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Yeah, it's called the 'iPotty.'

A special iPad-holding toilet (complete with a "splash guard" for the iPad) is designed to help toilet-train toddlers. Parents are invited to choose from the variety of toilet-training apps already available in the iOS app store. 

In other news, there is a variety of toilet-training apps already available in the iOS app store.
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isn't this going to teach them to sit on the toilet backwards?
Oh please no....
I think I have had enough of this technology lark now, it has finally gone too far.. I'm off to join the Amish.
Lori Lee
That's ridiculous... 
Just WOW. So awesome. That's almost 'cheating' on the potty training lol :)
You can't bet you'll need to sign in before you can go.
Hopefully this isn't going to create some sort of Pavlov's Dog conditioning. Are we going to create a generation of people who become constipated when their iPad's don't work. Or a generation of people who mess themselves whenever they touch an iPad?
Andy Bisby
Brings an entirely different meaning to the phrase 'log out'.
Alex Pfeffer
"Congratulations little Tommy, you just poo'd 278 grams! That is your new personal record! You just beat your sister about 5 grams. See you tomorrow!"
фотонунах... а в компораше наших обнаглела скатерть самобранка и не даёт информпитаний.
Getting children started on their hemroids early
Really? anyone will use it for his child?
Does the creator of this device have children? This seems like a bad idea
Sh*t happens...

May God bless their minds with some sense...
lol, we are having twins in late June! now robots train our is just like the jetsons
This is simply awful. 
Where can I buy this marvelous contraption
Woow.. it is good idea for brand name trade mark ipee&ipood
What kind of world are we living in????
I have enough issues keeping my daughter focused on the potty.  The last thing she needs is the toddler equivalent to a cell phone to mess with. 
This makes me glad my child won't be allowed to use video games or ipads or the internet until they are 11. (Except when I am helping them research stuff for school). I know someone who has a 3 year old that plays with their ipad all the time. Kid has about as much personality as a lump of dough. About as much imagination too.
work and play with shit ... the iDevice motto
I'm thinking that good old fashioned cloth diapers would work faster and cheaper, use less natural resources and take up less room in the landfill. Reward your child with a shelf full of P.D. Eastman books and read 'em with your child each night while you are doing laundry. That might be an even better solution. What do you think? 
They need an adult version.  =)  Easier than putting your tablet on the floor when you go to wipe. Though I do suggest sterilizing your table after to leave the bath room also. =P
تكنولوجيا النونييات ههه
Why not encourage kids to play around the toilet. NO BOBBY! Only use your finger!
What we are doing with this generation of kids? Do You really need to bribe your child to potty? This is a generation of lazy parents creating a lazier generation of kids.
dafuq? Do we really need an APP to get potty trained??? Looking at this... Wall-E doesn't seem too far off in the future...
appropriate that apple is finally marketing itself as a children's device.
+Tycho Aussie i think the world is going to be a gigantic trash can and we can't do nothing to stop!
Do they have a version for grown ups?
Could have been a toilet with a book holder, but nooooo, we gonna put an iShit holder. 
Nice innovation to help kids potty train!
Right. Teach kids not to be hygienic. 
ما احلى الطينة وانت بتلعب ، كدة الاطفال مش هينزلوا من فوقها
can't wait til the South Park creators get a hold of this!!
Kid that are being potty trained are to young to be on ipads. Plus what happens when the move up to the big potty will they take there ipad in there. Its just wrong whats to come of this world
Great idea now make an adult version so I can check my emails and Google while I poop and add a cup holder for my beer 
It's scientifically proven that people that sit for a long time on the potty suffer more from hemorrhoids than those who don't, now with that in mind, multiply the many hrs the kid might get use to this gadget and if an adult size where to be made, that would mean a lot of "Preparation H" .........;)
Can anyone tell me how to stop Mike Elgan from appearing in my feed. I don't follow him but his dumb stories always appear in my feed 
That is crazy...iPod, iPhone, iPad n iPaid...
Wrong on many levels.  My chief complaint is that it removes the illicit thrill of playing Angry Birds on the bog.  If you're allowed to play with your gadgets, it's nowhere near as much fun...
Yeah fuckin google +, what a hell should see this damned posts on my timeline
One step closer to the singularity. This is sad. 
So you AC Slater the toilet to use it?
Problem, one would have to remove all pants to sit on this potty. Which can be a time consuming act for a young child.

