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Japanese researchers invent brilliant touch force-feedback system.

Researchers working at NEC and the Tokyo Institute of Technology have invented a haptic touch panel display technology. The physical glass actually moves to reflect both what's happening on screen and the location of the user's touch.
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This is interesting and potentially a great innovation, but I'm concerned about the fact that the glass movement requires putting moving parts into our computing machinery (which has been progressively moving toward no moving parts -- vastly increasing reliability and decreasing failure over time).
Moving parts? Oh no!!!! Where's my battery life?!?!?!
Interesting, but I don't think I would want it in a mobile device.
+Will Palaia Active gels will first need to be applied in devices for better keyboard tactile feeling... Still waiting for that. And gels AFAIK can't move this fast. They're more like screen refresh of an e-ink display... Slow but good enough for such things.
Others have been working on this for a long time - great to see it's reaching market. Microsoft is researching it based on a plastic layer that changes shape when hit by UV light, no moving parts. Apple is researching it based on electronic field variation that also involves no moving parts. Nokia is researching it using nano-technology for electrovibration to bring texture-like feelings to areas of a screen.

On the other hand, with all this work in the area over the past 3-4 years, it hasn't gotten to market, so hopfully we'll reach the "tipping point" soon and this research will get to market.
really not that brilliant,after you understand the nature of the force feedback
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