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North Korean government's official web site based on $15 theme.

A Fordham University student sifting through the source code of the North Korean government's official web site and found that it's based on a $15 theme called "Blender" from IgniteThemes.

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I wonder how much they spent on penetration testing...
In Finland, publicly funded IT projects tend to cost $100M until they are cancelled. If there's any outcome it won't work.
Now that's a fiscally responsible government!
+Asieph Midlain Yes, we shouldn't judge Orwellian dictators who enslave and starve an entire people for their own selfish purposes. Jesus.
Yeah, he doesn't say you can't judge. He simply said 'I'm not here to judge'.
+Mike Elgan Unfortunately a person can't control a product once it is offered on the free market. Chances are, we are both on Chinese made computers. Of course they ignore human rights on a grand scale, but we continue to use their products and play blind eye to their atrocities. That is as long as the Mac Book Pro doesn't go up in price. Just general commentary on the flat world we live in.
One way to look at is that people there are starving. To spend $15 for this is probably the least-worst choice? (As opposed to spending $15,000 for a bespoke design, or using a design without paying for it, or forcing "volunteers" to design it, or ..... etc. ?)
I would love it if the US government spent only $15 on a website.
Come on! Leave them alone. Look, they've just shot $800 million down the tubes. Where do think they're going to find extra money for a website template?

I bet they had to look down the back of the couch to find $15 in change :)

Or the just sent out the Army to mug a few punters standing on the street. Imagine refusing to fork over your cash when a few tanks are parked next to you.

Holy crap. I just realised where they got the idea from:

"Oi, you! Give us $15 so we can buy a template for our delicious, spangley leaders new website...or else!!!!"

You do realise the Chinese have been NKs biggest supporter don't you?
Obviously the "judging" has to do with the activity of that government other than the template. He's basically saying he has no moral issue with his template being used by a mass murderer, as long as they paid their $15. He's not here to judge.
+Mike Elgan I do feel sorry for him though. It could be a case of him answering questions before he's really thought through his answers and just trying to be a neutral as possible to avoid trouble.

Some people don't have a clearly thought out ethical position about life and so stumble on the basics.
+Mike Elgan , it doesn't matter what he thinks or doesn't think anyway, he can't exactly screen every purchase, can he, and after they've bought it he can't rescind it either.
Selling a $15 template doesn't kill anyone. Posting that news across the internet so that the Dear Leader feels he lost face? That probably will.
That's a good thing, no ? Most govts spend millions on websites that still look like themes from the net.
Wow, can't imagine there is a network in North Korean, is it call LAN?
Economic Sanctions mean shit all when businesses in your country violate them and continue to do business with the sanctioned state
I guess that they hired some professional to monitor the security issues.
Clearly, he should advertise this and raise the price.
I think the big question is... why isnt OUR government's site based on a $15 theme?
Although not agreeing with the way they rule their people, financially I must say they did the best choice. Often governments and companies pay thousands if not millions of dollars for logos, templates, which are way way overpriced!
When they spend all their income on failed rocket tests and the military how much money do you think they have for a website?

Wasn't their leader quoted as saying the "military is my first, second and third priority".
The second picture (on the website) has a kid with a gun! :S
This is better than their website before. I got a hearty laugh from the 'shop'. You can get a North Korean iphone and ipad case +Mike Elgan!
+Asieph Midlain Your point about their humanity is a good one.

There's a fraught argument between the 'let's boycott them' and 'let's try to make friends'. It's a hugely complex ethical argument - let alone the economic and humanitarian issues.

In general I don't mind boycotting people/places. However its a 'one size does not fit all' sort of issue.

Worked well with South Africa, seems to be having some success in Burma (don't get me started on Myanmar until there's a democratically elected government in the place), hasn't worked with Cuba - that's a farce and has been for a long time - and doesn't seem to be doing much with North Korea.

Multiple issues involved of course. Reminding ourselves that they're human, as you're post indicates, is always a good start.

Nice one.
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