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First Swiss smartwatch announced.

Behold! The Hyetis Crossbow -- Switzerland's first entry into the smartwatch racket.

The watch combines an analog watch with an over-the-top, full-featured smartphone. Really full-featured. 

Under the mechanical hands lies a high-resolution color display.

The watch connects via both WiFi and Bluetooth and can be paired with a smartphone.

It has sensors galore, too, including an altimeter, light meter, microphone, thermometer and barometer, as well as biometric sensors built into the band. 

A 41 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics points out from the 12 hand position. 

Two rechargeable batteries are housed inside the watch's wristband, and a conventional watch battery inside powers the mechanical hands.

You configure the watch with a free app or on the Hyetis web site. 

Hyetis says they're limiting the initial release to 500 units, and it will cost $1,200. It ships later this year, according to the company web site, and will soon be available for pre-order. After the initial production run, the company says they'll start work on a version that will be configurable online like the Moto X.

So far, this strikes me as a startup with a big idea that's using its limited release to raise funds for the manufacturing. I doubt they'll ship this year, and it's possible they may never ship. Still, it's an ambitious effort. I'll be keeping my eye on this one.

A different picture of the Hyetis Crossbow was today's Mystery Pic. Big props to ME for coming up with a Mystery Pic nobody could guess!

+Arny Kapshitzer 
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It's getting interesting now. One day, someone will create something that is useful and practical.
41 mega pixels on a watch?!? Wow.
I'm waiting for the day when I can talk to my watch à la Michael Knight: "KITT, I need you, buddy" "OK Google Now" 
I was expecting at least double that price.

I was wondering when SV smart watches would kill the traditional watch industry. Now I know the traditional watch industry ain't going to die easily - nor remain the same. Now, about that $1,200...
Looks like something 007 needs to fight Dr Evil. Mind you its friggin huge,
Miss Money penny: "what is that in your pocket Mr Bond, are you pleased to see me?"
Bond: "no I just have my hand in my pocket and I cant take it out because this watch weighs a ton!"
It also comes with a 30lb barbell to help bulk up your watch arm so you can actually lift it while wearing this thing.
Awesome. But I guess it's way out of the price range that would make it affordable to me.
The 41MPixel sensor is probably the same that is used in the nokia phone.
That thing has to weigh about 10lbs. I think this is the wrong direction for the smart watch market. I know I don't want something that big on my wrist.
Now that what I'm talkin' about! When the people that know watches get into the smart watch game, then you will see innovation. $1200 is a very fair price for this technology. This one isn't on my must have list, I'm still waiting to get my hands on a Grand Seiko GPS!
Rich, you got it right....I remember Bill Gates with his Timex data watch. Timex electronic watches weren't very respected in the watch industry back then. 
Biometric watches is where the real innovation needs to go
+Mike Elgan Great entry in the "Reinvent Yourself" field. Just when we thought watches were going the way of records, cassette tapes and 3 tracks :]
+Rich Levin and we still have to wait for the first one that will be really useful and broadly accepted. But smartphones and tablets needed more than one trie to gain traction. I just hope, that it is not again apple that we have to wait for for the first usable design.

A smart watch that basically only consisted of a touch sensitive surface would be a cool accessory for the +Google Glass (because voice commands or the touch area at the glass itself are not always the most convenient input options)
That is a much more reasonable price than I expected when I clicked on this post. 
this has to be very elaborate and clever satire, right?
Swiss forgot people have to pass by airports to fly around places. This one would take you straight to 5th sub-level prison at the Pentagon dumbland '-_- anyway I found it ugly, huge and probably extremely expensive as most watches they create and think it's worth. No thanks. Never.
Hello sir, I am from India;& I study in information technology,thatfor u like technology.
Another iWatch copy! Apple sues in 3, 2, 1...
how can access one coz this is amazing and smart
How thats bad...i want one..were can i get one..
This is the only smart watch I've seen that I would actually buy.
Tim T
1's awesome!!!!
what's the damage for this watch ya? (nvm, I saw is 1200bucks)
I'm still not sold on the smart watch due to its limited battery life.  I'll stick with my regular old watch.
It actually looks as if the time piece is an automatic. Without the camera it would be very interesting. 
This is quite an exceptional piece of hardware,if not a bit over extravagant. I mean 41mp on a watch? I'd rather put that sensor on Google glass and just keep the bevy of sensors. 
So now we need to charge our watch to see the time. And be afraid that charge dosen't finish up.
+Shrestha Anuj as stated in the text of the posting, there are two batteries in the wristband and a conventional battery inside thecwstch itself. So I guess, that the wstch part runs fully independently from the rest.
Sounds like the only thing missing is an autopilot for cars, planes, and rockets. ;-)
Wow. I wonder can it be synced with any smart phone?
Great idea but may have too much packed into the unit. I am not sure a camera built into a watch is practical. A good artist knows when to stop painting. 
ubik q
Very James Bond.
Sounds like a digital swiss army knife
That's nice! Now can anyone tell me how silly that would look on one's wrist?
It's HUGE!
I for one barely were a wrist watch, why would I want to own a McGuiver watch?
When it get too heavy, you can separate the saucer from the main ship.
Intresting. Sounds like what 007 would have loved to use
Excellent. I'm sure it would sell a million if it ever became real.
I would not say hoax.....maybe vapor ware is a better name.  We will have to wait and see
Even though the camera is a cool-in-a-geeky-way idea I would believe so much more in it if it just a super sleek Swiss analogue watch with a high res screen below the hands.. 
WordPress, site only set up a few days ago... Thanks to 'livejasmine'?!?!

If I had recognized the mystery pick of a spam/hoax/troll I would have been disappointed in myself.
That website is pretty disorganized. There isn't even a spec sheet detailing specs of the watch clearly. Runtime? Charging? Display resolution? Having to dig through dozens of marketing paragraphs isn't really selling the watch to me...
Mike J
Swiss huh? I wonder if Oprah could buy one.
Nah, probably too expensive. 😝

Is that picture to scale. You might as well strap your phone to your wrist. It's huge. 
What's Nokia gonna come up with now! Their flagship phone with the obscene 40 mp camera was their claim to current "fame"...this watch makes their phone look like so yesterday...!
I have a 2008 smart watch it lasts 8 hours on standby or 2x 10 min phone calls, its weird when you talk to your wrist and people look at you funny.
+Mike Elgan Are you sure it is not a fake? I can't find any such company in the Swiss central registry of commerce. Neither is there any entry in the phone book and the number specified there is a mobile phone.
+Rich Levin I had one -- in fact, I had two! (This is the first smartwatch made in Switzerland.) 
Hi, I have to apologise for the FAQ, i had no idea of what to write in a FAQ regarding the CROSSBOW, so i read the Pebble FAQ and put it on my Word page to be more “inspired”. It's always the danger when you do all by yourself and around 2am. Now I corrected it! Thanks Mike!
+Arny Kapshitzer, everyone, everyone, Arny. Arny is the designer and creator behind the watch. Ask him anything! ; ) 
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