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Chinese use smartphones now more than PCs to access the Internet.

388 million "instances" have been recorded of people in China accessing the Internet on a phone. PCs come in at 380 million. 

Plus: China is nuts for microblogging (Twitter-like services).
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This picture is such an old image of the Chinese society and mindset, it is almost insulting to them. They have come a long way since the Cultural Revolution of the 60's and 70's.  Just say'n.
+Mark Palmberg Not soon, but possibly eventually. I've been to Beijing before, but on business. 
I always thought it had something to do with getting around the "great firewall of China"
The Chinese mindset has not been changed I am afraid, the same backward government, same backward brainwashing.

I heard that browsing online via mobile is less trouble than browsing by PC to get through the GFW.
is that why MS can't sell copies of windows there at $200 a pop?
There is also something not to be ignored. Many users on Weibo had to keep on registering new accounts when their posts were deleted and accounts were banned. Some even said that they had be reincarnated for over 100 times.
Do they use more Iphones or Androids?
Oh, it's a chinese news, let's talk about the chinese government, GFW, tibet... wait, what the news again?
Oh let us not talk about the chinese government, GFW, tibet, before someone gets too sensitive?
+Mike Elgan That's because they don't have AT&T or Verizon throttling back their data speeds. Sent from an iPhone that was throttled down to 28Kb/s by AT&T.
Yeah, I am sensitive today, but based on an observation in a long time. Just ignore me since nobody will change...
+A Freeman I wasn't talking about the government. The people as a whole have changed a lot. The picture represents a time when even the people were brainwashed, not just the leaders. 
+Blair Warner Sure younger generations do change thanks to the information available on the internet, but what I meant was the same brainwashing mentality still put upon them, no change.

+Dave Still They were not drawn according to Charlie Sheen though, they were the so called healthy looking model that CCP wanted to portray, even hundreds of million people died from famine in the country.
Not wholly surprising in the rural sector, but still surprising in the cities where 3G isn't fluid. And no, it doesn't get around the GFW. Those with blackberries on corporate, non-Chinese, networks bypass the the GFW & use the corporate internet/proxy. You can use a VPN on a smartphone, but if the mobile internet is already slow it will make it even slower.
and in China, 90% of smartphones are ANDROID :)
Tin Van
The US grew into an era where the pc was the only option for internet connection and are still comfortable with the idea. Many Chinese when they could afford it were introduced to an era where the pc internet connection wasn't the only option.

Something like "leap frogging" old tech to new tech sounds about right. Why buy a horse in the age of the car.
+Tin Van a pc is more like a movie studio and a smartphone like a movie theater! One is for consuming content, the other for creating it. But, the lines are blurring... in the not so distant future, all native applications will be HTML5 web applications and run on all platforms... making what I just said irrelevant.
I see only Samsung and Apple products in the mural. Where's Huawei? What's happened to national pride? LOL.
Tin Van
+Greg Miernicki  Hard to pin down a good analogy for PCs and smartphones since they do so many things.

I for instance lack the creativity factor regarding the PC. I've killed more productivity with the thing than I have produced. The smart phone simply allows me to do that with increased convenience and efficiency. : )

Last post on a smartphone. This post on a laptop.
So some Apps that could evade Great Fire Wall deem to be the ultimate winners since they integrate four million people into a world chic pace.

Indeed Apps that could evade Great Fire Wall deem to be the ultimate winners, if they are also user friendly to the Chinese users, easy to switch to the language they understand.
its my mobile htc sensation xl .. wow !! ;D
I can say: this absolutely has nothing about Great Fire Wall. It is all about domestic social applications, especially Tencent QQ. It is dominant one in China and has versions for all popular and not so popular platforms, iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian, even Blackberry. People can do lots of things with QQ on their mobile phones. For many people whose income are not so high, this actually makes PC unnecessary. 
I will move to China, copyrights bother me.
Of similar note, we in the US/Europe get distracted by how limited the rest of the world is with broadband or 3G & greater mobile coverage. 
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