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NASA shares tips for how to launch a great Google+ page.

The deputy social media manager for NASA, Jason Townsend, recently shared his tips for being successful on Google+ at a DigitalGov University webinar.

According to a blog post covering the event, Townsend says NASA uses Google+ to provide "interesting content in longer, comprehensive updates, as opposed to the condensed format used on Twitter. The agency also includes a call to action--such as "watch this video" or "get more information here"--and asks for feedback in order to start a conversation."

Instead of trying to "live tweet" events, NASA uses Google+ to instead provide "comprehensive updates."

Townsend said that Google+ is "a really, really interesting format and medium," especially Hangouts, which allows NASA "to provide access to our subject matter experts. It allows us to showcase a particular topic and our expertise on that topic. And it really shows the human side of our government organization."
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rudy s
NASA...launch, I see what you did there Mike. :p
Those are insightful comments regarding the power of Google+ and how it can assist Brands to really engage with consumers in a more meaningful and beneficial way. It really should be a conversation, and trying to accomplish that in 140 characters is a limiting factor that I think successful brands will move away from.
I've started using G+ for live updates during events as well. 
Read a few articles by NASA regarding using social media in the past. It is one of the few companies that knows how to do it correctly. It is not only about the unique content they have, but also the way they present it.
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