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Android users: Why do people buy iPhones?

If you're a fan of Android phones, I need your help in answering a question.

Since you choose Android, I can assume you like the platform better or like the phones better or both. Yet 100 million people have bought iPhones.

So here's the question:

Why do people buy iPhones?

Please make your answers as long and detailed as you like.

Thank you for your help!

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Chris SM
Status. Your picture kinda proves my point.
They are "popular" and a status symbol. It's clear that what you're paying for is status, not style, value, creativity, or originality.
Easy to use. iPhone is good for my wife, not for me.
Yas Mean
because they are sheeple and are told it's the newest hottest thing. I personally don't feel comfortable with apple products and their need to own all of my content.
people buy brand, most people I know who use use an iPhone don't even bother too compare it to an Android, same happens with Blackberry
i use an iphone because work pays for it lol

but i'm glad they do because it's a beautiful piece of hardware that functions exactly like i want it to. just wish i had better google integration because i'm a bigger google fanboy than i am apple.
I think it is a great product, but I originally bought Android because it integrated better with Google products, now I actually like a lot of the differences that Android has (or has had - i.e. notifications). Basically, I think they bought it because of great marketing.
I would think it would have to do with social status and good marketing.
Are you now trolling to entertain yourself? =)
+Mike Elgan - why did you stand in line and buy the iPhone 4s? First answer that question, please.
I have a Droid X and I am pretty happy with it. At the time I got an Android because the iphone was not available on verizon; When it is time to upgrade I am not sure what Ia m going to do
I had a Droid X for three months and I wanted to chuck it out the window. The iPhone It's a consumer phone, not a developer phone. It had nothing to do with status and everything to do with ease of use.
I think part of the reason is because apple fans generally buy everything apple. Everyone I know with an iPhone purchased an iPhone 4S. The brand loyalty they exhibit is uncanny. Just look at the fellow proudly presenting his new iPhone purchase. No regular person gets that excited for a new smartphone.
Wait, is this a question for Android users or iPhone users?
I bought mine because I can't hack into the back of it and break it. It's nearly indestructable, and being an IT person, I need something locked down so that I don't brick it with my tinkering
Simplicity. I am an Android user and probably always will be, but I will often refer others to an iPhone because they are dead simple to use (and I'd rather be IT guy for an iPhone than one of many variations of Android). If a user wants more customization or is after a specific goal, Android might be a better answer, but iOS is also a great platform especially for simplicity.
Iphone are for self loathing macsochists [sic]
they think that's the best thing out there...and that android phones are "buggy"...actually, someone said to me, android is like the less developed/less perfect version of iphones...then there's the hype, prestige, fanclub, etc...
quality of hardware, already mac users, want a stable os and to know that there is nothing available to install that hasn't been tested and approved, etc.

I love Android but I don't think it is for everyone just like I LOVE Linux but wouldn't suggest it to many.

Like them or not Apple products work, they just always work.
How much was the guy in the photo above paid to do that? Brilliant marketing...that's why people buy them. The if you have an iPhone ad was brilliant. Apple knew people wouldn't know all of that could be done equally if not better on another platform...Apple is the only one that told them they could.
KISS is an acronym for the design principle "Keep it simple, Stupid!". The KISS principle states that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complex, therefore simplicity should be a key goal in design and unnecessary complexity should be avoided.
Simple because when some1 farts at apple it gets 10 newcasts
+Arpit Rawat the interface so basic my 2yr can figure it out.

It's a status symbol and it's a phone for people who use the masses to make up their mind.
User friendliness. Iphone users aren't savvy enough to handle Android.
My wife likes them because of their ease of use.

I know she could get used to Android eventually, but she liked that they just worked most of the time. Even when her 3g became unusable beause of the forced system updates she got a 4s instead of an Android.

She does like the Nook color with Cyanogenmod that I moded for her though.
+Noel Hollis that makes no sense as Apple products are notorious for being the most fragile pieces of technology on the mass market today. If you drop it you better hope you're covered!
Maybe iPhone users like to have the entire iWhat collection, or they buy it because they think it is still a fad, or they don't like change, or they buy it because they bought one before and their friends bought one. Could be they just like it.
+Mike Elgan are you sure about the question you asked? You are asking android users why (in effect 'other') people buy iphones. Not surprising that you're getting the amusing and snarky answers above. Is that the question you meant to ask?
I love when people assume that all iPhone owners are mindless robots with a remote control in the brain that says "Buy Apple products" ;)
Alex D.
For most it's the hype, the trend.. MOST people don't know enough about tech products to be able to properly differentiate.. they just go with the flow and hope for the best.
For those who said status, brand or prestige, what do you think makes the iPhone meet this criteria?
Android = Native Google services integration, widgets, "geek factor", many options and ways to do something.
iPhone = Native Apple product integration, simplicity, "cool factor", one (or few) ways to do something.

To each their own. Choice is good. And competition is good for innovation in the market.
i think its do with that they dont know anything about the competition.
Status? Conformity?
More 3rd party product options, that's for sure.
Howard H
Have been an android user for the past 4 years. It was the first mobile OS that I've used that actually provided good value with sophisticated features. However as Apple continues to refine and expand their walled garden, it's starting to get really appealing. Android is an open OS, but phone manufacturers still insist on layering it with skins that often times produce tiny quirks that gets under my skin after months of use. HTC Sense?
Brand, hype. It's a little like owning a Smart (the car): it's not supposed to be very functional, it's a fashion accessory.
+Steve Rem TRUE! I have a friend who bought an iPhone cause he had no idea Android existed. After that, I bought my Andy, and now he's trying to sell his iPhone xD #TrueStory
I would say status too and also "Easy to use"-illusion.
The same reason people buy crazy expensive watches that don't have the markers for time. It has nothing to do with function.
A have a friend that is about to buy an new a iPhone, He likes the OS because it's more true to Unix vs. Ubuntu Linux. But he was also unaware that you could gain root access on a Droid, and the fact iPhone does not support flash still has him on the fence. Even after letting tool around on my rooted' Droid, he was pretty confident that he going to still buy iPhone.
I dont like being holed in a straight jacket and I love customization
Steve K
I don't know why people buy Apple, I buy Android. What was the question ? :P
Usage is much more frictionless, and the lack of fragmentation makes the apps easier to develop,resulting in a richer ecosystem (eg. As an Android user I miss Infinity Blade :-) )
"Cults are a mirror in which we can see, more clearly focused, aspects of the wider culture — the process by which the norms, values, ideas and shared perceptions of a society are passed down from generation to generation. In conforming we become 'cultured'. There are practical advantages in conforming and certain disadvantages in not doing so."
Apple make good products and have great marketing. Yet, I'll be sticking with my Droid thankyou. I think you could have phrased the question a little less like a Fanboy might have.
Lame question. Disappointed. The ignorance of so many above about why Apple users choose Apple products is so typical. Blah, blah, blah...
+Mike Elgan as an Android user (which I believe is the demographic you are questioning) I believe that a portion of the iphone buyers do so because they think that Apple is great and that nothing else can touch it and they are swooned by the marketing of Apple. I also believe status plays a role in how many feel about their iphone. I work for a company where we have a large mix of iphone and android users. Many of the die hard iphone users are starting to change their tune with regard to their phone now that they are faced with an office and access to many models of android phones. I'm sure for some there is the ease of use with itunes and mac, but for many it's the items I've listed.
+Noel Hollis This is for Android users, and why they believe other people buy iPhones.
My knee jerk reaction is "because Apple users are sheep". The truth I think lie in a number of areas: marketing, familiarity with the brand, first to market. In the end I don't think most people pick a phone for rational reasons. It is more emotional. Personally, I will stick with my Windows Phone 7.
Its an Apple product? Ignorance? I use a rooted Tmobile G2 with Cyanogen Mod. Someone once told me an iPhone would change my life, not realizing my Android phone could do the same thing as an iPhone and sometimes more.
D. Booey
Everyone knows I like to bash on the iPhone fanboys who can't explain why they like they iPhone, or the only reason they can give me is that iPhone has more apps than Android (like they're gonna go download everything). Android isn't meant for everyone. The iPhone is just perfect for those who don't like to tinker as much.

Basically, what I have found out is most of the time, the folks that DO like to tinker, those are ARE or SHOULD be an Android user but ended up with an iPhone.. Those folks have an iPhone because they don't know what the Android could do. They've just bought into the iPhone marketing. They think this this and that and that the Android can't do this this and that.

I've had many of debates where they try and defend the iPhone saying "oh, well, I can do this with my phone", and when I tell them or show them the Android can do it as well, they say "Oh.. ... well then".

99% of the time when I show them a bunch of things I am able to do (with out rooting) with the Android that the iPhone can't even go near (with out jail breaking), with in a couple weeks they've bought an Android or asking me which one they should get.

Ignorance I guess..
The iPhone experience is seamless across other Apple products, I am still trying to find a good way to sync my music across my X2 and iTunes (currently using playlist "directories" and rsync)
As an Android user, I like the platform.
Over Apple products I think iphone became a brand loyalty, the design and uniqueness. Single hardware & software makes easy for app developers focus on their idea instead of testing their apps on each android handsets. I am in dilamo for an ipad or Android tablet because of apps.
The fanboy in me says it's a Religion/Cult, but it's a fashion item, that has good marketing. So the sheep go out and buy it without thinking.
Apple company with 40 years ago. Remember the Ipod, it changed the world! Now iphone is changing the world! After the appearance of a new standard iphone smartphone! Android use the existing technology that has made Steve. And all people want to buy everything from word of mouth. In addition, all brilliant - just a iphone - this is a brilliant and simple device.
The first people bought them because they are easy to use. And now more people buy them because everyone else says they are easy to use. They are so popular .. it's pretty much the default smartphone that people think of common folk.

Also, the branding is so much more straight forward. Say iPhone, people know what you're talking about. Say Android, people don't know how to picture one (the hardware). There are so many Android phones, and most people don't want to make the hard decisions about which one is for them, when Apple makes just one (basically) that is great.
Quality product, great service, well supported. Worth every penny
My sister-in-law went iPhone when she recently upgraded to a smartphone and I gave her the necessary amount of crap for said move. She said she did the research though and she felt as if the iPhone would be easier for her to learn and master compared to Android. She's a med student and doesn't have time to fiddle around to customize her phone, she just wanted something that she can use. For that purpose, the iPhone was perfect. Can't say I argue with her logic as it fits to her case, although I still take offense with her conclusion. It should also be noted that she already had an iPod Touch so she was already familiar with the iOS interface, for whatever that is worth.
I am a software guy. Even though I appreciate how well iPhone interface is polished, I get frustrated with the fact I cannot customize it enough for my needs. So I have an Android.

But when I was choosing a phone for my wife, I had no question which one I wanted to get for her. She is a happy user of an iPhone 4.
+Noel Hollis, the iPhone is definitely not "nearly indestructable"... it breaks quite easily actually, being that it's all glass. And not being able to replace the battery or add a sim card is not really a plus, in my books.
Now, an Android phone with gorilla glass, unibody and changeable battery and sim card slot... now you're talking indestructible.

As for why people buy iPhones... same reason people buy any Macs... they just work. There is no upgrading hardware, fiddling with settings or anything of that nature... you just press the button and it does what you expect of it.

Altho, that means you can't push it farther or do more with it beyond what it does.. but for many people, that's just fine. They'll just buy the next version.
People who’ve grown up with Apple products will usually stick with them. Many‘non tech’ people / late adapters won’t have heard of Android and if they have they’ll assume the phones are hard to use.
I was buying a new Smartphone last August and I put the question to a panel of my most respected tech friends and colleagues. The unanimous answer was Samsung Galaxy S11. And oh, I love it:-)
I've met several folks that have android phones and think to do X they have to buy an iPhone. They don't realize what the iPhone can do, so can android.
The iPhone has a reputation as being "the best". That pretty much sums it up. Whether it's true or not is not relevant. Just like in the 1980's, Apple computers were better by almost every measure, but the IBM PC and IBM clones took off, because Apple was falsely considered a game machine by businesses and IBM had a big reputation for being the computer master and was already a well established big business computer company. Back then,when the average person thought "computer", they automatically thought "IBM". Perception is everything. Now, the tables have turned and when people here "smart phone", they automatically think "iPhone", therefore, that's the one that gets the hype. Since there are more Android phones out there now, I can't say that they automatically get the sales anymore, but they do get more than they would if the hype were evenly spread.

There's also the Apple Cult following, which is a real thing. I used to be right there with it in the 80's.

In addition, Even if the iPhone isn't best for me, it's certainly a nice product, no doubt. End users don't want to look through tech specs. They just assume that the iPhone will do everything they need and since they're unaware of the extra things that Android phones can do, they're blissfully happy with their iPhones. For many people, what the iPhone provides is plenty and even if they knew of the extras that Android provides, they still would be perfectly happy with their iPhone.

Also, the iPhone gets about 10 to 1 hype in the media as compared to Android, so people buy what they hear about.

There's also the "status symbol" aspect of Apple products. Go into a coffee shop and the turtlenecks are either on an iBook, iPad, or iPhone. Certain people want to be seen with them.
Gluttony, arrogance, lust.... the list goes on.
iSheep. I will edit this later. Just saving my place in line :P
One of my fellow coworkers, who is a huge Android fan, asked me if I know someone selling his iPhone 4. He wants it for his wife because she needs something that works always, no matter what.
I had a blackberry for a couple of years. After several frustrating experiences, I finally decided to go smarter. I fought the iPeople pull and got an Android. I have to admit, I thought there was something wrong with me because I found it a bit clunky to use (interface, not actual phone). Two days later, I was beginning to regret my decision when I got stuck in the dreaded start-up loop lock. After numerous attempts to reboot, I went with the general consensus solution: return it for a new one. I did that. And the situation repeated itself. I sent it back and held out until Verizon went with the iPhone.

Once it became available on Verizon, I still thought about the Droid. I was close to giving the Droid one more chance, but then I started working with a client who had an app (plus another app that I wanted to use) that was only available on the iPhone, so my decision was made for me. After a couple of days, I was in love! I was incredibly embarrassed to actually utter the words: "This phone changed my life," but it really has. It's so easy to use and my life is tremendously more organized and simplified. Plain and simple, I'm more productive.

I don't think it's so much about status. I have a case that covers the Apple on mine. I laugh when I see people that have cases with a window cut out to show the Apple. Obviously to them, it IS about status. For me, it's just about my user experience. When I see that someone is using a Droid instead of an iPhone, I wonder why they decided to live with more friction. That's just based on my experience of having a very disappointing experience with the Android.
Part of it is the allure of Apple - it's simply trendy, no denying that.

But I think a big selling point of the iPhone or any Apple product is the simplicity of how it functions and consistency of the interface across products. The Apple products just work, and you don't have to do much customizing.

I like Android (and PCs) because you have more room to customize things to the way you want. It's not a feature that everyone cares for, but being a computer nerd, it's something I really like.
If you ask me, I find no LOGIC behind it. Maybe because I just love it and Love does not require logic and honestly Iphone deserves to be loved. I am not an Apple fanboy and I am not an ancient Apple user.

Disclosure: I am a techie, a software engineer and deals with Linux every other day at my workplace.
I prefer Android phones and tablets but I can see the appeal of the iPhone and iPad. In my opinion it comes down to the form factor. Having the same size and shape is a hugh advantage to Apple's 3rd party developers. If Android (Google) had specified to manufacturers that their OS "had" to be put of phones and tablets that had specific dimensions the Apple ecosystem would not be nearly what it is today. Being able to manufacture 3rd party cases, covers, protectors, docing adapters, audio accessories, etc is what drives consumers knowing what they purchased won't go "out of style" and can be reused with their next device upgrade. Android is better in many ways but the market dilution is what hurts it. Apples rigid design specs just make it much easier to standardize peripherals.
Mike, I was a 2-time Android owner... the original Moto Droid... and the Samsung Charge. And they were both completely laggy.

I moved to an iPhone 4s, and there is NO lag... there are no crashes... no reboots... no lost photos... no lost video moments... no wasted time.

iPhone works better than Android in almost every facet, except screen size and screen durability [easy to crack]

I love the iPhone... and I wanted to stay on Android, but I could no longer stand the frustrations.
Herd mentality, like bison going over a cliff..
I don't buy the status theory. I own an android device personally and if you want a top end android device there is very little difference in terms of price. I think the great thing about an iphone is its dead simple to use. Its also an easier decision in terms of choice - there is usually just one iphone compared to the loads of android devices you have to choose from now. For someone who dosen't really understand tech it might be too hard to decide which android device to buy - especially when you have news stories about Android fragmentation etc. In short I suppose the android ecosystem is more confusing and difficult to access for the average person.
Add the fact that people who have already invested in other apple products will benefit from having everything apple.
They definitely don't buy the iPhone to "Think Different"
People buy iphones because:

The majority of people are ignorant of the different platforms and their functionality, therefore the most well known option becomes a default safe choice.

The iphone is the most well known smartphone because Apple was first to successfully launched the smartphone category, therefore its brand is associated / synonymous with smartphone. Again it becomes a default choice.

Apple's brand is known for beauty and simplicity (rightly or wrongly). Apple focus on giving an emotional experience with their devices, often sacrificing functionality. Emotional experience is more likely to be an important factor than functionality for most people as most people, as they want something that just works, and that they don't have to think about.
I bought Android first because it was what Verizon offered and I refused to switch to a less dependable wireless service. I love my Android - I have no problems or complaints but I will probably get an IPhone with my next upgrade (Verizon now has it) because of these reasons: front and rear camera, Siri, more of my friends have IPhones (can't interact with them in some ways due to different apps on IPhone and Android), I have an IPad and IPod and the IPhone will interact better, friendlier and easier with those two. I have an upgrade available now but I am waiting to see what problems the new IPhone is having and giving Apple time to come up with solutions.
G Ragib
There's just Apple making iPhones, while there are a dozen manufacturers making Android devices. The message from the Android OEMs gets diluted. It doesn't help that Apple probably has the best marketing team in the world.
+Mike Elgan more people purchase android than iPhone. Shouldn't the question be reversed?

