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MYSTERY PIC: What is it?


Props to +Mike Simmons for being first with the right answer!!
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A portable photography studio?
I agree with the green house idea. pretty cool looking what ever it is.
The greatest indoor play fort EVER!
Covered stairs leading downstairs
Looks like the cloning room of a "grow house."
A cheap, simple to install disaster tent/house for displaced people?
what the hell is the point of repeating a guess already made? just plus one it if you agree with it.
what the hell is the point of repeating a guess already made? just plus one it if you agree with it.
what are you doing taking a picture of my tent i use for my holiday??? LOL
es un cultivo de interior de marihuana?
judging from the environment this is placed in I would guess a conceptual or performance art piece.
The new Tauntaun stomach, with more room and without lightsaber burns! Buy it now before its too late!
I believe their called "Hobbit Homes" or are they "Tiny Homes"...could be a "Guest House"...or "O'Hana House" many uses...even a "Guest Room" or a "Sauna Spa"...the uses are limitless.... went to NASA didn't you?.... and brought home part of a shuttle propulsion system... for shame!!
Looks like an inflatable quanset hut. No I don't know how to spell that right. I use a snow cave.
hey. my ancestors crossed oklahoma in one of those things! but it had wheels and a horse too.
I agree with Jesse its a hydroponics grow house.
a GREEN house, or grow tent would be my guess, i see hps lights, pots and an extraction unit :)
that's the comfortable house,maybe it can give our inpiration to us
It's where they're keeping Hanibal Lecter
just what i said.... different plants
Proof that the speed of lights breakable?
something covering a mineshaft
It's a eco friendly pot house from Amsterdam!
looks like the entrance to Edinburgh airport from the car park, except that's outdoors
Looks like one of the Conestogas from the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center before it closed permanently when it turned out a freeway interchange just isn't a great tourist attraction, even if it is the end of the Oregon Trail.
An innovative, all-in-one, fully enclosed grow-house.
Mike! You are killing us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i dont know what that is but i would really love a bed in that

it's an indoor greenhouse, or a cage for some snakes
LOL My first thought is a tanning room! Living in Las Vegas I am usually not surprised by very many things...well surprised yes but let's try saying something more like-I live outside of the box! But I still don't know what this is! I hope you will tell us soon!
Covered wagon that was parked in the wrong part of town... Not only did they steal the wheels, they got the axles and the Oxen too.
they grow marijuana in it Dduuhhh
its i think a house or something like that
Looks kinda like the Puddle Jumper from Stargate Atlantis
Portable Solar Energy Generator or maybe a mini-biosphere
i think it is haeter a.cooler room or tent
a bunch of jars and lights inside!
looks like a green house to me... now to check out the actual answer
Well I think it is a green house
Now I know I was right to a certin extent.
it's a tent full of POOP! really cool
oohh i know wat it is aaaaaaa

i dont know u tell me it is scary/cool
probily if u go in it u dont come out
a greenhouse for mushrooms?! I thought it was a special room for spa or sauna :(
sauna places love it if have gils haaaaa
Jack Ji
maybe it's opened now,i'm on the google+ in beijing.but facebook 、twitter、youtube can't be linked now.
I hope they don't grow "magic mushrooms" inside this building...
+Mike Simmons Nobody guesses these things. People either know it or they don't depending on what they read. : )
a greenhouse for mushrooms. it says in the url duh.
+Mike Elgan I have just now had time to take a look at some of the comments we all made about this and I have laughed all the way through! Great responses. Sorry it took me so long to catch up!
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