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14-year-old girl buys house in cash.

One version of the so-called "American dream" is to work hard, save your money and buy your own home. This 14-year-old girl named Willow Tufano has already realized that dream.

Long story short: She lived in an area with a lot of foreclosed homes. She convinced investors who were buying those homes to let her sell on Craigslist the stuff people left behind. She earned enough money to buy a 2-bedroom home on auction for $12,000. She went halvies with her mom, but intends to buy mom out in a few years.

The family cleaned up the home, which had been trashed by the previous owners, and rents it for $700 a month.

Now Willow is saving her money to buy a second home.

Donald Trump: You'd better watch your ass.

Props to +Lionel Valdellon
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Smart girl. I hope it's a great investment for her. She needs to fix that door frame, though. :)
When I was 14 I played video games. What a jackass...
Brilliant! Kudos to her. See, we have to teach our kids while they're young.
I could not get my hands outta muh pants at 14 long enough to eat let alone come up with a business plan and buy houses. what the shit!
Smart. Where? is she going to pay the property taxes on that?
+R.J. Cichocki She bought it outright, so I would imagine the $700 monthly rent will cover the taxes.
What a strong-willed girl she is! Hope she is excellent in school too.
m ar gilr..
That's awesome!!
+Kyle Kimberlin It appears that the door and frame are new, just needs to get that exterior trim on - be it brickmould or simple 1x ;)
What a load of propaganda bullshit!! Do you not realise the laws of economics? If everyone was successful in the land of plenty then how will you be able to exploit the poor? There is just so much money to go around.
es mejor ejemplo k puedes dar a muchas personas en k los sueños se hacen realidad con perseveracia y es fuerfo
Teaching the vultures corporate values early, congrats on using the broken system to get ahead
Right wing Republican fuckers! Build your high walls. Fortify your homes!. Expect us. Please stay in denial as revelation occurs around the world. It will make our "Job" easer to overthrow you.
Debbie, if you don't like it move to China. I'm sure you can enjoy the socialism there you so treasure.

Great story though about a girl with some smarts. Those calling this propaganda are jealous because she thought of something they didn't.
good friend .Wish y happy life & yr family members .God love use
wow that is osusme i likehat verey much great job ..god bless
How is it possible to buy a house for 12000$ and rent it for 8400$/yr???
Excellent story! I love motivated kids... and appreciate the people that help them realize their dreams. Great share +Mike Elgan
U go girl show the man who has the pants in the 21 st century 
Ambitious children always come up with something. Neither they get stopped by somebody nor they stop for somebody.
Birds have nest..snakes have holes but many humans does not own a house to live in .glad u have one at this age. God Bless u.
Some talk and say
nothing. Others remain silent and
speak volumes. #inspired
Wish my parents helped me out like that!! Now Im 27 and trying to do it on my own! Great story :) !!
Steve Sampson. you are a moron. She already has positive cash flow. Better cash in that MBA for some food vouchers.
A house that's only worth $12,000 still rents for $700 a month? The renters would pay the entire value in under 18 months-- who the heck would sign that lease?
Sad and pathetic; indicative of the sort of greed, cupidity and stupidity that lead to the fall of Capital in the first place.
My question is, is where did she get the money!? Technically you cant get a job till age 16. Im 14 and the most money i have had at one time was like almost $2000! I so needa know where she is getting that money! Haha but thats good for her. Thats a great thing to do. 
And so you all think China's communist regime is somehow inferior to US of A's capitalist regime. Wake up and smell the corruption. They both exploit the masses.
Good that how u show others how to work hard for ur stuff u go girl
Steve i am agree with you but for commercial property you need a heavy amount
Brian W
all you people bitching about Capitalist greed really need to take a lesson on how foreclosures work. By the time a bank forecloses, they're tired of paying for the home cuz the owner has not paid their bills in a long time (regardless of legit hardships or pure laziness). They sell the property for dirt cheap (usually cuz the owners did not maintain the home at all). So this girls 12K investment could easily be worth 30K after fixing it up.

