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North Koreans who didn't cry convincingly enough get 6 months hard labor.

North Koreans who cried, but without conviction, over the death of dictator Kim Jong Il are being sentenced to six months hard labor, according to the South Korean newspaper The Daily NK.
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That's kinda like the Tea Party?
I have trouble feeling bad for the woman who is beaten but will not leave her tormentor.
The dictator might have changed, but the crimes against humanity haven't!
So incredibly creepy. A Dr friend on a relief mission some time ago was struck by the horrible thought that the North Koreans were even thinner than people in Ethiopia when he was in Africa for famine relief.
David Kim
i take this with a grain of salt. propaganda flows both ways.
That's insane. Does power really mean that much to people?
What a joke.Then what is the point of pushing this?
Wow, I didn't cry at all, I wouldve got the DEATH PENALTY! LOL
Good for them! They'll learn a lesson or two and also do country some good. :D Hilarious these Koreans... :D
And we're worried about all the middle-easterns riding camels? Serious, shouldn't this kind of dictatorship been a prime directive to defend against? They have nukes!
+Mike Elgan WTF! O_o And I thought you were being a bit fussy with those posts at the time of Kim Jong II's death.
You know things are crazy in the world when this could have been a headline from The Onion
and in the US you get for life if you don´t smile convincingly enough at the border or control - what´s better?
Didn't Apple do the same thing? If you didn't cry hard enough at Steve Jobs passing you got put on the iChat development team? ;)
Phew. Makes you feel glad for the freedoms we have.
My first instinct was to dismiss this as false especially as the claim can't be verified given how notoriously difficult it is to get any information on what is going on inside North Korea. On second thoughts though, why can't it be true. Those North Korean leaders are heartless and callous, and they need to continuously exhibit high handedness in order to keep their citizenry under control and to show them the consequences of not dancing to the tune of the government
I would tunnel out of that place with a spoon
Ah yes! The joys of wanna-be communists. Reminds me of the old Stalin-era rules where you don't stop clapping first after Stalin ends a sentence. And 'ah-I-need-a-bomb' was moaning in Cuba about capitalism being flawed.
I wonder if there is anything that can be done to help these poor people...
What I noticed is that the deeper you go into the crowd, the less emotion. I wonder why???
Ty Lim
Sadly, I'm not surprised by this.
Oh Lord!!

Anyone consider it MIGHT possibly just be propaganda? I'm not saying it's not true, but it's easier to believe this sort of unconfirmed reporting if you WANT to believe that its true.

A small clue...

"The Daily NK, an online newspaper based in South Korea and run by opponents of the North Korean government..."
in other news, did you know that Iranian leaders eat live kittens? ;)
i think it´s the same for microsoft employes that use a ipod or iphone
I Think the Guy on the far right says it all. "It Stinks!"
I thought they would be free of that non-sense.
its amazing think these guys need to rethink their philosphy of life................
I have no clue if the weep hard or work hard story is true or not. It does make me wonder though how much the quality of life for the average person in North Korea has improved since the trade sanctions against North Korea have been imposed?

Does a corrupt government typically suffer more or less than the citizenry when such policies are put in place?
What a suppressive environment. I'd be working on escaping the country 24/7
+Olivio Sarikas who? about 80-85% of the population, that's who. Beating one's chest or foaming at the mouth doesn't change the factual stats. Don't kid yourself - you're in a tiny minority, despite the hype.
Conceivable, but nothing in the linked article convinces me it's true. Poorly sourced
I can believe that See what a dictatorship can do

I think that Bloomberg in NYC has been taking lessons from this dude
Dom Cox
bloombergs a tool
+Brian Holderread I'm pretty certain it's accurate. Even though USSR has collapsed - that didn't automatically make all the wanna be regimes do the same and N. Korea is nothing more than a USSR-wannabe. The lives of people there will never improve if they continue with this lunacy they called 'communism'.... striving for one that is, since nobody actually has been able to achieve it (and never will). The sanctions make things worse, but when you have little hitlers running around with little red buttons that can do some serious harm - you have to deal with them this way or militarily - there are no other options (we've seen how well diplomacy worked there, in the Middle East etc.). So the only hope is that there would be a revolution from within, when people finally open their eyes, look at the rest of the world (or at least to their counterparts in the south) and say enough is enough, take down out their leaders and do something to improve their children's lives, if not their own. Revolutions happened all over the world, no real reason why one couldn't occur in N. Korea.