People buy the iPhone because it replaces their iPod yet still uses iTunes. iTunes is the glue for their hardware/app/meda experience.
Some people just go with what they know. Apple has a great marketing strategy. Though I choose to utilize Android products because I believe they are technologically superior, I admit that the Apple logo invokes an immediate "consumer response" in me that I have to fight on a regular basis. It's the same reason I eat at McDonald's, even though I know their burgers suck. People who have no idea what they're buying, and just want something "cool" that is easily recognizeable, will always go with what they see on T.V. and what they perceive as the "have to own" technology. Stupid, surely, but explainable nonetheless. (Full disclosure: based on my McDonald's comment, I have to come to the conclusion that I am also stupid).
+Mike Elgan you asked what do we think causes the brand/prestige part of iphone users desire. I think length of time in the market. iphones have been out longer than androids and were the most costly and premium phone for longer.
People buy iPhones from the same reason other people buy Android phones, they like the product. Android and iOS are for different kinds of people, iOS is for people who want a simple device and Android is for people who want a powerful device.
Er I think he wanted to hear Android people's point of view, not why you bought an iPhone but why we think you bought an iPhone.

Also, I have an HTC Legend. It has a nice name.
I also find it to be sexy.
I think they buy iPhones for the same reason I choose Android; it works better with the services and products they already use. I don't use iTunes, or own an Apple TV, or any of that. All my services I use are through Google, so Android works with all that better. If I already used Apple products and whatnot, then it'd make sense to have an iPhone.

Ease of use also comes into it; All iPhones work the same, and they're very easy to get the hang of. As far as Android is concerned, once you've got it, you've got it, but it's not as easy for newcomers (took me almost a month to teach my Mom how to use hers; but once she got it, she loved it and would never use anything else). iPhones are pick-and-play. They make all that tech accessible for the masses. You can't do much to mess it up unless you jailbreak it, so there's no worry.
People pay for the name "apple". Apple will forever over-price their products because people will buy it, and people will always buy it because they want to be noticed and show off their money poorly spent. Android is for the people to enjoy and USE, not just show off.
I have both an android and an iphone, and I prefer the iPhone. One of the biggest reasons is: it looks so nice. Let's be real, the double glass and brushed aluminum sides is so slick. Otherwise they both work great. I'll be honest, I like it because it looks nice.
Ron W
Better customer service. Easier to get a defective phone replaced. More accessories. Better app store for iPad specific apps. Most of all better battery life on iOS. (Forgetting the battery issues on iPhone 4S for a moment. )
People buy iPhones in Portugal, because they are expensive, and because it is "Hip" to have an iPhone... 90% of the people I know with iPhones, dont even use any data plans, nor use it for any online things. only to make phone calls, and take a random picture.

+Ryan Braemer is 100% correct.

I had an iPhone, for 6 months, sold it off and got an android, have had an android for the last 2 years, and I am not moving back to iPhone.
because of its originalty and it is revolutionary
I like Android as a platform, and android is where i go. But the iphone has several things going for it. Single ecosystem, great hardware, software just works (try dragging something on an iphone and try the same thing on an average android phone. This was spelt out by john gruber too), and incredibly secure. Tech geek, android's the way to go. For everyone else the iphone is hard to beat.
+Fatik Owais lag try load java on a web page. Also when the phone goes to the black screen an they ask an Android user to fix it.
Considering that now there are better android phones in the market, then we can say that people still but iphones because, one, they don't understand about phones, or two, the brand.
+Mike Elgan I think the primary reason is that Apple did it first. The iPhone was the first of it's kind (I'm mainly referring to the interface and OS). It, therefore, built up a body of users that has continued to build. I agree that some of it is culture and the sway of peers, but I think the fact that Apple did it first is the main factor. Some will try to argue that Apple wasn't first... but they're wrong.
I'm a Nexus S user and love my phone and Android.
Because there is a group of people that don't want to learn they want to be a Robot to there phone no question just us it.
Best of any class in hardware integration. If only they would team up with Google to get that software integration bit...
+Ryan Braemer So you're saying Apple has a reputation as a high-priced brand, and so by buying an iPhone they tell others they have money to spend and expensive tastes?
robert martin what about games on iphone do they lag ?
Both are easy to use, but Android has more customization which scares people. They stick with Apple because it's pretty out-of-the-box and they don't want to mess with it. Both great products. Apple is safe, Android has options. It's personal preference from there.
With Apple its all about design, quality and user interaction. I was an Architect before I was in the software business. In school we were trained in color, human interaction and design. Much like many famous architects, the true beauty of any structure is in the details or in the simplicity of the details (Louis Kahn, Frank Llyod Wright).

Apple set the standard that others copy. Their user interface is better, the industrial design is better. I wont argue that they are missing features or are behind. The technologist in me can't tolerate that argument as I know its correct.

All that being said, my iPhones, Pad and Pod have all worked extremely well, the design is excellent and the ease of use is something all UI designers should aspire to create or be a part of.
I almost bought an iPhone. But the ball and chain (iTunes) put me off. I also wasn't able to copy files - music , video, whatever - to and from my Apple device......They could ONLY go through iTunes if I was to be able to use them.

That wasn't acceptable.

So flip the picture around. People without deep tech skills would think they were doing just awesome by coping with iTunes and letting it do everything for them...and happy to live within the restrictions it imposes. They learn the rules and conform to them. In time, they may even come to love them. A sort of handheld Stockholm Syndrome.

Plus there are lots of cool apps and fun stuff and LOADS of 'buzz'. Yeah...really buzzy.

They buy buzzy.
I first went to Android after several years with Blackberry (Pearl, Curve, 9700) and prior to that, Several years of Palm (Treo's 600, 650). Blackberry went down one too many times over a summer and I grabbed someone's iph to test out. I was afraid of the lack of keyboard and immediately could not type. Literally, it took me 15 minutes to type my username into my email field and when I tried out my BF's storm it was worse. So iph just wasn't an option and Android drew me in out of the necessity to be able to actually type ANYTHING. (seriously, I could spend a half hour trying to type a url into a browser on those phones).

Now that the touch keyboards have improved and I managed to avoid the physical keyboard on my g2 for several months, I will stay with android because I want to rule my phone. My phone literally is my brain most of the time. I want to make my phone do what I want rather than having my phone guess what I need. I want two or three batteries when stuck in a meeting and dying for twitter access and background music. I just love the huge screens, power and ability to get my android to do almost anything no matter how esoteric. I spend all day listening to podcasts, watching the news, streaming from all over the world, tweeting and running my website all from my phone. Still need to set up a way to see what my son is doing on the computer at home and remotely loc him out when he's playing a game instead of doing homework.

People buy iph's because they are easy and people know what they do. Android marketing is all about specks and nerds and guy geeks doing reviews. When I show people how what I can do with my phone makes my life EASIER they are shocked cause they literally don't know what it is outside of... "Android is for nerds and too hard/confusing/complicated for me to use." iph shows people how their phone affects their lives. Android marketing just doesn't do that.
because iPhone have more quality and good looking UI apps less crap and better gaming graphics as compare to android
It's their way of keeping Steve Jobs vision alive.
I believe it's a trade-off between:
1. Tightly integrated, well designed for simple uses, though increasingly-closed and expensive system that 'just works'
2. Open, relatively cheap system with multiple device options, though slightly harder to learn, less polished and easier to 'break'.

Everyone has their own tipping point on that trade-off and decide accordingly. I value the flexibility of open system and choice of devices, so go for Android. Many friends prefer the tight integration and design enough to forgo openness, so go for iOS.

That doesn't mean that the 'cool-ness' factor associated with iOS devices doesn't come in play. :)
I am an outsider or a protest, I do not own any Apple product. I think differently
I want to buy a phone today that has the latest version of software on it, not two or three versions ago.

I want to buy a device today that when the next version of the software comes out I know I'll not only be able to have it that day but I WILL be able to upgrade.

I'd say that less then 30% of the Android devices being sold new today can say one of those things let alone both.

irish d
they've probably invested a lot in the apple ecosystem. and since anyway google apps are not exclusive to android phones (though more integrated) plus everyone's saying the UI is exceptional then why not. mike elgan looking at the other camp's perspective of the iphone hype is curious. looking forward to the article. just don't put us too much in a bad light. i am also curious why the top tech bloggers are champions of iphones. i had to mute a lot of siri gushing posts lately. i don't join in the fight that much is coz i've never tried both. playing with an iphone is not the same as experiencing an iphone. i've always known android is for me. am not an android fan, am a google fan.
Do i get paid for my input Mike?
robert martin if you need a big screen idevice buy an ipad not ugly android phones
When I read Steve Jobs' biography, I realized why I can't stand the iPhone or the iPad. Apple products are extension of Steve Jobs' being and though this biography might not be 100% accurate, he sounds like the type of guy I definitely would have bumped heads with.

But even before reading the book, I already chose Android because I believe in the ability to do whatever I want with whatever I buy. My property is my playground.
Its advertized as being sexier/slicker/cooler (same as Macs vs PC/Windows).
No offense but its like flocking sheep. True, Apple has great products but they all lack the variety/versatility/customization of Android (or Windows).

Nevertheless people prefer easy to use/hassle-free products even if the alternative is better/cheaper/versatile.

So I guess its a choice between people who wants it easy and functional... vs. those who want to get a lot more but would work for it (researching before hand, doing a lot of adjusting, dealing with incompatibilities, etc.)
I'm with the latter ^^

P.S. will not be responding to any troll replies ^^
Apple have a great advertising team on the iPhone,maybe is one of the reason 100 million people bought the iphone.
What about us "non-phone" people? I don't have a smartphone of any type because the data plans are still way too expensive for my needs. I do, however, like a handheld device that can manage data. At the time I got my iPod Touch, Palm had just abandoned the PDA side to focus exclusively on phones. As far as I know, there is no Android counterpart to the iPod Touch (although there is for the iPhone and iPad.)
I really have yet to get what is so great about this iPhone, the only thing I can see is that people like to be told how to do things, and the Apple ecosystem keeps them from adding a home screen widget or customizing anything, which I guess gets all that tweaking of the system out of the way so people can focus on using the phone. Still though coming from Android to iPhone, aside from the camera , my Android could do everything the 4s does, most of the time better. Why do people choose iPhones, because they are lured by the shiny logo and want to fit in with all the hipsters, I mean really, it has to boil down to wanting to fit in with the cool crowd, and being okay with only doing one thing at a time.. I know people will say its all about design and blah blah, but really, design wise I think the iPhone is pretty horrible, you cant even resize the keyboard for larger fingered people...
People buy them for different reasons, my wife wanted one because that's what she saw a smart phone as, I went with android because I like to tinker, and modify my hardware / software.

The only reason the wife didn't end up with an iPhone is when she went to the Apple store to get one, she wanted a phone that wasn't the Newest version at the time (was looking for one generation older) and the Apple rep just walked away when they learned she didn't wan't the newest toy they were selling.
+Fatik Owais still can't do what i want, have to use the only thing apple offers. That is why I went to android.
Simplicity, user-friendly, intuitive: that is why my family has always owned all Apple products. I grew up with only Apple computers in the house and mostly at school. When mp3s came out why would I have bought anything else? When iPod touches came out why would I not have bought an iPhone? I'd already learned everything from years of Apple products and have been educated on it with every new update. For me usability is key. I straight cannot use a Blackberry because intuitively it makes absolutely NO sense to me. Same with Droids. I also know I can walk down the street to the Genius Bar and they'll be super helpful and not waste my time. Change is a powerful factor here.

Apple is really good at TV commercials, emotion sells.

The name
iPhone is a lot easier to remember than the: Droid RAZR, Samsung Stratosphere, Droid Bionic, LG Enlighten, Torch 9850, Curve 3G 9330, Casio G'zOne Commando, etc.

Simple Choice
When a phone buyer walks into Verizon there are 15 Android devices, each one different in some way (bigger screen, LTE, OEM skin, etc), which is not an easy decision (non geeks like easy). With the iPhone there is a simpler decision tree; 4S or 4, black or white and storage size.

Battery Life
Not counting the current iOS 5 battery issue the iPhone has always had excellent battery life. When I used my Nexus One I probably only got 2/3 the battery life that I get with my iPhone 4.
Simple, uncomplicated, powerful phone. No need to work outside the 'walled garden'. Okay with vendor control.

None of these are bad things. Just a different user profile.
Advertising, I would say, along with a target market - those people who aren't likely to dig deeper into their devices. I like having the opportunity to tweak or customize my phone/pc, even if I never actually do. Same reason I prefer windows boxes over macs, because I like to be able to pick and choose the parts that make up the whole.
This is proof that like minded people will find reasons to fight over anything, and there will never be a chance for humans to get along. 
Form factor, materials (made of glass and metal instead of plastics), apps I already own, the camera, Instagram, I enjoy the user experience... and well, I love Apple :P
For the same reason people bought the wii. Ease of use. All you have to do is invite a friend over, hand them the wii controller and ask them to play wii sports. It's not complicated and your friend and you now have something you both understand. The same goes for the iphone. Just hand it to an elderly person and show them the basics and watch them go. When it comes to technology and the masses, less is more.
+Mike Elgan That's the best I can do with this Android vs Apple battle. Think back to when the iPod came out. Would you dare to walk around without those white ear buds plugged into anything but an iPod? Even if another mp3 player had all the iPod features PLUS more (FM radio is a good example)?? I couldn't do it, everyone else had this over-priced, sleek iPod with the classic touch scroll wheel, so of course i went out and spent $299 to be part of that group. Don't get me wrong, i like apple...but it's their marketing i like. To me apple isn't much more than a spoon from Swarovski.
In my opinion, the reasons are simple:

1) It was Apple who marketed the whole touch-based "Smartphone" idea first. As a direct result, Apple is associated with the whole idea (even though they never invented it), and the first thing that comes into the mind of an Average person when talking about Smartphones is Apple.

2) The concept was futuristic for the average person at that time, and Apple made sure that it was intuitive and natural for the average user to get acquainted with it quickly. Thus, Apple is associated with "the future" and being "artistic".

3) Since it was costly, the iPhone was also a matter of pride, and had a feeling of elitism associated with it. Apple has maintained the aura of elitism around the iPhone, while ensuring that it remains as polished as ever, and the target users, who have money and don't really care about technology, remain satisfied about how good it looks and feels, and how it has hardly any problems

Thus, to the average user, the iPhone is original, futuristic, fashionable, and elite. Most of these users hardly care about technology. They just want it to look and feel good, and to give them a feeling of being elite (because of the cost).
You know what you're getting with Apple. For many people, it's the safe choice.

When you think of the word "iPhone", what image do you see? You get one image in your head. And that image conveys sleekness and coolness.

Now try Android. It's a more cluttered image, because of how many different shapes and sizes it comes in.

People don't like being confused.
You should note that many Android users buy an Android phone and NEVER know nor care what Andorid is. They just buy it because they liked how it looked, the price, etc. But most of the iPhone users know what they are buying.
Brand loyalty, perceived elitism, belief it "works." My dad got one as his first smartphone, and I have had to help him so many times with things he couldn't figure out, settings he couldn't manage, and often times it broke, I had to suggest to him turning it off and on again. Just the other day I had to first figure out and then show him how to rename one of his groups of apps. He is not a Mac user. I think he may have chosen this over another phone because he is a realtor and he wanted to impress his clients, and he liked the look of it. It was a simple choice for him to make, "which color do you want?" He doesn't concern himself with phone specs or space or any of the tech really.
hey guys Mike Elgan just want to know how the hell a single phone (iphone 4s) is beating so many phones alone
apple is a good company they make good product. Google is a good company an makes good product. one is number 1 an one is number 2. Lets talk about how Rim or WinMo is going to make it.
I think the question you ask is easy to answer and not very interesting. People buy iPhones because they're good devices that are easy to use. Apple utilizes phenomenal advertising that portrays iPhone users as hip, young, and tech savvy.

I think the more interesting question is why do Android users not buy iPhones. For me the answer is that I don't want to be pigeon holed into Apple's world. I absolutely hate iTunes. I find it a horrible program on Windows. I have an Android phone, a Zune music player (the Zune software is far superior for content management), a rooted Nook Color, and a Kindle 3.

I don't like to be trapped by any company.
There's a dualism to the Apple Marketing engine that I've always been fascinated by. On the one hand, every product they produce is heralded at the time of launch as the modern definition of perfection. And yet year over year they launch some new product that they claim has redefined perfection. I think this is why people buy iPhones. People who buy iPhones actually believe they're getting the best piece of technology money can buy.

I think people buy Androids because they know how to compare technical specifications and appreciate the flexibility of the model that android provides. Android allows for customization of the user experience in ways that Apple would never allow in it's products. Ultimately Google has provisioned a platform with the tools required for true freedom. That freedom is still being marred by the carriers, the hardware manufacturers and to some extent the government but ultimately the Android platform creates the greatest possible personal expression of ones self through a mobile device. That being said, I can always recognize an android phone in the wild, which speaks to the consistency of the UI despite the fragmentation of the market and extreme customizability of the system.

iPhone continues to see sales but not increasing market share. This tells me that Apple has capped the market for people who want perfection but don't know any better than to buy an apple. This market always upgrades to the newest definition of perfection and rarely jumps ship. iPhone 4S saw record pre orders for any iPhone device but their market share remained at 28% over the last six months. This tells me that the market isn't growing, its just the same 28% continuing to invest in a very controlled and predictable environment that feels safe to its users.
+David de la Luz I cannot agree. , most people buy an iPhone because its from Apple and because they know someone who has one and they want one just like it. they want to show it off... at least with Android phones you can chose something you like for its looks, whilst having the same functions on any device you chose. I have a 500 euro Android, and have another 120 euro Android, and am able to do the same in both!
Sooo many people i know that have iPhones have a) no idea how to use the thing, b) too much cash and c) believe that they are the dogs dangly bits just because they own one....Status symbol to the max. I ask these people why did you spend so much money on an iphone? And this is the best...."it just works" ....brilliant marketing you gotta hand it to them!