hate if you want, you're just mad you didn't find this deal. I commend this girl for actually working to earn money instead of just walking away from debt like a lot of people do with short sales and foreclosures. I apologize to those who have legit hardships and have to foreclose due to expenses.
Sadly, when somebody gets a "bargain" like this, it's because some poor person/people have been thrown out on the street. Oh, yeah. The poor. They're the real invisible people and should remain that way. Let the poor live on the streets so some teenager can be a landlord.
So, no need to be adult or skilled to success :)
I wish I was Paris Hilton. Born without a care in the world! Sighs :{
Oh, how nice. Going into homes and selling things families have had to leave behind as they fall victim to predatory lending and government abandonment. Lovely! Oh, what a pursuit of the American dream! How innovative. Exploiting the poor. Cool story, bro.
hai dear
i like heart thinking
Well done Willow. Smart and hard working - you'll go far, but remember to keep your feet on the ground, and to help others along the way.
I guess poor Paris has shoe angst nearly every day, +Debbie Smith. And shopping for dresses must be a real chore... ;-)
She sold the remaining possessions of people who were evicted from their homes? sigh
That would be crap left behind, I hope.....
Yes, let's tear them all down instead and make the area into a desert, +Shakti Castro. No-one should be allowed to profit from business opportunities...
Joey Yu
where is the house located?
Working hard to achieve your dream will take all the obstacles away.
Brian W
enough about the "robbing the poor" +Shakti Castro and +Dara O'Siochain , with a foreclosure or eviction you have plenty of advance notice, usually a month to 90 days, and that's well after you've fallen behind on your payments. If you leave stuff behind (cuz you can't pay your bills) that's on you.
Ed that's a bit of a stretch in reasoning
Wow great job. I like this type willing personality.
Wow great job. I like this type willing personality.
Hats off to this young lady who knows the value of money.
you go willow you show the world how its done
So the American Dream has been reduced to scavenging? Can't say I didn't see that coming.;
sounds enterprising________________-
John Ling
Not sure why some of you think this is so impressive. Because of her age? It surely can't just be because she got some kind of steal on the upset property market in the US and made the money by selling the property of people who got foreclosed on? (maybe their stuff got left behind because they could not afford to bring it with them?)

Impressive would be if she donated the possessions she found in these homes instead of selling them. And alternatively, instead of keeping the money to herself for her own use, used/donated that $12,000 to help those in need, ie; the poor or those who fell victim to foreclosures to get by in these trying, trying times who are currently homeless as a result.

IMHO, nothing impressive whatsoever about what this girl did. Just capitalist and opportunist for her own end. If I may say, it would've been much better/inspiring if she demonstrated some selflessness instead with the opportunity presented to her and led by example that way.
very smart young girl! wish her more success in future! <3
Wow. Thx. Now I realized that to but saveing for a car and have 3,000. Tords it. Awesome and Ian 13
I mean, good for her. Still, this post reeks of something fierce. What are we celebrating?

I feel a bit of editorial savvy was involved with the presentation of this story. It was a gig, for money—that's about it. "American Dream"? Owning a house? What romanticized concept of reality do you live in that making good wages and owning a house is actualization? Her mom is a real estate agent; this occurring is almost a rent. If she reads this, keep your acumen up and good for you, but shit, it was selling some stuff that was lying around (enjoy the house!).
Not knocking her, but let's spare a thought for the poor soul who lost the house in the first place
Hahaha ... +Debbie Smith ... You again? Always the negative voice. It seems that you are everywhere and giving negative remarks.