And considering how well the S. Koreans did (with our help) - there's no reason to believe the N. Koreans wouldn't be able to bounce on their feet in no time... same people - likely same abilities.
this is the real civilization.................................:)
ahhhh. i knew there was a catch to all those tears on tv.
I am not sure it is real news. Propaganda?
Need to seriously practice my crying.
if "Mike Elgan" did not smiled like that in pic he will go to jail . WHITE HOUSE ANNOUNCED.
This sounds more like propaganda BS than real news.
Kinda ninja'd, but was I the only person who thought this was actually a headline from the Onion?
What the hell is the Onion supposed to write now?
dictatorship, that is how they do things over there...
maybe explains why you see North Koreans crying so often about it. I wondered about that.
When I first saw the video I had said that they were fake crying and were being forced to. Lol, so it's believable to me.
If it was true who else would report it? Sure is hell not any news source in NK
the real prison break shld take place in North Korea 24/7
North Korea is probably the kookiest, most irrational nation on Earth so this probably isn’t implausible but what is the source of this claim? From the article:

“The Daily NK, an online newspaper based in South Korea and run by opponents of the North Korean government "
+Olivio Sarikas Oh, like in those Samsung ads. Not sure if they have 'taste' necessarily, certainly lacking in the grey matter department, nor have lives (if they have time to sit by a stupid store for weeks waiting for a piece of overpriced plastic to be sold to them). I think you're mixing up taste with hype.
The old Communist ploy to get free labor.
If you want to cry remember that every time a Nickelback song is played, God kills a llama.
I call bullshit on this article. That the NK government would punish people for not mourning enough sounds too exaggerated to be real, and comes across more as a stereotype from western propaganda.

I agree with all those who think this is fake or propaganda. Considering that the NY Post is a hard-core right-wing magazine owned by Rupert Murdoch, and, as someone pointed out, the Daily NK is based in South Korea and is against the North Korean government, then the exaggerated nature of the accusation becomes ridiculous, exposed as a fraud.
I thought that it was unmanly for a Korean to show emotion
Cults, impoverished masses, freedomless people, broken will, dictators... are the most sad and scariest thing plaguing humankind. Cults and dictators are the reasons we have the sad things.
If you wanna live hard, you gotta try hard.
wow...this is sad.....i wonder what happened if you did a really good job
A couple of those in the photo look like they are smiling. Lucky they escaped the death penalty. #FTW
So that's why there's a shortage of onions in the world!
The guy in the upper left...SIX MONTHS!
The tyranny is amazing in that country and all over the world for that matter... especially in this day and age. Too bad that the corruption and power grabbing of the few results in such a waste of people's lives and freedoms.
Could North Korea use an Arab Spring-type uprising? What would the world do then? The oppression in that country is just sad.
oh WoW..... that's just cold-Blooded.... a little funny when you think of why they were arrested, but cold-blooded none the less!
There are quite a few reports and documentaries online that leave no doubt in my mind that this would be true. Anyone who even questions the regime (even accidentally) is usually sent away for "reeducation" and never return. They send the entire family, as well, to leave no one behind as evidence/agitators. It's as if they never existed. See: and
Well in the US you could be sued for incorrect glancing to your colleague-woman. They call it "sexual harassment". Blacks and gays have more rights than whites and straights. And more, and more... So who's crazy? World is entirely crazy place, NK just a little bit more cracked than other countries.
interesting how this is pretty much a FoxNews exclusive, since no other news source has reported this story....CNN had a similar story, but did not state that this was actually happening. They focused on the facts and questioned if the mourning is genuine, then took a more indepth look at the situation..Either way I truly hope for change in that country. I can't begin to imagine living in their shoes.
If you cry correctly you get a free brown jacket
Before we get carried away we all should remember the source of this story is borgous and even the story ended stating the source could not be verified or corroborated. As much as we like to diss the north Korean government (yeah they are horrible no doubt) but we should not be too carried away.I personally would take this story with a pinch of salt. The paper reporting this can not be described as unbiased. Anyone can cook up a story about north Korea we shouldn't just think because it fits our stereotype of them then it most be true. Many of us find it hard to understand why people would weep so much for a leader who must be bad? Koreans are very emotional people and as much as we detest the late leader he most have been loved by the people who frankly don't have internet or satellite TV to see the wilder world. All they see is government propaganda which tells them their are the greatest nation in the world. Remember how a member of their soccer team use tear up everytime their anthem is being played or was he threatened also? I don't think what happened is beyond the realm of possibility. I am not saying the story is false or true just saying we don't know and it came from a biased source. Just a thought.
We need to be really careful when judging people. We might do worst things.
+Juan Collins So under the actual rules, we're all sentenced to four years of Obama, and Dubya's not even dead.

