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Microsoft is working on 3D virtual reality with no glasses!

Who wants this?
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It may be too much nonsense for me but it's still absolutely brilliant.
May this see the light of mass production and consumption.
Yes, I want!
This is the next logical step - looks amazing, especially seeing that it's an early prototype. :)
This should totally solve all the worlds problems
Looks cool, but the fact that you have to reach that far with your arms means that your arms will feel uncomfortable after a short period of time.
They need to work on the ergonomics of it but it's by far the most impressive thing I've seen from Microsoft in a very long time...
The hand positioning looks super uncomfortable.
I appreciate what they are doing but my preference would be for a head mounted display with similar features. I also want it to be able to block light pixel by pixel controlling how solid the objects look.
Vik A
Microsoft just stealing other ideas and making it their own. What a surprise
Not only does this seem awkward to use, the colours from the "holograms" look terrible, so it's not something I would want to even view photos on. I will give kudos for trying to figure out how to make the whole hologram thing work, but call me when we can just be in a room with no desk and use the computer.
Dan O
Probably no one.
Sam K.
What????? i did not get 1 word of that
i would like to have that computer
Don't they already have this stuff at CSI Miami?
=>>1:08 "We use the unique SAMSUNG transparent OLED display technology..."

~hmm..seems Samsung will rule screen technology in the future.. :)
I've found my electrinics and sticking with them. Android and Nintendo. No doubt!
Seem Like a annoying computer to use, I rather build my own when I can and that I get technology for it, I like to tell the computer what to do while keeping my hand in front of the screen, not the back, also I like to have a keyboard in front of the screen, still not in back. 
Prototype I hope. Looks like there is barely enough room to put your arms and hands in the correct spot.
I think I should stay with real life itself for 3D then. Or build my own technology when I can. I find it annoying that I make plan of something and in a few month, someone else build it and publish it, at least I do not write my plan on paper or on the computer now! 
looks like a step forward from the Nintendo 3DS
wow....I never seen a computer like that! It's nice lucky
look like that expensive or cheap?
So they are playing catch up as usual then, right ? I mean hasn't everybody been working on this since Princess Leia sent a holographic message to Obi-Wan ? ...
Moving and touching things that aren't there are tiring.
For very specific applications I can see it can be useful. However, for a desktop-type of work I can only judge this as one more hype attack from technophiles. I am a technologist myself but we should all be using our critical spirit to see when a technology is justified and when it isn't. Having a 3D desktop seems to me like making things more difficult, imprecise and cumbersome, when it is actually advertised as the opposite. 3D is always fashionable but not always (rather, mostly never) usable.
It sounds great! We have to use TIC to catch our student's attention, we'll go beyond!!!!
It looks good but doesn't seem practical.
Erick B
That is thinking outside the box...uh, screen
Oh my, this is amazing. Stuff like this keeps alive the hope for a better future, based on advanced technology. Microsoft is on the right path and on the verge of somethig awesome.

Way to go MS, that's how you compete. We haters have always hated windows as all the while it has just been an underachieved copy, but the new version seems interesting enough and what their research lab has been achieving is remarkable.

I expect they cash in all these great ideas they have. It would be a shame to watch someone else taking advantage. Like Xerox park or Kodak back then.
Wonderful! Getting caught up on all the great tech you have here +Mike Elgan !! I came over for a quick look. Fat chance!! LOL!
Win Han
It's a nice one.I am watching.
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wow this is wonderful..... powerful Microsoft
nice....improving for our users
Cocky B**stards! - not quite Minority Report - but definitely sweet.
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