May the Force be with you.
She has brains. Good on ya, mate!
gotta give he props but it could flop but touche grow ur wealth
Appreciating Girl.................:P
wat work she would have done...
Anyway money wont come in right way...
According to my thoughts
wat yours
wat work she would have done...
Anyway money wont come in right way...
According to my thoughts
wat yours
that is a krazy but nice story i wish i had that kinda money save
Alot of things will went thru somany people about dis little gurl but, i think someone might be behind her success so she making sense n proving something here. Thanks
Alot of things will went thru somany people about dis little gurl but, i think someone might be behind her success so she making sense n proving something here. Thanks
+Dinesh Kumar you're obviously used to selling your brown ass to make money which has jaded you to the point that you believe no one can make money by any other means. Get your mind out of the gutter and the dick out your ass. learn to appreciate the girl's resourcefulness. Pendejo.
A too bed room house for only $12,000? House price is so low in the US of A .
why renters don't buy one, although only 18 months rents
you have an amazing talent in bussiness huh...
hmm the property prices in Florida seems freakishly low. With this price and renting cost it has to be a good business to buy up properties in US and rent them out (possibly to the previous owners).
in my country u ll be retired from your government position or owning a business 2 have your own house. pipo here put education first and in the end there are many educated pipo and less successful pipo.
If I have internet it s not to find the brain washing information from TV... honestly nobody see the propaganda?
So she made a profit by selling others property to own property. That's really f**ked up but that's AMERICA! Hope she gets more opportunities in life.
Ah yes, nothing like figuratively walking over the corpses of the previous owners who probably pre-2008 had hopes and dreams and took out huge mortgages to be able to afford houses etc and are now financially destroyed, in a savaged society where houses can be had for $12k instead of the, what, $200k the previous owners paid?

Good for young Willow, she's learning to become one of the exploiters... too bad all it took was the gutting of America's and the world economy to give her her opportunity. I suppose it's better to be on that side of the equation in this dystopia we've built.
gypsy lee
to the negative assholes commenting here: how dare you comment on a 14 yr girl's looks? hello anorexia. hello drink. hello drugs. she will thank you.
she's a thinker. you all seem to forget, she came up with the idea to sell items left behind from those people that couldn't save their homes. that's how she is a genius. then she didn't waste it on a car, she bought a house, with a 6,000 dollar loan from her mother.
it was not her mother that hustled, she apparently did it all on her own.

YOU CAN'T BLAME A 14 YR OLD FOR CORPORATE GREED.if you say anything against this, you are jealous and greedy. you're just pissed she's smarter than you.
what u gonna do next now u have a house... Lol
Wtf? You can rent a place to someone for 700 a month that you buy for 12000?. I have to buy in America. I paid 300000 here and only get 1000 a month.
Great find about this courageous youth +Mike Elgan. Donald Trump would definitely find the way to hide himself inside the fridge after reading it.
Right place right time . If she live in Timor Leste ...what she can do ?
I know 14 year olds who aren't taking drugs and aren't playing video games. Though, if this girl was an occupier, I'd love her even more.
I just can't get over the fact that you can buy a 2 bedroom home for $12k! I know the GFC hit hard, but its still shocking to hear about foreclosure and the rock bottom property market.
all of you should read David Graeber's "Debt - The first 5000 years"... ;)
a fine read, and you'll all be smarter... being capitalist, communist, whatever else there is, doesnt matter... ;)
really nyce..its owsum shirt
Ah, the perverse pursuit of monetary gain - to have the upper hand over others. It's almost a pity that money doesn't actually exist; it's just this pretend, make-believe thing that oh so many mindless fools devote their feeble lives to gaining. Idiots.