In saying that, they are a great phone....and with most educated people it comes down to preference...i much prefer my Galaxy S2 to the iPhone...although i am seriously thinking about hitting up the 4S just to play around with Siri.
+Mike Elgan It sounds like the better question is, Who are 100 million iPhone 4s users going to turn to for help with their devices?

Android Users.
It is because there are a large number of people who are not interested in the way stuff works, they just want it to work. I need to understand how, so that kind of voluntary ignorance does not appeal to me.
Look up "iPhone I don't care" on Youtube. Explains it all
Flame Bait. I'll Play. Cause they are too dumb to figure out how to use an Android.
remember: "There is an app for that"
I use Android so my phone doesn't tell me how to use it. I tell my phone what I want and how. If I don't like how this manufacturer decides to customize Android I install a bootloader and flash a new Rom. If I want a different keyboard I go download one etc etc.

An iPhone is just an iPhone, and android device is much much more then just a phone.
+anthony johnson said it best. they want the world to know they have something. so cool. This is sarcasm. Read my other posts. (sigh)
Early Android adopter and just made my DroidX(2nd Android phone) my permanent clock and bought the 4S. If I'm dumb, I make a great living being dumb
I think androids and iphones are both remarkable devices. I carry an android but I appreciate the amazing technology behind both.
I wanted to add, fewer choices make for higher sales. There is a ton of research on this and Costco succeeds on this model. The human brain freezes when there are too many options to choose from and often people give up and choose not to choose. Costco succeeds in getting people to buy more stuff because there is only 1-3 similar items to choose from. When buying an iph, you just buy an iph one choice... big memory or smaller memory. When buying an Android the options are really over-welming for most people.
We use Google Premiere at my company and Android works so well with all of Gmail that it just works. I currently use an Atrix.
Combination of excellent marketing that involves memes (Apple products just work, Apple products are easier, Apple really cares about you, Apple doesn't get viruses, etc...) and status (It's COOL to own apple stuff... Look how cool the songs are they use in the commercials, That guy in the t-shirt is much cooler then that guy in the suit etc..)

Combined with a business model that "secretly?" drives users towards more Apple products.

Want to take those MP3s you bought on iTunes on the subway? Better own an iPod! Like iOS? or OSX? Can't get it on hardware not sold by Apple. (Which reinforces the "it's cool" marketing, by making it feel exclusive.)

Consequently these are the reasons I chose Android instead. I bought the phone, I don't like the company that made it telling me how I can use my new product, or what other tech I can combine it with, or that one hardware configuration is the "right" way.
the iphone users i know fall into a few fairly simple but overlapping categories.
1. no real tech knowledge, want a smartphone that does it all and does it easily, and believe the hype, and see others doing things they like on phones and assume those phones are iphones (much like the same people see people using an mp3 player and automatically thing ipod)
2. software continuity/updates - they used android and got burned by manufacturers sticking them with no software update path for their phones, and see people with iphones just as old getting updates. more updates must mean better, or so they say. (and this may be one reason for me to consider switching....the fragmentation of the android OS/hardware and inconsistency of manufacturers to release updates...instead of telling me to need to by the newer phone)
3. image/ego - these are the people that stand in line for a phone upgrade and put alot of effort into making their clothes/etc appear effortless. they spend much of their income on disposable items and view their phone as just one more accessory.
I know many people that bought an iPhone because they think it's the best phone (I don't know if they are right or not). Nevertheless, my opinion is that most of them aren't aware of the features or capabilities of Android phones.
I am an Android user (phone- G2x), but also an Apple user (laptop/iPod/soon-to-be iPad). Why do I use both platforms? In my case, its because each platform does something really well. I love my Android OS because of its customization. I also like that its more open to the developer community so they can GO FOR IT with their new apps and ideas. I also like having root access (I am an engineer by trade). However, I also like Apple because its just User Simple. When I get home from work, I dont want to have to think about my computer needs, I just want it to work. There may come a time when I give up on my Android OS phone and go iPhone, but not yet.
I find it interesting how many of you cling so desperately to the "Apple users are ignorant and incompetent sheeple" mindset. Why are you so insecure with your choice that you must belittle anyone who thinks other than you do?
some of my friends switched to iphones from android phones because they were frustrated with bugs, things not being developed when launched and the device crashing many times. They always ask my why Google is not investing more time to make sure the product is perfect before the launch and frustrating users. It took my friends too long to see the benefits and cool features the android phone has ... so they switched!
+Mike Elgan "What makes the media favor iPhones?"

Oh boy... this will get into politics, which I try to avoid here, but here goes:

People in the media tend to lean left politically (not all, but more than half) and are the "turtle-neck wearing type of crowd" (not saying there's ANTHYING wrong with that!!!), but those are the types of personalities that are attracted to Apple, the company. Steve Jobs being one of "their own". A lot of people see Apple as the panacea of that type of thought and attitude (again, not saying there's ANYTHING wrong with that!!!!!!!!!!). People naturally tend towards groups of people that reflect their own personality and towards companies that reflect their own personality, attitudes, and politics. Apple is a natural fit for that with writers and journalists (once again, not saying there's ANYTHING wrong with that!!!!!!)

Also, writers obviously use word processors and page layout tools and the Mac has always had superior software for that, so journalists and writers are naturally drawn to Macs, which gets the iPhone first billing for their reviews.

I've treaded as lightly as I possibly could with that and I hope no one interpreted it as a negative statement in any way, because it wasn't intended to be!
apple always tells the truth in their ads while android phone shows themselves very smooth ,fluid and shows that it games got better graphics but in real android only lags
For those of us with a family, the ecology of ipods to itunes to itouchs to ipads makes resisting the iphone similar to trying to swim upstream. I have a DroidX now because the iPhone was not yet available. Not sure what I will do next time.
The way I am being treated by android phone makers is making be want to switch.

I bought a Bionic when it came out, it was half price within a week. Now I am waiting for ICS, which may come out sometime after all the new phones get updated.

The iPhone is security that your phone will not be obsolete in
two weeks, and you will still get updates in six months.
Because I like nice and polished stuff.
+anthony johnson if iPhone users were so busy making all that money, then they wouldn't have an extra 14 hours to sit in line and wait to get their hands on a new apple would they? See, they could have spent all that time tweeking out an Android phone to exactly how THEY want it, not how some company tells them they have to have it.... ;)
ok so I've been reading the comments and it seems that everyone has come to the same conclusion there are three major reasons why people buy iphones:

#1 social status, whether its to prove you have money or to just show off to your friends that you've got the newest thing, you've done it for popularity, this also goes on to include that if your friend has it they can show you how to use it. It is an easy way to fit in.

#2 easy user interface, lets face it all of the apps have been tested, the home screen is set up already. And everything about the phone has been pre-programmed into make the users life easier.

#3 good marketing, everyone has seen the commercials, the ads on everything and the use of apple products in movies, music videos, T.V. shows, and many many many other forms of media. fact of the matter is that the apple company may not really be geniuses, but they sure as shit know how to appeal to the common person.

But all in all what it comes down to is the basic creativity of the user, apple customers will tend to be people that like things pre-determined for them. they will like things made easy but to seem complex. An android customer will tend to be a little more creative and different. they will be the people that will look at a developer product before they look at a mainstream item.

Maybe it's time for people to start thinking differently again.
Yup! if you dont have an iphone well you dont have an iphone
People buy iPhones because they're faster and shinier. The End.
I never go with apple because simply I can do more things with less expensive products. Also, I resent being forced to do things their way and not being able to customize. People buy iphones either because they buy into the hype, don't know they have options, want to think they are part of some innovative cultural movement, or just prefer paying a premium for "slicker" presentation.
"If you don't have an iPhone then you don't have iTunes!" <-- should always be said like its a GOOD thing.
Because there is always a potential health hazard that all the options and customizations of Android may blow your mind. Iphone does not have that problem.
+anthony johnson well if you are waiting in line at the apple store for 14 hours, you sure have all that time to root it, throw a custom rom on the thing... :p
For one thing, iPhones are beautiful. They are easier to use than android (I don't think this holds good anymore. Android's user friendliness has improved a lot), and most people (unlike tech-savvy people like some of us) don't find small things and features to be necessary. And as +Maya Goode says, there is just ONE iPhone unlike a lot of android handsets, which focuses the attention to one device and can have a halo effect.
You asked Android users why people bought iPhones? Oh geez.
irish d
+Mike Elgan don't forget part 2. let's ask iphone users why they think _ million people are buying androids. let's see which camp are snarkier.
Good question. I'm always very excited about every new gadget, but iPhone and iPad never interested me. I played with it and I think the software is not really great. It just feels so very not awesome.
So why would anyone buy an iPhone..? What I gathered from friends and colleagues is that most of the time it's just the fact that the iPhone is the device you can buy without thinking much about it. With Android you have to dig into hardware, specs, which version is installed, is it gonna be updated, etc. an iPhone you just buy and you're probably gonna be happy with it.
I haven't had a chance to go through all the responses, but here's my assumption coming from an Android user surrounded by iPhones

iPhones are everywhere. They were the first to the market. They have the most hype and commercials surrounding it. They have a single form factor, that doesn't change.

The issue with Android is that there's really no single one phone that a user can relate Android to. HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG, etc etc etc all bring a completely different user experience. If a user has a bad experience with any of those manufacturers's builds of Android, then they'll say that Android sucks, as opposed to the brand of phone that they bought.
iphone got personality it always introduce new features : multi-touch , apps , accelerometer then gyroscope , gorgeous display blah blah others are just too late
I used to have an iPhone. Now I have a Nexus S 4G. I can tell you I got rid of my iPhone because it seemed every time I tried to sync or update the iPhone with my PC, the result was a daylong catastrophe of losing everything and starting from scratch. If you live in an Apple tech world, the iPhone is simple technology, it is elegant, and it does what you want. You can't manipulate it as much as Google products, but that is a good thing for some people? It is plug and play. It is also the culture. iPhone's are elite technology.

When I had an iPhone, no one ever asked me, "Oh, why did you buy an iPhone opposed to another smartphone?" With my Nexus S, people ask me why I bought that over an iPhone or other Android devices.

Like +Maya Goode said, people actually prefer fewer choices. I wrote about this hear: <shameless blog plug> </shameless blog plug>. But I think it is relevant to the question. It is also based on the book by Barry Schwartz: The Paradox of Choice: Why more is less. I think it is pretty relevant to the smartphone market.
People buy iPhones because it's "the trend". Most of them are oblivious about what an android phone can potentially do, regardless if the hardware is durable or not. (With recent versions, look at the iPhone4S drop test with SGS2)

They think its "Apple" so everything must be great, nothing could compare. This includes the iPad, despite the ridiculous price tag they put on it. It's a giant fucking iTouch, nothing more.

They also buy it because they're unfamiliar with Android phones and are afraid of change; trying something new or different. Look at the teenage generations today... each and every one of them beg their parents to buy an iTouch. They've only used that when connecting with friends, so when they look at an iPhone they think its God.

Whenever I see an iPhone ad, they sound like snobbish, stuck up users.

Look at the original: Apple - Introducing Siri on iPhone 4S and compare it with the parody: iPhone 4S (Siri-ously?)

Also look at how much people know about Google. They know who Mark Zuckerburg and Steve Jobs are.

But do they even know who created Google? No, they don't.

What I love about Android the most is that it's open-minded. You can customise your homescreen more easily than an iPhone (eg. you can change the type of launcher easily). Compared to an iPhone you're given a set style.. and you have to stick with it.

Androids can even change their OS by hacking their phone to spin-off versions like Cyanogen and MIUI (which I currently have).

Also look at the apps. You have to "jailbreak" your iPhone just to get apps for free. I download apks most of the time... without the hassle to ask someone else to help me "jailbreak" an iPhone.
Microsoft does what it likes, and you better like it.
Apple tells you what to like, and their loyal fans usually do.
Google empowers you to do whatever you like, and I like that.

Apple makes a great product - very reliable and easy to use as long as you are willing to do it how they want you to and use all of their other products too.
I prefer to have choices and believe competition breeds excellence.
So,I also like having them compete with each other.
Marketing marketing marketing...thats what Jobs was a genius at! Create a hype and get people excited about a product that has already existed. Both (Android phones and iPhones) have their pros and cons. I have seen both crash and become unstable. You can sell anything to a large group of people if you have the right marketing and sales tactics. Look how Apple takes over a store, shuts its doors, create an Apple environment and hypes the pre-sale. Android (Google or their manufacturers) or Microsoft does not do this type of marketing for any of the their phones. If they did, it would elicit similar types of responses. Go back to the days of the Motorola Razr. Everyone wanted one or had one! It wasnt that revolutionary or did not provide anyone with more functionality than the other phones in the market. It was just cool because everyone was talking about it and it was a had-to-have item! Next topic! :) BTW Go to a Genius Bar...they are one of the busiest places to visit...plenty of issues that need solving!
I use to have Android phones,LG, Evo 4G , Evo 3D, i would not say its a bad phone but, all of this customization make me pull battery out every second day, apps on the market are not tested you installing them on your own risk, few times i had to reset my phone just because some app just killed it, battery life few hours if you lucky, even Iphone 4s with battery problem holds twice longer than newest android phone, design Iphone great, Android pure plastic, when you buy a car and see lots of plastic you saying looks chip feels chip :) internal and external memory on Android is BS many times you run out of internal memory and you cant download any of the applications, if i want to have good android phone i would have to buy phone which feels like a TV in my pocket, huge screen, who cares, if i needed ill buy a tablet, i need smartphone not Pocked tv. If people saying Apple using notifications from android, android look almost the same as Apple, same icons same interface, and iphone come out wit that back in 2005 when android was not even planed. System updates, few times i got system update pushed in my phone and after update my phone stop working, and tech support saying its maybe because of some applications not compatible with the new update, but you cant fix it i have to buy a new phone, iphone has non of those problems, they just worked, i have even original iphone first one and it still worked perfect, and iphone 4s has battery problem but new fix coming soon, android still didnt fix tha problem, instead you can buy extended battery and turn your phone to look like phone from early 90's. and you still not able to get it hold for whole day, Iphone is more user friendly, it just working, great design and quality. Android is a good phone giving more freedom to user but Poor design ( all the phones looks the same not much creativity), lower quality ( a lot of software and hardware problems), if they would fix it it gonna be great phone, but stop going higher with the screen size people starting to look funny when they cover there ear with LCD tv size of the phone. I would have both phones and i do, but android need a lot of work to be done. for right now iphone is better that is why peoples are buying it
I've used both android (HTC Sensation) and iPhone 4. Sticking with the iPhone 4 because of its simplicity.

Only reason why I like android is cuz of its customization capabilities and nothing else really.
People are buying iPhones because of brand, they think they are in top if they have iPhone. I do better things with my SGS2 and faster. Android opens many "windows". RIP Steve, but I will not buy an iPhone very soon.
My first smartphone was an iPhone, it was easy to get as all the carriers had them. I hated how trendy it was...Apple is an amazing PR machine and have a great blind following of Apple consumers. After 3 years with that iPhone, I'm glad to rid myself of Apple. As a smartphone newbie, it was easy to use, but after a while, I wanted more. I hated using iTunes, why can't Apple just make it so I can drag and drop my files onto the phone?
I love my SGS2 now.
People want iPhone because of the ecosystem, since the devices work well together. Also for the status symbol and it just works.
iPhone was on top before and is a reputable product. Most Android phones haven't reached this level of reputation and simply fall into being a htc or samsung. Also, iPhone is dead simple. This doesn't make it better though.
Look at the differences in the iPhone 4S announcement vs. the ICS announcement, and the reactions. Presentation is everything.

Also, from a development perspective, although I am an Android user, I wish that Google curated its market like Apple does its App Store. I have more faith in apps working on my iPhone development devices than I do my personal Android phone, especially after knowing how easy it is to put a crappy app on the market.

If Android is going to stamp its brand on the marketplace, why not make sure all the apps work as they claim to?

I think Apple is hitting a different market anyway though. Sure Androids cost $200-$300, but many are as cheap as free with a contract. Just like the PC vs. Mac thing... Mac hits the users that pay for the premium device, PC gets the rest. Android vs. iPhone is similar. Both strategies are fine; they're just hitting different markets.
The iPhone was the first non-BB smartphone my employer subsidized and I get to use it with my personal Apple ID. A great deal. I didn't have a smartphone before the iPhone.
For what its worth, when it comes to apps for creating music etc, iOS kicks Androids ass.
Android confuses them. Some people don't like to have choices. They prefer the more simple route of being lead in one direction. ie sheep.
I prefer Android because it's an "open platform" as opposed to how the iPhone is more "closed"...
I bought it because it works. Not because other people have it.
I didn't pre-order this thing or stand in line for it (I have the iPhone 4), I just needed a phone and this was the better choice for me. The phones I was choosing between (at the time) were the Droid X and the iPhone, and they cost the same amount of money with my discounts, so not sure why people think iPhones are for rich people. It's undeniably a beautiful piece of hardware, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that.
I'm not ever going to be customizing my phone, and this was easy to use out of the box. I just need to use the internet, text and make calls on my damn phone. Oh, and waste time with various applications.
For reference - my laptop is a PC and my MP3 player is an iPod.I am just going for ease of use whenever I purchase these items.

