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Why Progressive Insurance Is About to be Crushed by the Internet

Long story short: The sister of a blogger named Matt Fisher was tragically killed in a car accident. She had Progressive insurance "protecting her" against accident by an underinsured driver, which happened to be the case in this accident.

The family said that because the other insurance company paid only $25k, Progressive owed $75k to make up the difference, as they were contractually obligated to do. But instead of paying, they instead worked closely with opposing lawyers to help them prove the accident was her fault, so they could get out of paying. 

Now famous bloggers like Seth Godin are jumping in to publicly shame Progressive.

More context:
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Ok, so insurance companies do their best to avoid paying... Nothing new there. Can someone point any good ones? Would prefer some from the EU, but would like to know from the US also.
Read about it on another posting and saw the story on TV as well---it's gone viral on Twitter as well. Couldn't believe the story but I wonder how many thousands of people have been screwed by insurance companies for different reasons. You pay & pay every month but when you need them they are not there.
Welcome to Insurers land, where money can buy you anything. And the law is sometimes crooked.
Insurance company's always look for that 1% chance of you being in the wrong!
Progressive really is extra crappy like that though. A tractor trailer changed lanes into my stepfather's car and crushed it, and they said they weren't going to do anything because he shouldn't have been beside the truck. Ryder trucking is self insured, and also refused to pay.
I dropped progressive a long time ago.
I think it's a completely disgusting, distasteful thing for a company to do... but I'm not surprised at all.
Sometimes crooked? It's insurance companies that are to blame for the health care problems in the U.S.  A few short years ago they collectively fleeced a ton of Katrina victims.  I'd like to "act of god" their sorry asses :P
It is awesome that the blogosphere can bring unscrupulous businesses - especially business who have a mandatory service to offer - to conduct themselves in the light.  Similar to how police must act properly when everyone has a video recorder in mobile phones.
When I was a kid, video games taught me all problems could be solved by going to the enemy hq, fighting your way up it story by story until you're at the roof, where inevitably the Bad Guy is waiting for his getaway chopper. At which point you beat his ass to a pulp, collect your win screen and consider the matter solved.

Sometimes I wish this was true for real life... I'd really, really like to know who planned this mess and who greenlit it, because it is a whole new low.
"cruelty knows no depth when it reaches for money", my deepest sympathy goes out to the Fisher family
This is shocking.  I am based in the UK and have shared it with some Lawyers here.  Dear Progressive - do not come to the UK.
Every insurance company is in business of getting as many clients as they can and then wiggle out of paying anything ... it is as all other lottery systems - tax on stupidity ... #notsurprised  
Allstate was pretty stand up when my wife was in a accident.  Blue Cross/Blue Shield kept fighting paying any medical bills so the Allstate rep said screw it we will just cover it all.
How can companies like this exist? 
USAA, although that caters to military/military family members only. Still an amazing, customer-oriented bank.
I have Allstate they took care of me all the way in my MVA!
When Americans were forced to carry auto insurance, the companies quit caring about selling a quality product. +Julian Maytum I've prayed for an act of God on insurance companies. This time it worked :-P
When my daughter's apartment was damaged in a storm, not only did Allstate pay right away, the agent gave us good advice about what to include in the claim to get full reimbursement.
Car insurance. The biggest legal forced ponzie scheme in America. When the manditory law was passed, I stopped driving.
It looks like Matt Fisher has an update that shows that a Progressive Lawyer defended his sisters Killer.  It is in response to a statement made by progressive that they did not defend his sisters killer.

I think the smoking gun here is the transcript of the trial.... could be very damaging for Progressive.  I should state that I have been using Allstate for many many years.
A recent poll indicated that my country, New Zealand, was the least corrupt in the world and yet two years after the Christchurch earthquake there are still thousands of people waiting for insurance companies and the Earthquake Commission to resolve their claims.

These companies care nothing about people and everything about money.
I have had progressive for 6 years with 6 different family members on the same plan. We have never had trouble with payment. Ever. Although, our claims have never been awfully high or for any medical reasons. This makes one especially wary that in the unfortunate incident of a major accident we will be in trouble!
Curiously, USAA sent me to Progressive for insurance on my motorcycle. And yesterday - very curious timing - Progressive e-mails me saying my premium will be reduced at the next renewal. We'll see about that renewal.
USAA really is the way to go, in the insurance game.  Never problems with reimbursement for losses.
Personally I will neve use a company like this... Enough said
Glad that I do not have my insurance with these people! That is just wrong what they did here!
I think there are a few Allstate salesmen on this thread..
all insurance companies are weasels.
At least in my state, the only car insurance you are forced to carry is liability, so if you're at fault, the other party is covered. If you have a car with a loan, your bank will make you have full coverage since its "their" car. But otherwise, you don't have to carry insurance. So that's not why insurers act like assholes. For the most part they are in the gambling business, hoping to bring in more than they have to pay out. But every business today needs to realize that customer service is what they are selling. And here, Progressive has failed.
Insurance is a scam anyway. Just another thing we are forced to do in this so called free country
They suck!!! Have them for my insurance.
Let's face it, Insurance Co's (of all types of coverage) are in the business of Making Money at all costs, for themselves and their share-holders. There job is to pay as little as possible in all cases.
The fact that they hold so much power and things such as Auto-Insurance is mandatory clearly shows the success of their lobby groups.
It is shameful the way they act in so many sad cases, knowing that people often don't have the finances to fight them. It's a wonder anyone can feel safe and secure knowing they carry (expensive) insurance to protect themselves from bankruptcy.
This happens all the time even with big carriers who you may think are on your side. Trust all of them do some form of this. Insurance carriers do not like when you lawyer up at all. The only time it's smart to lawyer up is if it's a big pay day but even at that you will only get what the policy can afford and nothing more.
This really amounts to nothing more then people 1) not having a clue about under-insured motorist coverage and how it works and 2) not being able to comprehend that insurance companies are nothing more than companies. That is... they are a business who's purpose is to make a profit

Just a quick note... UIM basically takes the place of the at fault parties insufficient insurance. The easiest way to think about this is... it becomes the other parties insurance. It does not defend the other party but to those who don't understand the concept (or those that want to mislead other people) it does appear to do this.

From the blog, "Now, I don’t discount the possibility that Katie was at fault in the accident" and "The totality of the evidence left some room for argument..."

"One indication that the case was pretty open-and-shut was that the other guy’s insurance company looked at the situation and settled with my sister’s estate basically immediately". Nope... they had a horrific accident with only $25,000 in coverage. Defense costs would have well exceeded $25,000. So they made a business decision to simply offer the $25,000 and get a release to protect their insured. When it came to Progressive, they weighted the $75,000 limits were weighted against defense cost.

"At the trial, the guy who killed my sister was defended by Progressive’s legal team."

Flat out incorrect and I suspect the poster knows that. He's just twisting the situation to make his point.

