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Who wants a Facebook ID card?

A German artist named +Tobias Leingruber has come up with this concept for a Facebook ID card.

His point is to bring attention to a possible future in which social network identity is so broadly accepted that it's more important than government issued identity documents like drivers licenses or passports.
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I want Google+ card.
This is crazzyyyyyy but possible! you never the digital world everything can happen
Has Germania gotten past it's problems with Facebook yet?
Perhaps if Google ran it, anything they do is at least competently executed.

I don't trust Facebook for anything: Zuckerberg has demonstrated that on numerous occasions.
Wow, I really hope it doesn't come to that. Though currently it's not much better. If at all.
Reminds me of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. Social identity becomes everything.
Funny how conceptual exercises as social commentary are quickly taken so literally. Responses are telling. I want a myspace card. :-\
Yeah !!! I could so far just based in the number of users on Facebook they can brag about it. Wait ... For sometime google+ just might make it a reality.
Now if he had set that up with a link to a page where he gets some cash per view, he would make a small fortune :-D
vu phan
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/U /U
Gimmmie( @_@)
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A facebood ID card???? Incredible..... Hw am i suppose to get one?
Now a Facebook account can do so many things, play games, online shopping, access other major websites, like register a groupon coupon. If Facebook company issues such ID card, half of its members may want it. But it's still a creepy idea unless u like an IT company dictate your real life.
Won't work unless they show your relationship status :P
Now where is my Google+ I'd card?
vu phan
Oh dammm alot pplz started saying oh nooo its must be monday ahhhh dammmm its all xD is like interest all over
vu phan
All who said want the card i will rob your chips like ninja chips boy will do just making your day saying this is Ridiculous humors mode
Because i am chips boy love chips :D well not really in kiddly way just making some humor in us laugh about
Walt B.
If facebook ever got deluded enough to actually implement something like this,I'd delete my account the very same day.
vu phan
Really tell me whats about? O,..,O
Lin Mac
My state issued ID has been expired for a year and a half. My Facebook gets updated daily.
Not expressing an opinion there, just stating the facts.
I don't want any social network card unless I can regularly change my profile pic on it.

And then I probably still don't want it. :)
Am i the only one who thought this facebook ID CARD belong to Sheldon cooper ?
vu phan
I got good ideas for facebook if we going getting cards why cant getting on our phone liie data too know us while real card on our wallets just shows the ideas think about its let kids whp cant hold em we give em in there phone an check up on if they doing ok for while real one is in the person who are responable for em.
If loss cards need only pay like aleast some cents not high so ppl dont have hard time paying em just getting a card acc or put on there phone be easy seeing data card like tho things allow know who person is so wont have troulbe getting online or suggest into known ppl too much more as improved if thinking about its as long under 99¢ or more so ppl dont no problem going do much of issued till ppl be ready to do there own things without any fur issused that all i got says :D ahhh my brain hurts now D:: from thinking need brain freezes x)
om tank
Innovative concept!!! good. I want it.
awesome idea, but now you are making people have to be a little more honest on fb or walk around with a 2nd identity...
while many people have fake names and information on social networks that its not even close to being credible
vu phan
True better then 1 because like songs 2 is better then 1 one aces is good but 2 best of out of 1 aces in the hole :p
awsome ...i oso wan that id!!!
No fucking way, I don't trust them at all
WOW! That is so... What word am I looking for?
heheh lolzzzzzzzzz
Very interesting commentary on the direction that social networks are heading!
vu phan
How this hand print too on.there card easy enough pplz usually not be easy for as example lets say we log in ok?
An someone is fake if we see a match hand print then can't do there acc is that good hand print means you already havr one just like mood app I know I'm sure alot pplz should able have seeb app like print stuffs are but in phone just incase if fake pplz are in.
Or even pplz steal acc from another be fair play an till real person will know who or what is well don't give out my knowledge even tho I love making ideas are workable for if some steal for its an our limited acc for Facebook stuff is 3 incase lets say if acc detect when online by another person phone there they check on time there be safety stuff is possible pplz do that dectect stuffs on others on purpose be jerks of I know by
just fine have 3 facebook or 2 just a back up part for em.
that there limited too protected there stuffs an personal for I guess