P.S. All my friends with Droids ask me to look stuff up on my iPhone when we're out - I assume there's a reason for this.
Very clever marketing and pricing. By making it expensive it's automatically 'exclusive'. Those who can afford it get it as a status symbol and the rest aspire to one day get one. Then after they buy into the iTunes world where they buy music and Apps, they get trapped. I've heard may iPhone users say they will stick to their iPhones because they have spend all this money on iTunes and it will go to waste if they should switch to Android. (Welcome to the Hotel California) It's genius really (and I'm saying this as a Android fanboy). The fact that they are simple to use and all the same makes non geeks feel smart. Genius!

Hopefully ICS will give Android that same easy to use quality.
Question: Since you choose Android, I can assume you like the platform better or like the phones better or both. Yet 100 million people have bought iPhones. Why do people buy iPhones? Please make your answers as long and detailed as you like :) :)

So you´re trying to do some research in social psychology as you want to know what group A think is the reason others buy B. It´s not why you personally bought A (many people seem to answer that) or why you bought B (some answer why the chose Apple which clearly is not the question). So it´s just about how A (Android) users perceive B (Apple) buyers. The only way to know is indeed to question as many people as you can and preferably unbiased etc. G+ will not be unbiased at all and the group who answers is too small so the end result will not be worth a lot. Especially because there are old and new reasons to do so and geographical reasons as well.

Let me give it a go:
Old reason: first smart phone which became well known enough to get the public to recognize the existence of the category. So
1) Iphone was similar to smart phone. Showed that you were tech savvy, early adapter, had needs for a smart phone, etc.
2) The smart phone didn´t require a smart user so no obstacle to use one. That it was an Apple didn´t make it easier, it was just the one available.

3a) Old reason as result 1: showed that you could afford a smart phone = Iphone. So show off.
3b) Old reason as result 1: maybe you couldn´t really afford it, but you still did because it also gave you the image of the tech savvy, in need for a smart phone kind of person. So again show off.
4 Old reason as result of 2: a smartphone was easy to use, a smart phone was an Apple so hence the the correct conclusion that Apples were easy to use, but to the wrong syllogism that only Apples were easy to use smart phones.

5) The press fell victim to this wrong syllogism and being non technical went on and on about the revolution which they should have called smart phone, but kept referring to as Apple or Iphone.

6) New reason as a result of all of the above, the large number of Iphones visible on the streets, the higher than average prices etc cultivated the old reasons but added a life style separation. Apple never spend a lot on marketing but profiling yourself became easier by the choice pro or against Apple than by any other means (like clothes, tattoos, hair cuts or other traditional ways). So reason 4 is just CULT. Not in a negative way, but in the literal sense.

So why did Android people choose for their phones. The moment decent Android smart phones hit the market they were quite easy to use although the the above was already in the mind set of a lot of people. Second problem: choice. Most people hate choice as shown in most research and Android forced you to choose. Between brands, skins, mods, versions, silly things like different kind of candy called Froyo or Eclair. You could buy them for low prices, medium and nowadays very high as well.

So now Android users perceive Apple users as followers, slaves of marketing, showing of types, people who aspire to project an image of themselves as important and ´men´ of the world, dumb (as they can´t choose anything else than the perceived easy to operate phone), cult aspects, lack of individualism. etc.

The funny thing is that most Apple users see themselves as the opposite of the perception Android fans have of them.

The probable result: now that Samsung became the largest single brand phone maker in the world the problem of choice, often associated with difficult as you need to read specs etc) disappear, HTC and maybe one or two others (Sony f.i.) will get a profile similar to Apple and the current unbridgeable gap will disappear and become a brand preference and association just like the choice between an Audi of a BMW.

The current problem: people have associated themselves so strongly with the cult of Mac or the nerd of Android that they have difficulty perceiving reality. Android fans dwell about custom roms which are just 0,01% of purchase decisions and Iphones keep talking about ecosystems like you can´t replace your trendy cover of buy a new app.

Prediction: in two to five years time this is all forgotten. You got five important brands and three OS´es and people couldn´t care less about whats inside but they just associate with the brand image they like. Apple will be one of the big five.

[slight edit as the numbers were wrong]
The iPhone 4S is simple, yet efficient. Personally speaking, this phone just works.
Seamless Google integration is why I chose Android. That and the fact that at the time I bought a smart phone the iPhone was only available through AT&T and I wanted to be able to actually make phone calls on my smartphone.
"It just works" is a common thing i hear. Most iPhone users are amazed at what Android devices can do, once they are shown.

Yes, iPhones "just work". Android work better.
Here's my two pennies. I have a lot of experience talking about this with iPhone users. My sister, her husband, father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law and 2 of my best friends all have iPhones.

I have asked them on numerous occasions why their phone is better than my HTC EVO 4G and later my HTC EVO 3D. There are a few differing opinions here.

1. Ecosystem: My sister and her husband both say that they like Android devices and the customization that it offers (they are both kinda tech heads); their reasoning for purchasing an iPhone is because they have already bought into the Apple ecosystem (they've had iPods since they came out, MacBooks and have all their stuff in iTunes). Both have admitted that if they weren't already walled in with all the Apple content they have already invested in they would both prefer to move to Android but probably never will.

2. First to market & Ignorance: My father-in-law considers himself the tech junkie (he's not really). He just buys whatever he hears is the best or comes out first. He doesn't own any other Apple products, besides an iPod. He bought the 1st iPhone and has upgraded to every version since. He buys whatever comes out first and then doesn't look at anything else after. He is one of those people that says Android's customization, widgets, notifications, etc are just fluff, but when Apple launched IOS 5 with drop down notifications, fake "widgets", and a lot of other things Android already had, he tells me "Check this out" like Android didn't already have it already and I didn't show it to him months ago. (Ignorance on Android capabilities). My mother-in-law just uses an iPhone because she gets my father-in-law's hand-me-downs.

3. Sheeple: My brother-in-law, sister-in-law and 2 best friends have no clue why they own an iPhone over an Android. They never give me an answer at all other than "It is just better and it has better apps". They can't tell me what those apps are or how it is just is. They bought it because they were told it was the best by other people (who don't know or keep up with tech) and because it is coolest phone (their words). They listened to the ads and say because "It's an iPhone and it just works". I show them cool things that Android can do and they just say that those features are meaningless without even trying them for themselves. They will barely touch my phone. My brother-in-law is actually considering Android now because he has gone through 3 iPhones that just didn't work.

That's my experience with why people buy iPhones. The best argument in my opinion is my sister and her husband's reason. I can understand getting something that fits your digital world you've bought into, but the other arguments are pretty weak in my opinion. They follow Apple blindly and would consider it the best phone on the market even if it was a brick with an Apple logo on the back as long as it came out first or was marketed correctly as the best device ever.
I think people first buy them because Apple are very efficient at marketing their products. Most won't even know there's an alternative to the iPhone and thus, by default, will go buy it because it's what "everyone has".

Also, it has a reputation of being easy, of "just working". While I disagree with that line of thought, as everyone I've introduced to Androids, even non-tech savvy people, can use them without problem, it sells very well to people who are scared of technology. If it just works, why should they go for something that could potentially be more difficult, right?

All in all, I think Apple just gets how to have the mass interested by their products, which is also why I never go for them. I like to be able to play around and customize my things, while many just like their things to be the way they are, and are completely alright with that.
If you walk into electronics store like Fry's you always want to come and take a look at Apple section..Their product design are so eye's catching, monitor display looks so beautiful...Further more Apple has long history of artist, film industry worked on their product like Mac, Final Cut..
They are almost idiot proof and work. I prefer android so I can "get under the hood" and play, but I also expect it to crash when I do that. Most people don't have the inclination to "hack" their phone.
many people don't wanna do a lot of things with phone they just want it to look cool and have games and ofcourse make calls and text and apple exactlly does the marketing in same way.....but that ain't impressing me
Apple products have a cool and wow factor that combines simplicity with a sleek design. A lot of people do not understand computers that well and don't mind being dictated what to run and don't mind to pay a lot of cash for it. I am the only IT person in my group of friend and I am the only one without a iPad. When I said I wanted to wait on the new Archos Android tablet because it was cheaper, faster, less limited in connectivity they all said: "Yeah but you understand computers".
Because they are sheep, everyone in my row of desks bough one if was like an infection. Thanfully I was imune!
the media is brainwashing people into thinking they want / need iPhones.
All of the above...except Eoan's comment. Andriod is so versatile you can put it on pretty much anything. So it comes on a variety of phones... some of which are slow and lousy but cheap, others of which are MUCH faster than the iPhone but almost as expensive as an iPhone. It all depends on what you get.
The brand loyalty that Apple inspires is probably the main factor, when a colleague of mine asked whether he should get the Galaxy S2 or the iPhone 5 the iPhone users simultaneously shouted "iPhone 5" even though there was no real data on the next iPhone (which would be the 4S, obviously). We may think of this as iPhone users being "sheeple" but the reality is that this kind of brand loyalty inspires trust in others.
And let's be real the iPhone is a great brand. Sure it's expensive and it's limited in ways that make my neckhairs stand on end, but there is no doubt that Apple delivers a premium experience. Android is a much weaker brand, because it is stretched out over so many phones.
I used to be a huge android supporter. Starting with the G1, and going through a variety of upgrades until I landed on the iPhone 4. Personally my biggest reason for switching was the consistency of iOS and it's polish. Android, especially ICS look great but still don't have the finer details that the iPhone does that make it a pleasure to use everytime you pick it up. Also iOS is incredibly stable and runs well the majority of the time, Android with every phone i've used has always had small but somewhat common little slowdowns, errors and bugs that over time start to really degrade the "Fun" of using it.

Plus although android has some very good apps, iOS simply has a bigger variety and more well-polished apps.
Because they think it's revolutionary, often having never used a smartphone before.

Because they like the ads, and the Apple way looks cool.

Because their friend has one.

Because they're told it's "the best"

Can be any number of things.
I think many people buy an iPhone just for the fact that its a culture statement.

I've tried showing some of my friends how I think the iPhone is behind some Android phones on hardware specs, and how an Android phone is highly customizable. But, some people just don't care about customizing the phone. Simple is better for some. Another reason, I feel, is that the market is over saturated with Android phones. When I tell people I have an Android phone they tell me they've heard bad things about Droid phones, thinking I have a Motorola Droid from Verizon. I try to explain the difference in all the different types of Android phones with different carriers....they get confused, I get impatient, and I then tell them to do what they want, its their money.

Uneducated people buy iPhones.
i thinks these should be reasons...
- style: they are good looking
- ease to use
- not every wants to go into the details of the application and want to have lot of new feature. They need phone with lots of feature and most of it starts from talking a picture, listening music, texting etc... and somewhat ends there. For ages when phones started evolving, these were the features. With time they just got better.
- style status - i know many who have taken just because they think it is cool to have one.
- iphone don't change often, unlike android which keeps on coming with new phones.
- They are innovative
- very good marketing

again most important: Most of the people do not want to invent new things or get new features. Their requirement is pretty much basic, just quality has increased for those basic things.
I have used blackberries (bold 9700), android (nexus S) and iPhone 4S, and these are the reasons why i like my iphone the best.

1. App compatibility/polish
on my nexus S every app that i had download has crashed AT LEAST one time on that phone (even the phone dialer has crashed on me). The reasons for these apps crashing is most likely due to the fact that these apps need to be developed for a wide range of hardware and device versions. It could also be due to the android development environment, i remember reading an article from a developer at id software (the developer of the doom, and quake video games) saying that developing on android is more of a chore when compared to the iOS development environment.

2. OS works more fluidly.
On my nexus S, i found that there were delays when opening and closing apps/menus/etc, the browser was jittery and i often had to rely on third party apps to replace all of the stock android apps (opera browser was much better than stock, keyboard replacements etc...) Everything on android felt like an app, whereas things such as the dialer, photo viewing music player etc on iphone feel like they are part of the phone.

Now these issues may vary with different devices, but considering that the nexus S is the stock google branded phone, one would think it would have the least issues as compared to the other manufacturers who load the phones with bloatware.

Now im not an android hater, there were many things that android did that the iphone never will come close to such as the google integration, customization, widgets (iOS has widgets now, but until apple releases the development tools for them we are stuck with just weather and stocks).

Another thing i loved about android was the quantity for free apps. Many apps on iOS that cost money are free on android, such as angry birds, dungeon defender etc...

But in the end, i have to say i love my iphone more then my android phone, the build quality (metal and glass as compared to cheap plastics), the quality of apps, and the closed ecosystem just give an overall better experience.
Because of the status factor and really don't mind having to squint to see the small screen and pay a fortune for all things iPhone.
The best UX interface and material quality out there!
Little Bit of topic...but this is amazing: this post is made 1 hour ago and has 273 comments.....seems to be a record +Mike Elgan
They just work = Toyota Camry
Preseption is everything. And perception is that ios is better than Android. Perception is sometiles wrong
The iphone is easy and simple to use and It works well will all of my other apple products....
Regardless of whether I prefer Android phones, objectively the iPhone is a solid alternative that would more than meet many people's needs. iPhone's are very good quality devices and have exceptional support. In a healthy market like the one we currently see for smartphones, there's room for this kind of competition and shouldn't be a surprise that a generally high quality option like the iPhone should do well.
To me, it comes down to "One-Upmanship". On the Android side, most of the powerful features are utilized by the "power user". People who have iPhones or wants the iPhone, would like to experience the same powerful features or have their own powerful features, without having to be a power user. I think that Steve Jobs was not a geeky power user but still wanted those power user features. So he enlisted the geeky power user to create something easier and a little bit more advanced than the rest of the competition. Hence the One-upmanship, it is the art or practice of successively outdoing a competitor and this eventually gets passed down onto the consumers. There are many of us that loves to display the One-upmanship and nobody does it better than Steve. Cocky bastard....RIP Steve. BTW I am an Android user because I like the constantly upgrading hardware, Google intergration, and the interface. I will also be switching to Windows Phone 7 Mango because I am a Windows 7 and Home Server User. Thanks for reading my post!
they don't freeze like my droid...
I think it's actually pretty simple. They were first. They've got the fan base, the app store and developers, they've got the "prestige" that comes with owning an iPhone. Most people don't research their electronic purchases enough. That is why people will by an iPhone. I'm not saying it's wrong, but most people, I think, buy them for the wrong reasons. You can simply do MORE with android. But again, Apple makes you think you can do anything, and that perception, as +Derek Raymond mentioned, is OH SO POWERFUL.
Because they like waiting in line for a product that has horrible battery life? I joke... people like different (and shiny) things, the iphone is definitely more the "jersey shore" of phones.

And besides, you can't hold your new toy up in a picture and look like a douche if you're holding something practical with a larger screen and LTE.
Android user here, but I'll admit that I use to have iPhone envy because it too is a good product. With that said I think their marketing is genius.. "If you don't have an iPhone, well you don't have an iPhone"
I think it's a brand thing and a lack of understanding how very similar the Android system is to iPhones operating system and available apps on BOTH. I used to think Blackberry was cutting edge until I got an Android phone, how stupid was I??? I've never owned an iPhone and don't see any logical reason to, I do not see ANY advantage to owning an iPhone over an Android. If people understood the two systems offer pretty much the same things, except price, they might not be so quick to buy that iPhone.
Status symbol, first and foremost. Apple generally makes beautiful products, their UI is simple enough for infants to figure it out, and the phone is rather constrained (compared to the anything goes world of Android) if you don't jailbreak. So long as you stay in the Apple sandbox, you get a fluid experience. Once you jailbreak and start tweaking your phone you're just mimicking other platforms. If you somehow got suckered into buying Apple computers and using their software, then an iPhone makes a lot of sense. I switched from Apple, never looking back.
iPhone is for people who want technology to get out of their way. Android is for people who appreciate being able to tweak and customize any and every aspect of their experience. Nitpicky? Detail Oriented? Like Specifics? Android. Hipster type? Like shiny objects? iPhone.
Because they're a bunch of iDiots.
It's the hoover, kleenex, xerox of phones. People recognize the brand when they go into the store.
iPhone is authentic. Everything else are attempts to catch up. So far unsuccessful...
I really like Android, have one, and recommended my that my Dad and sister-in-law get an iPhone. Why? I have to reboot my Android phone every week or more because of some odd behavior. I had to reboot my iPhone every couple of months. I would not switch back, love Android, but it isn't for everyone.
That picture says it all. Group thought is easily number one.

As an Android user - people buy iPhones because:
1. They're generally easier to use due to lack of customization.
2. Investment in iTunes/Apple ecosystem
3. Their friends have iPhones
4. Steve Jobs

Otherwise I don't know. They're cool pieces of hardware and an iPhone is an iPhone is an iPhone. They're not a Droid, or Aria, or an Incredible, or a Nexus, or a blah blah blah. Some people can't deal with all the selection choices.

On the other hand, sometimes I'm an Android user because of comments like +Igor Koudrik 's :) iPhone is authentic? Really?
The reason I find is that people want to be perceived as iPhone users. It is all about perception, but not how people feel others will perceive them.

How they are seen
Blackberries are for workers.
Windows phones are either geeky or for children.
Androids are for people who are not afraid to be seen as careful with their money and also people who are a bit technically inclined.
iPhones are seen to be for those who want to be different.

