NASA shares tips for how to launch a great Google+ page.

The deputy social media manager for NASA, Jason Townsend, recently shared his tips for being successful on Google+ at a DigitalGov University webinar.

According to a blog post covering the event, Townsend says NASA uses Google+ to provide "interesting content in longer, comprehensive updates, as opposed to the condensed format used on Twitter. The agency also includes a call to action--such as "watch this video" or "get more information here"--and asks for feedback in order to start a conversation."

Instead of trying to "live tweet" events, NASA uses Google+ to instead provide "comprehensive updates."

Townsend said that Google+ is "a really, really interesting format and medium," especially Hangouts, which allows NASA "to provide access to our subject matter experts. It allows us to showcase a particular topic and our expertise on that topic. And it really shows the human side of our government organization."
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