The injured party's family filed suit against Progressive directly and a judge or jury will determine who is right or wrong. Perhaps it will go against Progressive... perhaps it won't. They will need to wait and see. That is why we have a legal system and why it's available to everyone. 
It should have been days ago, when it first surfaced
Progressive is the worse company of insurance of USA
This is what we can expect under Obama Care, much of the same.  But people are too stupid to understand that.  But its the Government not even allowing the cases to go forth to trial, im bettin ya
What Chris said!! any possible way to save money. They are will do it. The job they do is not good!! to save money. Cheap stuff go on your car for repair? SUCKS!!!!!!! But they are cheap? That's my problem!?
+Samuel Greenway , truth is... these two things have absolutely nothing to do with each other. You may want to make your political statement some place else. Mandated health insurance has noting to do with UIM coverage. <plants face in palms and shakes head>.

BTW, here is some info that the blogger "forgot" to mention:

"Instead, Progressive chose to believe the testimony of a passenger in Kaitlynn Fisher's car, who suffered brain damage in the accident and was unable to give a statement until two months later. Cohen said that woman testified Kaitlynn Fisher was at fault, but suffered memory problems and other injuries that made her testimony unreliable."

There are two sides to every story. You are just reading information from one side in the bloggers post. Yes, Progressive was ruled to be incorrect in this case so they will end up paying. But they did have a case against paying, like it or not it's they are a company that is in business to make a profit by paying only what they owe, and they also have a right to defend themselves in court.
They suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! !!!!
mike m
Thats why they say to get a lawyer.
That's really sad! My condolences to you and your family. Damn republican lawyers! At least the courts saw the right thing, and now they have to pay out.
This is not right. I hope everyone gets this word out and public opinion can force them to do the right thing.
We tu re-share this post and try in that way to stop progressive, they have to pay, and the internet is a good tool to force that people tu do the corret things.
If you are in the USA, do yourself a favor and pick an insurance company that is a mutual and not a publicly traded company.

It doesn't guarantee that everything will be roses and sunshine, but my mutual has ALWAYS taken care of me.
I sold car insurance to the GEICO Geko and Progressive Flo.
I am The Most Interesting Man In The World.
Stay thirsty, my friends.
Shameful thing for Progressive to do, but probably not all that uncommon in the insurance industry.
Yes, Progressive could have handled the PR better in this case, but it really boils down to Maryland state Uninsured.Underinsured Motorist Statutes. It's more a question of which insurance company was obligated to pay, Nationwide or Progressive.

If Progressive would have paid the total Underinsured claim up-front, they lose all rights to subrogation against Nationwide.

Yeah, it's easy to hate the players, why not hate the game?
@ Theo this is the most inappropriate post I have ever read. Read the article about the tragic death of a girl and then use it to plug yourself. Shame.
They were cheap insurance for my car!

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in the U.K it cost a new driver at the age of 17 an average of £2500 for insurance, so no wonder they choose to drive without it, they are all tared with the same brush unfair if you ask me the only winners in this game are the insurance companies !
More to the point of the article. I am lucky that I am insured by a government run insurance co. If they make money in any year they send out refund cheques to all the drivers. That and the premiums are low. A little bit of Nanny state is sometimes good.
When corporations act like this it is easy to believe the system is broken.
Two words: cold blooded. Oh, one more: scum.
Thirsty too!

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These are the hidden strategies of insurance corporations that they do not write in their "Terms and Conditions".
jEnciso _
If having car insurance is a law, having car insurance actually pay for accidents should be another law.
15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance!
I work as an Insurance Broker in the UK, albeit for Professional, Management & Company Insurance, but I just can't imagine any of the London or Regional Markets acting like this. While all corporate companies exist to make a profit, the purpose of an insurance policy is to pay out, and not avoid liability. Certainly in the UK anyway.
Corporations don't have morals or feelings or emotions of any kind. They are machines that make money. That is all.
Now if we can just convince Congress and the Supreme Court...
I think a lot of this attention should also be turned to Maryland laws that protect insurance companies. I mean "you may not sue an insurance company when they refuse to fork over your money" sounds to me more like "you may not sue an insurance company, ever." As a customer of an insurance company what else would you sue them for? I'm sure there are plenty of other reasons (though very few I can think of) none of them probably would be as common or cost the company as much money as suing them for denying to pay a claim. And here I thought CA was bad when they required drivers to have insurance but provided no protection against the sudden price hikes that took place immediately after. Attacking the company will probably do very little, just cost them money from bad PR, but attacking the laws that protected that company will insure no other companies can do the same thing they did.
I don't know about Progressive, but i still heart Flo
It's absolutely astonishing what some people are capable of doing for money.... My condolences to the family for their loss.
So what's the next step in putting pressure on them
In reality all insurance companies stink. They are in the business of making money not to be helpful to the policy holders.
I have seen this with every insurance company out there, plane and simple.
So at the end of the case information here: , it looks like the judgement against the defendants was in the amount of $760,000.


So if this is the case, and Progressive is a defendant, did Progressives liability just go up 10x's by taking this to court? I hope so. I hope the end result of the companies decision to try and fight this is a huge increase in their costs.
+Jason McPeak do you have any proof that the lawyer who defended the driver was a Republican or is this just another lame attempt to politicize a tragedy?
OMG I hate Flo more then anything on Earth!  Progresssive and Flo needs to go away.
Does anybody else want to punch flo in the head..?
do progressive insurer satelites?
+Stephen Randall they certainly seem to reach their worst in the USA. Over there, it seems to be standard operating procedure.
This is corporate America....Take the people's money, Give them NOTHING back, NOT Even what they pay for. This mentality is prevalent everywhere in corporations not just insurance but where you work, No raises push any work you can off shore reduce the amount of american workers, in the companies that provide services, you pay almost 400% more today for electrical, gasoline, water but ALL of the infrastructure that is required to bring these things into our homes or to the grocery store or the fuel station were constructed and maintained on a very small fraction of what we pay today. So where does the remainder of the money go................. CEO Salary so that they can bring us even less and increase their own returns.
Like Xerox the CEO (Ursula Bruns) making in excess of 24 million a year while she reduces the wages of everyone that remains at the company working in America. SHAME on these people increase their own benefit by 2 million a month while reducing wages to poverty for the workers.

The only thing that changes this outcome is our voice our vote, I say it is long enough that we prop up CEO's to destroy companies, while raping there profit margins to line their own pockets.
Unhappy with them. So, DO NOT GET INSURANCE WITH THEM!!! Hurt them in their pocket.
Just another example of corporate greed and lack of moral leadership. progressive insurance should adopt a new catch phrase, "Profits over people at any expense". But that might be too honest for them.
While Progressive's public response has been lame (to put it mildly), the details of this case are very murky, so I'm personally withholding judgment for the moment. I like to know why I'm sharpening my pitchfork and lighting my torches before I join the mob.
I wondered how long this would take.  Any company financially backed by George Soros is bound to slip up and make it's true intentions known.  People ask me why I didn't give Progressive a shot when I chose my insurance.  I know who owns them.
What a sinister story. The whole framework, within which it unfolds, points to the fact that our society has lost its moral campus - if it ever had one.

Now, the overwhelming raison d'être of our institutions is corporate profit. There is no significant counterweight in the balance.