At lest we get out in November...
the south korea press is corrupt as hell
right ... because that could NEVER happen. <sarc>
I think if I was in North Korea I would have to practice my crying. I wouldn't want my laughter and tears of joy to appear like I am happy.
hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahah that is sooooooooooooooooo funny lol
They gave them something to cry about! Welp, glad I'm not a North Korean (aka a slave in your own home).
(Sorry the link is in Korean.)

Well, apparently "Daily NK" gets some criticism for writing sensationalist articles about North Korea which aren't verifiable.

Not that the incident is impossible (it's North Korea, after all), but as a South Korean, I'd advise taking this with a very large grain of salt.

In terms the US people can understand: how much would you trust Fox News reporting on Iran's domestic affairs?
What a situation they should cry out but they are not crying in.
Oh please. I don't believe this. This is merely western news, "axis of evil", propaganda, and ridiculous. I've read more convincing stories in Weekly World News. This online newspaper is run by South Korea (North Korea's enemies), and "run by opponents of the North Korean government", it says so in the article. I mean come on, question the agenda of the source as well, instead of blindly accepting the headline as truth. This is no different than reading and believing Chinese propaganda about members of Falun Gong. Ridiculous.
Mat Q
I thought it was kind of ridiculous to see on CNN a N. Korean news channel that showed every person walking around crying. I thought they were getting paid (although threatened might be the right thing to put, doubt they would get paid) to do that for media reasons.
That actually sounds about as far out, as some of the stuff in the North Korean propaganda.
+John Martian - "And we're worried about all the middle-easterns riding camels? Serious, shouldn't this kind of dictatorship been a prime directive to defend against? They have nukes!" for the same reason why America gave up the Vietnam War
In other breaking news, construction on the Ryugyong hotel has resumed after a 20 year hiatus and is expected to react completion in early spring.
How is this comparable to the tea party rick? They are for limited Gov. Human rights for all people. Judging what you know nothing
Is it tue., very bad compulsive, authoritarian behaviour was created North Korea rulers.,
Man does not live by bread alone.,
I bet that made them cry with conviction!
poor buggers
+Jim Highfield Did you just use Google Translate to translate from English to all those languages? Cuz the Persian version makes no sense.
+John Martin "shouldn't this kind of dictatorship been a prime directive to defend against?" And by "defend against" do you mean that the U.S. should attack them?
Funny if they can lough in the same way they cry...I want to see it.
This is what happens when Dictatorship and Communism shake hands...
This is absolute insanity. Without a doubt the single, most absurd thing I have ever heard of.
Remedial sadness school. How hard can this be? Just focus on something incredibly sad (like your life spent starving/freezing to death in state instituted poverty conditions under an insane authoritarian ruler living in absolute opulence). Ok, let's try it again.
I'd just quote wikipedia on a variety of opinions on the Daily NK:
"Because of the difficulties of reporting from North Korea, some reports are inaccurate: Ha Tae-keung of Open Radio for North Korea, a radio station closely associated with Daily NK, concedes that “Because our sources have never been trained in journalism, exaggeration is a problem for us", while Lee Chan-ho, a chief analyst at the South Korean Ministry of Unification, warned that the “flood of raw, unconfirmed reports” was unconstructive.[10] However, the New York Times reports that as of 2010, the quality and accuracy of news published in Daily NK has improved as they have been able to recruit more North Korean intellectuals and former high-ranking officials who defected to the South.[11]"

My own general feeling is that papers with multiple translated editions operate from a particular viewpoint they're intent on getting out.
Wow... for a second there I thought it was a picture of LSU fans after they lost to Alabama. RTR.
"Cry me a seriously cry me a river or pick up a shovel" - Korean solider.
LMAO! But seriously, you and I would both be shedding crocodile tears if we lived in N Korea.
Some of you think this is very odd. Yet most of you live in a country which required anyone involved in politics, of any political stripe, to wear a US flag lapel pin following the incidents of 9/11. To us on the outside, the US acts like North Korea or any other despotic government at those moments. Why? Because you think you have freedom and you are generally blind to the times you do not.
Freedom? What's freedom? The US hasn't seen that in years.
What an irony Mr. Donald Teed.I was in the Philippines when 9/11 happened and the lose of human lives affected most of us there.Most of us have a Philippine flag with US flag lapels.No the US does not act like the North Korea and it is not odd.How you acted,feel and un affected for innocent human loss is really-really ODD.
North Korea would be like the Stanford Prison Experiment if all the researchers forgot it was just an experiment.
Hahahaha fuck the US and fuck there way of Freedom!
Haha... I'm going with assassination by that dude covering his eyes.
+Cameron Smith And who's going to do that? New Zealand? Get off the American born internet and the American company Google's product you little worm.
+Vash Crowley
Your criticism of the United States has been noted and Homeland Security has been contacted.

