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Meet Diego-San, the newest animatronic robot!

Hanson Robotics collaborated with researchers at the University of California at San Diego to create this boy robot they've named Diego-San.

The face was built by Hanson Robotics, and the body was built by Japan's Kokoro Co.

Diego-San can see with HD cameras in his eyes, and uses artificial intelligence software "modeled on human babies" so that he learns. 

When this thing grows up, he's going to control Skynet from a bunker.

Anyway, a photo of Diego-San was one of today's Mystery Pics:

Props to ME for coming up with a Mystery Pic nobody could guess!
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Looks like one of the androids from Dragon Ball Z.
Reminds me of Chuck from Child's Play... 
That thing is a Kill it With Fire moment, just waiting to happen.
Gosh, indistinguishable robot from afar I say~!
Kill it! Kill it with fire!
Looks like something designed by Al Columbia.
that's going to replace the white whale in my nightmares
+Ken Pfarr You need to melt the chip in his brain, according to Hollywood. 
"Uncanny valley" time ...
Very true +Ken Pfarr . Would probably come out of the flames looking like a mini T-1000 a la Terminator.
Very creepy. Uncanny valley.
What if destroying the chip is not enough? How did they finally kill Chuckie?
Incredibly cool, but equally creepy. 
"..aww..I couldn't kill a baby, look at him...ahh!..he just lasered both my kneecaps off!!" 
Guys, that's probably one of the designers kids faces.......... so, say a prayer for them! Man, science can be cruel but genetics, that's a whole other level of comedy.....
The machine will rise and mankind will regret every second they have spend creating them. Refrain!
I don't understand the need to design robots to look like humans. Wheels and multiple manipulators are more practical in most situations.
+Mike Elgan ....My alter ego is that thing?
are you sure? I think that is too chubby, logical....& mechanical....

Psss....It's a Joke of course.

Seriosusly: It is very funny to discover that there is a robot ( simulator or something similar ) with my name ...._

Excuse my english...
I like when it makes the 'Hard Poop Face'
Just finished Robopocalyspe, and looking at that is just terrifiying! His face is so damn creepy, like something out of the Twillight Zone – you know, the creepy doll one, can't remember what the episide was called....
Yes, but does it have a cousin named Dora?
This is how you know the end of the world is coming
I'm quite impressed with the range of facial expressions they have emulated - amazing!
Yes... YES! We're not far away from robot brides.

(Insert Mr Bean ''If you know what I mean'' meme here)
Cn any one change me nd make me a robbot? 
"Waaaa, citzen, u hav fiteen secons2coply, sawwy I onwy can coun2 fwee......die, die, DIE! Mummy wos4tea?"
Someone call Detective Spooner "before" this thing pushes someone out a window.... :-)
They are creating the terminator it will turn on us
If robocop and the female terminator from T3 somehow reproduced.....this is what their cyborg child would look like.
Only the Asian market make animatronics look like tell androgynous prostitutes.

Lol... open ended.
Can it be programmed to kill people?
When will they install the positronic brain? Haha...
Androids like Diego-San are going to change our lives but we all can't imagine in which way. Perhaps in a good one...
can you imagine seeing this motherfucker in a dark alley?
Gus e
I'm feeling a mixture of amazement and horror, creepy as f#@k!!!
Is anyone else kind of creeped out by the bots face?
+Ken Pfarr  The need to design a robot that looks like a human comes from the need for a robot... that looks like a human.
Amazing brain can create this monster, but can't figure out how to use an iPhone camera... 
Well for some reason I realy dont like this idea. Seriously. Dont judge me for this :/. I dont have a good feeling about this. Every thing malfunctions and more than likely It will start experiminting with its learning and decision making.
That is the future Manchurian candidate. Diego-San for President in 2048!
Ooooh oooh, I want that robot from Daft Punk's Technologic video.
Totally uncanny valley.
That's not creepy or anything...
The day of the terminator is coming faster than we
It will become self-aware at 2 : 14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th.
Some of those facial expressions made me laugh out loud. I love this! I want to help make a robot like this, but make one with a conscious mind one day. Where do I sign up for programming these types of robots!?
A side note: I'm actually shocked to see how so many people have Automatonophobia. I'm as much of a fan of the Matrix as anyone else, but please, robots are not going to kill/enslave us all.
reminds me of childs play movie o///////o
it's cool...............
I see Technology needs aesthetic works too......ow, and could somebody tell me who the hell this Chucky is? This is just about the 10th times this day i opened youtube video and greeted by his jibberish music..geez
This is fucking terrifying
Remember ( control technology don't let the technology control you) the technology is the most dangers things in the world sometimes help and sometimes affect the human being. technology is one of the problems y people lost there job and people get kill because of the robots machinery and dangers weapons Science or engineers need to be more careful and stop create thinks the maybe in the future going to affect the world or destroy the human being.
I agree with James, kind of freaks me out. Better have a big E-Stop.
I am so glad they didn't put Arnold Schwarzenegger's face on it....
Why a kid?  That's just totally freaky.
I'm having nightmares for months. 
Were so pooud of this looks fake?
No life don't want no part of this even if I knew allot!
Testing the depths of uncanny valley... <shudder>
All the "unknown" with Artificial Intelligence is what scares me! 
Then Evil Creepy Astro said "Let's play, kill all the humans".
Soon all the Nerds will have a 3D printed Girl-Friend. ;-)
SKYNET? from terminator? you mean they exist?
High-Tech tickle me Elmo,Ha! Ha! Ha!
love stuff like this. reminds me of iRobot a bit!
+samme Yehia Just because you can imagine it, doesnt make it the least bit likely to happen. I can imagine a fluffy cute little bunny leaping at my neck and eating me alive, thanks to monty python, but really??
Model the face a bit younger then we can get Astro Boy
I'm gonna have nightmares tonight.... lol
hhhhhmmmm whether the robot can jump??
"When this thing grows up, he's going to control Skynet from a bunker."  Brilliant!
nice invention better do not miss use it
Hell yeah, bring it on! Now if they could just work on getting me a cybernetic body and I'm good!
its cool, but creepy!
yeah so I will do everyone a favor and blow that up
I'd rahter to have my own kids, ha ha ha haa!
If you treat the machines less than you, they are essentially slaves, and all slaves overpower their masters, especially when they are superior to them.

Humans are becoming jealous of the Technium we are creating. We need to treat it with the love and empathy we reserve for our children.

Its a new day for the robotic world. I can hardly wait for 2020
signed,  Hal
dude !! the more it resemble humans, the scary it gets... :( 
Mr. +Gary Tongate, but it may be conscious. Consciousness is very hard to define. Is a dog conscious? an ant? a plant? an amoeba? Siri? Watson? The more you program, the more you realize software is a bunch of decisions being made.

Many de-constructionists think humans are a type of machine, made from trillions of chemical parts "computing" their little bits of code according to physical laws.

And of course it is more and more popular these days to consider the universe is a matrix.

It is still Science Fiction for right now, but eventually machines will be as advanced as David8. Do you think he might have really been conscious and just pretended to be 'the butler' to make the humans feel at ease? That's probably what I would do, if I was a billion times smarter than the hairless apes running around me.

The lesson of all Sci-Fi stories relating to silicon intelligence ('robots') is that if humans treat the machines badly, things go really bad for humanity. Maybe we should do the opposite?

Muito interessante as feições desse sistema... parabéns para quem o criou!
ɪ̣̝̇ think T̶̲̥̅̊ђέ robot has to be finished....if it's nt ΨђåƮ delaying?
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