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Apple shares pass $600.

Jesus! A single share of Apple stock exceeded $600 today, for the first time ever. Wow.
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apple is just for people who act creative but cant really use a comp or mod a comp
Now watch it fall like a rock as investors dump it for some quick profit.
Time for a split methinks! Hey, time for a couple of splits before the historically significant banana skin appears in the path.
Wow, that graph is scary. There's really no where to go from there but down. Maybe when Facebook goes public people will sell off their Apple shares to buy Facebook shares?
Investors are betting the company will continue innovating at the same rate, and will not become a patent troll. Gotta love investors and their "it worked for me before" thinking.
Do you hear blowing? It's the sound of bubble being inflated, and it's walls are getting thiner and thiner by the minute ;)
The strange thing about that is Apple hasn't "innovated" much since December when the stock really took off. I think the investors who like Apple's innovation bought stock a long time ago.
Pretty sure Jesus didn't have anything to do with it.
I am happy that I at last bought some shares in January :-)
Time to fire up the flux capacitor and go back to 2008 when it was 'only' about $100 per share.
Probable +Chris Chase. Mind you, with the rate of increase of the curve to the right it will reach Heaven soon. The bull and bearish analysts could have an interesting time with the risk profile models in this eventuality.
Wasn't it hovering around $15 at the time "Savior Steve" came back to Apple?
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+Kenton Smith , I am not proffesional in stock markets but I think even thought the innovations are important for the company's growth it is a small input variable when considering stock price growth or decline. Stock will continue grow as long as Apple will make money and they will continue beat Wall Street's analytics expectations.
+Arty junior Don't be an uninformed dolt.Your explanation then for datapoints such as large successful companies like Google moving from Windows to Mac and Linux?

VMWare's belief that in 3 years 80% of connected PC's won't be Windows:

Google's belief that ChromeOS could replace 60% of Windows PC's in business.
well its a win - win for share trader
+Alex Sherrod that was the point I was also trying to make (although not as well as you). It's all about money, no matter how they make it.
dorio x
Very fast to rise, very fast to fall. Wait for that.
Very Fast? They've been on a progressive climb since mid 2008, much like the S&P 500, Gold and any number of other indexes. Except Apple's outpaced them. Look at the charts.

The fundamentals haven't changed.
They still lead the industry in Satisfaction, Customer Service, Design, sales growth, gross margin, Retail profit per square inch.
They've outpaced PC growth for 20 quarters.

If you're predicting Apple's fall, you're painting a pretty bleak picture for the entire rest of the industry, nay the entire S&P 500.
dorio x
If Apple falls, Android/ Microsoft OEM gains
still kicking myself that I didn't buy 100 shares @ $12 in the early '90s
Doubtful that Microsoft OEM's win unless they change. They're reaping what they sow. cheap designs saddled with Windows.
So many non-Mac users seem unaware how simple upgrading an OS, migrating to new even dissimilar hardware, or restoring OS/Apps/data to the same or different hardware can be for average consumers (without getting out any media, re-entering or buying new keys for OEM licensed OS or Office)

Android maybe. ChromeOS maybe. Google gets it (no surprise they mostly use Macs). Microsoft doesn't.

Maybe even Ubuntu in 2013/14, but still a long shot. 
+Craig Bowers like i said you really cant mess around with a mac settings like you can with windows,linux,android etc i have run all the ubuntu's,linux,windows till date and compared to the macs they are way better.however if you are new to computers or just want to use it for online stuff and not gaming and all your better off with a mac
Do you have some for instances? I see a far bit of customization done in terminal and with .plist editing. It's still unix underneath. It's just pleasant that it has a generally fully functional GUI on top (something I haven't always been able to say with Linux, and of late even Windows Server products where there's plenty of missing or not functioning as expected GUI, which forces you back to PowerShell).

More over 90% of the Windows users I work with have no interest in messing with settings or customizing. In business they generally don't have the administrative permission to, for productivity reasons. And most home users have no interest in exercising that ability or even know they have it.