 My heart goes out to you. Good luck. 
Who is progressive they operate all over the world Internet only and in each country clam to be local I tried to follow the money trail got blocked at Saudi Arabia   
+Dominic Powell might be a good time to switch then... Get out while you can! They aren't going to Welch on small claims as their lawyers still cost $$. Once the lawyer is cheaper, that's when the trouble starts!
+Matt Ellsworth I'm not sure where this "murk" comes from. Woman dies in accident. Insurance company, rather than pay out, takes active role in trying to help the person at fault place blame on the woman who died. Scummy behavior. Had they simply said "Look, we know this sucks. You have to go through the process, though, because we see reasonable doubt. We won't help him, but you have to go through the courts to get the judgment."

With that, while it would have sucked, it wouldn't have been scummy.
That is sooooo F'ed up!! I hope the lady didn't have children that needed taking care of. 
If this is true, this is some next level B.S.
Insurance companies know that they must be reasonable on the 80% of their claims that are relatively small—that is how they try to keep goodwill up. But when the claim is large, the other 20% of their claims, they hire lawyers to try to weasel out of paying. Progressive got caught trying to avoid paying a large claim.
Its sad, but this is why you have life insurance policies and health insurance. Auto insurance is always considered to be an secondary insurance when you are in an accident.
not really, all insurance companys are like this
Yeah. It's funny how a quirky commercial s manage to sugar coat a cut throat industry. 
This is the States' fault.  They made it mandatory for all of us to have insurance in order to drive legally, but have put no stipulations or restrictions on the way insurance companies do business.  Plus you have to pay for uninsured motorists on your policy.  We all know they like our premiums but hate to pay out, but this borders on ridiculous.
Does Allstate do this as well? Because I kind of trust the guy from "The Unit"...although I don't trust the guy from Oz. 
Insurance companies are evil. Don't just single out progressive. There isn't a single company that wouldn't try to get out of paying somehow. 
Not sure if i'm more disgusted by the original story or the people who want to just write it off as just good business. 
They not really the best out there at all anyways...
I keep going back too the fact that her own family said that she too may have been at fault. Sorry people. I'm with progressive on this.
Wow, what a story. Progressive should be ashamed of themselves but from their response I can see they are not. Hopefully their bottom line will take a hit. Another reason some lawyers should be sent to sea on a boat with a whole in the side of it.
Sad, thanks for sharing this info. Good to know.
There's attempting to get out of paying something and then there's doing something absolutely wrong in order to do so. This crosses that line.
So, it seems that +Todd Copeland is the only person here that actually knows how the insurance and legal systems work. Also the only one that knows you're an idiot if you talk to the public about a currently running court case. 

Why does this inflamatory +Mike Elgan keep showing up in my feed? He's a hack. "Internet to Crush Progressive." Riiiight. The internet is not just Americans, and even if, not all Americans can agree on anything. 

Ah, found the slider to fix that. Good. 
+Michael Pedersen The "murk" comes from the fact that we: a) Don't have the actual insurance policy for reference, b) Have no impartial third party providing facts, c) Don't have a thorough understanding of how underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage works (or at least, I don't).

The family might very well be getting screwed or Progressive might be behaving the way they are legally required to or some entirely different thing altogether. My point is, we don't know and even given my distaste for the insurance industry as a whole, I'm not willing to lash out in righteous indignation just because others have done so.
From the Progressive core values, apparently only this one is real.  The rest are PR.


We seek to earn a profit by offering consumers products and services they want. Profit is how the free-enterprise system motivates investment and rewards companies that consistently create value.
Looks like Flo should start looking for another insurance agency to shill for.  All insurance is a racket based on criminal enterprise that used to be called "Protection Money", and is now an institution because of special interest lobbying and a corrupted legislative process.
...... .

I'm Just Wondering If She Is A Millioner  Yet... :~)
...... .
Every insurance company does this.
+Todd Copeland you make a lot of claims without any backing. An insurance company can make money two ways. Ask for a premium that covers what they are statistically likely to pay out plus a bit for the shareholders OR charge a little less than the other guy, say it is the same product and write some nasty exit clauses into their contract + look for ways to avoid paying.

Progressive took the second option.
As for your comment about them NOT representing the killer, you make unsubstantiated claims and ignore what the article said that they could NOT sue progressive directly, and I have not seen anything that contradicts that. Have you?
We were actually looking at Progressive, but yeah not any more.  Thanks ..
+Jason McPeak Damn Democrat lawyers helped get mandatory insurance passed. Think Libertarian. Citizens shouldn't be forced to buy any product.
Yeah, saw the pathetic attempt at a mea culpa, +Brad Seehawer - can you believe someone actually got paid to write that mess and thought it would actually WORK?! There's a whole lotta clueless down on  6300 Wilson Mills Road, that's for sure.
Progressive Insurance is owned by a liberal Democrat billionaire.who has close ties to George Soros. I was going to change over to them until I looked into the company further and found this out. I'm glad I did my research! 
Insurance, bankers, lawyers, and politicians. 4 institutions that need a radical change. 
You gotta be kidding! Isn't that the whole point of paying for insurance? They are suppose to be helping us...imagine that...
Yeah this is the same company that wants to send you a tracking device to put in your car so they can give you "good driver discounts". F u Flo!
They behave the same way here in UK/Europe - they seem to prefer to spend money on legal fees than just pay up when it is due.
And I thought they hit an all-time low when they got Sonic the Hedgehog to hawk their policies. This is just plain disgusting.
Note that Nationwide Insurance paid their part without hesitation for the at fault driver, while Progressive resisted paying the uninsured coverage on their own policy.
As far as I"m concerned every insurance company is scum of the earth.  They all pull devious stunts from time to time.  I have Geico.  This spring I was sitting in my car, in a parking lot waiting for some one, key off and my eyes closed with my hat over my eyes.  some one came right up behind and me and slammed into me pushing me into the curb and damaging the left rear quarter panel.  she took off and had to be hunted down by security at the hospital where I was parked.  It took three weeks to settle the claim and Geico told me since it was a hit and run with me parked and not doing anything to cause the accident and they found the girl who did it her insurance company would handle the whole thing and Geico wouldn't be involved and they checked out making me chase everything down.  The other company did pay up and did settle once I hounded them on the phone enough.  A month later when I reupped my policy with Geico they boned me for another $5.00 on my policy!  Why?  I did nothing wrong.  Was it really worth the 5 dollars considering the enmity it caused and it cost them nothing.  they didn't even have handle the claim.  What's it to them?
I sell cars for a living ,progressive were the worst to deal with to get a claim after your car was in an accident or ,totalled.
Welcome to the new world economy. Flo is still hot.
Yeah this is the company that will hire the accident drive at fault and so you...
Bye-bye Flo.  I hated your commercials.  It's not me, it's you.
+Frankie Pizarro to answer your question- in the States try AAA. Not the cheapest, but as a membership organization rather than a for-profit company they actually offer real customer service.
This is the way they make those outrageous profits. It's all about greed.
+Mark Hammond No...You have those insurance policies like you have any insurance, to pay out when shit hits the fan, you do NOT have them to cover another insurance when it refuses to actually pay when it's supposed to.
Switching away from Progressive due to crappy customer service and going with a better company.  Not worth the time of day.
I would still do very dirty things to Flo...  she is so bangin.
Isn't all this never a problem in places where no-fault auto insurance rules apply ?
Let them sue progressive, and watch them settle out of court for A LOT more than 75k. The victims could end up thanking progressive for being liars... that would be epic.
Progressive is so evil, nothing but carpet baggers!
Several years ago, a progressive-insured driver crashed into the wall of my neighborhood. Progressive claimed that another driver ran her off the road and then fled the scene, and that party is responsible and should pay for the repairs. There was no evidence of another vehicle being involved, but they weaseled their way out of paying for damage caused by a driver under their coverage! Our community paid out of pocket to make the repairs since that was cheaper than fighting in court. Now they do this to save pennies owed to the family of a deceased customer? Progressive just plain sucks.
I had progressive back in 02' was n a head on collision with a drunk driver had to be life flighted soon as i was able to leave hoapital had to hire a lawyer to sue them cause they would not pay even tho my accident report stated i was not a fault
progressive sucks even the comersials
America REALLY needs better regulations and penalties for corporate skullduggery. 
Insurance companies are the scum pile of capitalism. They will use their economic and legal strength every time to screw you out of the money you deserve.
Allstate (or at least the lawyer assigned) did some pretty nasty (and probably illegal) things when my brother was injured in a car accident in Colorado many years ago. (A teen girl hit him from behind at 40+ mph when he was stopped at a red light)  Like, calling him up and telling my brother that his attorney was "doing it wrong" and he was going to go to jail for a felony if he didn't drop the case.  A lot of sleazy stuff like that, most of which I forgot. They eventually settled, for not all that much money considering my brother's lost business, painful years of barely being able to leave a bed, and probably permanent inability to lift anything significant without pain... it barely covered their accumulated debts (due to the accident) at the time.  If there was any kind of gag in that settlement, I was told about this when it happened before the settlement, and I'm obviously not obligated by my brother's settlement in any way.
When they make their clients look like fools in their TV ads, why would people ever expect anything from them?! After I saw some of their ads, I completely black-listed them from my own world. I am just saying... #BoycottProgressive
How do you do that as a person...  Defend a guy in court like that? Do that job. 
You know, it doesn't surprise me, this country is rotting from the head down
It's not that there are "Allstate salesemen" in the thread, it's that Allstate really is just that good. They've been my insurance company since I first took out my own insurance after graduating college some 30 years ago. You can imagine that over three decades we needed their services a couple of times. Every time, they were courteous, helpful, and concerned about getting everything taken care of quickly and easily.

