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Blogger Crashes HIRL; Gets an Earful About Why Google+ Is Awesome opinion writer +Kristen Nicole or +John Furrier (not clear from the link) crashed a HIRL (hangout in real life) with a group of Google+ fans, and grilled them about why they love Google+ so much. Here's what he learned:
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BTW, anyone reading this who was in the HIRL in question? 
Had my first HIRL a few weeks back (edit - not the one in question)

For me the most impressive thing was how I felt like we'd met before. We had - in Hangouts - but I was impressed by how something essentially digital could so easily make the transition to real life... that something being a friendship begun on G+
My least favourite part of the article and sadly it occurred early as to introduce a bias in my reading the rest of the piece:

"A group of 10 or so had met each other virtually on Google+ and decided to meet, face-to-face, for drinks.  There was something so familiar about all this… that’s right!  These used to be called tweet-ups."

I was going to go on a rant there but deleted it and will instead just say thanks for the post +Mike Elgan, regardless of my personal opinion it was an interesting read none-the-less.
A fairly decent, yet skeptical review. +Guy Kawasaki comes across as excited and sincere (how could he be otherwise). What I thought was lacking was any reference to the pure quality of the G+ers. I think the strength of G+ is in the value of it's content. This can only happen when smart people share the insights, dreams and open their minds to others. Yes we have Caturday and an assortment of fluff. But underneath that is real meat. Great ideas, real insight from people unafraid to share.   
And yet the end of the article cites: Written by Kristen Nicole, Senior Editor at, did +John Furrier actually crash the HIRL or did this Kristen Nicole?
So who's +Kristen Nicole  ? If you click on the +John Furrier   link at the top you get page one of the Forbes item in his Silicon Angle Blog on Forbes. But the Forbes Tech Piece as originally linked goes on for two more pages ( and the attendant ad view points) and at the bottom of page three it says  "  Written by Kristen Nicole, Senior Editor at "
Confusing, n'est-ce pas?
Yeah, weird. I added Kristen Nicole as a possibility in the post. . . 
Kristen wrote the post although I agree with everything that she was spot on.  I would go deeper to say that Google has a "big data" advantage to provide "automated personalization" to the user experience.  Google has always trumped Facebook in user experience and that is their advantage...
I just scrolled past 5 shares of this SAME post before getting to this post.  I thought the google+ people were smart - do what facebook does and just post 1 with a link thats says "5 others shared this post" instead of repeating all 5 posts on my wall.  I mean come on guys, this isn't rocket science!
+Jeff Jennings here is not like fb where you just reshare something, here you share your ideas on that post... like the comments +Mike Elgan writes above his shares, you wont find those on the previous posts... but i understand your opinion.
+Jeff Jennings - also, you might have seen this post five times before Mike's share, but Mike's was the first one I saw. The other shares might have just not seen each other.
I realize that +Duncan Ellis. Which is why google should do what fb does and be smart enough to reduce all the 5 shares of the same post to single link under the original post that says "5 other people In your circle also shared this post. Click here to see them". Again, not rocket science to pull this off. I could probably write 10 lines of code in php to do this.
+Jeff Jennings that's why we're G+ users because that type of stuff doesn't bother us. At least the five shares that you'd already seen were about something a little relevant to some degree. FB shares and links are gossip snippets ready to be spread from friend to friend, not to mention the people that love to hear themselves talk, and guess what. Those type of people are on FB, and they love to see their status; even if it does just say "I had an awesome breakfast"! I personally think posting status updates like that are a waste of touch screen taps ( or keyboard strikes), but to each its own. More people will see the value of G+ sooner or later :).
All I'm saying is that there has got to be a better method than posting the same 10 links on my wall, one after the other - the only difference being who is posting that link.  Since google contains many smart engineers I was only pointing out the irony that facebook managed to figure out how to do it and google has not (or they have figured it out but don't give a crap).
yah, G+ does 'it' for me, kind of an extension of Twitter, and if you are not interested in a post, you can mute it; ppl are doing interesting things with the hangout, like what Limor Fried does with 'show & tell'.
Why go to a HIRL if you just end up quoting Guy and other sources?
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