Obesity to keep growing: 42% of Americans will be obese within 18 years.

Right now about one third of all Americans are technically obese (with another third merely "overweight"). By 2030, according to Duke University researchers, the obesity percentage will rise to 42.


We will spend $550 billion more because of this rise above what we would spend if obesity levels remained constant over the next two decades. This money will be spent on healthcare instead of a manned mission to Mars, ending poverty and making sure every child has a better education. Great plan.


Why is obesity so expensive? Because it increases the risk of just about every disease out there. Here's a Google search of "obesity increases the risk of": http://j.mp/IyIby0

Meanwhile, your tax dollars are subsidizing the junk food industry.


Why are we doing this to ourselves?

Meanwhile, The Onion takes a few shots at Paula Deen: http://www.theonion.com/articles/paula-deen-sponsors-05k-walk-for-diabetes-research,28103/
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