The only time I ever had a problem was when my truck was totaled by a drunk driver, and I had dropped my comprehensive insurance because of family budget trimming. My fault, not theirs.

Heck, my agent still calls me on the phone every so often just to see how I'm doing (and to try to sell me more insurance laugh) but they know who I am and make sure that I'm taken care of. That's not because I'm special; it's just how they do business.

It sounds like Progressive could learn a thing or two from them...
My wife and I have been with USAA since 1970 -- house, car, mortgages, whatever. Never a problem with any claim on the house or the car, never a problem with the mortgage. There's a lot to be said for a company run by people who live by the rule that their word is their bond.
I had Progressive insurance once..."once".
Had a car stolen, and had to do all the footwork myself to get it back when it was found. I had to have it towed, the engine was ruined, and the interior was shot. Progressive paid to have the damaged exterior panel (the forced entry area) repaired....and offered $50 as compensation for the interior (yeah, $50 should cover having the seats re-upholstered...not). Never did get reimbursed for having to have it towed, nor for the engine which constantly smoked afterwards. Never could get the agent on the phone or out to the mechanics shop to analyze the vehicle.
Finally got rid of Progressive and bought a new car.
Pretty sure those are cereal boxes on the displays in the Progressive commercials..its the only thing that can explain their policies!
My question is: why did the judge allow a customer's insurer provide lawyers for the defense? This surely is a conflict of interest as they were supposed to be there for their customer. Looking at their commercial you can see it's an attitude of sell, sell, sell. I am all for capitalism, but something must be done to stop the corrupt practices of the insurance industry and it's attitude of we've got your money, now go "F" yourself.
Progressive tried to weasel out of paying me for a totaled car. It took me 3 months(of no car) and a few calls to the insurance commissioner to get them to finally settle.
Love the Internet.. Drop Progressive Insurance. I have St Farm but luckily haven't had to call on them yet so not sure how they are in paying out. Anyone know?
dont think so.Most peeps are not paying attention to anything nowadays.the really young internet kids don't care anything but themselves not about car insurance or who sells what.
F'k Progressive and the auto insurance industry as a whole. But me would tap booty of cute girl in commercials;-) 
I don't understand Americans they will send men to war but will get insurance from a company that is owned by a bank that the biggest share holder the same people that were behind 911  
I think it's amazing that there are a couple of comments here stating that everyone should cynically understand that insurance companies will take your premiums and then battle to their last legal recourse to deny claims, despite their PR and marketing to the contrary.
Perhaps they're right, but...
I think that what most here are arguing is that what an insurance company is legally able to do, and what they should do, for the benefit of not just their customer, but themselves as well, are two different things.
JewLo Dunno you have horrible taste in women if you would really go for Flo.
Such a tragic story.  No amount of money will fix the situation.  At the very least Progressive could live up to their end of the bargain.  +William McNair is spot on with the conflict of interest.
I wonder, if the shoe was on the other foot would progressive still fight the case? I mean, what if someone who worked for and was insured by Progressive, had a family member killed by an collision. Would the results be the same? Or are Progressive workers smart enough not to be insured by Progressive?
While it's likely true that most insurance companies would have acted in the same way as Progressive, I have no sympathy for the amount of bad press that they're getting for being shysters.
Carm N
Now that's beyond low! No Progressive for me!! All I know is when my parents had a few claims with Allstate they did the right thing. You may pay a few dollars more but it'll most likey be worth it when you need them most. You get what you pay for!
Thanks - I will never go with them.
They're no different any other insurance company out there. No insurance company wants to pay anything if they don't have too that's just way the industry works. 
Isn't everybody pretty much in agreement that insurance companies are dirt bags?  I understand this is an especially tragic case, but was this so far out of left field?
jewlo dunno, your ultra strange?
@Thom, Yes I like'em trashy, post modern sleaze......
Insurance Companies are just "people" too.  ROTTEN people!!
You guys have said it all. Plain sucks. I sympathize with the bereaved family. RIP Katie!
THEE most horrendous, nasty,capitalistic and degrading (for the family) thing I have ever read!  
This is very unfortunate
Is the Progressive girl named Flo because car insurance is the bloody annoying thing you have to deal with once a month?
+Ben Neill  , that's in correct in this case.  This is a liability case (albeit, a little different as a 3rd party coverage to a 1st party). An insurance company can go by stats and their exposure but when it comes to liability, that exposure is the almost based entiely on the fact that you are only going to pay for what you are liable for. There is no exclusion possible on a liability (certainly not UIM) claim. That is exactly what Progressive was doing (be it altimatly correct or incorrect). There was a witness in the deceased person's vehicle who stated that the deceased person was at fault. Granted, this testimony was not enough... but it shows that Progressive's view was not baseless.

