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Ever have one of those days?
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Yeah, sometimes the google+ iPhone app pisses me off too.
about 8 months ago, almost exactly the same insurance :-(
Man, did that thing take a bullet for you or something?
Can't say I have. I've had to chase down the battery and the backing of my phone after dropping it though. Maybe you were holding it wrong. 
iPhone Down! That is painful to look at. Sorry man.
Wow.. not fun.. good thing they can be replaced =)
dropped my 4S a few times last week on concrete. i have a case that my wife got from the free case program with the 4 and no cracks for me
Oh no. I've dropped mine in water and it was toast (so my 15 yo was acting up and I took his away). Does it still work?
eurmm.. not so much... what happened to the hand that did this?
Otterbox defender case. Might
Make the phone look big and bulky but you can drop, throw, kick and it still wont ever look like that! 
My son had the same happen on day one with his new iPhone.
Looks like the one of my son. He had it fixed the next day...however, very frustrating for him.
Ouch. I'm hoping that's a cool, fake-out case cover you have there. Otherwise...ouch.
I'm pretty sure Apple uses Gorilla Glass also, and unfortunately the Galaxy S2 will do that too. Gorilla Glass is great at scratch resistance but not shatterproof.
Nope; my Evo doesn't shatter if I so much as look at it wrong.
My daughter had her glass replaced for under $100 in NYC. Still has no case though!
+Tau-Mu Yi just ordered mine! :D so hard to not wish 2 days away...
This is the reason why I didn't get an I Phone because I'm a klutz and that would happen to me.
What has happened to this iPhone ?!
still it is working !!
Wow - the gorilla glass must have met tyrannosaurus rocks...
wow...i thought these glasses were made out of military grade glass made for Apaches? no wonder people get hurt in battle.
ouch, I was videoing at a NASCAR race with my Razr Maxx, there was an accident, my son jumped out of his seat in excitment, hit my elbow and the droid launched about 10 foot in the air, came crashing down, hit on the bottom edge right on the corner of the stands 2 rows down, bounced 4' back up, came back down and the screen hit flat on the top of the row below that row. and then hit several more times before it came to a rest. I expected the worse, but it only had a couple nicks on the edge, almost unnoticeable. But it was recording so I have about 2 seconds of my phone flying around to remind me to hang on LOL Actually, the next week I got an Otterbox. Now I can throw it at the oppositions fans with impunity lol
This just happened to me a few weeks ago :(
It still works though! haha
Yes, this happened to my Epic 4G when I dropped it a few months ago. A very depressing day, but it was fixed quickly for a reasonable fee. It just sucks having to spend any money on repairs.
I had read it some where that iPhones too use Gorilla glass, Plz correct me if I am wrong ...
I think it has targeted by a Cruise missiles made by Samsung named Galaxy S III ;)
So here's what happened. I carry my iPhone in a BookBook case ( ). At first, it worked great. But over time, the leather loosened, and the little tab that holds the phone in didn't really do so any more. So I was simply transferring the phone to my back pocket, upside down, and out it fell.

The good news is that I have AppleCare, and it will cost me only $49 plus tax to replace it.
That what happens when you make Panda upset.
+Mike Elgan When we told you to drop the iPhone we meant go and buy a HTC One X, not... never mind

Is it insured?
No, not yet. :(
And I'll be post a pic vey soon to show you why. Owner of the iPhone 1
wow si que quedo chidoo :)
Eddie N
Get a Galaxy Nexus :)
Nope because I don't buy crappy products that break easily
+Amberdeep Singh +Miah Schmid From Steve Jobs' bio the iphones have been using some variant of Gorilla Glass since the first iPhone. Why the extra fuss about the iPhone 4's display type is beyond me, but perhaps it's a slight change to the composition but still gorilla glass.

IPhone 4 and 4S crack more because of the glass running right to the edge of the phone in a sharp edge on all sides, which is a terrible idea really. They are also constructed in a way that they aren't forgiving to shock absorption at all.
As Bob Marley once said, Don't worry, be happy.
Eddie N
He was holding it, period!

