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Is this T-shirt dumb?

Bitch, please! Not if you're Yao Ming!

(This is a Photoshop job, but a good one.)
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خاک بر سر...از این قیافه بدم میاد...
I think it is an amusing tshirt
I dont think I could pull that one off... :-)
This is some level of meta I've never even heard of before!
Ahahahhh! funny but after a while just pure stupid!
Yo dawg, I heard you like Yao Ming...
hi! since you post a lot, can you please stop reposting things like this? it's easy to become trending, if you repost trending things... it's like cheating :D
There's a lot of poor Photoshop brushing crap all around his head. I wouldn't really call this a good Photoshop job. It's funny. But not great.
this my cuz! i havent seen him since we used to thug around the bamboo forests chillin with the pandas and shit. those were the days
Is it just me or does that guy look identical to the dude on the t-shirt
hahahahahahahahhahahahahah co0o0o0o0l man
Wow. I have seen that face often quote in forum. I have no idea that ... it is he!
ra mu
look gud
so cute................
This is a meme fan's dream come true.
slight racial difference not trying to be raciast or anything but one is white and one is yellow
look at his facial expression! matches the t-shirt!!!
Lol he has eggzacly the same face as on the t-shirt hahahhahahh HahAhahhhahahahAaahHa lol 
with the kind of money that he has, its just extra cash for his pocket
thats sooooooo funny he looks the same.
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