it is us who must alter our 'day' around business
Frankly if wouldn't bother me if everyone changed at the same time.
I live in the land of all day light in summer and almost all day dark in winter and I can tell you that I would rather keep the savings time so the kids don't have to walk to school in the dark
I don't like sun in my eyes at 5am, and I love those warm summer nights when it's light, later. Perfect for me.
it idiotic also for IT people ! i should check the MS DST fixes again and run them for enterprise ... damn !
An Indiana study showed that we now consume MORE energy during DST so we should eliminate it.
+Timothy Johnson, I'm not challenging you on this, but I've not found the Indiana study to which you've referred. Do you happen to remember which organization was involved? Thanks.
So talk to your state legislators and have them repeal it. This is a state issue, so should be fairly easy to get done.
Only a white man could believe that you could cut off a foot at the top of a blanket, sew it to the bottom, and have a longer blanket.
Me too. It is no longer the 30's, there is no reason for it.
never liked this DST, probably never will;
besides, if it's THAT significant, why not require all watch/clock makers (while we're at it, add all auto makers too) to have this function AUTOMATICALLY built-in? hint: PCs, MultiMedia Players, etc.
Let's stay on this time and not go back in the fall. I like it so much more when its lighter for longer in the evening.
Too bad just do it it's not like your gonna change it buddy!
i agree ilene i prefer warm weather longer days over any other season. I hope this upcoming warm weather brings you much sucess in your life. Bryan
It is true that the closer to the equator you are the less appealing daylight saving is, however, the biggest single advantage of daylight saving is in the health of the population through access to better exercise. Let us not forget the obesity epidemic.
What an idiotic waste of time to debate thid.
How about GMT (Zulu 2400) and we just work out local norms?
I agree, it is hard on everyone and makes no real sense what so ever
I forgive daylight savings for being stupid, because it helped me get Radiohead tickets.
What's so bad about it? It's not like it's time consuming to worry about this. NO ONE should ever have the excuse for missing something because of daylight saving in modern times. So many clocks and electronics change automatically. And if silly things like bothers you, then your life is pretty sweet.
Torn between the two right down the middle. Have mixed feelings on both Daylight saving time and Standard time.
Arizona and Hawaii have the right idea -- no DST.
It is a pain in the butt and serves no purpose. Why can't we just stay on standard time.
I agree that Daylight Savings Time is ech ech ech, but I just wish it would stay put! Going back to regular time causes a problem for us bicyclists, who have trouble with it being dark when we ride home.
Yes, I agree with You, Its only waste of time.
All reasons sound like rationalizing from cognitive dissonance
Minecraft is on the computer at 2:44 :)
Depends where you live. Very important southern part of australia. Daylight would be at 4:30am in summer and no time to enjoy after work.
Yeah, It has been proven that it just uses more energey.
Why do people need to get up so early when the sunsets at 9.PM?
Make it illegal, I say. In Southern Austratia, go to work at 5:00. It's ignored in rural areas (the Coe still needs to be milked) and it doesn't make any difference in urban areas.

Jenny A
Lived in Japan for 4 years and didn't miss the switching of the clocks at all. Now that I'm back in the states, I let my computers update themselves and then I'll change my watch. Since I don't have to be anywhere on Sunday, it doesn't matter to me.
How about all those who like it, just get up an hour earlier and stop disturbing everyone elses sleep patterns.
I would prefer the daylight saving during all year! I don't like when it's dark at 5.30pm:/ it's horrible!
Around the summer solstice the sun would be coming up at 4:31AM for me. I really really don't like that.
Well, I must say that I like the idea of coming home at 6pm and there is still enough sun for you to actually do stuff, but that's about it.
I think we should turn them ahead at 11 am on Friday so I can leave work sooner.
I think it is time to stop changing the clocks. Like tonight it got dark at 6.15 - 6.30, in normal time that would be 7.15, an hour's more light.
That's the whole point!!!!
It is completely unnecessary. Daylight or standard pick one and stick to it.
Nicely Narrated...Mondays Suck...!!
I totally agree. Daylight saving time is a scam and a farce to get more money from people. It's time to stop the madness.
Briane vagner - I like daylight savings time, and guess what, I have a job! I also am up before noon, the actual time each day determined by what I have to get done. I would like to sleep until noon, and even some who have jobs sleep even later, ever heard of night shift? It's a new concept adopted over the past few decades. Your comment is inappropriate, based on the economy, as lots of people are trying to find work, and businesses aren't hiring, and negative comments like that makes it sound like you're saying that they are all lazy and not trying. Get a brain, and then an evaluation to determine what sleep disorder you have.
Can't have enough sleep at summer coz night is so short. I'm a night owl and enjoy the darkness. Plus we really don't need extra sunlight here in FL in hot weather.
I live in Phoenix, and thankfully we don't have to deal with it!! I think it sux to.
All the posts against dst are pretty much gripes about being forced to be responsible and makes them lose an hour of sleep. Please complain about getting an hour extra sleep when time changes back...uses more energy people - how? Everyone leaves their computers, some lights, some tvs along with other appliances on all the time, during both. I don't see how there is any change in energy consumption, but I could be wrong. It's not very logical though. The griping and complaining makes it obvious that the people of this country have really gotten either lazy, or professionals at being able to find something, ANYTHING to blame as an excuse, rather than taking their own responsibility for their own lives. Sad.
As stupid as DST is, with cell phones and computers that automatically update time, my wife probably has no idea there has been a time change. I changed the two manual clocks first thing. She might be a little confused Monday morning..
Seems like the best thing to do would be to call the sunrise 6am and adjust daily.
so the crops know when to spring forward and fall back? haha!
Totally. Why would we change the time?
setting the clock forward doesn't increase just changes the time of the daylight...jeez dude
Let's see here, we have a puppet for a president, we have a bunch of republicans that can't get along and want to replace the puppet, and become the new puppet, we have BIG MONEY in charge of BIG GOVERNMENT, we have high oil prices, we have country that has lost it's moral compass and is very close to losing it's identity. I myself, was quite happy to wake up today. Pissing and moaning about DST is not high on my list. Changing the clock +/- an hour twice a year is like putting on pants. It's something that just gets done.
I am with you and have long thought it to be an utterly pointless disruption. It seems there are as many losers as winners for each change so why bother?
I think it should always be on daylight savings time and never switch back
i think we should always have the extra hour of sleep
I agree. Alternative, increase time 30 minutes in spring and leave it year around.
Totally Agree. It should end. Most of the offices and big corporates always have the light on inside the building, whether it is mid day or evening.
It was great when way back when, when crops actually needed to be planted according to night and day times. But now that we can plant them just about anywhere at any time given correct soil changes, there is simply no point to it anymore.
Funny, How you cannot save time, but so easily waste. We are allotted 24 hrs. daily. All in how you use it

Not gonna read the 499 comments, just going to agree whole heartedly : )
It's neither idiotic, nor pointless. It is, however, obsolete and outdated. It was very useful when it was first implemented, but in this day an age it's really outlived its usefulness. It's only a matter of time before it's eliminated globally.
Who wouldn't like an extra hour of daylight?
looks like I'm not the only 1 who thinks daylight savings time stupid. Now what can we do about it? I lived in arizona for 2 years they don't have daylight savings time and it did not bother me at all. I would not mind if we stay on daylight savings time or if we stayed on regular time just as long as we don't change twice a year.
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