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I agree it is a silly petition, but it sure does make a point and I think , well.... that's the point. The White House put this system of petitions in place to make the people feel like they are a part of the system.

The people on the other hand had this crazy idea that this president actually cared what they thought. Well they wised up and realized, they have no voice and the system was a facade. Now they are calling the president out on the B.S.

Good for them.,
I cannot imagine that this is ever going to work. The process to commission the purchase of cookies, is one that would take at least three junior operatives. 
That is soo brilliant I cannot even start to say! I feel too scared to sign it, should some men in black clothing arrive at my house with a ass probe
Brilliant! Should be adopted worldwide!!
+Mike Elgan This is probably the only petition that might get at least some of it's concerns actually acted upon. Sadly no cookies will be achieved.

I don't however think that petitions are completely useless. While they are, for the most part, ignored or at best condescendingly answered, the one thing they do achieve is for those signing them to know they are not alone in their concerns.
In my personal experience, participation in these has generated some amazingly similar form letter responses from Senators and Representatives on both sides of the aisle. If indeed there is still an actual distinction, it' superficial at best and changes with the wind. Absolutely agree with +Amy McLeod on the condescension. Its presence is unmistakable.
Do you think he really cares. This guy is so arrogant that his own mirror image can't be heard above his rhetoric
This is mostly just from the dumb crowd that thinks marijuana should be legal, who are ticked off that their 75,000 signatures don't overwrite the millions of people who think they're stupid.
You are correct +Jake Weisz, it doesn't matter how many signatures you collect, it wont overwrite the amount of people who think you're stupid.
+Lindsay Butler I've seen enough lives of people close to me destroyed by marijuana use that it's pretty self-explanatory. Anyone with a third-party view of a marijuana user can see the difference between where they are, and where they could be if they weren't a pothead.
+Jake Weisz "'I've seen enough lives of people close to me destroyed by marijuana" Unless by that you mean arrested for a victimless crimes and their life ruined by the state.

And for your view, while politicians down the much more damaging drug of alcohol, the drug that was the focus of an earlier failed attempt at prohibition, for your wish to restrict the personal behaviour of others we have to suffer the drug gangs, the violence that goes hand in gloves with any attempt to make such things illegal.

We all have to suffer the fallout from this failed prohibition, and in Mexico they suffer the violent gangs grown rich on prohibition, killing and maiming thousands, while they buy their politicians.

And here even more insidiously the politicians are bought by corporations who profit from the incarceration for 1 in 100 Americans, grown fat on the misery and suffering and slavery of the majority of those who are in prison for either trivial or totally victimless crimes. Crime as a for profit Industry,an industry that engages in massive lobbying to make more and more laws, an industry that actively lobbies to prevent any discussion of this, even when more than half of the American people think this should be legal. This is an abomination.

So please Jake Weisz, do not spoon-feed us your ersatz moral outrage. The job of the State is not to nanny it's citizens and lock them away for their own good for what they chose to put into their own bodies, no matter how foolish that is.

If you think some drugs are bad then encourage advertising and education against them and rehabilition from them, this could be done for the a fraction of the budget currently spent on this phoney way that is being fought only for profit and the misguided moral view of a minority.

I am far more righteously morally upset by the situation as it stand Jake, and with far more reason.
+Amy McLeod No, I speak directly regarding the people who have given up on an education and a career out of a decision to get high and party. And those that have started on marijuana and then moved on to ecstasy and other hallucinogenics. You can cite that it's unproven that marijuana's a gateway drug... but I don't believe you, because I've watched it happen.

I do think the current punishment for possession/use is too steep. I do think it should be reduced to something more akin a speeding ticket. A costly slap on the wrist. Since most marijuana users are stupid teenagers who will grow up sooner or later, and shouldn't carry that on their record their whole lives.

Distribution punishment should if anything, be ramped up. I vastly support drug education and drug rehab.
The site appears to be broken, such that you are unable to sign petitions and are directed to a 404 page when you try to sign in to sign them. Coincidence?
Back to the question at hand, what sort of cookie do we want? I say chocolate chocolate chip.
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