An insurance company does not defend the at fault party in a UIM claim/lawsuit. That is just a matter of fact (the blogger does not want you to know this as it does not support his "point". Progressive has come out and stated this fact, though.) UIM takes the place of the other person's does not defend the other person. If you think about that, I think you will understand how UIM works. It's a little odd.

BTW - the blogger sister (sister?) chose Progressive as her carrier. So she chose lower rates over... good service (?). If you blame Progressive for charging a lower rate where do you think they need to cut corners? Customers don't realize when they pay rock bottom prices that they are going to get what the pay for? Who do we blame for that oversight?

+Joe Elliott , Nationwide paid as they only had a $25k policy limit and they knew there was some liability against them. At that point you weight the amount you know you are going to owe, add in the additional defense costs on top of that and see what the amount is. In this case, it's close to or in excess of $25k. So they paid to be done with the matter. Progressive's view on the liability was probably different but their view also considered that 1) $25k had already been paid and 2) they choose to consider a witness's statement that the deseased driver was at fault. We now know that this was not a good decision (as the witness had memory issues due to the accident). I won't go into details but as I mentioned before, Progressive's denial was not baseless. It turns out Progressive lost, yes. But there was a reason they fought the payment, the blogger either does not understand how UIM works or is just being deceptive in order to further his point (I suspect the latter) and everyone (even companies) can have their day in court.

How about all of those insurance claims that are paid when people walk into walls because they are not watching where they are going, get a scratch on their car door and claim $10,000 in medical treatment, etc. Why don't we see blogs about those cases? My point... it goes both ways.
they better be doing some damage control now.
Wow +Progressive Insurance , that is an incredibly douchy thing to do.  People pay you for coverage no so you can try and pull out of covering your obligations.  Take your Flobot and shove it.
Flo is a dude in drag right?
Ah Ha
Let's stick it to them. Progressive is like the Sprint of insurance. Those commercials try to hard. We are so great and all that! I was and still am suspicious. 
Insurance companies do this all the time. Just happens to be that this guy is a blogger so he was able to get his story out. While it is tragic, its nothing new and not surprising.
Wow, that's who covers me. I have to pay more attention to what's going on.
I have seen similar bad situations with FARMERS and ALLSTATE.
Geico has treated me fairly twice.
There's no such thing as an honest insurance company.
Insurance is such a fraud. Period. To pay for a product you PRAY you would never have to use because if you do, you'll still have to pay $500 (or whatever your deductible) and then probably pay more for the next however many years because you're a 'risk'. Meanwhile...if you're not a risk for five, six years, the last two or three years, your premiums don't go down. It all sickens me. Insurances should be listed on the same level as hackers and thieves. 
lol nice comment i think i have changed my mind about that insurance im going direct
Isn't that what all insurance do anyways???
Think about it for a moment. Do you think they can "offer" all those discounts if they weren't making money hand over foot?
I always felt uncomfortable about this insurance company with dumb commercials where dumb looking chick acts dumb-dumb (4 times enough). Instinctively normal person would react like “I cannot be part of this dumb act. It looks and feels like a joke, which in most case equals to a “rip-off”. Clearly this is not a unique case for this company, but rather common practice. This type of complete luck of morals coupled with extreme greed is the reason for common people hating business in America.
+Wil Wheaton posted something about this the other day.

I hope progressive gets crushed after the way they treated that family.

Flo is in for a virtual beat down. 
I am sorry for your families loss
Insurance is a scam, it can only work for a few when many do not make a claim.  It can never work when everyone makes a claim unless the insurance companies charge what is needed to pay a claim, then what is the point of the insurance.
Sounds like insurance companies are like politicians. When customers and voters collect, they got the run around and no payout.
I was just reading this yesterday, such a tragedy :(  I had terrible service from them as well, therefore having to switch.  My situation was not as terrible as that, but they made it extremely frustrating nonetheless.   The person who hit my car had progressive as well and they soon treated me like the ass!  NEVER AGAIN! Terrible customer service, and horrible coverage.  They are the biggest scam out there today! My heart goes out to him and his family for their loss.  
We need the same kind of consumer protection in auto insurance that we are starting to get in health insurance (no recission, no after the fact claim denial, etc).  This case is disgraceful.
Wow, but not surprised at all. They say it is their job but here the lines of legally, morally and ethically are getting crossed over back and forth. I hope you and your family find peace.
People, seriously. Are you really surprised. Insurance companies are not your friends--they are not even your advocates. It doesn't matter how cute their marketing mascots are. Insurance companies generate revenue from selling policies. They generate profit by denying claims. This dichotomy is at the heart of who they are and understanding it is what people need to do. It isn't right. It may not even be moral--but it is certainly the reality.
Unfortunately I'm sure just about every insurance company would do this, their company is meant to make payments in situations like this yet when it comes down to it they will fight it as long as they can, This is why our political system needs an overhaul so companies like this cant keep making the laws up with their "campaign donations" 
Gotta love the incorrect information. Such as this:

"Earlier this week, the insurer issued a statement saying that "Progressive did not serve as the attorney for the defendant in this case." The driver was instead defended by another insurer, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co., the company said.
That prompted Mr. Fisher to put out a second blog post, saying an attorney working for Progressive sat next to the defendant, conferred with him, questioned witnesses, and gave opening and closing statements in the trial."

Um... where the plaintiffs and defendents sit is a rule governed by our court system. Mr. Fisher knows this (of that I have no doubt). He's just choosing to "blog" it his way to support his claims. Problem is... people draw conclusions without bothing to read up on the subject themselves. That is the power of the Internet... even incorrect information can be represented as "fact". People simply think since some "blogger" wrote it... it must be correct.

From Progressive:

"In order to receive the benefits of an underinsured driver claim, the other driver must be at fault," Progressive wrote. "Sometimes this can be proven without the need for a trial, but in Ms. Fisher's case, there were credible conflicting eyewitness accounts as to who was at fault."

WHAT?????? Something the "blogger" failed to mention? Say it ain't so!
That's so stupid and retarded
happens all the time love to see this happening on a blog...
Anyone ever read/watch "The Rainmaker"?
Yea, this is a common thing the more messed up part is why are we forced to pay for something they are never forced to do.
This is the power of the Internet. A company does something bad, tries to hide it, but the Internet will always know the truth,
Yup, insurance companies are not interested in helping anyone but themselves (maybe on over generalisation, but not much).
+Nick Kurkjy Aye. I think that's a good reference here. I've only seen the movie, but it was pretty good.
my condolences on Matt's loss and I pray things will work out for him and his family.
why does the government force us to have auto insurance if operating a motor vehicle?
Regardless of how this turns out for Progressive, there will now be a chapter in every Social Media 101 training book entitled "Case Study: Progressive"
When you pay your insurance payment, only about 8% goes into you being insured. The rest is just there to pay their shareholders, employees, and for locations and supplies. There is no money left to actually cover you in the event that you need it. But yet the average person will give these companies 3 times the value of the car in the cars lifetime... What a corrupt system.
People lie and most the time they blame each other. Which is why they have investigators to review everything circumstances police reports witness statements(these things dont happen over night) as much as they before determining what actions to take. Yes they are going to try to give you the lowest amount possible but with that said the whole working with the other side to place blame on their own client doesnt make much sense since if its her fault they now not only pay him but her estate as well(hence full coverage).. and they are obligated anyways to disclose all evidence to the other side(and law enforcement) anyways.