Those of us that have actually given this subject some thought realise that how offensive the monetary system is; how obsolete and harmful it is, and utterly pointless. It is nothing but a system of control, and the unthinking masses have fallen for it. What a shame because life on this planet could be so much more - so much better. Such a waste.
That's so awesome, hope she keeps it up. 
Just shows that when you put your mind to something and focus on that goal..ANYTHING is possible. Good for her!
Super Smart and very basic principal of not spending which is not yours.
To be able to achieve goals which know no boundaries. What a breath of fresh air to see this young girl go against all preconceived notions of society that without a doubt told her "That is not done". For her to gain a piece of this earth (be it ever so humble)and call it home. No one can take away the achievement this girl made.
God damn. If only I lived in an area with houses that ridiculously cheap. I would freaking be all up in this system.
Only humans are stupid enough to pay to live on this planet. Race of filth.
Wasting one's life in pursuit of monetary gain is certainly a fail.
See,we should teach our children when they're young.
Han Yip
According to the critics on this post, she'd be a better person had she ignored the opportunity and did absolutely nothing. Great going critics! Let's cheer on people doing nothing!
Who will she be living with? How hard did she work to rate all that?
you go girl! that's awesome, what gum-shun, how clever. can she adopt me? LOL
it's not about the girl its about the american dream and the idea of equal opportunity
so doen't question the girl question the ideas!!
Wow.... smart move.
That's America for ya....
play 007goldeneye reloded with me
Excellent, nice to see positive reporting of a teenager. Well done.
keep it up....well doing... hats off...:-)
you too late in india he student of class K.G Purchase the cycle, Pay the school fees, And daily useful products like oil, foods, cloth and many more thngs is purchased by itself... By own money..?
at last well she is an inspiration to the Americans...
12k for a 2 bedroom house! I'LL have 3 of those please. In the UK a two bedroom semi-detached house would go for a quarter of the million pounds long as she learns to be a normal teenager as well.
I heard this story on the radio and her mother is in real estate. This young lady also sells items on Craigslist she finds in houses.
Very good of you. I pray for long live for you. I also pray to God almighty to answer my prayer's too. In order yo owns my own house too
that is impossible in china
Im proud of her.
I guess you all would be happy if she was having babies at 14 & dropped out of school.
She is just smart enough to pick up the pieces.
One mans garbage, is another mans gold.
Very smart but dn't u think sh'e tooo young??
That's a girl looks like a boy 
Forget teaching our kida while they're young.... We need to learn this lesson!!! What an ingenious young lady. Pastor Yongi Cho said "God give you ideas," when it comes to finances. I say we pay attention.
Smart Kid. Teaches her responsibility, she will be a good Mom/Worker/Boss/ Anything she chooses to be when she gets older. Great Job Kid keep up the hard work and the positive attitude
After her second home purchase she hopes to save up to buy a T-shirt that doesn't suck.
i'm not aware that 'the donald' has some ass left in him haha
I see a lot of people complaining our system is broken. It sure as hell is. The message here is that we can still work within the system! You should be happy to hear that, because when a society gets to the point it can't work within its system, there tends to be a revolution. Now, complainers, either agree to abide by the system (while ranting online on your off moments, I suppose) or start a revolution. I'm not taking sides.
Do Gos
Yeah I gonna find that sloution to get that hit point only 14 I'm now 22
okay she must be rich

Overall rating
your are looking coooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
Girls an entrepreneur but she gots to invest in a new t-shirt.
wonderful, I like the way she used her brain and made good use of her hard work.
While this story is, in some sense, inspirational it rather baldly points out the enormous gaps in our society. The people renting from her, for example, pay $700/month or $8400/year. Why don't they have access to buying his home? Probably because they don't have the cash up front, or don't have access to/knowledge of the foreclosure auction. But they can certainly afford it.
Hey, +Kevin Gault, fuck you. This is my country too and I have every right to try to reshape it as I see fit. Don't like that? Then why don't YOU go somewhere else.