Worried? Of course you’re not. You can say anything you want about the government.
Why 'fuck' anybody? (so to speak). Most Americans are down in the dirt, and need a friendly hand to lift them up, there are a patriotic few who would not admit it, but a majority who want out of the wall street tyrany.
All of North Korea is a stage and their citizens are but players. :)
And, saying that, they aren't the only ones with this problem...all the more reason to care about their plight, no?

I'm fed up with tribalist wankers.
This post makes me want to live in North Korea!!! Applying for a work visa right now....what a fucked up country to force hard labor for not being the robots they are forced to be. Proud to be born away from there
SPOILER: Being born in North Korea is a sentence to a lifetime of hard labor.
Like moths to a lamp... it saddens me just how easily conservatives fall for western propagandist tripe such as this so-called 'news'. Anything that paints the so-called enemies of western democracy in a bad light, and they're gleefully falling over each other in united condemnation of said enemies. Yet when criticism of their mantra comes to surface, that isn't allowed? It has been a very long time since ANY western so-called democratic nation had any true freedoms. Get off your high horses, we're all just people, and if we all treated each other as such then the warmongering ways of western democracy (sic) would cease to be relevant...
Wow that is harsh. ("who cried without conviction")
The governments and media are representations of the top of civilizations power, and truly reflect how non-evolved humanity really is every day.
+Jim Clark The articles I read in the papers at the time the lapel pin came out as a requirement, made it very clear anyone not wearing the pin was committing political suicide. It was also required for such things as job interviews to ensure your chance of success. At times like this, it looks like the same requirements of life in N Korea. In Canada and European countries, we don't have such requirements, so it really looks unusual to us. It isn't just me. I don't see anyone wearing a lapel pin with any country's flag. Not even politicians in my area do this.

The lack of freedom is mainly within the US culture. Where N Korea would use a jail and police to enforce its will, in the U.S. it is simple bully rule. You don't see headlines about death threats and actions taken on political dissidents of the U.S. Read a little about how Michael Moore was treated for publicly shaming George Bush. The guy became the most likely target of assassination and had to hire a team of ex-Navy Seals to protect his life. That isn't a culture which supports freedom of speech and ideas.

You say no one goes to jail. You believe this. You believe everyone is equal under the law as well.

The U.S. has shipped political dissidents from the west to Arab countries for torture. They send POWs from Iraq and Afghanistan to the Navy base off Cuba, in violation of International treaties on treatment of prisoners of war.

Check out this person's history:

If you don't know about stories like these, you are blind to what the U.S. is doing in the world. AND, here is the big one: the U.S. still doesn't understand why anyone is mad at them!
Good thing no one laughed (that we know of) or they'd be executed
People that were not perfect were ERASED from photos of the event too.
Sean H
asian people are soo emotional...
But surely they all know that Kim Jong Il isn't dead? He's only entered into a sleeping contest, according to North Korean officials.
I wonder what you get for laughing :P death and then some maybe
thats disgusting they should have an Asian spring in these countries
Hahaha that is so funny and I feel so pity for the people of North Korea.. :(
That is disgustingly hilariously. Definitely a regime that needs to be erased from history.
"However, it said it had not been possible to verify that claim."