Fyi: during settlement talks its usually the insurances and/or their lawyers negotiating and talking already waay before your brought in the loop..

Also why would progressive want to be responsible for nearly 3/4 of it when it wasnt even their clients fault? That would make no sense at all.. your better off in court which i bet they will either sue the other company or the person at fault for that money now
This is a George Soros company - what would you expect.....
Flo, you are evil! You also look like a train wreck. Snapshot? More like a slapshot to your face! 
Insurance company are not here to help us they are thieves pay up progressive
thats insane... really scary.
im not getting that.
Does it matter whose fault? Insurance still obligated to pay. That's the point of insuring property or health. Bad drivers pay more premium to offset the cost, just like smokers do.
I have a niece that works for Progressive, and she is with another insurance company because she knows how they ( Progressive ) is about paying out for their clients......
+Dapino Watters You bring to the table some good information, but most states now have No Fault Insurance (like here in NY) and bacause of this, it is becoming harder for them to ignore the people.

All of this is Nixons fault... He was the one that let all insurance companies become profit hungry monsters (and kick a little back to him and his cronies), but remember... He is not a crook! ✌✌
Sounds like for-profit health insurance.
This company should be out of market soon. share if you agreed.
Not surprised at all. Most if not ALL of the insurance companies are in it for the profit and that's the bottom line. I feel terrible for the Fisher family though...
+Scott Meyers You need to read the full story. Go back to where it all started, before this article. She was not at fault in anyway, but that is not what Progressive said. They just want to keep the money.
And this is different from any other auto insurance company how?
Note: Insurance is no meant to protect the insured. Is covers the liabilities in the event of a loss, and the impact or cost to others such as lien holders, property, and victims. It is not created to edifying the policy holder. Only life (assurance) will edify the policy holder.
Insurance has been for a long time about screwing you. These days they can get away with it.
+Philip Manaois , insurance companies are in business to make a profit? Should they be in business to lose money, go out of business and this in turn either increases premiums by 100x or, worse yet, halts commerce? Because yes, commerce actually depends on insurance to exist. That is why insurance goes back to the start of commerce.

News flash... insurance can/is an advesarial type of business. No one blogs about how their insurance company defended them and did a good job at it. No... people LOVE to read "blogs" on the Internet and aceept them as fact even without bothering to read up on the correct information surrounding the case.
Rare size if the stone is for sale, let me know I may have an interest to buy. If the owner wants to sell ! 
E-mail :
+Ded Jezter . I think you need to read up on the full story. There was a passenger in the sister's vehicle ( passengers usually know the driver so I think it's safe to say, she was unbias) that stated the sister was at fault. THAT is what Progressive was considering.

Again, I think you need to read up on the case.
flo needs to send her resume over to esurance..
Big Dogs fucking the middle and little people again and again.
Actually we had our own problem with this company. Much less serious but it showed a pattern of behavior and we dropped them like a hot steaming bag of... Which they are.
And that girl gives me the creeps.
No matter what your agent tells you, insurance companies are in it to make money.  They use extremely complicated mathematical models to calculate the probability of unlikely events and then charge enough premiums to profit from your risk aversion.  I would assume most are honest, but there may be some less ethical ones that will tell you things that contradict what is in writing.  Overall, I think they serve a useful purpose, but always remember that their motivation is to maximize revenue.
+Todd Copeland I'm not sure if you're trolling or not but maybe you did not comprehend my sarcasm. In any regards, maybe work for an insurance company and or you don't really understand what they are all about. Maybe you don't understand the concept of today's Corporate mentality of the US Capitalism. Maybe its just too much for me or anybody to explain to you what is really going on in the real world, until you get screwed yourself.
A clear example of how many of the people in charge of things are actually sociopaths.
Jay R
Insurance companies, auto, or health= legal fraud. However if you try to fraud them its years in prison....what's wrong with that picture??
Any company which spends that much on advertising is suspect in my opinion. I have safeco and really like them so far.
+Darian Schouten I promise you that I don't sell Allstate, or any insurance, and non of my friends and family do. I'm not naive, and I'm sure there are people with horror stories about Allstate. But +Frankie Pizarro asked if anyone could name a "good one" so I shared what I experienced.
Our firm had a case recently where an insurance company stepped in to pay for the defense of the opposing side.  Insurance companies will pay a lot, even through trial, to win because a loss may open the door to other suing them.  Insurance companies are nothing but pond scum.
There is something about the Flobat replacing Flo, doing a better job then Flo, the Flo destroying Flobot that just doesn't sit right with me.  These commercials are clearly created by 1%ers with absolutely no grip on the day-to-day reality of workers.  Maybe it's also an insurance company that has enough $$ to create these ridiculous and insulting ads that doesn't sit right with me.  Stil thinking about it, but one thing I know for sure is that Progressive isn't doing itself any favors. 
Let's show Progressive how unity on the Internet is a powerful thing. Shame on them.
I have been a Progressive customer for 5+ years.. I am not renewing my auto policy. Way to go progressive,, you went out of your way to lose customers off.
Aren't there consumer organizations besides attorneys and the court of law you can go to in the states? My condolences to the family. I'm pretty sure this kind of crazy insurance companies don't exist in holland. All drivers here need to be insured with basic "wettelijke aansprakelijkheid", meaning your insured for damage you cause to others, it's the same for all the policy takers. Thus, you can't be under insured. Thank god!
Worst insurance company. Ever. Insured my motorcycle through them. When it was stolen, they took my report and for four months never ever returned a phone call ( ever). When they finally cut me a check, it bounced! When that was painfully sorted out, bought a new one, insured with USAA and have been completely satisfied since with any claim. Burn Progressive! Burn to the ground!
i was close about to join geico but i did not and that is sad
o lII
WOW what a bad way to go sorry 
I've been following it... And they USED to be my car insurance company. Got to pay for all those Flo commercials somehow. #PRDisaster. They save a few bucks, and it will cost them far more in the age of #SocialMedia.
This is appalling! I have progressive, and I'm thinking of switching, but even if I do, every insurance company is probably the same. I hope the family gets the help they deserve.
The dirty truth here is that all the insurance companies would do what Progressive did. They are for-profit operations, not charities waiting to hand you money when bad things happen...even if they are rightfully on the hook, they pay their adjusters and lawyers to find and exploit any possible loophole or technicality to get out of paying the benefit.
Farmers Insurance Group pays their claims, period. Best property insurance company in the US ...
I work at a Harley dealership, and the least hassle, largest payouts are progressive insured. Not sure what happened in this specific scenario, but all of my dealings with this company have always gone above and beyond fair.
Insurance companies profit by taking your money and not giving it back. This is the #capitalism  so many of you blindly believe is the answer to every problem, yet you scream tyranny when the government tries to take the profit-making out of other kinds of insurance.