You have no right to the status quo.
Ping He
$12k house renting for $700 a month??! she can earn back the entire investment in 17 months?! Even if including tax & other cost, it probably takes 2 years tops. Wow! literally unbelievable
she must of had lots of money and pride
Actually, she put in 6k and her mom put in 6k and the mother bought it for her. Close enough. I had 6k when I was 16. Didn't have a housing bust though.
hmm well she has something for her.....
so sweet looking as like plentifully girl
If Willow Tufano is to follow in the footsteps of many famous millionaires then her next step is quite simple. She needs to be declared bankrupt, before rising to even higher heights !
man i should do that but.... i dont want to touch others stuff, dont know where it been major ewwwwwww!!
I love people who take negatives and turn them into positives. This also has a kick-on effect for the community. Citizen Tufano, you rock !!
She was born a true-millionaire already. Watch out afte she grows up!
Awesome! This productive already at 14? Like the article said, give her a decade or two...
Good, very good for this girl. Smartness will always prevail.
It took me 40 years for me to own my first house
Another person make money off others miss fortunes i know they left that shit but yea good for her not
If she truly came to the decision herself and was not prodded by her parents, then, maybe. Really too young to be thinking about this sort of thing, on her own. This is not something I would want to teach my child. It is a little morbid and something that she may look back on and wish she hadn't done.
I cant believe some people on here you cant pay your bills so get fuck attitude you cant help if you lose your job and you don't have insurance to cover lifes mishaps
You go girl! Ah, it's always amazing to see such smart people like her.
Wow! about 80% of the people who commented clearly have no idea what the English language is! Way to make ZERO sense in your comments.. also to people bashing her... its a lovely human trait called jealousy. Yes, we all have it.. apparently a lot of you are quite vocal with yours.
All you critics, is your house paid off? 
hahaha these comments are hilarious! you can't even understand most of them and others are just angry because they can't manage their own finances. maybe tthe couple renting for $700/month is a young couple with student loan debt or an old couple, empty-nesters who don't want to own a house and have to maintain it anymore.

why do you people immediately jump to the conclusion that she's a vulture or that this is immoral in any way? your comments just prove how ignorant you are. not everybody wants to own a this point in my life I don't want the expense of maintaining a house and I'm glad there are people who own and can let me rent while they maintain the house and pay taxes and insurance. please stop posting such stupid comments!!!
Way to go Willow - keep it up...
Does she have a right to buy a property at that age?
Why does she look like the girl from Charlie Brown's gang "Peanuts." Patty.
This is for the haters...stop hating! Stop being jealous of this amazing kid. I have a 7 year old and I encourage him everyday to be successful. I'd love to help him succeed in life and I sure would want him to own a home than pay rent. Besides he can always rent the house out if he wants to move. If you have great parents who will help you invest early, God bless. 
+Debbie Smith you just bitched about the capitalist system then you say you wish you were Pais Hilton!?? ... ...You seem to showcase the staggering hypocrisy of our "entitlement" society.
On the article:
I hope this 12 yr old girl never darkens the doorstep of any post secondary institution, as a student at least, we need to keep the entrepreneurial spirit unencumbered by the systems and structure of the "experts"; But rather free and creative. What is vastly more important is this girl, and others like her, need to have a strong sense of right, a sense of compassion and unwavering ethical standards instilled so their talents will not be wasted on purely self centered pursuits and goals.
Great story!
Wish more kids were like her!
Good luck!
"does she have a right to buy a property at that age?"

oh my god. the article plainly states that her mother helped her get the house and they want to put the deed in the kid's name when she turns 18.
The losers always bitch about the winners. The winners only bitch about the taxes they pay on their earnings. I don't blame the rich, just pay for fucking taxes. Pay what u owe, no loopholes, pay your fair share.
Congratulations to this young lady for thinking wealthy & not poor. On payday, the wealthy buy something that makes them money. The poor buy something that don't cost much. This girl made a sound business decision at a relatively young age. Judging by her attire, she appears not to come from a wealthy background. That should be commended, not hated upon. The wealthy can always make money. Its us poor folks that need to stick together. Its not about black or white, Jew or Christian or Muslim, its about money. . . . Always has been, always will be.
Wow, smart girl! (Wish I could buy something like that here in the Netherlands for $14000,-. The tenfold (ok, at least fivefold) would be more likely :-/ )
what are u doing young lady?
Thats was very smart
Smart kid. I wish I was that smart back then.
What a smart young lady this is very good for her. I wish she could talk with my kids about money and saving it as well ways to make it work for you like she has. So they will get it as when I talk I can tell they are no longer listening about somethings as I am just The Mom.
Well good luck to her
People like this girl are the type that made this country great. To all those folks that want to say she is a vulture greedy etcetera wake up.

Anyone with some sense would realize they shouldn't buy a house they can't afford. Yes a lot of people lost their jobs, but what was the root cause. People taking loans they couldn't pay back and banks giving them the money. This is a simplification but really that is the issue.