Maybe since Steve Jobs died, they downgraded from Gorilla Glass to Chimpanzee Glass?
+Mike Elgan This is what happens when you try to hit that really, really, really high note while singing along with your iTunes

...I thought these things came with air bags?
+Miah Schmid You should chill. I was a crack that referenced Steve Jobs saying You are holding it wrong. Then implying Mike Elgan was holding it wrong because it was dropped. Not sure why you are taking this thread so personal.
Yeah, those foot high drops on to carpet are brutal, aren't they?
Yep, but not anymore thanks to Otter box Defender case :)
As Bob Marley once said, Don't worry, be happy.
Yeah I've had that happen, thankfully it was a work phone so I didn't have to pay the $200 to fix it. Got it fixed and then traded it for a Nexus S.
Oof. You should save this picture for tech Halloween and frighten Apple store customers.
only 49? lucky you!! no hard feelings, but, they are just apple.......
Don't be sad. Google+ runs best on Android anyway. Time to change :-)
Yes, looks like my iphone. Oh well, wanted to get rid of it anyway.
My son did this to my Incredible. Didn't think it could happen to gorilla glass. Luckily, I had just switched to my Bionic - the Incredible was just a mobile toy for him.
I like it better this way.
Just right after SGIII was announced....hhmmmmm :-P
Look at the best part: you have an unique working iPhone. Mind the big cracks!!
Broken phone need not to mean broken heart if you have money to buy another one but if you don´t!
Makes me want to buy a case for my phone. lol!
nope never...but i refuse to go to the dark side ;)
Been there done that, and Winkler) was the right answer... I have replace both my front glass and back glass, phone still works like a charm.
+Eddie N yeah you're right!! I just like Bob Marley's reggae version.
i would never get an iphone, i have seen way too many destroyed by situations that other phones might survive....
Good opportunity to upgrade to a Galaxy Note... like upgrading from a Nissan Cube to an Audi A8
This is yet another reason why all mobile devices should meet ruggedization standards, especially for the prices Apple charges for gadgets like the iPad. Fragile electronics can be worthwhile, until they get dropped, wet, hot, cold, shocked, or any number of other hazards that people face on a daily basis.
I ran my car over mine and got a similar customized screen
lol now go try to trade it in at local Gamestop like so many other people do...
Mike D
HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, all use Gorilla Glass the only iphone that used it was the first one, all subsequent incarnations use a form of "chemically strengthened aluminosilicate glass" i guess Apple realised they could extract even more money from their customers by doing so.
least you know its shatterproof:)
Same thing happened to me the other week. Walked into Apple store with a sad face and they replaced it at almost a fifth of the cost .
I broke two 3G screens. Went to the DroidX almost 2y ago and no breaks. When people talk about how great Apple design is I laugh in their faces.
Gorilla glass may be stronger in a lot of instances but it will still break if you tap it just right. I saw a special on it and it looks and bends like a piece of thin plastic. Then they tapped it lightly and it broke in a million pieces. Sorry Mike but at least you didn't lose it like my friend did. My friend lost his I Phones by wearing them on his belt in a holder. When he took a pee his phone flipped out of the case and into the toliet. This happened twice! He didn't buy any warranty either.
Wait... I thought the iPhone had Gorilla glass? I think it is funny that 1/3 of all iPhone users have smashed screens.
+Benjamen Meiers My s2 has fallen four times. I dont use a cover and nothing has happened. I was praying that Samsung wont be taken in by the idiots who want glass and ceramic on the back for s3 and thank god they stuck with kevlar
+Able Lawrence an that is because Samsung uses gorilla glass which is smash resistant. Apple just uses a glass that is scratch resistant.
Too bad Apple doesn't use actual gorilla glass instead of just saying they do.
Yes I have, thanks to one A-hole former co-worker.
+J. C. Moody, Sr Why something for metal and glass beauty if you want to put it in an ugly plastic cover. You might as well buy a sleek sturdy unbreakable android. 
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