The acv card good ideas be easy morw less suggested on things about just know pplz who on an who new an who near em.
The data card on phone an card on life not data in touch alot.
Just goal is getting hand print for know person so know who Facebook is an who new who not for so know who pplz come in the social stuff.
The limited 3 if that the choice for or 2 if that ok for pplz who need spaces or things about trust for
I barely want a Facebook profile.
Lin Mac
2 many people missed the point?
vu phan
I mean acc*not acv doses sound goof tho :)... well you guy get the point of the ideas work for
vu phan
Really monkey? XD wear?
WTF is facebook!?!?! come on GOOGLE CARD TO THE WORLD!!! :)
vu phan
O got passion in my pants I ain't afraid too show sho shows showw its!! :D jello in ello for you folks .
Hi my name bob I love bob idk now I hate bob.
Bob bob bob bob bob bob no I don't know bob
vu phan
But I know job
interesting to say the least, at this point we are all infinitely trackable in this world. what's one more step in the direction of complete social homogenization? I would imagine that social networks already have access to most of our data. I would love beta test this!
Come on, don't you think there is enough information about every one of us, already in circulation, without adding further to our loss of privacy and freedom ?
i love the idea <3 but here is a very logical question... will everyone then be required to tell the complete truth on there info portion of the profile and will it be a sort of digital card that we could plug in and update almost like an iPod? i really wish there was more information so that for those who would support it could get behind the idea.
Sounds like another foreshadowing of the coming mark of the beast identification system.
My Galaxy Nexus is my Google+ Card. I think automatic contact detail sharing (with or without G+ Circling) should happen using NFC/Android Beam.
This is stupid. There are already various forms of official ID that sufficiently serve their purpose in meat space. What could any social network, including Google+, possibly add that a passport, State ID/driver's license, etc, don't already cover? But here's something Google+ has already begun that I think is very worthwhile: verified names. Now that's a useful concept that isn't being fully utilized! I doubt I will ever be famous, but I would gladly pay to have Google+ verify my account, because even non-famous people deal with impostors and identity thieves.
Yak! When its so difficult to manage the existing cards like PAN card, ATM cards, Office ID card... I cant imagine an ID card for FB also. I would rather choose not to use FB if its mandatory.
WOW..I really hope that is not for real, that someone actually think something as unconfirmed as a social site will become a "better" ID than a governmental issued ID
i already hav enogh cards to mess with
Fb card wont be needed
I'd rather a Google+ card than a Facebook card. Thank you
That would be a terrible idea! What exactly is wrong with the way we access Facebook now?
Irony that a Jewish created Facebook and a German the FB ID ... Sure there should exist a virtual ID for the social network when we get decisions together online but the net can not belong to someone. ;==)
I think we all rather to have a Google+ Card
And it Comes with a BarCode!!!! Hooray Bleh
I would rather have a limitless credit card but i never expect to have one!
Gary D
I think I have enough cards. I don't need any more ways for Big Bro to number my comings and goings.
Interesting. Not even just from a science-fiction perspective, but through a dystopian lens it makes for an interesting thought that people would no longer identify being a citizen of a country as their primary means of identifying/organzing themselves relative to other people.
Idk... I think the idea of a social networking card is kinda sum bs!
Another new innovation for the world of facebook lovers!
This is a BAD IDEA..... U are becoming a Social Website addict... :-(
Wow scared... Will it have our current weight & health status on it too.??
i'd like a google ID card! even thought of it sometimes already.
I do believe these new scan symbol things are the so called mark of the beast I guess youd call it. I see them putting these scan codes on our kids in no time!
That is a good concept. Just create a qr code with the users login information 
+John Larson Exactly what I was thinking. With the coming of Google Goggles, the social aspects outlined in Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom may not be too far in the future. Facial recognition etc.. the card itself won't even be necessary.

