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The single dumbest thing about airport security.
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Expect some guys from the FBI to knock on your door any moment now.
"Um, would you mind throwing it in that wastebasket instead? My detonator doesn't get good bars on that one..."
Did you know that kids under 12 don't have to take off their shoes when going through security? Found that out last weekend when flying with my son. Because, of course, terrorists who are willing to kill themselves would never try to sneak something in through a child.
Fifty years from now it'll be revealed that the whole "liquids" charade was security theater to make people scared and sympathetic to the Bush administration's authoritarian and abrasive policies.
Makes you want to smile and cry at the same time...
Right?! If they thought the threat was real, they would be rushing these liquids out and detonating them on the tarmac theater wins the day!
A few years ago, while traveling with the family, to include two kids 5 & 7 at the time...we knew that we would be in flight around dinner time, so we bought Lunchables for the kids. The ones that come with a little container of water and a Kool-Aid singles packet. The water bottle was 4oz, STILL factory sealed, and in the box. The FACTORY SEALED box. I watched as our stuff was scanned... scanned a second time, then they took both of my daughter's bacgs, open them up, dump the contents, RIP open the boxes to shreds, took the bottles and tossed them. Then simply piled everything back up and handed it to me.
When I asked them about it, it was because the water bottled were 4oz. They didn't seem to care that it was in the box, and that it was for my kids. But I was more than welcome to "purchase a new bottle at the bar right over there" .... yeah, right.
Oh, and the packet of powdered substance, they let that on no problem. And they wonder why there's so much "airline rage".
+Pavlos Papageorgiou Fourty Six years from now we won't have a voice due to the Obama administration passing non-constitutional bills taking our right to free speech away.
Based on the number of "hidden" things that Nightline and 20/20 has gotten past TSA in their "Hidden Camera story that will scare you" ... I don't think we are any better or safer than we were 10-20 years ago. Seems to me lately that all the plots that have been stopped have been stopped by the general public.
It makes me so sad we cannot bring our hygiene products with us on our travels. We can only have a one-day use container at the most.
It seems that the two biggest improvements to airport security since the horror of 9/11 have been fully secured cockpit doors and passengers that are now conditioned to fight back and stop threats in the cabin of the plane.
Sooooo true. I personally think it is not about security at all, but it is a huge employment program.
+Kenny Kistler I do and I know the President has the right to Veto actions by Congress, but when he supports those bills and does nothing it says alot. you can blame Congress but the man at the top can exercise his voice too.
If you don't bring a drink in with you, you have to buy it from the store inside!
Kenny K
Bills are passed in the Senate and in the House. If you do not blame Congress first and foremost for the passing of bad bills, your criticism is misdirected.
Well politicians (congressmen, senators and the President) don't have to go through airport security. I'd like to see a congressman get his "junk" handled and see how he likes it! (But then some of them might LOL)
I wish I had shared this thought EVERY time I have gone through security.

What if that bottle exploded?

On an airplane?.....


What if that bottle exploded...

in a TRASH CAN?!?!?!?

If you think about it, it is still a better alternative.
Thats something I never could understand you are drinking your water
and they think its deadly how crazy can that be , anyways its the rule
so please go along with it i'd rather be safe than sorry....thanks
The single most dumbest thing? Naah that still doesn't stand up to listing a 4 YEAR OLD, not her parents, the child herself, on the Do Not Travel list.
Tim Box
The bombs that caused this were not all in one bottle. Perhaps you want to put your self forward as a security consultant. You obviously seem to think you know more than the experts.
That is exactly what they did with my Mothers Day gift at the San Diego airport-wastebasket right next to the x-ray machine!
Suspicious much? XD It isn't that obvious that he is yelling that so, no one is responding!!!! haha
Milty C
I dont think there is anything dumb about putting liquids in the bin.

These liquids of themselves are not that dangerous, but only become so when combined with something else. The whole idea is too stop the would be terrorist from getting to plane toilet where they will assemble the bomb using the liquid.

