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Inspiration for Ralph Lauren's Olympic Team hats found: Mussolini!

+Andreas Haardt has found the possible inspiration for the strange Ralph Lauren hats being forced on the US Olympic team: Mussolini!

Behold! The Axis of Ugly!
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When I first saw those I wanted to throw up. 
What right-thinking American would wear anything resembling that. It looks like a cross between a GQ cover boy, an MBA intern and a special forces dude. Well, I guess that it works for Ralph, anyway.
its ugly thats for sure,    was this just a concept thing or have these been accepted ?
The Green Beret was what I thought of first ...........Call them commies.  But I do think the berets suck.
lol, how apporpriately funny.

it's always the corporate Olympics, what a better symbol than something resembling the hat of a notable fascist?
and dont forget the uniforms have been made in China :)
Now, I believe, that this country is in trouble.
C'mon, there are no similarities... no need to be so rough, but I admit is an ugly costume :D
Wrong, inspiration found from 2002 Salt Lake City winter games...Mitt Romney was in charge..
Now if only the berets were raspberry instead of blue.
Didn't we just celebrate our independence with a bunch of fireworks master in China? Fireworks, btw, have the highest profit margin of nearly all other products of any type
Thanks for this, +Mike Elgan . I thought the hat looked familiar but couldn't place it.
I don't see it... you could say it was inspired by Barry Sadler just as easily:

It's a sad variation on a beret. 

As you've seen people screaming all over the internet the issue is that Ralph Lauren's company is so f-ing stupid they didn't bother to think people might be pissed off they had the uniforms made in china.
+Scott Reiboldt Sure, there are American companies that make fireworks, but nearly $200 million in fireworks was imported from China in 2011. As well as only 18 of those companies from that site have an annual revenue of more than $10 million (which likely also has sales of fireworks from New Years as well), which suggests much of the fireworks used in the US does not come from the US... So why should we care about uniforms that will be worn only a few times and likely cost very little
I'm wondering: why do they need a cap?
Is that neccesary?
Well, I'm a german and I couldn't find a page, where german uniforms for the Olympics in London are shown. Will they wear such a cap? I don't know!
Nevertheless: why do they need such a piece of clothing? 
What is it for?
Apparently Xenophobia is very much alive in much criticism over nothing, heh.
I vote that next time we go with Tommy Hilfiger or FUBU
I wonder what Cologne they are wearing 
hmmm... I know Hugo Boss made uniforms for the nazis. I know that socks go on my feet. 

See, not all americans are dummb.
+Pursuit Happitarian Like I said, it's not quite a beret. There's less material. Also: A beret is worn with the top pulled to one side. This is something different. 
Ironically, nobody did, historically. The beanie evolved from the traditional skullcap, or yarmulka, as it's known in Hebrew. The baseball cap is a close cousin. Nobody knows who invented the propeller beanie, either, but it gained popularity from the TV cartoon series "Beany and Cecil".
Needs a propeller. 
O-M-G!! They Both Have Noses!!!  What a disgrace...
All the athletes are young people. Why couldn't they have gone with a new, young forward-looking designer, illustrating the future?
And here we go again... People taking sports far too seriously.
Well, at least it is a matching outfit. Out Swiss version looks like a grey school uniform, but with weird modern sneakers that look out of place.
ken r
Not a big deal, and not the same hat. Anyways, this is all manufactured controversy to get more viewers during the opening ceremony. 
Pretty much the traditional northeastern blue blood/elitist fashion statement. What else would you expect from Ralph Lipschitz?
I won't say anything.  I havn't seen the Canadian unies yet.  They could look like crap to.
Maybe we need to go back to 776BC and do it in the nude.
(The Olympics that is :-) )
Military chic gone wrong. So wrong in fact that it seems to be fascist.
+1 for Mussolini..they were crafted in Italy..not outsourced in Asian sweatshop
Being an Android user, I skip the ads and read the changelog.
The only thing I thought was extraordinary was the political ad for Obama. Notice his logo.
Any ad for Obomber reeks of Fish!
There is zero connection with President Obama, on any level, that is relative with the fashion design of these opening ceremony outfits for the U.S. Olympic team in London. That's probably one of the most ignorant and misguided statements I have read recently. FYI, the U.S. Olympic Committee and the U.S. Olympic Team has nothing to do with the United States Federal Government. The USOC, all team organization and funding is handled entirely from private support and corporate sponsorship.
oops I guess Scott is an OBAMA supporter LOOK out readers! They get ticked off REAL fast if he is critized even if grabbing hs crotch while supposed to be saluting oour troops..
 SOOOOOOOOO what happened to JOURNALISM being UN BIASED ???
Cool off Scott!  and remember FREE SPEECH!
MY question is HOW did a Frenchman get the job of the design..only person I remember her loving him and weraing him was Jackie Kennedy!! How DID he get selectted for his ugly uniforms and TRUE whats with the Hat? as one German poster asked ..It may rain? then make them one of those cute hats with tiny umberella on top Jusy as funny LMAO;;;
am i the only 1 who actually kinda likes the ralph lauren teamusa outfits?
+Deborah Kane LOL! You're obviously just another misinformed malcontent. My political affiliation has nothing to do with me calling out your distortion of facts in relationship to this current subject of discussion. FYI, the designer that handled the fashion layout for the 2012 U.S. Olympic team is Ralph Lauren and the Ralph Lauren Corporation. I'm not sure where you assumed that a Frenchman, or anyone else for that matter, was involved with this project.
i don't know if that's is the inspiration or just an odd conincidence.  I can tell you that the uniforms look ridiculous.
On the bright side, Lenin Cat approves.
Olympic team is Ralph Lauren and the Ralph Lauren 
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