You can't just blame "corporate greed" you also have to blame poor people acting financially irresponsibly. Business like this fourteen year olds are the same types of business that bring better lives to people in third world counties. Grey market business that end up employing people and growing into regular business.

This country needs it's work ethic back go girl!
She seems to be displaying a much better understanding of the market dynamics of sub-prime propert, then any of the idiot bankers did before the criis. And no taxpayer is being asked to bail her out either, if it all goes wrong.
Ok, it is now 'half-time' in this post ;-)
I like this story. Its time the US got back to what it is best at. Entrepeneurship and not subsidising idiots to shuffle bits of paper around for huge personal gain.
+Eric Veltman No, you don't. The reason this house cost so little is that the entire area is economically devastated.
Wish i cud do tht also, cnt even buy myself a drink ah zimbabwe
$12000?! You wouldn't get any accommodation in Britain for that!
Long life scavengers.. The hell with others and take all for urself.. Thats like takin peoples belongings during natural disaster and likes..
Wow! She must be rich!!! $$$$$$$
here the tax agency (similar to IRS) would take a lot of earned money from her. sad thing really....
clever idea, but I cant help think that she is making money out of other people's misery and in doing so is no different to the people who caused the housing crisis in the first place, not to mention the foreclosures...
para willow tufano eres una jovencita muy intelligente. espero que sigas asiendo buenas decisiones durante toda tu vida.
+Mark Bridgeman She took an abandoned house, invested both money and sweat in it, and now someone lives in it. Hard to see the exploitation there. The thousands of abandoned homes that are at risk of decay alongside the numbers of people who need a place to live are better evidence of inequality or inefficient markets. 
How do I get her to talk to my girls?
Nice to see ambition in the young nothing better than property but insure it. One today a hundred next year,
not bad.hardwork pays
Kick ass 14 year old. People should learn from her.. and Just look at that Lady Gaga shirt.
who hates school i now i do its so borying so much
Brilliant! Great testament to the next gen of thinkers and doers! Well done Willow, now fix the world...
I owned two houses by the time I was her age! (insert random hipster pic here)
lol good job seeee the foreclosure crisis CAN benefit some.. give me a break
stress and worry follow money and property
good friend i hope you happy now good luck bby
What the heck?!Why didn't they check her I.D?
Well, its obvious to who the hatful people are to a young girl, as if any of the circumstances are her fault. No wonder this country is fucked
Paul Beard +She took an abandoned house, invested both money and sweat in it, and now someone lives in it. Hard to see the exploitation there. The thousands of abandoned homes that are at risk of decay alongside the numbers of people who need a place to live are better evidence of inequality or inefficient markets.

The only reason why these abandoned homes are at risk of decay is because the banks priced out the existing residents and forced foreclosure on them. This is the only reason why anyone is able to buy these houses dirt cheap, which is the root cause of the exploitation. I agree that the market has failed though, many people need a home and have no hope of buying one despite the low prices that come along with buying a foreclosed home. This I think is an indicator of a truly broken socio-economic system which is making it harder for an average person to get along comfortably.
Yeah! That was awsm dear huge approach iam too impressed love u ....
Hope she knows what she's letting herself in for,as there are alot of deviouse people out there...
you look like someone i konw
A very hard working girl alright! I love hard working people! Congratulations! I'm proud of her! ^ ^ ♥
Those of you ranting about yourselves and/or the "poor": when was the last time you lifted your fingers to help the true homeless / bums out on the street? Those are the true invisible people... Not the "occupy" protestors with their iPhones and social media. SMH
She succeeds on the backs of the suffering. My parents have owned rental property since I was 5, and through the church I went to during college, I've helped the impoverished living in the Appalachian hills as they were evicted from their homes - no jobs to be had for poorly educated non-skilled workers ... Often, people left things behind because they had no where to move our store their things.

