14-year-old girl buys house in cash.

One version of the so-called "American dream" is to work hard, save your money and buy your own home. This 14-year-old girl named Willow Tufano has already realized that dream.

Long story short: She lived in an area with a lot of foreclosed homes. She convinced investors who were buying those homes to let her sell on Craigslist the stuff people left behind. She earned enough money to buy a 2-bedroom home on auction for $12,000. She went halvies with her mom, but intends to buy mom out in a few years.

The family cleaned up the home, which had been trashed by the previous owners, and rents it for $700 a month.

Now Willow is saving her money to buy a second home.

Donald Trump: You'd better watch your ass.


Props to +Lionel Valdellon
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