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Facebook's teen sexting app is called: "Poke."
Facebook to launch teen sexting app.

Facebook reportedly plans to launch a direct competitor to Snapchat. 

Snapchat is a phone app that lets users send a picture that self-destructs after a few seconds. It can be used for legit purposes, but mostly it's used by teenagers for sending inappropriate pictures -- without getting grounded. 

Snapchat is not about sexting. It's about getting away with sexting. 

The app is massively popular among high school students and Anthony Weiner types, and Facebook wants a piece of the action. Allegedly.
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So they are giving people a false sense of security when sending pictures?
Omg that is so dumb! >:/
Wow I am a teen and I am super insulted!
Oh I get it now.  I didn't understand this self-destructing message thing.
damn yall better hope the cops dont find out i waont be using it tho and u better hope no one snitches but u kno snitches are bitches so wateva
Teens should be punished for sexting? That's a ridiculous notion! Sext away!!!! 
+Clinton Hammond I think it's up the parents of those "kids" if it's ok. Facebook should not be provide ways to bypass parental controls. Also this is worst than Sexting, because it's just over Facebook. At least if you have someone's cell number you probably know them in real life, on Facebook the other party could be anyone.
Couldn't a nefarious user still take a screen shot? Yeah, false sense of security.
Launch? As if teens need an app. It's fun to share sexy phontos for a while, but the hormones that rage at a teenagers age can not help but want the real thing. The power of suggestion should clear what I meant up: in other wards teens are fuking their brains stupid in US.
Can't you just screencap these pictures? You can't make them self destruct. Facebook sucks, and I'm beside myself but they would cater to this awful trend.
Two words: Screen Capture

Holy crap, I cracked the system!
Sounds like "Mission Impossible" self destructive messages. 
Taking s screenshot (via the built in iOS feature at least) notifies the other side that your message was capped. That's the extent that the iOS API allows. 
Taking a screencap with my Android device, or my Windows PC, doesn't notify anybody of anything at all.
Bryan M
+Mike Elgan Why do I have a feeling that those dirty pictures get stored somewhere where some computer whiz can find it? Bad Idea....
Classy bunch of teens we're raising. 
+Robert Angle I was referring to Facebook's Poke app. It's only available for iOS. SnapChat has an Android version though.
Dropbox integration captures all shots and videos, even Google+ app does that, how are they going to erase these photos and videos from there?
Forget screen capture. Use another phone to take a photo of the screen with inappropriate image. Then share. Way too easy to get around and original sender is clueless until it is too late.
+Chris Veerabadran They can't prevent the screenshots from being taken. But they can notify the other side when it happens, so presumably they'll stop sending additional pics when they see they can't trust that person.
+Joost Schuur Will they notify also if the received image is saved under a different name and then Dropbox saves that image automatically. 
Am I a terrible person for considering screen shoting anything that would get sent to me that way? I'm sure I'm not the only person who would do this.
+Chris Veerabadran I don't know the exact nature of the API that provides the app with the notification. It might be a hook that gets called on the screen cap event, and not something that just sits and checks the photo album every few seconds to see if a new screenshot has been saved.

Either way, whatever Dropbox may or may not do in iOS seems irrelevant here. iOS handles saving of screen grabs. iOS puts it into a predictable location.
One thing is for sure... people will figure out how to get around the "self-destruct" feature. 
Anybody who thinks that parents really have much say in what it's ok or not for their teens to do probably doens't really understand, or even remember what it's like to be a teen....

As for classy or not, if you don't like it, don't use it... But don't think you're better than anyone who does. 
Because moral ambiguity should never get in the way of company profits.  Thanks Facebook ;)
Our of all my contacts only 3 have it... Guess I am not in the illegal circle. Happily. :)
I guess I'd rather this than seeing their tidbits in my newsfeed 
Poke?  Maybe Puke would have been a better name...
Always trying to cover up mistakes. All this has its limits.
Question to me is: will G+ follow suit as well, or will Google actually side on principle about preservation-of-content and just let this "popular" feature slide?
Kids will be kids...being involved in your child's life should prevent misuse of an app like this...
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