How I see them
Blackberries are getting a bit dated. They also really are for work (my work phone is a BB anyway)
Windows phones are a bit of an unknown. I would say they are the ones that are the 'different' group.
Androids are too big a group to classify but there really are some cheapies for the financially cautious. The expensive ones are probably the best smartphones on the market. While the 1st/2nd generation ones may have needed technical awareness to get the best out of them we are now somewhere around the 4th generation and they are very suitable for people who need an explanation for anything more complicated than connecting a charger.
I see iPhones as commonly used by 2 groups of people. People who will buy anything from Apple because they always have and people who in their efforts to "think different" are thinking exactly the same as all the other wannabes. The first group were early adopters and includes all sorts of beautiful and creative people. The second group does not.
I got mine with the assumption it would be easy to use. Mostly correct, with the exception of captioning anything. (This has improved slightly, but not with youtube at all.)
Why are you asking Android users about iPhone users?
Android is infinitely tweakable, and has to be tweaked to a degree, whereas the iPhone just works out of the box. For some people the tweaking is overwhelming, for others it's a must have. Some people like the openness of the Android API and the variety of apps it brings to the market, others prefer the admittedly solid quality Apple's curated approach brings.

In the end though I reckon the question is leaning towards stereotyping. I'd chalk it down to people getting whatever phone seems like the best option whenever it is they ponder a new phone, since I know both geeks and luddites on both sides of the fence. EDIT: spelling/auto correct, clarification
"Status symbol" and nothing else

I asked the same question why you bought iPhone from a number of iPhone users, they had no answer just they say 'It is best'.
Q: Have you surveyed the market?
A: No.

What I understood was that people buy it as a "Status Symbol" only. They do not even know what is in iPhone.
Alex S
The Android operating system is more for the people who use task manager a lot on their computer. Android operating system is like a control center. Those who know a lot about computers like androids. The common crowd doesn't know a lot about computers, therefore they buy iPhones.
Nikki N
I can't speak for anyone else but the comments made do make sense. Might just be one or all those reasons but for me its pretty simple. I've been a t-mobile customer here in the US for years and its an affordable monthly bill for me. Ive had many other carriers before including verizon, sprint and cingular which is now AT&T. None of those carriers made me happy overall. I cant see paying more than what I pay for something that does the same job as my android. To tell the truth too, I'm on my 3rd android phone and I've gotten many replacements due to the software not being able to keep up with me and my constant social networking programs. I'm in the process of looking for a new android that can operate smoothly. I would get an iphone it those 2 factors wouldn't be there. Monthly cost and durability. :[ Like I tell all my iphone friends, I can't miss something I've never had.
The iphone is an appliance, android is a hand held computer
I started with a BB Curve, moved to the HtC Touch, Evo4G, now I have the Evo3D. Personally, like it's been said many times, I hate the lack of everything but function on the iAnything. I have a jailbroken iPod Touch which I can't update because it'll go back to being a device for retards. iPod works fine for an mp3 player holding most of my music but I hate hooking to itunes to add anything when my Droid I can drag and drop without having to do a full sync. Each of them have advantages and disadvantages, but for me I needed something I could develop on for free (Apple charges $100 a year) and I can be one whatever OS that I want (instead of OSX). I like being able to place all my icons anywhere on the screen without the work of Jailbreaking. And most of all, I like the feel of the touch screen and the swipe to input my messages. I don't feel that I'm missing anything by not owning an iphone. All my iphone using friends are more envious they got sucked into marketing and the fad of iphone.
Because they can't understand how to operate an Android
One of my relatives wanted my advice, what to buy iPad or alternative. After listing his requirements I suggested Galaxy Tab 10.1. It fitted his requirements, wanted to customize to his liking, flash enabled, 1000's apps, updated OS. Even after all that he went for iPad. Why? Cos everyone else has one. Says it all.
It should be pretty clear to the OP by now that asking Android users why people buy iPhones is a pretty transparent form of trolling. Google showed this thread to me as "What's hot on Google+". Evidently hot means filled with uninformed commentary (with a few notable exceptions).
Pretty simple. Why do people use Windows when there's Arch Linux?
One does have more apps, more marketing, no options at all, but had better marketing which grew a good userbase fast, from where they can point at their "awesome" app store, iMessages and so on.

I use windows because most apps are designed for it, and Linux when I'm not playing video games on a particular computer.
Here's the deal.
Both Apple and Android have problems. But with one major difference.
Android's problems (freezing, interface, apps) are temporary setbacks, easily correctable (in the grand scheme) annoyances.
Apple's problems are fundamental and will never, ever be fixed. Apple's problems are due to their business model, and this is how they always will be.

Besides that, keep in mind - iPhone is made by 1 company and is very simplistic. Closed ecosystem, monarchy if you will.
Android is made by everybody and their grandma, everywhere, everytime, giving you a huge choice and promoting competition. Very open ecosystem, inviting everyone, smart and dumb. Kinda like internet.
I will say that the reason people choose Android over apple. the reason I did choose them was customization. My droid Charge has for dots on the home screen which all my apps are in. I like is streamlined.

also as someone in the process of making an app, the droid market is more open source, where as Apple you have to use their software, and they get a part of what you make off the app.
I am an Android user and as a result I have had to defend my purchase to many an iFan, as individuals, we would all like to believe that the purchases we make are the best, especially when it comes to a phone, and most IPhone users really do believe that the the iPhone is the best phone on the market, when it is far from it, I am not saying that android is the best either, but because of brilliant marketing, and brilliant integration into the Apple ecosystem, those individuals will not purchase any other device. Apple has fooled millions into believing that the iPhone is all they would ever want, or need, and everything else is either not needed or will hamper the experience, and though they would project that attitude that they have all they need, they would quietly jailbreak the device to gain the many functions that are missing, case in point: FLASH, iPhone users were BRAINWASHED into thinking that FLASH is a bad thing (because Steve Jobs said so), and it's a resource hog, and it's a security risk, FireFox is a resource hog, it's the second most popular browser on EARTH, which piece of software doesn't have security holes, please tell me, but yet, even with their brainwahsing by Steve Jobs, when SkyFire was launched in the "App Store" what happened, it had to be pulled due to unexpected and overwhelming demand. So it is mostly a matter of pride when you hear people say this and that about their personal device, what one has to do is purchase a device that best suits their personal needs.

Now where some see the integration as a strength, I see it as a weakness, e.g I have a co worker that was interested in buying a Samsung Galaxy S 2, and when he saw that I had the device, and after using it every time he has a chance, he wanted it badly, but he was waiting for what Apple would announce, when Apple announced the 4S, he was thoroughly disappointed, and I mean thoroughly, but guess what device he bought, the 4S, during our many discussions, I tried to show him the pros and cons of both sides, after having used both platforms extensively, in the end, I had to find ways to show him that the iPhone may not be as disappointing as it may seem, why, because I knew that although he wants the SGS2, if he bought the 4S, he wouldn't be disappointed because it would fit seamlessly into his lifestyle, because he has already been "trapped" in the Apple ecosystem. Note here that he does not have the device he wants, he has the device that he needs, Again, some would say that's a strength, I would always call that a weakness.

I have spoken with many a fanboy and they consider their level of integration a "religion", I am not trying to judge anyone, but that can't be good, now while I enjoy a level of integration, I still have the choice of buying outside the ecosystem and forcing that device to integrate the way I would want it to, it might be more difficult but I enjoy a challenge.

I believe in purchasing a device that suits your personal needs, and Apple's closed ecosystem doesn't allow for that, it's locks you in and provides you another person's vision of how things should be, I have my own vision and Android plays it's part in that. I rather remain outside and have the flexibility to adapt than too be inside and lack that fundamental right that I value very much, CHOICE
its a fashion statement! "I have an Iphone"
The crazy attention to detail that Apple gives to both software and hardware make for an overall better experience.

Btw, I was a devout Linux user for 9+ years. Now I'm 100% Apple and happier. Still, nothing beats Linux for running servers... :)
Apple, after 4 iphone generations, is not yet assuring quality calls, battery life and shockproof. i cant understand why people buy i phones. probably it's a mix between brand and status
I’ll always have an iPhone because I have too much invested in my iTunes library. Do you recall the pain of repurchasing your video library from VHS to DVD, then from DVD to BluRay? I’m a gadget nut; I would but a new, heartier Android in a flash if it met one of the two criteria:
1. I could play my already purchased or converted iTunes on it
2. If it had a feature so ridiculously cool (and unmatched/targeted by iPhone) that my inner nerd would say ‘to Hell’ with my iTunes library.
I'm sure this has been said already but the iphone is a status symbol. Apple is a status symbol. Apple doesn't innovate they just dumb computing down and make it look pretty. It is all flash with no substance. iphone/ipad technology was first done (to my knowledge at least) ten years prior to any of apples products. They are just good at advertising.
They're cool phones if you can afford it. If you can't, get your green robot on. Does it really matter?
+Scott Mc Google Music allows you to import from iTunes and their eventual video service should as well
I do agree with the others that say advertising. I think the iPhone ads are focused, it shows of what the device can do and how you can do it. It is simple, yet Apple dedicates some of their Ad time to explain how to do the simple things. On the other hand Android tries to sell on numbers: technical details and specs, which is what I care for. Even if I don't need it, I want to be able to juice up my Samsung Galaxy S2 CPU to 1.6GHz and extend it's battery life to 16 hours. I can do that with Android.
It looks cool and interface is designed for users with fairly low computer litaracy. I do use Android because my needs are way above basic (I gave iphone a chance on v4 but alas).
Many iphone users are completely clueless as to what is available out there. They actually think that sending a persons contact info to another phone is something only iphone can do!!! hilarious. I have tried to bluetooth music files to iphone users from my droid and their phone tells mine that the action is "Forbidden!" - nice. Simply put - I buy products that let me determine how I will use them rather than the company telling me how I have to use it.
I carry multiple iPhone's & Android devices. As a musician I find the iPhone & iPad a solid tool. Of course there are things that can and should be better and I'm confident in time they will.

Touch response and simplicity of use wins in my camp for reasons I own an iPhone. Plus I'm a stickler for visual details and it's all there. Android has a ways to go.

The nerd in me likes the Android for all the reasons (other than it's not an iPhone) other users have. I enjoy the fact that I can write an app and share it with friends and can just it's ready to go. I don't feel like a criminal because I want to do something with the device that wasn't in the original vision or intent. But at the end of the day the interface and fragmentation across many other devices/hardware specs etc. aggravates the creative tech. in me. I believe in responsive design but it feels like i've fell back to the mid '90's while designing a killer interface for an app to hit the top 50% user base of the Android which hasn't or will never update past 2.2.

1. ease 2. stability 3. iTunes
I buy Android because: 1. They're cheaper. 2. They are non-proprietary (i.e. I can buy a replacement battery or charger or whatever from another company). 3. There are many different flavors. 4. They are very hackable (appeal to my techie side), 5. Apple is cultish - no doubt about it.

People by iPhone because: 1. It's a solid, works-out-of-the-box product. 2. It has a reputation of quality. 3. There is a cult following that drives early and middle-adopters.
i would have to go with buying an iPhone because i already have bought quite amount of apps for my iPod, so i might as well copy them over to a iPhone.
I was going to get the next iPhone (which, at the time, I thought would be the iPhone 5) in June when my contract expired, but after the delays I got impatient and hated my HTC Hero, so I got a Samsung Galaxy S II instead.

I totally love it, but I understand the appeal of iPhones. The design is much nicer than any Android device out there, and (as I'm experiencing first hand) not all of my friends or family members can easily get to grips with Android. With iOS everything just seems so much more obvious and intuitive.
oh, also, as a deaf person -- I have found facetime to be very useful. yes, i realize i can do the same thing with skype, but i got tired of talking the person on the other end of it through things! :-) since i know a lot of iphone users, that was another factor.
that said, i'll probably get an android next time, to familiarize myself with that family of phones.
There's probably quite a few reasons, some that I can think of are:

1) Advertising: I've noticed most iPhone ads focus on how simple the functionality is while being powerful and giving the impression that whatever you may want to do on it, "there's an app for that". Android ads tend to give a more "powerful PC experience" feel which may turn many people off who just want a phone that work.

2)History: Apple had already had a reputation for cool gadgets that worked great and had a sleek design and when the first iPhone came out, it worked great while the first Android phones were pretty lackluster. I'm sure there were a lot of people who saw android phones as the dying competition, so why get used to a phone that may not be around while the iPhone will seemingly be around forever.

3)Product placement: I see the iPhone being used everywhere on television. All the "cool" shows like CSI and the like have the characters using iPhones in the field while using iPads back at the office to view their documents. I've noticed more Android devices on TV lately though, I'm sure they see the value in product placement, but Apple just got there first.

4)Status: There will always be those people who buy something simply for a status symbol and Apple is certainly no exception.

Apple is simply good at great functionality that's simple to use.

These are just some reasons I can think of off the top of my head, with some time to think about it, I'm sure I could flesh this out with more points and detail.

Oh, and I've been with Android from the beginning.
They bought an iPhone because they didn't need a smartphone.
Most of the points have been made and +Jacob Brown sums it up well.

Just want to add that while it can get hard to see through the defensive android fanboy's highly verbal "cos iphony usrs are dumb!" posts, Android is not the only community with such people.

Windows for normal users -- iPhone for normal users (95% of the population)
Linux for advanced users -- Android for advanced users
+Cindy Brown Skype is imho pretty crummy, the videochat extension of Google chat is a lot better (but afaik only works Android to Android for now).
Some people like the simple interface that apple supplies them with. There is no fragmentation in their software or hardware every one of the iPhones is the same for that software/hardware revision. With us Android users there are so many versions of android and no one runs the same hardware which makes it easier for things to break or force close and deter people who don't understand this and unfortunately makes them dislike the platform itself.
iPhone, and indeed, Apple, is a fashion statement. you are special if you own Apple products and you can hold it up over the other people.
it is a cultish fad.
(see pic in original post above)

android products are simply smartphones. they do what they say, (usually) and people are ok with them. that is good enough.
People just want to fit in and have the smartphone that everyone else has.
Apple is cool. I like the iPhone. My roommate has one now, my mom has one, my sister has had every version since the beginning. She has the iPad II, the Airis? The Macbook Pro, ect. ect...However, when I decided to go smartphone, she steered me towards the android market. She knew I wanted more than Apple could offer. It is a simple phone, the iPhone, and that is nice. But for me, I am happy with my HTC Sensation.
Because it's the only thing they know is a cool modern smart phone. After the iPhone was launched every time I bought a new phone lost of people would ask me if it was an iPhone (and it never was). They asked if my HTC Tilt was an iPhone. They don't even know what an iPhone looks like or does until they buy one, they just know that it's a cool phone. And the truth is: all of the models before the 3GS were CRAP that DIDN'T EVEN WORK because they were missing basic features that all other smartphones had.
Its all about the "other side"
There are many reasons that people would choose one system over another, and those reasons are going to change by person so it is hard for me to make generalizations, but I guess I can tell you why I would buy an iPhone if there were no Android phones to choose from.

First off, you turn on your iPhone and it works, period. No messing around with a bunch of setting an you know you are not going to screw it up unless you do something really weird.

Second, you don't have to debate which form factor you want in your phone, either you like the design of the iPhone or you don't simple as that. Sometimes that can be reassuring, when someone has already made those choices for you and you are happy with the direction they went in.

Third, the interaction with other Apple products. Apple has done a good job of interconnecting all of their devices so they work together seamlessly and easily.

See, to me these are the things that set Android and Apple appart, and I can see why people would find them desirable, but I also realize that you couldn't have these in Android without giving up some of the things that I love about it. I like messing around with the workings of my phone so that negates the first one, I like having a larger screen which means I can't just go with the "Standard", and while it is possible to get the third, the fact that there are so many manufacturers involved with Android, it just will never work as smoothly, but that goes back to the second point.

In the end, people will buy what they like, some people will follow the PR, some will go through trial and error till they find what works for them, but either way competition keeps the market growing so the more players the better.
Americans buy them for the prestige and exclusivity that comes with having the exact same phone as about 1/3 of the adults in the United States. :-P

Damn, I wish I could have made that same retail purchase, but my phone cost exactly the same amount, so I was precluded from joining that elite group of people. ;-)
A Kitti
its user friendly; a lot of people are using it and this leads to better connection, in a sense of more contacts in Whats App; a lot of applications are provided
Because they can afford one. I bought an Android because that's what was in my budget and also because it was an
upgrade with my carrier/Sprint. I have no regrets. I love the Android phone.
I think it is purely marketing. While I think Google has a lot of really awesome marketers, I have to admit that Apple does an amazing marketing job. Also, I think a lack of Android advertisements on TV may have to do with it, as well; while there are advertisements for specific Android devices, there really aren't any TV advertisements for Android, itself, as a platform. By contrast, Apple has run a lot of TV ads for the iPhone that really highlight software features.
Apple make products viewing people who don't want to lose time configuring or thinking about compatibility, also, people who care about status and money.

Android got some cheap phones, they don't garantee status. The OS itself, created by a a company not specialized in hardware can't give that eficiency between hardware and software as Apple's iGadgets.

Still, the variety of phones, and different brands for them, the constant competitivity made their technologies expand faster, so now, hardwarewise, Android phones are more powerful, but then, the Android OS is less stable than iOS.
As an android user for close to two years now, you can say I'm sort of an enthusiast. See I work in a Verizon Wireless store. and every single day I see shmucks coming in and asking for the iPhone, now mind you these people coming in they don't look very intelligent, they come in panting and screaming "What is the iPhone?" I look at them confused because I have this HUGE wall fixture "proudly" displaying the iPhone and they still can't manage to point out the iPhone. It would make my day when asking them if they can point out the iPhone, they would of course point out the Android phones.

I would then go into into conversation with this said customer, to briefly explain to me why they like the iPhone their answer and I quote "iPhone is a successful company, and I like companies who are successful" from that moment I practically lost all faith in mankind, and came into conclusion that the "i" in iPhone stands for idiot.

And that's why these people wait outside the Apple store waiting for their newest product. Us Android people don't give a crap, we'll wait.