At any rate, its better that a bomb detonates in the bin where it might kill only a few , instead of hundreds on a plane.
Is that a man or a woman XD. Time to do some security changes haha.
hahahahahahahhahahahahahahah it took me a second to get it though
brian s
+Lauren Wayman yet I take my laptop out of my bag every time and they never even look at it. can't for the life of me understand why I was made to take it out...
Just wait until they make exploding bottles on time delay or ones that mix explosively when dropped.

+Kayla Hansen to get a clearer X-Ray of the insides. I guess it's not as powerful a machine as on TV.
can they be any smarter ~sarcasm~......... dumb-ass
Bottled water can be mixed with store bought pharmaceuticals to produce high pressure and heat within the bottle, which can lead to it being used as an improvised explosive. No electrical wires or detonator required.
+Joe Wilks You have been added to the no-flyer list of every airline. Thank you for your cooperation.
Somebody puts a bomb in their shoes, and now we have to take off our shoes in a security line. Somebody (maybe?) hatches a plot to detonate a liquid explosive, and now we have to dump our water bottles and baby formula. Somebody made a bomb out of his underwear. Are we now going to have to go to the airport commando?
Liberty vs Safety.
to be fair, I'd much rather take my shoes off when getting on a plane than someone not be checked and blow up the plane I'm on.
I may have a limited view on this as I don't fly all too often. But that's just my opinion at the moment.
Kassy G
then why put it in the trash can?
+Joe Wilks In general, I'd rather be safe, also. There are just so many ways someone could hurt someone on a plane, and these very specific rules do not fix the problem. It means that we have minor inconveniences, which I'd have no problem if it meant I was safe. To a terrorist, however, it just means they need to use one of the 100 other ways to get their message across.
+Randy Fortier Yeah, I guess you're right there. Fair point.
I'm not sure how you make it 100% safe then, I'm no expert on security.
T'is just a shame we live in a world where we have to put up with these things though.
This is classic lol! I always wondered about that lol
+Daniel Pickett look at my name. Hey! Just thought I'd say hi since we are some kind of kin. How does that work anyway?
Lol... This has to be one of the funniest things I've seen all day today. Airports hate them and will not ride the for this same reason unsafe or extremely precautionary with every little thing. Except there job of course. Lol.
Having recently lost an $80 bottle of cologne this way, the cartoon is all-too-painful to me. When can we end this stupidity?
They like the power!?, took my sandals once(they had metal beads) and left me standing on dirty tile 10 feet from conveyor. A nice Toronto business man in a suit brought them to me when I asked in Pearson. I re-affirmed my love of good people.
we complain about security but we do need it sorry for the few apples who take it to aother exteme level
LOL I have to email this to EVERYONE so funny LOLOLOLOLOL
Instead of blowing up the airplane, lets blow up the airport. XD
+laronda jones thats not childish its true what cant you see about it why kill a couple hundred in a plane when i could take out a few thousand in a terminal? ps not me personally... but an evil person
+Andy Laverdiere Jr your comment was well thought out direct and very accurate slightly on the conspiracy theory side but non the less very very good
I've often wondered about the wisdom behind tossing all of the "dangerous" and illegal items, all in the same waste basket. It's like a bargain bin! 
Which is also filled with other deadly bomb bottle. 
oh yes, in the airport EVERYTHING is a potential bomb, or crazy way to smuggle drugs into other places... but really, i think the security gaurds are just paranoid...
+Joe Wilks You never get 100% safe. You are not safe driving your car. After the Toyota accelerator malfunctions, you didn't hear people pushing for mandatory monthly accelerator testing for all vehicles. Driving is mostly safe, so we do it. Flying is mostly safe also.
and they wonder why we make fun of airport security
checking babies instead of young men
I watched a guy get his bag searched because he had a crap load of miniature liquor bottles. They let him go because they were all under 3 oz.

He could have made a pretty good sized cocktail bomb with them.
I think after 9/11 the focus shifted to saving big buildings like white house, pentagon etc rather than the planes and the passengers. This explains the stupidity. That is the bureaucratic knee jerk for you.
What if that bottle was filled with the guys pills?
Besides if it was a cellphone operated bomb (which most bombs are) then he could still set it off and kill hundreds of people.
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