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A better iPad app for Google+!

I was whining about Google's horrendous Google+ iPhone app, especially its use on the iPad, the other day, and +Derrick Etheridge told about a better alternative called iShare for Google+.

It's a $2 app that works MUCH better than Google's own iPhone app.

If you use Google+ on an iPad, you really need this app.

Thanks, Derrick!

And they also have a Google+ page: +iShare+
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Sad that my friends with the G+ app on android don't have this issue. Sure I get the issues being on an apple platform but tagging someone isn't as painful on the Twitter iphone app as it is on G+. Will definitely look into ishare
Cool. Now if I could just get me an iPad...
Thanks for the information. I've just bought it and really better.
I'm quite a bit disappointed with the google+ and facebook app on android tablets. I can understand facebook, but I thought google was really trying to push the android tablets? If they want people to buy, should they make an awesome google+ tablet experience, instead of just a stretched screen?
How does it create a post if there is still no write API?
And if it does create posts, does it do tagging and hastags and such?
Sweey .also true .google kicking butt thee bays
+Mike Elgan Not a fan of the large amount of space taken up by the left pane, but the tag function worked well and it has landscape.
I echo the sentiment that the g+ app for android tabs is pretty bad as well. I'm on a transformer with ICS and there seems to be very little thoughtful design going on. Aren't these two things (social and android tabs) what google is really pushing right now?
Rae O.
Rarely buy apps but did on your recommendation. Hard to get to the notifications without leaving stream.
Sweet! The official Google app is disappointing.
Curious. But am I 1.99 curious?
Can you admin brand pages from it (unlike the iPhone app)?
As soon as I buy this, Google will release the official app. I know, I'm cheap.
+Chris Howard I gave a try to the iPad version and tend to agree with you regarding the large space. That said, however, the app seems good overall.
Thanks +Mike Elgan I'm trying it out right now. So far the best improvement is being able to tag people normally. The official iOS app has a really bad lag when typing names after the '+'. It was so bad that each letter took 30secs to display
+Mike Elgan, hey there thanks for the suggestion...was just scanning and I too just purchased ishare, fantastic app for the price. Of course this means no sleep for me now LOL, night all.
I'm looking forward to trying this out, although I think I've mostly found solutions to my Google+ iPad sharing complaints.
seems Google chasing Microsoft .................. if you use my software on third party platform then you have to buy another utility ;)
Google+'s web app is pretty damn good... Just use that.
THANK YOU. I hate the web app, and the G+ iPhone app is too bare-bones (and has no iPad equivalent). I will check this out, and I'll happily give them my two bucks for a good iPad G+ experience.
Thanks for the heads up, much appreaciated.
I have said before that my Google+ usage suffers significantly due to the lack of a good iPad app. This looks nice (will try it later) but I keep wondering why Google can't put out something the same or better, and whether this one is based on unpublished APIs or page-scraping techniques that are likely to break now and then. This used to be the case, for example, with apps using Google Tasks.
+Mike Elgan thank you for the share.

In response to people's questions:

+Curt Mercadante yes, Google+ pages are fully supported and can be selected from the settings panel in the top left corner of the main menu.

+Stuart Duncan , +Jungshik Shin and +Michael Baacke this app does not simply page scrape. It imitates the raw requests the web browser and mobile apps make to the Google servers and parses the pure JSON they return. It was a stable enough method to survive the recent interface refresh without becoming unusable.

If anyone else has any questions or suggestions please post them on the +iShare+ page or email
+iShare+ Wow, it supports Pages too!? Great! I don't understand why Google put so many barriers and hurdles for Pages.

But what about the most popular feature of G+ - Hangouts??? Can I launch a Hangout with this app, from either personal account or a Page?
+Vincent Brown unfortunately hangouts are not supported at the moment but are high on the list of priorities.
Unfortunately, I just bought this app today and all I get are 'unknown errors'. My advice is don't buy it until a lot of that is sorted out. +iShare+ how do I go about getting a refund? I know it is only $2 but I feel ripped off. I consider myself a savvy iPad user but no other app has been this broken before in the few hundred I work with. I am using the new iPad 64gb version.
+Steve Davis, the problem you mention was caused by a change to Google's behind the scenes, unofficial API. An update has been completed to fix this and is waiting with Apple for review. Sorry for the inconvenience. The update should hopefully be out in a few days.
+Steve Davis , the update is now live and fixes the problem you mentioned above.
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