As for your answer, there is no answer. People are stupid. End of story.
Retina screen is main reason for me. Haven't liked any of the android screens as well yet. I won't buy an iPad until they bump up the resolution to near retina screen levels. 
I hear time and again: "Beautiful piece of hardware" as if that's a major reason to buy a smartphone, "it just works" when you sink ridiculous amounts of money into the Apple ecosystem, "there's just something about it" that you can't explain because you know too little about what you're dealing with in which case your decisions is laughable, etc... The 2-3 valid reasons I've heard all come down to the fact that Apple nearly always uses tech which is very mature and well tested but the trade-off there is that as a user, you're always behind the technology curve. The exception to that seems to be the size/thickness of their devices, but even that has it's own trade-off and that's price. Since Apple won't allow others to manufacture its hardware, you are going to pay for that where with Android devices, we get that free now that Android has caught up with iOS in every meaningful way.
A lot of the perceived advantages of the Iphone don't really exist when an objective person puts them head to head with a competing phone, so the reason has to be easy susceptibility to advertising and promotion. Apple don't spend all those millions of ad dollars for nothing.
We buy androids because of its perceived usefulness and ease of use, in addition to the subjective norms that influence us to believe we are cool to have the greatest phone that was not an iPhone (so we chose not to switch carriers to do this) and knowing that Google will deliver an expanded market, we trust you will make it a better phone than iPhone... finally its Aesthetics!
Because they're pretty. . and easy to use.
It is a social pop-culture fad. The evidence is in the elevated price for the lack of core features. Not sure why someone would buy one, but of course, that is because I have chosen not to, I guess.
My husband had to give up his Android because the hospital he works at doesn't support it for some reason. He couldn't check his email and such through his hospital account there. He was forced to get an iPhone. He was and is still unimpressed.
Apple always leads, and the others follow. The followers come up with great products too, but no one else besides Apple is doing the proactive think tanking on that level!
J Cowan - Iphone 4S even with Battery Life problem ( it come out not even a month ago and apple has an update already) hold twice longer than any android phone,so your comment makes no sense Androids are well known for sucks battery life, LTE 4G? works only in few paces in whole city :) the time when carriers would build there 4g network new iphone would come out with 4g antena, And i think person with LCD TV on his ear trying to catch his LTE 4G looks funny to me, If i want big screen ill buy a tablet, i dont need cell phone to be biger than my head
I think it's because Apple came out with the iPhone before Android came out with similar phones. Many people who bought the iPhones then still use the same machine now. And when it's time to upgrade, they don't feel like researching. If they were happy with the iPhone, they just stick with it.
Siri will change everything - watch all the Siri imitators come out soon..
There are tons of reasons and I think you might not find "THE" single answer.

I read through the comments already made and found many valid arguments: marketing, brand, status symbol, simplicity etc.

I do agree with all of them.

Some thoughts from my side:

I think the simplicity comes with the limited customization of IOS, which is bad for geeks but great for the majority. An iPhone always stays an iPhone, where on the other hand an android device can be totally different when coming from different vendors (Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony etc.). Even for an experienced Android user, it can be difficult when switching from one device to another. I am a longtime HTC customer and I love HTC Sense. It was important for the first versions of Android, because the user experience of plain vanilla Android was just crap. But as ICS (Android 4.) has now almost all of the necessary UI enhancements integrated, is there still a need for OEM alternative UI's?

There is one iPhone model every 18 months, which is a perfect life cycle for a mobile phone. I usually change my mobile phone every 24 months. After this period, the phone shows first "little" mechanical defects and also the battery needs to be replaced. I never replaced the battery of a phone, because it costs almost the same as extending my mobile phone contract with my current provider. By doing so, I normally get a new phone at a very low price. The same happens, when I switch the provider. So what's the point here? A typical vendor of Android phones, throughs every 3 months a new model on the market. So my own phone is just one of many and also very quickly outdated. Also, the lousy software update policy of many Android vendors does not help here at all. You all know what I mean here... So the iPhone is the latest and greatest product of Apple for a period of 18 months and will be updated during 3 years. This makes the iPhone a valent product for their users.

Quality & Design
In general, the build quality of the iPhone is very high compared to the majority of the available Android phones. Also, the design is clear and simple and make it a quite unique device. For me, there is currently only one device, which beats the iPhone in built quality and design: Nokia N9. And this is not an Android device.

1.) Limit the customization of the Android UI and make clear rules for all vendors (Guys: it works for Apple and also for Microsoft with Nokia)

2.) Stop flooding the market with tons of devices every couple of months. The vendors should choose to generate limited number of devices and form factors, which stay the top model in their category for a period of 18 months.

3.) Guarantee quick software updates during a period of 2-3 years.

4.) Create devices, which are superior in build quality and which are based on a clear and simple design. Take the Nokia N9 as a reference!

+Mike Elgan , I believe +Chris Harpner nailed it, and his answer is quite complete. Fanboy effect (see the works of Max Weber on the origins of charisma), media-hype effect (smartphone = iphone), marketing and credibility (since ipods the "i" concept means good product even for the people who doesnt know that Apple is behind the iPod).

There is as well the fact that iphone buyers don't care about the specs. I'll go further and say that actually, people felt more safe with the first iphone as a transition to smartphones. Apple has been criticized by Android fanboys because of the lack of some features, but when my mom jumps from a device phone to a smartphone, she actually don't want to be disturbed too much. She just want the nice colors along with the old features.

And that's what Jobs understood i guess : what he called a revolution was really juste an incrementation, and that's what non tech savvy people want. Something looking good, that does the stuff they used to do on their old phones and that's it. Times later after the purchase, they ask some friends about what the iPhones can do else than texting, calling, going on the internet.

I don't believe it's about UX or UI or whatever (For someone who never held an iPhone, it's not that easy to understand how it works). UX/UI is nice, and helps build the emotional bind, but that's AFTER you have purchased the phone. People can suffer spending some little time to understand how to use the device. They did so to understand how to text, then how to use Facebook and so on. If Android was the only one in the market, vendors would have shown them how to do the basics, and they would go for it.

Oh, and yeah, some people just want to be seen with Apple on them.
Android is cheaper to own and has unsurpassed cloud synchronisation - so basically, COST

I certainly wouldn't pay £35 a month for a contract to get the latest over polished piece of apple tat, only to be crippled by an insurance policy that is over the odds because iphones are commonly "broken" by their users, strangely enough, just after the new model comes out when I can get a 5" screen Dell Streak for £15 a month less, including insurance!
I find people get iphones because they're simpler to use. Most of my friends (including iphone users) agree that an iphone is for people who are not as technically savvy.

Either that or they're getting it because their friends have it (watch the southpark Centipede episode, Cartman is a perfect example of how I feel apple users are like)
A big drawback of Android phones is that you can't be sure that there will be any updates for the OS in the future. With an iPhone you at least know that a current model will receive (and run) Updates for at least two years.

Second is the UX side of the OS. iOS almost always runs smooth as butter, even on older iPhone models, making the phone feel fast and responsive. The UI might be pretty backward, compared to Android, but it still works and is really easy to understand and navigate for new users.

Then there are the Apps. Pretty much every breakthrough App is released for iOS first. If a service provider wants to embrace the smartphone/tablet market they will most probably start with developing an iOS App.

And of course the Apple ecosystem. There are only a few products in the Apple ecosystem, which all work well together and have a high-quality image. A consumer can get a good overview of all products very quickly and thus feel assured that he/she makes an informed decision when buying a product.
iPhone is truly a smart phone....Android has still a lot to do to compete with iPhone!!!
People buy iPhones to fit in and be cool.
boo Jay
Despite the fact that Android is obviously better, people buy iPhones because Steve Jobs was a marketing genius, not because he was an innovator as so many people seemed to think. He was so charismatic, so persuasive, he could tell people his used underwear was the greatest in the world and the mindless iSheep would flock and pay premium prices for it.

Android gives you choice, customization, and the ability to do whatever you want with it. Apple creates products that are outdated from the get go and only allow you to use the phone the way they see fit, and if you don't like it, well then, go fuck yourself.

Androids are the Bugattis, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLarens, etc. of the smartphone market. And iPhone is like a Prius.
Some buy iPhones simply because they drink the apple koolaid and it's the thing to do. Others look at the options and choose it based on ease of use and/or app availability. I'm a strict Android user and will never buy an iPhone, but if my mother really wanted a smartphone I would seriously have to consider recommending one. She is not technically skilled enough to use an Android phone without spending a large chunk of time learning it and she would have little to no interest in doing so. I could teach her to use an iPhone in a few minutes after which she would be set and I would be bored.
I am on my second (or third, if you count a Nook Color) Android device. I have never owned (or wanted to own) an iPhone, but I do have an iPod Touch (so I understand iOS pretty well).

So, I think that iPhone is attractive to the consumers at large because of a few simple things:
Marketing — Apple is awesome at that they can make almost anything seem great; fortunately they don't need to work too hard because of their culture of ...

Design — it is superb: both the software and hardware (which is weak by Android standards, but optimized to the max) which lead to ...

Satisfying UX — although it is too restrictive for me, most people are quite happy with what they can do with an iPhone; it hardly ever crashes, the battery life is long, the App Store is full of well-executed ideas to enjoy.
Everyone look at me! I can now fit in with the rest of the apes!
People buy iPhones so they can say they have an iPhone. It sounds cooler than saying they have a Driod. I've only met a few people who have actually preferred an iPhone. like boo Jay wrote - lots of people are mindless iSheep and will buy anything that start with "i". I myself prefer to buy a phone that works.
First mover advantage. iPhones were out way before Android and claimed the majority of the market before Google got to the party. Apple simply has the momentum.
Because people who buy iPhones, want a phone more than a smartphone, iPhones aren't really smart, they're dumbed down for people who don't want to use a smart phone the way we Android users, use our smart phones. it's simplified.
I see it mostly as brand loyalty, i mean, if you were a early user of ipod and have enjoyed its service, never had issues with it technically and love the itunes store, then when the hell wouldnt you buy an iphone?
I use a windows computer, ive used windows ever since i was able to use a computer, i was an early adopter of XP, Vista and 7 (especially when switching from vista to 7 haha) but then whenit came time for me to buy an actual mp3 player, i chose a zune, sure it was rather clunky and very new, but i loved microsoft, and so far the only issue i have had with that zune was the fail update a couple years ago that everyone experienced, but things happen and that didnt deter me.
Its got to be the same way for iFans, why not continue with the service that supports all of the other devices you have?
Most people I know that buy an iPhone don't even know how to use it. I prefer android cause if I want it to do something i don't necessarily hava to shell out money to buy an app to do it. In the past Apple fanboyism was compare to a religion. Why do people buy bibles?
Because they have never owned a #smartphone and it is the easiest to start with. When people come to me asking what phone they should get I simply ask two questions:

1. Are you tech savvy?
2. Have you ever owned a smart phone?

If they answer no to both then I recommend the iPhone even though I am an avid Android fanboy. I had a guy at work that asked me this, mind you his current phone was a Blackberry Pearl, I recommended the iPhone. A year later he lost the iPhone and came to me once again with the same question, at this point I figured he had gotten comfortable enough with smart phones that I recommended the Atrix. He absolutely loves it, he did find his #iPhone about 2 weeks later in one of his shoes but stuck with the #Android phone.

I look at the iPhone as a training device, if you were learning to fly the iPhone would be a Cessna and an Android would be a F-18. Once you are comfortable with the way a smart phone works you can get something that is a lot more customizable.
Android is better in almost every way. You don't have to deal with Itunes(Which to me is a terrible program) and people just want the Iphone because it's a fashion trend pretty much. The uninformed I say lol.
its new thing, different, lots of applications, do almost every thing you need / want. status symbol.
what else you are looking for ?
Not to put this too simply or too bluntly, but the iPhone is the most polished mobile OS. Android is great, but every phone has its own little quark; that's something the iPhone doesn't have because there is one model they have to deal with. The iPhone is simple, it follows the same concept as the mac computers: allow the user to have options, but ensure everyone can work them without and background knowledge of technology. The "Droid" phones have the image of being "geeky" while iOS is known for being "pretty" and "it just works".

Plus, Google is known for having great ideas and concepts, but never exactly following through to make their products perfect. Something Apple is known for. I still love everything Google has to offer, though!
For a long time the iphone was the leading phone when it came down to it, yes now it doesn't seem so. And its not just people want to be cool of there followers or brainwashed but not all people know a lot about tech. So yes they buy what they know. iphone has been around and they hit the nail on the head when it comes to Ads. so stop talking bad about the other there phones you really only buy one for the other if it ties better into your life (like with google+) or you own alot of apple stuff and you know what you want to phone to synk with your stuff.
I work commercially, dropping my phone is a death sentence due to business objectives. I was planning to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S II, however saw this video: iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II Drop Test

I WOULD prefer an android with components that are virtually indestructible.
Its the community, the WOW factor. When you buy an Apple product it isn't just about the breaking technology, it is about the vision for the future. It is something people can get excited about and join a "family". In the world today, there is a large lack of community and Apply has created a community of people looking for something excellent. It is not just the product, it is the atmosphere of getting more than the device that you pay for.
Mike, you do not need a long answer. Everyone knows that some android phones perform a lot better. It is the genius of the design we love. Carved from ice, simple and beautiful. Gerry.
WWOOOOO guess what??!!!! youre iphone cant even make it through the day.. can be hacked by a simple magnetic screen... prolonged use can cause cancer, and is bugged so bad that apple had to release a press statement today GO YOU!!! you bought a peice of crap for $400 when youtube videos showed how you can get SIRI on a IPHONE 4 for free.. P.S no customization
Android, has sucks battery, phones are poor quality chip looking, OS is unstable and simple update can kill your phone, 80% apps are not working or crash constantly, and you need extra bag to carry your cell phone around because the screen is too big and it wouldnt fit in your pocket PROS has better integration with Google products ( because it is google product) and you can customize your phone better. Iphone: beautiful design Looks great, great size for cell phone,amazing screen resolution. perfect quality hardware and software. CONS poor google integration (its apple not google) less customization. I need a smart phone which looks great works great and do things what smart phone should do, many people have no time for customization and deal with your phone crashes, and charge your battery every two hours That is why people are buying IPHONE,
Also +boo Jay if it were as cut and dry as your try to make it sound, there would be more android users, but the fact of the matter is that people jailbroke iphones just as people root androids.
While i understand that it wasnt really google putting the restrictions on the andriod, restrictions are still put in place by both the company that made the phone and the company that provides the service for the phone.
no matter what google or apple decides is appropraite verizon/att/virgin/etc can still put any restrictions they feel are needed, more or less.
Regardless of all that, i agree that andriod is much better because they give us much more options and try to be as opened sourced as possible.
I think the most practical and logical reason for most people (at least in Turkey) is its second hand value. When the new model arrives and you want to update your phone, you can still sell your 2-3 year old phone in a reasonable price. This makes it a good deal and a good investment even it's more expensive. Android models on the contrary got obsolete even under a year. Apple's design philosophy, in accordance with Rams's ten principles of good design, seems to avoid being fashionable. Their product management strategy also supports that. The result is longer lasting products.

I'm an Android user, because I think it's a crime to limit the iphone's development environment to Macs. An open platform as Android is much more promising for the future. I choose to invest in the open system.
I have always had windows PC's, I have always had ipods (touch, shuffle, mini, classic) but have I'm still using my Nexus One and waiting to get my hands on a Nexus Prime. I see it in that people just want it too work. I love not being beholden to any one thing. My ideal collection would be iPod Classic, Windows 8 tablet and a Vanilla Android phone. The best of all three worlds.
well there are two types of companies, companies that do research and companies that take ideas and make them look pretty.

and that is what i believe apple is a company that takes an idea and makes it look pretty and not really invent anything new think about

tables have been around for a very long time then comes apple and makes it look pretty not even fast just pretty and it is a hit
before the ipad there were many faster and more dynamic tablets that had usb and many other features

same with the ipod and iphone and all other i products.
Honestly, I think your asking the wrong question. I think asking iPhone users why they didn't buy Android is the real question. Personally I'd love to buy an Android for lot of reasons, but one reason I didn't is that the iPhone has a flagship product that is synonymous with it's brand. When I think of Android there is no phone in particular that pops to mind. Apple has an incredibly strong marketing campaign so I know MORE than I need to about an iPhone. In fact due to ads of EVERY variety (tv, print, web) it seems like the iPhone is just in everyone's face. If you asked 100 younger people today to give a cell phone a name; what do you think they'd say. I don't think they'd mention they're Nokia C-6 00 (which I am currently packing) or any model other than the iPhone. It's a branding thing and unfortunately for the rest of the market, Apple nailed it. Also originally when I bought an iPhone, the Android market really needed some work. I went to the store front for and felt it looked and felt as clunky as the Ovi Store. Don't get me wrong I love Nokia, and actually the Android Market has really improved alot, I had to go double check since I was writing this review. However those are just a few reasons I'd still select an iPhone over an Android and I'm a developer, which is sad to say. While Android is open source (which I fully support and appreciate) Apple has yet to relinquish this, and as such, for some of us, it's like a challenge calling us to conquer. These are a few reasons why I selected an iPhone instead of an Android. My last reason is more of a guess at the general population for "why" one over the other, I'd never want to see Android at anything less than open source, and I'm actually waiting for the day when Android produces a high quality phone that strikes my interest.
Marketing. Simplicity. Status. North America is fame obsessed. Did I feel like I was better than other people when I had my iPhone 3G of course I did. Since I've made the switch to Android (started with the x10, galaxy S captivate, Nexus S) I've realized that I want more in a smartphone. iPhones are great pieces of hardware but I experience what Im told to experience. Whereas with Android I can set up my phone to accommodate my needs.
Being in middle school, I can see why everyone chooses and iphone over a droid.
I remember the day when one of the older kids showed everyone this cool gadget that played games and music.
Everyone started getting them. Eventually, half our grade had iphones.
When the droid operating system was released, one boy had bought a droid phone.
No one else made the transition.
Once you have an iphone, you may never switch for years.
It is cozy, not as complicated. Perfect for middle-schoolers.
It has that circular button at the bottom of the screen that aborts what you're doing.
No one like system freezes, and this button is the ultimate solution. Something the droid doesn't have.
The iphone is for children.
The droid is for adults.
The iphone is for the impatient and slightly senseless "populars".
The droid is for the subtle human and smart buyer who thinks"what can I customize? what can I do?"
Soon the "i"s will lose themselves to the droid.
In seventh grade, quite fast, 11 kids, all quite influential, have droids.
In time, the droid will be overtake the iphone.
It is a matter of everything.
Much more than what i said here.
But this is true
"nothing ever stays forever"
other than a condescending answer about status, perhaps people just like the software setup better, or the simplistic external design. ill concede the fact about price, but still.
Apple products are notoriously lower quality hardware with higher quality software. Android is more like PC where you can choose the quality and the software is medium quality, but with MUCH more tools for people to create things that work with it. TBH I think windows phone wins out because of its ability to sync quickly with a PC.
boo Jay
Actually +Zach Brewer a cut and dry comment would be: Android is for smart people, iPhone is for dumb people. There, I summarized what most people have posted.