Certainly the risks are higher if they mess things up and need to re-install the OS.

I think that's backed up by the loss of marketshare to the iPad. I would think it also argues for missed opportunity for ChromeOS. Insufficient app support to make an otherwise good idea flourish (so goes Windows Phone, WebOS, Playbook...)

I would say, it's not so much if "new to computers" as you say, but if you're "old" with computers. I have no time or interest any more in futzing with drivers and esoteric settings. Moreover I pretty much want to live with things stock, because I don't want to become dependant on look and feel functionality that I won't have on any Mac I sit down at.

I spend all day keeping a network of Microsoft gunk running smoothly. The last thing I want is to come home to more of that. My Mac's just work. And in the unlikely event I need to re-install or move on to new hardware, it's trivial. Most people can't/won't reinstall windows, and only upgrade when they get a new PC. That's messed up.

There was a day I enjoyed tinkering with Linux (pre-ubuntu days), and Windows hardware. It's no longer a hobby I have interest or time for. The Mac world is far more productive for me, and there's so many more interesting things to do. I'd rather code, or create, or build something. The computer just needs to serve it's function, get out of the way and let me be productive.
+Craig Bowers i agree with part of the stuff you said but many younger people get kicks by modding stuff.its like i can install a cooked rom on my windows phone but not on an iphone,i can install 3rd party apps without jailbreaking like apple,i have the power to control my os.modding is needed to discover new stuff.consider this- if no one messed with windows then how would new stuff be learnt.last year samsung android sales were ahead of apple iphone because android allows users to change system settings.

you have your views, i have mine, that is why all the os's still exist.....
I have no issue with the desire to mod. I'm just saying
1. Don't be surprised it's not enshrined in their Business model. You're the 1%.

2. Don't claim falsely that it can't be done on MacOS.
-There's better alternative hardware support than a lot of other unix and non-unix OS's.
-You can substitute drivers, make changes to OpenFirmware, edit resources, look and feel, behaviour, in an application bundle, edit OS level settings and alter OS look and behaviour.
-You have most of the userland support of most *nix's
-You have the usual, configurable Apache, MySQL, Postgres, Perl, PHP, Ruby underpinnings.
-Even in Lion you have a debian like repository option in MacPorts

3. Don't be surprised as Microsoft continues to ease reduced flexibility into Windows. Curtails the OS options with SecureBoot, reduces application flexibility depending on if it's legacy or metro, or purchased through the app store or not.


You jump to iOS. But even there you gloss over that most versions have had a jailbreak ability. I've jailbroken several of my iphones, my ipad, my AppleTV. Turns out I was happier returning them to the fold, but it was trivially doable.
It's also not a walk in the park with modded android and windows phone devices. It may be easier to do, but not easier to stay productively using them. You're still back to limitations. Be that app store privileges, or purchased music/movie rights on a rooted device, or insecurity with NFC or Google Wallet on a rooted device.

Android phone sales were ahead of iOS but you make a leap to say it was because they could edit system settings.
They can edit system settings on Android tablets too, yet their 1% of ipad sales.
I think you'll find other reasons for those sales. The fact remains that Apple is the largest smartphone manufacturer and the 3rd largest in total phone unit sales. And the iPad isn't just stealing android sales, it's stealing Mac and Windows sales even similarly priced hardware. Which perhaps argues that there's a non-alignment between expectation and offered functionality on the desktop.
Likely in the area of "I turn it on and it just works, doesn't get infected, is easy to add and remove software, and easy to take everything to a newer model and keep going."

Be careful what you wish for. Windows may die on the alter of "but we're configurable and run legacy stuff". Either because Microsoft kills those parts off and it's not what you would call Windows any longer, or because it clings to them and continues to fail at staying relevant with todays expectations which users can in fact get from Apple and few others.
If I would own any apple stock I would sell it now :D
+Craig Bowers i agree with most of what you said and windows will be windows mac will be mac.lets just end it here before one of us starts an all out onlines battle of the Os's, but feel free to continue as i will always be ready to strike back.
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