For those not familiar with the book here is a link.
google is probably already making them for us, but in chip form and will staple it into our skin in our sleep.
Can I get mine with MyOpenId?
Like lambs to the slaughter. 
I recently noticed the G+ app wants to automatically upload EVERY cell phone photo. Um, no thanks creeper-app.
^ that could definitely harm your "sexting" life haha, you can disable it though,
Funny what this is turning into fb I'd? Not interested 
For me this is a feature – not a creepure.
And you can stick it to your electronic ankle bracelet ?
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LOL! So what happens when your Relationship Status changes from Single to Married? Will you need a new card?
As all big brother's know, there can be only one. You have got something here, ... and all shall be very well done! The One card to find them. The One that will in the darkness bind them.
i want facebook id card.................u give me
this is wrong on soo many levels...
Stories like this: (Facebook spies on phone users' text messages, report says) are the exact reason I don't trust things like this. I'm also not sure an identity card should be in control of any for profit public company.
great idea! should totally see these in the future!
vu phan
Ok maybe should be here Because everybody alot talking about the Facebook what should we do an the upload first of all you do realize your phone William auto invisible still able see just like a cover of but put away dozing do nothing upload for the phone data not like you know whole things just app for like apart of as if a hand in need not whole stuff just pulling someone up not down probably worried top much.
But hey I'm going seem popular zone now because interest Facebook I can keep going but I'm going eat Breakfast for like song the breakfast club :D heey hey uooo don't you forget about me don't don't youuu forget
vu phan
I mean shouldnt be here *
citizen of facebook ,crazy
Even G
Cool ... how do i get one lol :P
Sorry, scary thought to me...corporations giving out id cards? (That trump gov'ts) ...nah....
i'm not likely to trust my identity to a commercial entity that could at any point sell that data or even decide I no longer have the right to it.
Ehhh ill stick with my state issued I.d. #thankyouverymuch
one can't guarantee that you can only have ONE profile on facebook. ID uniqueness the pillar that a national identification system is based on.
actually a facebook visa or master card is a more plausible idea
Wouldn't be surprised... horrible!
Because it is impossible to create a fake identity on facebook...
I don't like it...but it can be the clerk identi
Welcome to US Customs, Mr FreakOnALeash27. Enjoy your stay.
Ray A
This has to be the most stupidest thing out there, and im sure people will get it because it is facebook and they have to be there saying 'hey i got one!'. haha...people are so stupid to buy useless things like this such as a tablet, bikes over $150, PSP GO, facebook itself, a technology from the 20th Century, and much more.
i dont have facebook but this is just plain silly next your going to need a lisence plate on your shoes so if you kick somebuddy you get a ticket hahahaha
that's nice card, can i have one please...? hehehehehe
facebook needs 2 factor authentication... Unless y'all don't care... LOL ya know, it only be FB...
So long as fb accepts aliases I don't see a future for this.
QR code works. it's pretty neat, but novelty only.
I'd like that if it were for G+
Weak, screw the barcode put nfc in that.
Innovative idea.
Considering Facebook has collect 15% of earth population. It's worth it to try.

Say for Facebook Credit Card, Bank of Facebook, or PayFacebook.
I don't like the idea at all 
Bri K
Can I use it to vote?
I want one... for google Plus.
hack ID :D hahahahahahhaha
So you're going to need to show your facebook details - information that you enter with no restriction - to do things like buy liqour and guns? Does this sound like the raving of a lunatic moron to anyone else?
"His point is to bring attention to a possible future in which social network identity is so broadly accepted that it's more important than government issued identity documents like drivers licenses or passports."