Last time I checked, of the global smartphone market, Android users commanded a nearly 50% share and growing, whereas Apple has a respectable 17% and shrinking, but luckily, the overall smartphone market is increasing at a phenomenal pace so both are enjoying growth. That said, I'm not sure why you made that comment, but I agree with the rest.
+John Sather that comment is very ignorant. You obviously don't know what apple does and how it gets ahead. It buys patents from upcoming small companies, and markets them as their own. Now if another bigger company comes up with that idea on their own, apple then sues them. Apple doesn't invent they steal. As the late Steve jobs says.
Ok, I am an one of the iPhone crazies. But it's the fact that I have everything I need in one device. I don't have to carry an iPod, digital camera, planner, psp, and phone. It's all in one device and it's easy to use. Many may criticize the prestige and the brand being the reason but both add to the awesome resale value of the phone. After i got the iPhone 4s, I was able to sell my old phone in a week which covered the cost of my new phone. And I agree, that android phones are not user friendly and the touch screen sucks!
TLDR: Most people are not you, any of you.

Why are people buying iPhones over Android? It's not like you can just sum it up into one easy answer since you're talking about a luxury product, not just a phone or an ecosystem.

The iPhone is not seen as customizable pocket computer phone outside of geekdom; it is seen as an lifestyle accessory that happens to do a lot of other interesting and useful things besides make phone calls. And it does this in a well designed, high quality package that has non-geek credibility from the fashion and entertainment industries, which dominate our culture, both high (New York Philharmonic App) and low (TMZ App). When you have famous fashion designers, models, actors, musicians, directors, journalists, athetes and so on who are idolized already on board, and then you add in a bunch of normal people that you can relate to like another parent, or an educator, then the iPhone stays out of the technoNerd arena. The Kindle also joined the iPod/Phone in this somewhat strange category of socially adept tech devices that aren't threateningly incomprehensible to normal people.

I could repeat the marketing catchphrases, but people have already done that. What's important is that the iPhone sells itself on making your life better, easier, and more connected to the ones you love rather than an itemized list of largely incomprehensible tech specs. Android has no clear and memorable message from Google. And all the manufacturers are doing is marketing it just like the computers at the height of the processor wars: how many geeks threw fits shouting that processor speed isn't everything when it cames to things like those Intel Celerons that debuted way back in '98? And now you suddenly expect non-Geeks to turn around and start comparing phones based on a bunch of specs and customizability that they clearly don't understand? How many people do you really think are going to root their phones and install the latest build from CyanogenMod?

Seriously, there are lots of people who don't change their car's oil, nevermind their phone's firmware.
Because most of them who buy iPhones are sheep. They do what they are told. There is an old saying which goes "How do you know if someone in the room has an iPhone? They tell you".
I'm an iPhone user in Japan, where until recently the iPhone dominated the market here. Before Android was even released here, I was out one night and bumped into a Google VP or Mobility for Japan. He has an Android phone hooked up to the network which they were testing, and he let me play with it. I found the experience to be much less intuitive. Maybe they changed the design now, but at the time you couldn't use two fingers to zoom on the map and instead had to click some toolbar icon to zoom. There were other things which I can't remember now, but overall it just seemed less polished, not as well designed, and less consistent. It also had a keyboard which he said was much faster than typing on the screen because of some delay inherent in touch screen technology would would slow people down. Fun how now with Siri and voice-to-text I rarely even use the touch-screen keyboard.

Anyway, short story is;
1) I already had an iPhone (they beat Android to market here)
1.5) because Apple beat Android to market, they naturally had more selection in their App store (I don't know if this is still true, but it was when I got my first smartphone )
2) my first experience with an Android phone left me feeling like I really didn't want one
3) a friend of mine here who was an iPhone user got a Nexus One phone. He said the screen was pretty, but he started to miss his iPhone and switched back because he said it was just easier to use.
4) When it came time to upgrade my old iPhone, I decided to get a 4S because of technology like Siri. I use it very often to set reminders, send text messages and compose emails all hands-free, often while walking or riding my bicycle. That feature alone was worth the price of the upgrade for me.
Apple people buy Apple products because they have been tricked into thinking that buying a one product fits all, standardized, outdated piece of tech makes them unique snowflakes, possibly because it comes in up to 3 different "designer" colours, but I doubt they've even thought it through that much, and I'm not sure if that is even true of the iPhones.

Apple is also seen as the innovator in the pda/smartphone market, and even as an Apple detractor I largely agree that they have been the ones pushing the market / forcing the issue, even if they have just been implementing the ideas of others / buying the ideas of others... they've been getting the buzz, and making everyone else work that much harder to beat them down because no one wants them to monopolize things like they did with the iPod in the mp3 player market. They will never sell me a phone though, they don't believe in physical keyboards and that is for me a bigger dealbreaker than it having an Apple logo on it.
iphones are designed very well and the os is good... that is why ppl want one.... also a lot of ppl aren't tech savvy and that is where iphones come into there own, they are designed for idiots (for the most part) you get it out the box and it should just work, it's that simple really, basically if you can't use a iphone you should really not own a smartphone at all.. android phones on the other hand, whilst generally easy to use, or i should say are rather easy to grasp after a little playing around with it are designed for ppl that are a bit more tech savvy.
the next thing to talk about would be the apps.... iphone wins basically... the checks in place before apps are available make sure that iphone users for the most part are getting good quality apps 99% of the time, this is where android looses out, the checks or lack there of in the androids case means some times sub standard or malicious apps can be downloaded unwittingly from the market.... whilst Google acts quickly to remove and safeguard the android os from this, due to lack of checks this is becoming a regular thing.

next would be the quality of the phones them self's... no doubt about it the iphone is made well and is a very nice phone to have in you're hand, you could almost say that it is a piece of art.
android phones... well they go from horrible to something that can far surpass the iphone. for example the newly released nexus prime. this is a piece of art and the specs this device has are out of this world.
this is where android comes into it's own, it makes smartphone makers compete and this is where inovation happens in the smartphone market...

i think i'll stop there or i'll end up going on for quite a while lol
The herd mentality. That's all it is!
because they think they need 2 keep up with the jone's, and like 2 waste alot on a phone that in my mind is worthless because of all the worthless stuff on it
+Mike Elgan maybe wait for ICS to release? or do a follow up after ICS. it could all be hype but google are hoping to make android intuitively loved by its users with ICS. time will tell.
For the same reason I use a PC, choice of hardware. With Apple products you have little choice of what kind of hardware you get and also the price. With Android I could buy a rather cheap phone with basic stuff or I can go all out on a really expensive one like iPhone.

Furthermore Android is open source and I can do what I want with it. I bought it I can use it the way I want, there is no big brother telling me how I set it up and what I run on it :)
Already purchased applications for the phone, Android should create a promotion of application matching. Already own iApplication for your iPhone? Get it free on Android!
People choose the iphone because not only is it a brand but they see the reliability it offers, and the service of apple. So many people have ipods, and that is because they are the best they do what you want and you know exactly what you are getting when you buy an iphone. Android is good and is for people who understand technology and not blinded by being single minded... Android is stepping up at the moment and has a lot to overcome, but the new android phones are stepping up to the mark and offer something different to the new iphone! The specs of some of the new android phones beat the iphone, it really is a game where the sides constantly change, it used to be that the iphone was untouchable... not anymore!! if you actually ask a lot of iphone users there are problems with them like any other phone but people think that they are good and most people are sucked into apple :)
It comes down to 2 things: marketing and uniformity.

Marketing: Apple got into the smartphone market first giving them a huge advantage because everyone sees people using iPhones, the phone markets itself. Essentially people get it because it is a brand name: since it is everywhere it must be cool/reliable. This draws in a lot of the sheeple (mindless herd-followers). I have a bunch of friends with Android powered phones, but I am the only person I know that has a Motorola Atrix 4G. It makes it hard for brand recognition as to which device someone is going to get when they walk into a store. There are 2 basic body types for iPhone: 3g/3gs and 4/4s. People are scared of new and comfortable with getting what they know will be a reliable (until the next OS upgrade is released) phone.

Uniformity: The point that hurts me as an Android user is the lack up uniformity in the phones and the already established products I use. I still have my old iPhone 3g (which without a sim card functions as an iPod touch) so that I can store all my music and listen to it without draining my battery. Also, iTunes (though it is integrated into the Motorola Media Link) is difficult to deal with when I want to put music on to my Android powered phone, so it is just easier for me to use the product I have been using for 3 or 4 years and not move 12 gigs of music to a different application. Apple already has a number of other products the iPhone can interface with and because it was the first big boy on the market, most 3rd party devices are "Made for iPhone" not Android. Finally it comes down to Apple is controlling both hardware and software for their phones while Google is controlling the software for Android phones. I have a Motorola phone running an operating system designed by Google serviced by AT&T. When I broke my screen I can't just call up Google so I can send it in to get it fixed or walk into the nearest Google store when my phone screen decides it doesn't want to turn on anymore. And as someone who is a tech nerd and generally able to fix their own gadgets, the lack of uniform parts for Android powered devices makes them significantly more costly to repair by hand.

Though most Android powered devices are better overall than the iPhones, people go for flashy and pretty over power and functionality. You ever see a girl walking around with a pink laptop that she got, not based on specs, but because it was pretty? Same concept.
Reason people buy iPhones? One word: Baaaaaa, they follow the rest of the flock. Apple make nice looking products and market them very well, its only those of us less gullible and less willing to take everything they say as read that ask questions like: "Facetime? Hang on thats just video calling, every other smart phone has been doing that for years!", "3G? Wheres my HSDPA?", "What no flash.... REALLY?!" and the great one "Wow! I got a free rubber band from Apple because they failed to realise that people might hold their phone with their hands!"

Its all marketing hype the BS the fact that really the technology is at least a year behind every other smart phone manufacturer.
Ignorance. I have a family member that calls all smart phones they see an Iphone and calls every mp3 player they see an Ipod. Drives me crazy.
Why do I get the feeling that this is an Apple marketing strategy?

(Postscript - After looking at +Mike Elgan 's profile, I doubt that it is a marketing strategy however, it couldn't be a better method of getting people who chose a product other then the Iphone to discuss the Iphone).

I use a Samsung Galaxy 2... I chose it because it is better then the Iphone 4... the Iphone 4s is merely playing catch up (nearly). Why do people buy Iphone... familiarity, popularity... who cares.
I went Android for the freedom of a (more) open market. iPhones may be "more beautiful" and more of a status symbol, but the same thing that made them that way was Steve Jobs's personal design calls, no outside input accepted. He insisted on the One Button Mouse.., Sealed in batteries, no external antennas, very limited accessories and no third-party sources, very insular operations,,,

Oh, and AT&T's signal and service sucks rocks in comparison to Verizon Wireless - it's rare when others have a signal and I don't. And the opposite, not so rare... Personal opinion, Just sayin'.

Android is more open in their Market accepting all safe and responsible apps. (Yes, they recalled the 'Shake the Baby' and a few Malware apps, but that's why there is a process for it when necessary.) And I can have my user-swap battery for those days that just will not end, and a slide-out keyboard for doing real work.

I still want my external stubby or better a pull-out antenna (LG VX-1000) back, or at least a docking jack for a car antenna to get higher power and extended range out in the boonies - but that's up to the handset makers to add back in a feature. (Hint, Motorola - You know how an external antenna works.)
interoperability with other mac devices, online stores and apple tv, fashion because they are expensive. They are quite reliable and well designed whether you like it or not...all I really want is a reliable phone so far my Iphone 3gs has beaten other phones I've had hands down
1) Apple has done a fantastic job of marketing themselves as the purveyors of tech that is intuitive and attractive. I honestly don't think most people want to expend the energy to study and geek out over the specs of their devices -- They just want it to work well.

2) Apple has also done and even MORE amazing job convincing the electronic comuming public that they are "counter-culture". The "I'm a Mac/I'm a PC" ads are evidence of this. Nevermind the fact that EVERYONE else in this Starbucks is using Apple products, this iPhone identifies my uniqueness -- even if I CAN'T customize it. They have become identified as part of the uniform of the creative individual.
Honestly, I am pretty much anti-Apple, I do think they're decent enough products that work well with what they do. But they don't DO that much. I recommended a Macbook for my sister because she doesn't do as much with the computer other than basic word processing and internet surfing. But Apple is definitely not original in what they're devices,

My favorite analogy to use when it comes to Apple products is this. If Apple products were vehicles, an apple would work 95% of the time, but you can only drive them on 5-10% of the roads, but a pc (or android device) would work 85% of the time, but you can drive them on 95% of the roads.

People complain that Apple is easier, and it is to an extent, but it's more the fact that most people are in fact ignorant when it comes to technology (even though they might fight you about that, haha). Most of the time when people's devices go haywire, it's user error. So if you limit what someone can do with an electronic device, of course it's going to mess up less.

Basically, I agree with +boo Jay 's summary, haha. "Android is for smart people, iPhone is for dumb people."
I went through 3 original Moto Droids, and a Moto Droid 2 before finally deciding to get the iPhone. It will be a long time before I buy another Motorola product, but would be willing to give HTC a shot. I didn't want a phone with a 4.3" screen, I wanted something that would fit in my pocket better.
People buy iPhones because they buy into the hype of a company. Most of these people are very oblivious to the fact that apple's internal components, and often some features, such as multitasking, have always lagged behind the competition. Yes, it's true their software runs smoother and with less hickups usually, but there is a steep price to pay for anything with the Apple logo on it. If you look at Macs vs PC's, you can get a lot more out of a PC half the price of a Mac.

A similar example would be buying a Mercedes Benz or BMW. Many people will buy these two brands because of what they symbolize, not because they are, in fact, the best. I know this because I looked into both Mercedes and BMW before deciding to go with an Infiniti, which offered much better luxury, performance, and overall value than either Mercedes or BMW. Your average person tends to associate Mercedes Benz and BMW as the top entry-level luxury brands solely because of hype and their lack of knowledge.

I have never been one who likes having what everyone else has and I never buy into the hype of anything. The iPhone is once again behind the competition with no 4G LTE support. Yes, they will be bringing out the iPhone5 next year, likely with LTE support but way behind the competition. The iPhone 4S has a dual-core 1.0 ghz processor and 512 MB of RAM, while most phones coming out now have at least a 1.2 ghz processor with 1GB of RAM.

Most people buy into the Apple hype and buy their products and are content with them, which is fine, but they don't look at all their options. They feel Apple makes the best products, hands down, and nothing can change their mind. I believe the fact so many people buy into Apple and the iPhone goes to show how clueless people really are and how easily they are manipulated. Yes, Apple devices are very user friendly and I suppose people will sacrifice a lot of performance power and features to obtain something that is easy to deal with and won't give little hick-ups here and there. For people who are a bit brighter and more technology-oriented, we take into consideration everything, including all hardware and software aspects and decide on a specific phone because of the overall package, not because it's an Apple product, or any other brand for that matter.
Apple products are over-hyped and over-priced, usually feature lacking and good looking. If Apple gadgets is better than any Android based gadget is a flame war I don't want to fight, I like the flexibility of the android platform in general and never understood apple, after all, I already have a fridge in the kitchen.
Because if I want to change my kernel to Gingerbread or run a custom ROM that I like I can do it. There is a whole team of hackers over at xda-developers constantly putting out new stuff. If I have an iPhone I'm stuck with Apple's version of everything.

Edit: BTW my latest ROM/Kernel version has my battery lasting approximately three and a half days!! Gingerbread kernel and Valhalla ROM.
I actually jumped ship from Android (the first Motorola Droid) to the iPhone 4 when it became available on Verizon. As a gamer, I wanted the best games, and the widest availability of games. In all other aspects, I preferred Android. However, seeing as how most of my favorite iOS games are also now available on Android, I'll be coming right back when my contract is up.

I will say this though, the camera in the iPhone 4 has beat all the Android phones I've seen. I don't use it much, but when I do I'm able to count on it taking clear, crisp pictures. My Moto Droid never gave me that.
I have owned an iPhone 3G, 3GS, Blackberry Bold on OS5 and OS6, an HTC Dash running WM5.6, and now a Nexus S.

Of the three, I loved Bold's robust messaging, longevity, durability, and calender system. But the OS was slow, clunky and anything not office related was crud on it. The iPhone did video awesomely, and the extensibility on it is par none with their app store. The Android however, appeals to my "do what I want it to" nature. Can your any other OS become autonomous, doing things like being a remotely triggered "alarm clock"? Or turn WiFi on/off based on where you are? Tasker is the app for any Android power-user who wants to make their _smart_phone graduate to genius.

