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How Microsoft and Facebook tricked AOL.

Microsoft and Facebook reportedly wanted to go in halvies on those AOL patents. But AOL's rules for the bidding explicitly prohibited "collaborative or consortium bids."

So they pulled a fast one: Microsoft bought the patents, but has already announced that it will be selling hundreds of them to Facebook and licensing the rest to Facebook.
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Ha! Finally, someone gets AOL back for tricking us with all those damn "Free Trial" CDs...
you mean all those "coasters" ? lol
Steve Jobs is probably regretting his words on Zuckerberg in heaven, seeing that Zuckerberg has gone the Microsoft way..
these two are very rich, and combined they make BIG BLUE.
Imagine that, an old trickster teaching the new one even more. Just what the world needs...
The guy on the right is more casual dressed then the guy sitting down.
Facebook should send an email to AOL with an audio attachment repeating Goodbye... Goodbye... Goodbye... Goodbye... to get them back for all the lost connections we went through. LOL.
mmm....history makers ctching up:))
Might be teacher allowing student to take on extra class project :P
In that photo, they sure look like the "I'm a PC/I'm a Mac" guys from the Apple commercials, LOL
ehem microsoft and face book ehem taht ???????
So it's not a back door, then, since we know they're doing it. That was my point.
+David Hepburn III I never saw a disclaimer in any of my MS documentation (and having done sys admin for windows shops I've read MS documentation till I was cross eyed) stating that they will be providing easy access to government, did you?
Zuckerberg da asco, tanto como Bill y las patentes informaticas
q eso jodase los genios de la informatica crearon sitios como este asi q si va a ofender se esta ofendiendo asi mismo. El q da asco ers tu, osea disculpame pero perdoname...
WTF? Entendes algo de lo que paso, o del significado de las patentes informaticas?
parece q no entendio nada d nada
Quien sirve a quien? O le están prohibiendo la colaboración de la empresa?
It is so funny... I will be worried if I was a Microsoft shareholder..
WTF? So how did our patent process decline to the point where companies buy and sell them for the purpose of suing and defending each other? Disgusting
Gates and Zuck should get along well with each other.
+Michael Schafir computer science patents are a threat to society. Lots of old timer gurus have already stated the they are harmful for the creativity of new developments (Knuth, for example).
I can remember Microsoft trying to patent the "double click".

Now that is hilarious!
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