Right.... sure his point isnt to bring attention to himself?
why not have a chip in your ear with your facebook ID?
y r u posting this on G+?....get out
Since I have no Facebook account, I suppose that's one card I won't have to worry about.
i wan't 2 be a part of fb comp.
I have about 3 facebook genuine ids and 3 fake ones...and may be couple of facebook how many in all will I get? :P
sometimes a guy would come up with interesting but really bad ideas and people would, without thinking, follow it and change the course of the world.
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We should avoid plastics and stick to ur virtual ids :) Fb id is a brain dead idea
This would not work, there are many peoples on social network but far from everyone. And many of those who are not there are also staying away for a reason. To make a social network ID as a kind of identity is for me just as realistic as using your WoW account as a ID. There are lots of peoples there too..
ُSocial networking is getting really scary.
Why should it make a difference which social network site you frequent?
then what the hell r u doing on google+
...unless you don't have, or don't want to have a Facebook account.
People attempt to bypass citizen and immigration laws by forging documents. What's going to stop them from doing so in this situation?
We should be less reliant on Facebook, not more! We already have too many websites telling us to go visit their Facebook page as opposed to their own website!
What about the possibility of Facebook finance ,credit card etc .Its already a global brand .Watch this space !!
Guess... G+ will announce it soon. [н̲̅e̲̅н̲̅e̲̅н̲̅e̲̅]
What is the authenticity and who would recognize it as proof of identity ????
hi i need ientity card
where is -1 button ? prefer Google+ ID !!
I'd make my own card instead. The design is a bit old school heh. 
Google ID!!!!
Wait, that means I'm effectively a Zero, since I don't have a Facebook account. Sweet. The cyber-underground lives on. (Imagine me wearing a huge cheesy grin at this point)
Liking the concept behind the work's creation. On the contrary, it runs against whatever anonymity we put ourselves behind via the Internets.
This is actually not a bad idea. It's certainly better than a single old grainy photo, multiple high resolution photos that are more up to date.
Facebook id card Fucks up ...lolz
well........... it is a nice idea
a good one
I know there are FB calling cards and stuff, but a card for government things? No thanks, given how scary Facebooks' power can be
Waste of paper, plastic, ink etc. Not the future I say.. Nonsense.
"Paper less society " ever heard of it? 
haha..neat, but i use fb only for gaming but its a very smart idea, future is unpredictable
I went to JAIL amd am awaiting trial because someone couldnt access their facebook account for a week. USA police officials took me to jail, i slept with his estranged wife. I didnt touch his account. Charged on heresy, those are facts. Bellingham WA PD
no news will pick it up, its a gross misd emeanor without prescedence
waw, really? it's cool, i want it. but for what?
No one see the similarities between what Google are doing, this guy is suggesting, NFC and Revelations 13?

Life imitating art or prophecy being fulfilled?
我们做个 G+的好了……
i'm wondering...facebook I.D card? whats it for
There will be only one social network in the future, and for that you will need a card. On it you will have money, social security, insurance...
one day there will be no id used or carried but a mark of a beast
id inserted on your forehead or right thumb
Google won't start giving the general public verified 'proof' of identity until they have your DNA profile to back it up.
Think about it... if they can obtain DNA info & medical records for the bulk of any population, imagine the data that could be drawn and projected over a period of time. We all know Google loves data, and making it useful. That data would be worth serious $$$ and could certainly save lives by helping predict predispositions and showing which medications work well for different types of people.
Exactly. I support u Mr. Elgan
that would be great.

