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Flying Circle: Movie Makers!

The Flying Circle is my weekly streaming hangout with some of the most interesting, brilliant and talented people on Google+. It's live every Thursday at 9am Pacific in the US (17:00 GMT).

This week, I hung out with Google+'s movie makers!

Here comes the video! Flying Circle: Movie Makers!

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LEGO Maniacs!

The Bones Brigade!

Ukulele People!

Orbit High School Faculty!

Opinionated CES Attendees!

Hangout Innovators!
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Very cool. +Mike Elgan Sorry I missed it. Can't wait to catch the next one. Thursdays at 18h CET !
Some feedback on this one for you +Mike Elgan (just finished watching it). Great content, I liked listening to the entire thing, but I think that the 9 people you had on may have been too many - too long to introduce, too many to juggle and it made me feel like the pace was a little too quick, where I know you want this to feel really casual. I'd sooner hear more of what fewer people had to say.
+Mike Elgan, I enjoyed your show with the movie makers, and I have added this circle. Even though I've been on the web for many years and have been involved with movie making for quite some time, I'm fairly new to g+. It's been a difficult task to find like-minded filmmakers here on g+ and I really appreciate you sharing this circle! I hope that you will keep updating this circle and that you will kindly add me to it so that I can expand my list of filmmakers and be able to see/share with this community. I'm currently in production of the documentary film "The Elusive Creator" and would love to collaborate more with the community. More info on this doc is at BTW, the listed page carries subtitles in Spanish and English (for the hearing impaired).
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