"Take what you can, give nothing back!" -Cap'n Jack Sparrow
gieco would drop you like a hot tamale
This may be how insurance companies work, but that does not mean it's fair by the consumer.  If true, then informing people about this incident will cost them far more than the $75k they saved in lost business and repairs to their reputation.
And I very much disagree that all insurance companies would do the same thing. I even disagree that the same co would handle it the same way overtime. The adjusters and lawyers should be fired.
In China, in each traffic accident case, the insurance company is acting as one of the defendants. They can employ their own lawyers, and they have the statutory rights to prove that they do not need to pay.
Sick of that Progressive insurance woman. Ugh...
I totaled my 2009 Dodge Viper a couple of years ago. It was definitely my fault but Progressive stroked me a check for $72,000 with no questions asked. They didn't even cancel me. I was very impressed with how they handled the entire claim. I feel bad for the family in this article though.
Good to know, never buying anything from them.
Thank your local government for this, the insurance companies know if you drive around with out insurance, you get a nice ticket, car gets impounded, fines and so forth. So they can charge what ever and get away with it, and make up some excuse not to pay.
+Philip Manaois , did not get the sarcasm. If that is what is was, I agree completly. People want to forget that insurance companies are... companies.... well at least until they pay their premiums... they they just want to complain how expensive insurance is. Go figure... people think insurance companies should pay out millions in extra money but they should not have to pay more because of it.

News flash for those people... carriers can typically have a combined loss ratio (claims + expenses) in excess of 90%. In some cases it's over 100%. They still make money as they invest some premiums. But if the economy is bad (not like that would happen), they can loose money.

Another view is that an insurance companies job is to pay out only what is owed on a claim. You can call this whatever you like... screwing people over, being mean... whatever. It's still a fact.
have you all seen the latest commercial for progressive ? its like hiltler times! it has the attention of all people walks of life tuned into this ad with flo on tv screens like you see in new york big advertising screens and these people look like they are in a trance !!!! progressive ibsurance i will not buynow !! bad advertising wont get anyone to insure them with this kind of propaganda !!! im not fooled one bit. i will say one more thing... atlas shrugged !!!!!!!! steve's mom kristine bergherm
Thats insurance for you one reason only to take it & a hundred reasons for them not to pay it just stinks
USAA...not only a great insurance company, but a great company. What other company puts our VETERANS first?
Well, I'm not surprised:((
"...the chairman of the Progressive Corporation, Peter Lewis, is a known 'political associate' of George Soros. Together they financially support many liberal causes." (found on
This is enough reason for me to boycott Progressive.
Sad. My heart goes out to the girls family.
Best to dig into the whole story instead of just reacting to what someone with an obviously vested interest has to say. If you take what the blogger says at face value, you don't know that Progressive was listed as a defendant and was relying on the statement of the deceased's passenger when deciding to defend against the claim.
Not to defend Progressive...they should have known better. However, the buzz about the case would have you believe that Progrssive sprang to the killer's defense unbidden.
How do we know that this is true?
How did this woman ever get this commercial campaign? I do not see her as humorous.
good that i ran from them long time a go
but i never got one of em' progressive girl bogleheads! 
USAA is great, if you're eligible.
But when I was taken out on my motorcycle...and didn't have USAA on the bike, I had to lawyer up and go after them.

I was lucky, I didn't get injured too badly, but it was in no way my fault, and USAA settled fairly, amazing!

I have USAA for my and my wife's car, and will be getting them to cover my new bike soon, funny as they sub that out to Progressive, which is who insures my bike presently.

Round and round we go
After hearing this story,Progressive is Toast!
we have to maintain this post on the first place for the all day, and re-share and re-share again.
I would advise everyone that drives a motor vehicle to purchase a dash camera for their car to prevent things like this from happening,
Wake up people! That's how insurance companies work! They don't work for you, they are betting against you all the time...
1) They bet you don't ever have an accident. (thus paying your monthly fees for nothing)
2) They bet that when you have it, it's your fault.
3) They bet you get something wrong on the process and invalidate your claim.

Find one that doesn't do that and go with them... otherwise, deal with it like every one.
This is no surprise with any insurance company. They would rather spend $100k on lawyers than pay out a $75k claim.
This is well know behavior of insurance companies in general and discount ones in particular.
Thats sad! But how about the 3rd world nations?
There were conflicting accounts on what happened at the scene. Because of that, a lawyer from Progressive sat in as a defendant but they are not defending the man who hit the woman. They are there in addition to the defendant's lawyer, from Nationwide. Once the jury determined the man was indeed at fault, Progressive promptly paid out. All Progressive was doing was making sure that the underinsured driver was at fault, not their own policy holder, in this case, the woman who was killed. Stop blowing this shit out of proportion.
Please Progressive change this Type
of commercial, to much the same model 
So tired of insurance companies not paying up! 
insurance companies need to change
It's called Capitalism: Nice for "the haves"...and not nice for the "not haves" :)
Well, it is an insurance company, they don't make money by handing it out. As horrible as the "facts" are, I'm not in the least bit surprised.
Bonus fact: If you opt not to purchase under-insured motorist coverage, Progressive will charge you for it anyway unless you send  a separate paper letter to refuse coverage. And with this case, it seems that they will refuse to pay claims on the insurance they refuse to let you decline when you but your policy.
Before you sign with any company find out who owns the company this is how the Arabs are attacking the U.S and the American government is too scared to say any thing because they owe  to much to them.
+Mike B Some states require that the insurance company have UM/UIM coverage on the policy unless the insured waives the coverage in writing. This only applies to some states and it is a state law... not from Progressive.
Randy H
All insurance companies do this. How else do they remain the top grossing companies every year? They want our money, but never want to pay it back. It's a racket that should be shutdown like illegal drugs
Oh, insurance companies, continue to do anything to take your money but never pay out
They shouldn't bitch about 75k. Especially in a fatal accident. They should be supportive towards the family. Not offensive!
As a progressive customer I am personnally disgusted by this news afterall what do we pay them for if not to protect us from this type of BS... 
we need to have an index for all the insurance companies. there might have been many more cases like these which might have gone unnoticed. we need to put up all of these on the net.
i'm just laughing that people went for super-cheap car insurance without thinking that there might be a catch.
@Julian Maytum, I have to agree that the "act of God" ploy is taking it to far. Then you could argue that God pushed me into the back of the other vehicle officer.
yup, corprate america at its sleaziest.
DISCLAIMER: I do not represent the insurance company I work for when speaking in public forums. 

