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Have you seen the Japanese version of the new Star Trek trailer?

It has a plot clue at the end that the international and US versions don't have.
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Are they saying the Japanese care more about family while Americans just want to see destruction!!!! ijs
It's the Wrath of Khan or something similar. Watch the trailer again and notice how the villain is moving around with superhuman strength. I have a feeling this is going to be about the war between humans and genetically enhanced humans.
Gracias no la tenia no sabia del trailer..en verdad gracias...
I can not wait to see .... I'm a fan to 1000%
I hope it's not just gonna be a rehash of Wrath of Khan, that would be kinda disappointing given the amount of hype there's been around this movie (and the fact that Cumberbatch's character hasn't been confirmed to be Khan anyway). Plus they couldn't really re-do Search for Spock anyway given that Vulcan has exploded and all...
No Spoilers! I am going to try and not watch many of them. I want to be surprised.
I wonder if they cast Merritt Butrick as the baby.
As others said, it could be a Wrath of Khan redo, especially if the last (extra) " scene is the hands of Kirk and Spock when Spock is dying... 
I still think Cumberbatch is playing Gary Mitchell, with Alice Eve as Elizabeth Dehner. 
I just hope this one is better than the first Abrams movie.
Holy crap... Sherlock Holmes is the villain?! We're screwed.

Just a guess.
"I have been and always shall be your friend" ?
The regular trailer doesn't have that line "about family," and they both have the line about returning
Cool but probably misleading the audience into an incorrect parallel with Wrath of Khan.
KHAAAAANNNNN! Or maybe not. But why pass up a good KHAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNN?
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why the soundtracks of latest trailers hears like one-cell-twillings!? are every good musicians in Hollywood dead. or what!? 
The villain played by Benedict Cumberbatch will be none other than " Gary Mitchel " a starfleet officer who played the helmsman aboard the USS Enterprise in Season 1 Episode 3 " Where No Man Has Gone Before " in TOS.

 Keep in mind though this is an alternate reality so anything goes. 
I'm sorry, I have to go change my shorts.
Seems a "reminder" pre "The Search for Spock"
Excellent. Looks like Cumberbatch isn't Khan then... :-)
I am, and always shall be your friend.
Rebooted ripoff.
+Ian MacQuarrie Cumberbatch could be Khan who's "back" on Earth from decades of cryo-sleep in space. I still am fond of a suggestion for an amnesiac Khan who wins supports among some of crew and incites a wee bit of mutiny in 


The Enterprise discovers a damaged ship with Khan and crew in damaged cryo-pods--with amnesia. Natch, the Enterprise crew know of Khan's tyrannical eugenic legacy, but to him they are just words. He's equally appalled, and wants to show he's not that man, but Kirk is suspicious and keeps him in brig and under guard.

However before Kirk can turn Khan over to higher authorities an emergency comes up and guess which ship is closest? Natch, during said emergency, the Enterprise is raided, you have shootouts in the hallways, fights in quarters, allowing all the senior officers to get in on the action, including Uhura, and the inevitable offer by Khan to help--since the crew need all the help they can get.

A surprised and grudgingly grateful Kirk thanks Khan devising a plan that routes the invading forces and frees the Enterprise. A montage later, Khan is a valuable rehabilitated advisor to the crew, with Starfleet Command at odds with how to punish someone with no memory of their crimes, literally no mens rea, yet who has proven his strategic and tactical skills are a boon.

And then the other shoe drops.

While on shore leave, some of the crew a captured by local rebels and killed graphically on local video to get Starfleet involved in negotiating a peace deal. A furious Kirk refuses to give in to their demands to get involved plus Starfleet regs while allowing some leeway in arresting criminals who prey on Starfleet officers (the matter is gray when on shore leave and not on duty), is generally against getting involved in an internal matter of a planet.

Khan, natch, disagrees, and wants to "send a message" to the local rebellion and in general to those who would sneak attack those who are not in the conflict, those with their guards down. Much of the Enterprise crew sides with Khan. As much Kirk would like to send his own message, he knows he's the captain and knows further involvement would get the rebels what they want, Starfleet involvement. His inner turmoil distracts him from seeing how much of the crew sides with Khan so he's caught off guard when Khan leads several shuttles on an assault.