Imagine having to rebuy eating utensils, pots & pans, dress clothes for job interviews et cetera - every few years when your job gets shipped overseas and you're left with rent and debt as you struggle to just reach some kind of stability and fiscal safety. Add kids to that. And despair and social judgement from right wing parasites and self righteous clergy.

There are opportunities for some in America - but often, the stellar success of one comes at great cost to others that do not share in the spoils.

Put less mildly, great wealth is accumulated off the backs of the exploited.

Sometimes the exploited are consumers with disposable income, like rabid Apple product consumers - no harm, no foul (at least in America in the short term )

Sometimes the exploited are hard working Americans that lost their homes.

I aim to reduce the amount of suffering I impose on my journey. I don't want my American Dream to be the result of someone else's Nightmare.
+Thom Thomas And what would you have the houses that have been confiscated be then? Homes for the crack addicts? thieves? Or worse fall in to such decay that they present a health problem for those that managed to hold on to their homes in those horrible days. It's not her fault that the banks took the houses. She is NOT exploiting the poor. She is buying a house for herself that would otherwise turn into a blight in the neighborhood. I understand what you are saying about loosing your home because you lost your job, and having a lot of anger about that situation. I was there. It happened to me. I would also give a big Hurrah! to a young smart and resourceful girl who WORKED her way into achieving a goal. She is not the exploiter. She is not living off of someone else's nightmare. She is living... and aiming... and achieving lofty goals. THAT is the American Dream. I don't know what your definition is, and I don't want to. Oh and one last thing... great wealth does NOT always have to be attained off the backs of the exploited. There are THOUSANDS of examples of great wealth coming from hard work and ambition. I suppose your horror stories allow you the hardship cop out of not setting and attaining goals for yourself though. But they don't for me... I have been to hell and back several times, and I do not tread on those along the way. I do not use it as an excuse to curl up in a ball and bitch about the hardships, it does not stop me from lending many helping hands, nor does it stop me from setting and achieving goals, because THAT is MY American Dream.
Wow that is one smart kid. She should continue buying other homes and renting them and making a fortune in the process.
Joel S
She does not succeed on the backs of the suffering, but profits from the glut of their "waste" and laziness. Those "suffering" had the opportunity to take their own possession and sell them to others, reducing the loss of their financial hardship, and reducing the environmental waste they leave behind. Where these "suffering" failed (both as entrepreneurs and environmental shepherds), Tufano profits. A home of her own at the age of 14 is a fitting reward as any.
Really hope that she keeps going.
Ur the greatest lets see how much your mom takes u 4
pain for some = happiness for others ; future 1% ?
Good for you young lady this is something we try to teach our children to save early and this girl took it to another level. Your mom must be very proud of you.
Only one thing to say..... GET PWNED INVESTORS!
Good for her... Most people work there whole life and still have payments to make on their house, it's sad really
This is not american dream. This is marauding.
good for her. buy another (america)
14 years old but wise beyond her years!
I love it. A real estate mogul at 14! If she can become part of the 1% at her age, what's the excuse of the other 99%?;-)
+Rick Noel You 're smart enough to know that being in the one percent is a matter of net worth not ideology or entrepreneurship.
+Thom Thomas just wondering if all the energy people spend on learned helplessness isn't misdirected. Call me naive, but I still think that if you want to succeed bad enough in America that those opportunities still exists for those with creativity and a willingness to work hard. That said, I am against corporate wellfare, think that campaign reform is a must and that accountability for those involved with the "mortgage-backed shell game" is desperately lacking, but I am not willing to say the American dream is dead.
She's going to be a whore and cost me tax dollars. - RL
Just came across this. What a bunch of assholes. People are having problems being proud of this girl? Be nice she's going to be the 1% that will give back. Just paying taxes owed, would be "giving back" enough for me.


You go - all the young that will save our asses!!!

How many of you have made money during this depression, by coming up with a plan to save your own damn family. Fuck you for being you.
+gypsy lee The elite 1% never give, they just steal the other 99%'s money and then avoid paying tax. Don't be deceived by the Capitalists BS
such a u r very brave girl.................
I very proud of you. Continue to do you and the sky is the limit.
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