But this is about the iPhone. Why do people want it? Because of many reasons, but ultimately for convergence (Let's be honest. No other devices marries a camera, a multimedia player, and a phone as effectively as the iPhones do. iPods are the ubiquitous mp3 players (and movie players for the touch version), the camera (which with the 4 and 4S took a big leap over most of their competitors except maybe the N8), the apps (which unlock lots of potential on your phone, like a remote control for a DSLR for example). But ultimately... .it's "status". They are the phones to have now.
Kyrie 5
The Idevice side of my family says it's because it's a counterculture that came out of the 60's. Lol.
I can only tell you why I didn't buy one.
For a couple of friends, they already had apple laptops and so wanted all their devices to link together. For others, its honestly simply because its apple. I have a few friends that buy every new apple product the instant its available simply out of brand love/loyalty.

I had someone, spotting my galaxy, say that it was "disturbing" that I wasn't using an iphone...
This is a great question. I was an iPhone user, and switched to Android earlier this year. At the end of the day it's a matter of priorities.

1. The iPhone is beautiful. Yes, there are some really striking Android phones out there, but it really is beautiful.
2. The UI is consistent. This is one thing Android has struggled with, and is not helped by the carrier's skins.
3. You are a Mac user. If I primarily used a Mac, I would find it a really tough sell to use an Android phone.

If any one of those are at the top of your list of priorities, you are going to buy an iPhone, and I would 100% support that decision. Nobody has built a perfect product, and trying to convince someone to use the smartphone that you do simply because you think it's better is pointless. Choices are always good.
Iphone came out when there were candy bar phones from Nokia so people were attracted by iphone. Those people promoted iphone and that was the reason I was also tempted to buy an iphone. Later after getting one I found that it was too ristrictive and would not allow any customization. I purchased Samsung galaxy s2 for my wife and I love android. I am waitinf for my iphone 4 to die and jump the ios boat and got android.
Fragmentation. Or in Apple's case, a lack there of. iOS is simple, clean and universal. It's the same on every iDevice on the planet. People know that they will get a specific user experience no matter which iDevice they buy. iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone.

Android has 100 different variations on several different OS releases. Is it Froyo, Eclair, Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb, Gingerbread? The answer can mean missing specific features that you may be looking for.

Apple also has brand recognition. You know iWhatever, means it's Apple related. Android might as well be Bioroid or Cyborg or Robot because people don't always know Android = Google.

If Google wants to usurp Apple, they need a few things...
1.) Universal OS distribution: Every Android device is running the same version of Android at the same time. That way, little Timmy's grandmother knows that if she buys an Android phone it will have all the features that she's been hearing about.

2.) Universal Device Specs: Keyboard, No Keyboard, Software buttons, Hardware buttons. Search button, No Search button. Forward facing camera, No forward facing camera. Figure it out and stick to it. Everybody who gets the Android OS follows the same basic configuration and everyone gets the same type of user experience.

3.) A music store: People also buy iDevices because their music goes with them and they can buy new music on the fly which syncs to their PC (now also cloud). Google music having a store would add the extra omph that they need to nudge out Apple.

There's more...but I don't have anymore time. I love Android for it's customization ability. However, out of the box, Android needs to look, feel and run the same for everybody. Let the users define their own experience after that.
Ease of use
Knowledgeable staff at the dedicated store for them
One uniform platform
Everyone has one
They have alot of apps
Don't have to think about how to sync it with other apple products
Don't have to be tech savvy
Dedicated to Apple
Want to be cool
Someone gave it to them
They won it
The android device they wanted wasnt on their carrier
Takes good pics
Good pic and video editing on the phone
Their fav superstar has one
The high price makes people think its better
Steve Jobs was one hell of a pitch man
The PC vs MAC commercials had a huge impact on folks
Schools give them away to help with classes
They come in white

For the record I dislike apple very very very much, but im just answering your question
Easy. Fanboys aside, there is a certain perception of status (financial mostly) that comes with the Apple brand , immaterial of whether or not it actually warrants it and people like to show it off. The average man in the street knows what an iPhone is and that it cost a fair chunk of cash, it is therefore perceived as a premium product and desireable.

Android on the other hand isn't a single phone or even a brand as such. It exists over many devices of differing manufacturers and spec levels. Essentially, it is the PC to the Mac in the computer universe. More flexible, more technical and ultimately more open to tailoring to the specific user. But a little more anonymous and a little more tech-scary because of it.

Of course, there are also some positives to the simplicities of the product's usage and even the nannying 'if we don't let you do it you, then obviously you don't need to do it' attitude to a non-technical basic user. Some people just don't want to do the techy stuff and frankly won't even explore the features of the iPhone beyond talking, texting, gaming and surfing, For them it is perfect.

Personally I have IOS and Android devices and find the restrictions of IOS hard to deal with in comparison - but then, I am a techy geek at heart. Maybe if they called it iAndroid it would catch on………….. but then again, it HAS caught on! With Android holding a very large percentage of the market it comes down to perception again. Without a single company (heavily) marketing a single product it just doesn't hold the same position in the collective consciousness. Each to their own I say.
boo Jay
Boy, you sure opened up an enormous can of worms didn't ya, +Mike Elgan ? ;)
Because there is only ever one to choose from, and most people haven't the inclination to look at the pros and cons of phones they don't recognise the names of. That's how non-geeks shop.
Because it's a proven product: no bad surprises, great design & easy to use. The Android experience comes down to a per-phone case. If you search well enough, the Android diversity allows you to find the perfect phone for you.
Fashion & easy of use. Perfect for a simple user that wants something simple and functional.
I bought the iPhone (three times over now) because it is better than Android. Granted all I do is phone, music, browsing the web and a few apps. I can move about these easier and more intuitively. Great screen response and clarity.

I am a proponent of Android but there has not been a device, hardware or software, to persuade me to switch over yet. Even some with their advantages in technical feat, I don't feel they are necessary to me at the moment with a mobile phone.
There are some good things about iphone, it comes with itunes and itunes lets you do a full backup. With andrioid Titanium backup is the best backup tool but it requires root access which I don't have as it will void warranty. Samsungs backup software kies is crap and doesn't work properly. Android should have one basic application available to backup the whole phone including contacts, calander, application data, file system etc.
I forgot to say in my original post, the device manufacturer MATTERS when it comes to Android devices. I love HTC, and the Samsung Galaxy series(+) is very good as well and are the two best manufacturers of Android phones and devices, in my opinion. That's the beauty of the Android software, both HTC and Samsung have pre-loaded apps, widgets, etc, that enhance the software and make it much much nicer (HTC Sense for example) if you're not into rooting the phone (which is a million times easier than jailbreaking an iPhone)

People who've only tried the Motorola Android phones, I'm sorry for you, Motorola is kind of garbage these days. To relate it back to PC's as before, it's similar to the difference in buying a Dell, Acer, Sony, or one of the many other laptop manufacturers. They all have some version of Windows on them, but that does not make them equal just because they run the same software. (While personally, I'd just build myself a tower, haha, kind of a nerd here :-p ).
As an Android devotee, I think people buy iPhones for many different reasons and they should not be pigeonholed into a single group. The mutual condescension from both Android fans and Apple fans is pointless and silly. Individual priorities/needs/information/preferences can be different without being stupid.
Some people forget that Apple is one of the largest computer companies in the world. They just passed vendors like HP in Notebooks...

But hey, how many products do they have? There is always only one actual product of each form factor:

Macbook Air
Macbook Pro

So easy! And it makes every product a valuable brand by itself. How many models do all the others produce? Look at Dell, HP, Lenovo etc.

I am sure that everybody knows about what I am talking when I say: iMac. Do you have the picture of it in your mind? I am sure you do. It's a brand by itself. The same goes with every other product from Apple from the list above.

Try the same with:

Lenovo thinkpad t420
Dell Studio XPS l702x
HP Compaq NC 6320

Now to come back to the iPhone: How many iPhone models where available since the start 2007?

iPhone 3G
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPhone 4S

Five models in five years. The iPhone 4 was coming out 18 months ago. So they actually slowed down the pace in releasing new phones.

How many HTC mobiles running Android have been released up to date? Samsung? Name each model, please.

On which of the above listed phones are you able to install iOS5? I am not sure about the 3G, but for sure the 3GS is compatible with iOS5 (3GS release date was June 2009). Impressive.

How many different form factors of iPhone exist?


Is this good? No choice is a choice.

To clarify: I am not an Apple Fanboy. I am a happy Android user/owner. But to explain the success of iPhone, I think these are quit good arguments.
Here people seems to ignore that actually iPhone is only a niche, Android owns more than 50% of the market share while Apple is stable at 28%. Right now Android is the Smartphone, iOS is just a minor OS that struggle to survive. Due to their constructive quality, iPhone last only for a short time and at every new wave, more and more user leave Apple to buy Android. I know, being on the internet it looks like everyone is enthusiast of their new iPhone, but the average user hates to spend lot of money for an overpriced and useless toy (because the average user doesn't need a smartphone, you should always remember that).
Hi, +Mike Elgan in response to your question, thinking back on its intro to the market what everything else was at that time, I certainly see the attraction to the awesomeness in the design and function of the iphone. That said, it was and is a smart phone, a device that is only as good as the cell carrier it connects to... AT&T. AT&T sucks (I've seen the evals. I've heard the grumbling) yet they bought the iphone - why?- because of the phone. Personally, carrier was an issue for me - i didn't buy in. I thinks its fair to say the iphone has a sense of brand name clout, like a 100 dollar pair of jean or 100 dollar pair of sneaker, people aren't neccesarily evaluating the true value - just its perceived value - to cool not to own. Now with more carriers and great marketing to keeping the frenzy alive and well, there's no end, except me. I won't own an iphone, why, I don't like the UI, it's always reminded me of a MS-Windows user desktop(s) i see at work and elsewhere with every shortcut-icon known to man and pc. God knows how they could find anything. An just like the iphones multi-screen users at work wont another display so they can add more icons. I regress, to continue, I never cared for iTune. Now I'm a IT professional, I'm sure you can imagine what steve and woz means to me. But I can tell you one of the bigger reasons for me not to buy an iPhone is the eco-system.. APPLEs-Eco-System. This could of been long but I leave you with this..."Dont tell Me what I can and cant do with a device I just paid for!" If I wont Porn ill have Porn, pull a great apps like Camera+ (i think this was the name) from app-store because it used a taboo button. Give me a break.

I'll share a story with you that I think speaks true to my position with apple and the people who no matter what will buy. As I mentioned I'm in IT. My co-worker, partner in crime is a bigger geek then I. Like me if it a gadget...well.. So here it is, my coworker owns not only the iPhone but also the iPad (yet he hate's mac's). He's always showing off something cool (i will admit) on his iPad. Now remember not to long ago HP's fire sale of their tablet.
At a 100.00 what gadget loving geek could say no, even if you own an iPad. My co-worker purchased one. Here's the punch line after using the HP touchpad for about two weeks, he say to me and I quote "I like it better then the iPad"

Ge Coombs
Basically because it says "Apple". Most people I have come across that have tried both, prefer the Android. Myself I have the Bionic and would not trade it for a free Iphone!
Because Apple products have a certain societal prestige about them nowadays. Users are willing to sacrifice money and media rights for the Apple label.
I believe it has to do with a few factors. 1) Apple is a proven company. they have been around for decades and have shown they are innovators. 2) The UI is a little more refined and Idoit proof. Andoid is a little more techi (allthough that has gotten better with each new update) 3) as +Bobby Jones said there is a certain prestige to owning one they were the original smart phone of its kind Android came later people stick with what they know and since it was here before Android it has certain pull among many people. Just my oppinion though I am sure there are more, or less reasons. Personal I am and Android fan through and through but I can respect the Iphone just the same.
To add to my previous comments:

What's the advantage for a 3rd party company to produce add-on products for Apple products? With the limited number of models, form factors and longevity of apple products, it makes more sense to produce things like: dock stations, screen protectors, protection cases and other add-on devices. It's a question of volume. How many of the same aftermarket products will you be able to sell for apple products and how many for one of the many available android devices?

A broad choice of aftermarket products helps apple a lot here...
B. Ng
People have sheep mentality.
Pure sheep mentality. The same ones that buy certain cars, live in certain communities/neighborhoods, go to Starbucks (yech!) - sheep mentality. Buy the latest fan toy fan boy!
iphones r better dan android andriod sucks
I think it is because apple makes good computers people assume their phones will be just as good.
coz apple is very better than othere, we can see all pict software and use for games and apps. 
+Matt Keithley same here. It seems it's easier to maintain a set of iPhone users than what seems like the many different flavors of android phone there are out there. I am impressed with the iPhone overall though. It's simple & iOS is very polished. I am definitely a bigger google fanboy than apple though. I love google and if I had my choice I would pick android.
Each time Google comes up with a new OS i buy one, and yet i keep my iPhone with me all the time. then withing fey weeks i get fed with it and give it away hoping that the next one will be better. Not that they don't get any better, they do functionally they get better than iPhone but you you know what iOS is simpler to use really. I love google and everything they do, Google+ is in my hart forever but the phones lack simplicity. each time i see someone i know that is to swap from his/her standard phone to smart-phone  i suggest them iPhone because it is simpler to het used to.

yet i keep buying everything that comes with new Android OS )
Because I am bigoted against Apple junkies and I cannot stop no matter how much counseling I go to!
If you want to understand why people buy the iphone just remember how upset Apple users were when Instagram extended it's application to Android. 

Think about that for a second.

There is no reasonable explanation for those users to be upset about Android users having access to Instagram except that it lowered the prestige of owning the iphone because it lessened the exclusivity just a little. 

It's quite infantile actually.
Apple and other patent trolls will be the reason that we fail to achieve Moore's Law. 
IPhones are simple to use, and they work. They look gorgeous, they're trendy and this is coming from a Galaxy nexus owner 
this post keeps buzzing back since year ago %))

well if so i'll add smth too 

iOS works way better than Android. in fact the only Android which works at all is Galaxy SIII so by the time this post was sent sure there was not any reason to change my iPhone to any Android Phones though i am Buying each top range model which is coming out and each time i dislike it.
As someone who sells mobile devices, I can tell you why.  Lets go to the start of this epic battle.  When the first Iphone was released it was cutting edge, biggest competition was Rim and Windows.  Those two ops were easily smashed into the ground.  This made Apple devices the most purchased smartphone at that time.  Let's fast forward to now.  The biggest reason I hear from customers on why they want an Iphone is "All my friends have them".  This is because the Iphone is a disease   All the original owners of the Iphone that paid so much into the apps and itunes, continue to use the device because they don't want to lose money.  When one of those Izombies talk their friends or family into getting one, the cycle starts again.  Now these Izombies will defend their device with "system stability"  "innovation" etc.  The truth is they can't afford to leave.  I have seen the same amount of iphones come back through my store doors with problems as android devices.  Those that are lucky enough to be attached to google's nearly free ecosystem,  will live long happy lives depending on the device manufacturer they use that Android OS on.  As for the Izombies, they will continue to put on a brave face and defend their device that has drained their pocket book and entrapped them into an ecosystem that will continue to grow and infect others like a plague.  I'm not saying my Android device is better than an Iphone, but I can easily afford to leave my device and go to another better Android phone without incurring extra unneeded costs. 
It's two reasons: Ease of use and status. If you're an Apple fan there's a 3rd: It works with all the other Apple stuff. (In fact it won't work with non-Apple stuff.) This may sound good but you can also say: Egotists, simpletons and Apple-serfs have to choose it.
Since the new htx 8x and samsung odyysey(windows) came to the market I have coverted several people from apple. When it comes to ease of use windows beats apple. I will still stay with android for my own reasons. However it seems in my store we sell more android and windows. The only iphone users we have left are school teachers, and those that have paid too much into Apple's ecosystem.
Thus thread was fun a year ago. What's going on in here now though? 
They think iPhones are the "best on the market."
sheer ignorance That's my answer. 
Because of the status symbol plus the marketing being done is attractive. #iPhone is a really good device, but only till you agree with apple's regulations. Otherwise you are supposed to be a idiot (by the cuppertino based company). While you do anything on #android, bigger or smaller, you're welcomed. 
So... why did you ask Android users again, instead of iPhone users who actually know why they picked a, well, iPhone?
I have a lot of friends that have Android phones and others that have iPhones. I never had a smartphone before so when it was time to choose one I went with the iPhone because I was familiar with the Apple brand and already owned an iMac, iPod, and iPad. So I chose iPhone because Apple has never let me down and plus it didn't hurt that I've always been a fan of the sleek and elegance of all of their products.
Maybe because people will stand outside the store and clap for you after you bought one which helps each of them group validate what they are doing??..
I thought originally it was because of the battery life and functionality, but as most people I know who have one get an upgrade each time, it seems they have just bought into the hype. My android phone is old, battery life is slowly declining but it functions perfectly well, all the apps I need are there and it syncs well with outlook and gmail, so it does all i need. I have dropped it loads, but it does the job. 
I disagree that iOS is that much simpler to use, since ICS. iPhone is obsolete and that's that. Any advantages iPhone has over something like my Nexus 5 are slight and negligible. 
+Irene Rummel I found out why people say/have said what you're saying.

I wondered for a long time that people were taking about when they said stuff like that and finally I asked this one guy who always said to me android has come a long way. I asked him "why do you think that?" He replied by telling me he had issues with the phone restarting on its own and issues with the UI crashing and being too complex.

I believe these issues were due to the fact that he had a non-Nexus device. OEMs, when Android first came out, were in a panic about losing brand differentiation so they scrambled to make their own UI skins and add features and whatnot. I always saw that sort of meddling as something to be avoided (to give the short version), so I always have bought Nexus devices. As a result, I didn't experience much of the glitches that most non-nexus users did.

The end.
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