Kirk personally leads an away team to recapture Khan and to stop this madness and of course the fist fight audiences have been waiting for. Of course Khan has the upper hand with superior strength and endurance tho Kirk uses speed and stealth in the local environment to ambush and get the drop on Khan--to which Khan laughs--that the two are not so different, that the Ends justify the Means, but that ultimately the superior intellect wins out.

That's when a half dozen of the local government's forces get the drop on Kirk. Moreover, the local government gives Khan asylum in reward for thoroughly routing the local rebels. Khan smiles wanly hoping he and Kirk meet again under better circumstances, with Kirk finally realizing something: That Khan had quoted himself, that Khan regained his memory. Kirk replies that yes, yes they will meet again and beams out.

Khan nods, looks around smiling. One of the government reps asks him why, to which Khan replies, "I've started with less than this, before," and shoots the government rep and the remaining surprised government reps, "and this time my empire will be even bigger."

The End?!msg/rec.arts.sf.movies/yf2-0U0VYe4/lt-YHroJ0pkJ
The greatest star trek character is Q where the heck is Q???
I'm leaning heavily toward Gary Mitchell as the antagonist.
The trailer seems to imply there is someone who has returned, perhaps a childhood friend or relation
Big Star Trek fan but this has me a little disappointed.  Wasn't the point of the first movie to make a new timeline so they can do something different with the original cast?  I don't really want a remake of any of the originals, hope that I'm proven wrong.
+R. Scott Kimsey , I agree, but it sounds like it has to do with the enhanced humans like Khan, so essentially the same thing IMO.  Also, I have yet to see a Klingon, hopefully that will change in this movie.  Just seems to be going down the same plot though as Wrath of Khan though.
+Josh Fisher Yeah, if they go the Gary Mitchell route they're basically doing an enhanced-human story line. I think he could make an interesting villain.
Dave H
Wow, you are right those last few seconds reveals a lot more to those with wild imaginations. But it seems a little too soon to bring the katra into the new series.
/facetwitches........ KHAN!!!!!!!!!!!
Does Spock die at the end of the movie like in wrath of Kahn?
Being that its an alternate timeline i expected things not to follow the original...but mabe some of those things must happen or is destined to happen to preserve the powerful friendship that bonds Kirk and Spock...shit i dunno...i just wanna see the movie!   LoL!
I still think the villain is Gary Mitchell.
Roly V
I am calling it now, its all about KHAN!!!
Mike that's Benedict Cumberpatch. (aka Sherlock Holmes)
Music and visuals remind me of Transformers and Battleship. Nothing reminds me of Star Trek in the least.  :(
@Ryan: Might be a great movie, but why slap a Star Trek label on top of it?

Starbucks does not sell chicken wings. Ikea does not sell cars. Apple does not sell the Xbox
Why does Star Trek have to provide for people who want to see run of the mill, everyday, blow'em all up action movie fans? Can't we have Sci-Fi with just a little bit of class? Is it really so unthinkable that a Sci-Fi movie should once again bring more to the viewers than just computer-generated action sequences?
its not just syfi movies...most movies lack depth and story now days...they edit movies so much to save money...
but i thought the last star trek was pretty good...i think we should just wait and see then when its released then we can actually say something that is true then guessing...only time will tell if its actually good...or if they fucked it up...we shall see...
+Darth Storm: I couldn't agree more. Most movies are quite shallow these days. As for this movie, I don't think I have to wait for the full movie. The trailer pretty much shows that this has nothing to do with what Star Trek was all about.  :(
come on!! remember this IS an alternate timeline, its not a remake its smartly done so it has its own purpose, ever since the first movie where the romulans changed the course of history nothing is the same.. although we still have OG spoke >:D
Khan, Khan, Khan. I don't think so. Khan was more of a charismatic, evil leader, but he wasn't superhuman, as the villain in the trailer seems to be. Anyone want to venture odds as to Khan versus Gary Mitchell?
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