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Amira baked another pie!

Organic cherries from the farmer's market, which I pitted myself with a chopstick, sweetened with raw honey. 

Her crust was made with sorghum, of all things, plus spelt and rice flours. 

+Amira Elgan 

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That looks amazing.  I see good food from you feed. You eat very well my friend. But can you share the recipe?  ;-)   
Damn it +Mike Elgan! enough with the food. I'm still at the office and would kill a Rancor with my bare hands for a slice of this pie. 
You done, good, +Mike Elgan.  Gorgeous, flakey looking crust. Filling stayed in nicely after slicing.   Now we just need 'Smell-O'-vision' and a way to beam us all up a slice!  Or three...  I'm with you, +Muamer Mujevic.  I may have to take a snack break right now.
Wow! Your wife makes the best pies it looks like anyway. I wish we could taste it the crust sounds soooo good.  Mmmmmm plus the Italian plate is just as pretty.
Yeah, she bakes these pies from scratch using organic ingredients and without a recipe. They taste mind-blowingly good and they're actually healthy. 
yummy:) need recipe please :) that sounds like an awesome treat :)
Interesting crust ingredients. I'll have to look up some of those recipes and try it for myself sometime.
+Mike Elgan nice looking pie!  Sorghum flour is great! I do a lot of GF baking, and it gives a nice texture to baked goods, and bonus that it binds a little more than other GF flours :)
Mmm, that looks good! Can I have a piece?
+Mike Elgan ooh!  are you going to malt it?  I've made malted buckwheat flour, but haven't done it with sorghum.  Sorghum is naturally sweet, and is pretty close to wheat in taste, so should make a nice beer!
+Janice Mansfield I haven't even started thinking or learning about it. I just read about it and plan to brew some probably in the next month or so. 
Meg L
Thanks for the pie torment. I love that missus of yours.
+Mike Elgan there's a few really good GF beers coming on the market recently.  The most curious ingredient I've seen is roasted chestnut, used by a brewery in Portland (really good beer!).  Let us know how it goes!
+Janice Mansfield I'm not into gluten free stuff, per se, but really into ancient grains and traditional processing. 
Mike u r killing me I am sweets fan amira ship me some
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