but it must contain genuine name and data.
Ty Wood
I want to be left alone, no cards to socially entrap me please. :-(
bulshit... rather a second rapture would happen then I made a facebook account...
Facebook is for Identity and therefore it should have an Identity card. Better so for this one it has a QR reader. In fact we should eradicate passports and Identity cards and replace them with this piece or ingenuity
只求能上facebook!when could Chinese netizens access to Facebook?
i want it . how can i get it in the home
hi bro how to get is id card ?
Where do i order it ? I like the idea of becoming an online global citizen. The big question behind this is: given we are currently allowed to have several FB accounts, should we allow people to have several identities, or should we limit that. And even if we limit to one ID=account per physical person, should we allow people to change account. Question is not trivial. It is related to the right to be forgotten, to declare bankruptcy, or to be forgiven for our sins. As a christian i think we should allow changing ID, but i'm not set on the multiple IDs concept ...
Google+ ID card would be more cooler..
boo Jay
Omg! It smells like farts everywhere!!
no! thank you - the government has enough on us already!
I completely agree with Mohandas. What is the need actually for ID Card? and why would human need ID ???? This sounds weird if i may say.
I guess it would be like having a business card.... At the moment we need ID to get into certain places or to be able to do certain things. Things would have to go quite far for facebook to be taking over from the government.
It will only become more important because of people designing Facebook Identity cards..and then other people believing it is official.
Can't be used for official matter. Making facebook is easy, no proof of authenticity, and you dont use official gov ID to make facebook. So it will be useless except for replacing your name card.
i want you join me.......sol melody
why would u like that kind of unreliable thing ? we are in a numeric generation.. dont want paper.. I'm waiting to be able to pay with my phone, and then get my ID's linked to my phone too.. so no thank you...
wonder what countries are gonna start doing something like this
All technology is a TWO edged Sword. On one hand I like the fact that we are a digital Nation, on the other it is an opportunity for growth of humanity to flourish or be stagnant and repetitive like most Governments. Either way it is an awesome time to live in, "Carpe diem!" :)
Seeing how you can easily create a fake account on a social network no one will ever use it for real, unless Facebook and Google do some sort of partnership with the local governments and require an official ID to verify your name.
lt me thnk if i want it. . .. Naaaa. . Thnkz. 'Facebook' old school . . . 
Even easier for the companies to track our whole life... No Way!
+Xavier Jones Either way we don't have any other option, we are stuck in this time nobody can go backwards or forwards but we can change how things work now.
I liked the constant flux of info from my friends in Facebook. What I didn't like was the arbitrary censorship policies: anyone can flag you as inappropriate/promoting hatred if they do not agree with you. FB will NEVER check the actual content, they will just threaten you with erasing your account if you continue doing whatever they thought it was bad, and they will NEVER tell you what that is. There is no way you can defend yourself or even find out what was offensive. It seemed like living in a "happy" dictatorship with the added extra that they milk your info for advertisers. So Matrix.
There is no authorized criteria for being a member of facebook so facebook id card is vague idea and why government will accept on this virtual life where people can have artificial name and sex and even virtual background. As a student of development management I can not accept it.
+Rinki Gupta The post isn't about a future where the government accepts Facebook as an alternative, but where society sees social networks as more important and more defining of a person. 
J Cho
What do I recieve about Facebook ID card and,
How do I recieve it? Tell me,please.
Don't see this going anywhere. There is no rationale reason to share a FB id card. 
This is such a terrifying thought.
What's scary is that a lot of FB users would probably pay to have one of these....
I can't use spotify without needing a Facebook account, I dread the day I need a Facebook account to do things in REAL LIFE
I can't use spotify without needing a Facebook account, I dread the day I need a Facebook account to do things in REAL LIFE
Haha, just like a Cyborg card.
Dumb idea.
I don't like the Idea...thxs but no thxs!!!
Don't trust FB or it's owner.
G+ card yes please
I don't use Facebook, so I think I will stick with my government issued one.
Facebook should be shutdown!!!!!!.
Google is a lot better.
I want a Google+ and Twitter card!
Great idea. I would use it as a type of business card, as opposed to as an official id. In fact, I want one now.
Interesting! But Not many people would want to own one of these!
Sorry just reading this.. yes apparently no more. FB has played BIG DADDY. ehh he was using the logo.. still love the idea.. already have the Moo cards from FB . those are awesome..
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Thanks everyone for your overwhelming positive feedback and for engaging in valuable discussions.
You have made this project valuable. Et voilà – A piece of (social media) art.
That's pretty ingenious IMO!
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