Now, I also think the claim above was handled badly. But as for all of you saying that insurance companies are in the business of screwing people and that mandatory insurance is due to the power of the companies, are speaking from pure ignorance. We pay what we owe. The problem is too many people think they've won the lottery when in a minor accident, then claim the company "screwed them" because they don't get a million dollars. And as for the laws, I guess you'd prefer if there was an even bigger chance of the person at fault for your accident not having insurance?
Shared this(UK), this is a new low for an insurance company.
Usaa all the way! But, i agree that all insurance companies will lie cheat steal make backroom deals just to get out of paying a claim! I use usaa because they have been very good to me
I dislike insurance companies and attorneys equally, but in the event of an accident make sure you lawyer up. At least your not swimming with the sharks alone. 
+Gencat Catgen then don't complain that your monthly premium costs what it costs. Lawyers want to turn a parking lot fender bender into a 100k injury. If you believe they care about your and want to play "fair" more than the insurance company, you're delusional. But have fun paying them their 40%.
Unfortunately, like politics, unless you have personally have been effected not too many people will switch to the other side unless they are paid to...
Wow +Mike Elgan you hit it on the nail with this one

Here is one for Liberty Mutual
A long time ago, an old Girlfriend was harbouring 'someone' and needed help and asked me to pick them up and hide them for a few days (I was 20) - it was a very cold night -30C, and when I got to her house, she ran in front of my car Lots of witnesses around) and I couldn't stop - she went under my car - YES! I Ran her over

My wheel hit her leg but not over it, before we could leave someone called a cop and I still remember his badge number was 169 (I loved 69 as a number and I have iedetic memory) - she waved off the cop of course, she was hiding someone from him - and said "No accident here, I fell down, he didn't hit me.

She was off work for a few months - 7 years, (Yes, 7) later, she sued me, I didn't even remember her by then, was married, and all of a sudden found my insurance was closed - and when inquired found out Liberty Mutual had been sued for me hitting her, for $300,000, and were settling out of court, and thus, my insurance was going SKY HIGH - they hadn't even contacted me 

I had to hire a lawyer, take Liberty to court, and get a judge to put an ESTOPLE to their settlement - stating that I am the true plaintiff - then I had to force the change in her lawsuit - then I had to search out this cop (Badge 169) but I found him

In the "Prehearing" when the judge heard the cop, he threw my old G/F out of the courtroom and told her she was lucky she wasn't spending time in jail for this fiasco

They're all Crooked. They take your money and run, and yeah they never show when need them.
Hmmm funny those progressive commercials never show the return department
I basically don't trust any of them.... They are after all for profit organizations.
That is so sad..such a big company, but they dont give a damn about their customers!!..#PROGRESSIVE INSURANCESUCKS!!
try state farm they realy help me and my family out
Premium costs go up for any number of reasons, including calling customer care just to get a rundown of your coverages or correcting your phone number They will use any excuse to do so. Don't let them tell you otherwise. 
I already hated progressive for it's bloated prices and terrible service but this is a whole new level of shitbaggery
You let me down, let me down. :(
And a 100k "fender bender" isn't possible. The insurance companies and the attorney know their own limits. But have fun trying to settle your own case. They will screw you and try will laugh doing so 
Not surprised progressive and geico do this crap all the time.
Let me guess, they didn't cover your flooded basement because you didn't have sewer drain backup endorsed on your policy and it was a city pipe issue?
Anyone on here who does not talk to their agent is at risk for these things. If they had an agent instead of an online policy, they could have prepared what to say with him/her before the claims people could spin it.
Don't be silly insurance will never protect you.
FYI. If you are buying gap you paid too much for your car. 
ken lee
Get a snapshot of that look
This is misleading.  The insurance company was "Progressive Advanced Insurance Company" out of Cincinnati, OH.  This is not the Progressive (Progressive Casualty Insurance Company) that we all know with the Flo commercials.
I'm very sorry about your sister and the following drama your family had to endure. I pray that your family finds some peace.
Was this a shock? Any insurance company would so this
despicable.. so sorry for this family
Something seems off. I had a claim with them 6 years ago. Smooth sailing. Could they have changed that much?
Is Flow going to help this girls family?
All insurance companies are the same... They are in the business to make money. This is the way or corporate America and there's nothing you can do about it.

...Unless you have access to unlimited money. 
There are no good insurance companies. It's all about finding one you can tolerate. At the end of the day insurance companies loose money when paying a claim. That's why they fight so hard not to pay. It's not fair, but reality.
I had progressive years ago and they weaseled their way out of everything they could when my car was vandalized. The repairs that were made were of poor quality as well. No exaggeration.

As much as I wouldn't put it passed an insurance company, +Progressive Insurance , to do something like they did in this article I still think it's terrible and a betrayal of the pubic.
Seems like when you are a slave to money, your morals go out the window.
I wonder if they get bonuses for dismissing claims.
That's terrible. I hope Matt and his family get the closure that they deserve.
Let's face it - insurance companies have us cornered, they can, will, and do anything to keep their investors happy.  This is nothing new - they are tightening the noose!
Crushed? Not likely.  What they did what is called "subrogation."  Look it up.
If they did not contest some claims, the risk goes up for everybody.  If you really want to understand risk management, study casualty insurance.
For one if the insurance company thought there was comparative negligence they would not be advising their defense counsel to find a way not to pay the claim.  Their job is to protect the insured not screw them.  If the underinsured motorist owned property, etc they would go after that party personally in the civil arena.  I cannot believe for a minute Progressive Insurance would do what they stated above, sounds like trash talk. 
Isn't the point of insurance to pay for accidents and other tragic events? That's why we pay those higher and higher monthly premiums.... To be covered... Not to be hosed in time of a crisis... Shameful. 
Couple thoughts here: 

1) Progressive is no different from any other insurance company.   They all will do everything in their power to avoid paying up

2) Even if Progressive was uniquely evil among insurance companies, the thought that this story will actually be the end of their company strikes me as quite naive.   Then again, maybe I'm just hopelessly cynical
True. Although this story may not end their company as we know it today, it will at least create more awareness which may in turn affect the way these insurance companies do business in the future. (At least that is my hope.) 
When will people realize that ALL insurance is a GIANT SCAM?    Take all that money you're wasting on insurance premiums and invest it.  
The people behind the corporation. People feel free to be as shitty as they want behind faceless corporations. When we watch that one with Henry Winkler....we like him. We trust him. Alex Trebeck, we like him, we trust him. These are the faces in front to get you to buy. They are not sitting at the company desk doing paperwork. Yep insurance is a scam. In little Italy, the thug is at least up front about it. Insurance is government sanctioned organized crime.
bad flo is not good for any one these days but all insurance is the same they want to keep your money thats how they get paid and of course its gov't at fault they force you to buy it then dont want to help when make them pay out when time comes
Progressive sucks and proor customer service beacause I paid a policy up in February in the amount of 900.00 and in june the send me a bill for 187.00 and I ask can i pay it july the 17 they reply no were just can see your insurance when it ain't up to after August the 12th so why I could not pay the funds of 187.00. They piss me off and i will and I will be switching.

Allan P
Well, hey, I just canceled a policy in my old state, and it took three months. So guess what. They want me to pay in two states at the same time. But, I only live in the one with the cheaper rate... WTF?
Allan P
+Andrew Riegle Were it only so easy and that was an option for car insurance, I would in a New York minute.
I have heard horror stories like this many times.... I have this jaded sense that all insurance providers are like this and that -- really, regardless of how much I pay her month -- I will be screwed if I am ever in an accident. So, why pay the premium dollars if there's no security at the end anyway...? 

I would love to know if anyone has an insurance provider that they can really trust. I have eSurance and I am eSure they are going to eScrew me if I ever get into an eAccident.
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