'nuff said.
Simon L
How exactly do they measure crying convincingly? Is a litre of tears enough?
I call bullshit, it seems both sides are over the top with propaganda.
What happens to the people who didn't even shed a tear?
Dr Goebbels would be proud of this story!!
Hu Lu
Does anyone know who got and spread this kind of information? I feel a little curious because the country is extremely isolated from the world. Only a few people are authorized to communicate with foreigners, and I doubt if they dare to convey messages like this to the outside world.
there's always a 'secret agent' in every country
Alan Ng
this is crazy.....
Poor North Korea. Glad I'm not there.
So NK is bad, according to SK. Shocker.
This article is just for sensationalism, it is not authentic, sad it was even published. Propaganda for the war machine is not respectable.
ROFL Propaganda on South Korea's part. I'm quite confident the North Koreans were actually sad. If not for his actual death, then for the hard times "Babyface" Kim Jong Il will bring.
Clearly the North Korean government knows nothing about the grieving process. No I was never a fan of Kim Jung Il, but as a person who has lost people I really love and as a psych major, I know that even if someone really was grieving in a very deep way, it may not hit them for months or even years. What a cruel country. I am so thankful that I won the geographic lottery and happen to have been born in America. What ignorance.
see the guy covering his mouth? he is really laughing!
Those "Kim Jong" lineage gotta have hereditary NPD disease !
They should have had no trouble crying...after all the son took over. That made me cry when it happened here.
Be Well.
I'm not a big fan of North Korean but this article has little journalistic value. I would have thought the NY Post has higher standards than to simply regurgitate speculations from a biased source.
I feel sorry for them, I guess the 6 months hard labor is definitely gonna make them genuinely cry.
wtf? cant believe there are some countries living in such a primitive way.
Again, "according to SOUTH Korean Newspaper." Has anyone verified this?
hard labor builds character. good for them. lol.
Does North Korea have a TV show like "Home and Away" as they appear to be far superior actors..
d orr
+James Dodson What's your source for this information? Website for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea?
You see why the martians only want abduct us and shove corns up our asses and throw us into the backwoods? we're just plain horrible as a species! if you don't cry hard enough for your tormentor you go to do forced labor? wtf gives?
those countries are at war and you belive the source of information LMAO!!!!!
how should we let this kind of country exist in the earth!
because they didn't look any sadder than they do on any given day in that country.
This just in: North Korea run by assholes
For real? Then, I feel sorry for the guy on the left. He's not crying at all, and he has the dumb luck of being the one who was photographed! :(
Even though the report is from a south Korean newspaper, people are believing it because it is actually believable. Such a thing can happen in North Korea. Why don't you people get it. This is the problem with Muslim folk. Every enemy of America and Europe no matter how cruel , sick , perverted and twisted they are, have to be supported, and any thing written about them has to be a conspiracy.
They will cry with real conviction when they are doing hard labour. Maybe they are training them when the new chap dies ;)
I cry like that when I run outta bologna and TV dinners.
"However, it said it had not been possible to verify that claim."

It's unclear if this statement is in relation to the last claim, i.e., that public trials were being held for those who attempted to leave N. Korea during the mourning period for Kim and even those who used mobile phones to call out, or if this is in regards to all the claims from the "source".

I agree with the majority here that it's disgraceful and inhumane...if true. But unless and until such claims can have their veracity confirmed, I'd take this with a healthy pinch of salt. Remember that this is a NYPost article quoting The Daily NK who had a "source" which cannot be 100% validated.

This is 3rd-party reporting at best.
Mo Da
Brothers why they are crying and somebody looking like a enjoy.
for a crazy in-human dictator ...this is ridiculous
if they knew in advance that they would serve time in prison for not crying, everyone would of put on the best water works show ever. fake tears for everyone!
Country like The Sims Ea Games.
Go to sleep
When I saw people crying in drove over the death of such a terrible man I could not understand why. Now I know. Lol... Sickening.
Whats pathetic in this story is just are Gullible some people can be. They would believe anything thrown at them as long as it fit their stereotype. Even though the source for the story is shady at best and is known for carrying untrue story about the north and the story can not be independently verified still people jump into the conclusion without any iota of doubt as to the validity of the story.
+Martin Stoimenov has a point. We've got several problems here. First the veracity of the story: unclear. Second the fact that about half of the commentators seem to think people in North Korea have choices like expressing their dislike of the leadership, leaving the country or revolt. They do not. Do something like that and you're endangering your parents, spouse, your children and probably your friends with prison sentences by association. And lastly misunderstandings like all North Koreans being afforded an education, jobs, or food. The cellphones used for reporting out are contraband. Official radios and TVs cannot change their channel. The government itself admits a year of food shortages, which means it's pretty bad. Living in the capital, where these scenes come from, is a privilege that afford works, food, and education. A lot of other people are left to practice "self-reliance". Read: Foraging.
wow thats sad i thought this kind of stuff would end when Kim died
jj llee
All show!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If they do not do it.  They will get deported or shot.  ( North Korea Madatory Show case for there Mafia State God father).
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