Second the toilet is now backwards. So one would thing that they will learn to sit on the toilet backwards. 
+walter henrique
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Oh well, in the iLabs, this is where all the toddlers are being brainwashed on from a very young age to become iSheep :-)
This is the special equipment with work
Meg L
And so it begins - parenting through machines.
Zubair that is what I was thinking. You are not suppose to spend 10+ minutes on the toilet only because you keep trying to pass an Angry Birds level. 
I would definitely pull an "upper decker" on that thing
Prepare for law suits for child's over indulgence...
Awesome' i can definitely use this, since my 16months year old boy is well on his way.. lol
No. I'm sure kids are capable of learning how to use the loo without the iPad jeez
Not saying it's good or bad. A few minutes focusing on a screen gives a busy mom a few minutes to relax (or do something else). My concern... who's programming the kid, and are there long-term consequences? Can parents select what their little ones see?
one refreshment whole day enjoyment.
I bet the iPad needs to be sanitized if the victim uses their finger. I am not the one to do it.
wow! truly for the parent who is incapable of anything. Potty training is not that difficult if you actually try...but hey, a fool and his money are soon parted.
Is it just me or does it feel incredibly wrong and stupid to buy a toilet for your toddler that has cameras, geographical sensors and wifi?
I mean, what kind of paedophile invented this device?
Didnt think there was a way they could make ios a more shitier experience, I was wrong. 
I never heard of that before, but I think the children will like that along with their parents.
So I guess a child will sit backward on the toilet bowl when they grown up....
For those times when you want to iPad... but you have to iPoo!
Yeah +Scott Odom you look like a dude that can survive a week without his apple phone.. that is a pretty cool idea.. like tell me now a days who doesn't sit on the toilet with a magazine or a tab.. very harsh thing to say' shame shame shame..
shouldnt it be called an iPood  ? ;-}
Wow I knew this day would come. Will they make the iUrinal
Mentail.....Talk about chained to ya i
technology teaching you to take a s***
Can anyone spell ADHD ? Toddlers should learn to poop on the toilet by themselves and not to play angry birds on the toilet.
thats is so cool and nasty at the same time
I know this is harsh, and I don't really have any experience with kids, but if I had them, I definitely wouldn't trust them with my electronics, let alone on a toilet with them either.
+Lim Ding Wen Still, they should focus on "task at hand" (if you can call it that :-) ) and not gaze at a monitor. They have enough time to do that after they're done. :)
Awesome! When is the adult version coming out?
I just "I-pooed" when I saw this. Our poor youth, I learned by being made to wash my own undies by hand.
It looks like a great Idea. The baby learns IT while... well... you know the rest. BUT,  this may have unexpected effects on your child. Imagine an IT guru who can only work better or have brillian ideas only when seated on... he he he... exactly!
I would spend way to much time there
I wonder if this contraption tells how to wipe correctly.
I don't wanna live on this planet anymore....
This is an example of why I never buy anything with a name that starts with "i." 
my three year old son would love this...
I know where i would teach my kid to aim with that, lol!
We're living in the world of technologies
So your kid is just naked playing on the I pad, my kid already does that
Are Children really able to use an Ipad at 2-3yrs old????  worlds gone mad!!!!
be surprised with pee
This is actually a good idea for kids who are in the very early stages of toilet training. The main strategy at that age -- at least the way we did it with our kids -- is to keep them sitting on the toilet until "something happens" naturally, the hard part being that this is extremely boring. I would usually dial up a Thomas the Tank Engine Video on my phone and hand it to the kid in question. This seems like the same idea only safer on the electronics. 
Too much for me.  They get enough media
Do you want your ipad back Daddy?
--Uhh, no. You keep it. 
some kids never be out of toilet !!!!!
Oh mad,,, it's perfectly crazy dude....
Just take ur ipod to the potty prob solved lol n its backwards!!!!!
If you think that's gross... did you know there actually  is or at least was a social networking app called iPoo specifically marketed for people to socially network with people who were on the lavatory at the same time? I wish I were making this up!
I hear the most popular game app on this is Angry Turds
Ryan Ng
Just take your iPad to the potty and throw it in there. Yeah, that's where it belongs.
Ryan Ng
+Rich Anderson It looks really small for an adult, but someone can easily come up with one.
That might be the greatest thing I have ever seen.  
this is so sad. Where's the Nexus 10?
I can see putting on the tv while you finish a project for work or while you fix supper, but there must be a time in your child's like for some parenting?
Funny thing is that your kid is gonna get used to it, that he won't be able to take a poop without this device. 
amir ak
really its a waste of cash!!!
+Matthew S read again, it's called iPotty for the iSheep, no Android in this, they're much too stylish and grown up to let their devices be used for such crap :-)
In Nigeria,we would call it 'iegbe' meaning ishit
Imagine the impact this might have on a child in later life through the trained respons this would create; every time they see an Apple product they soil themselves....
I'm all about conditioned responce but this could take a generation to get over. The stench in the office alone ...
Seriously I support Kurt Fossen on this, a adult size one would nice.
It's bad enough that people give children treats for using the toilet
Thats some really cool stuff. Wish i had that when I was little.
Hell yeah! i never have to get up now does it have a padded seat ! LOL.
Future people characteristics: Blind, Arthritic hands, Nervous.I don't want technology at least not in toilet.
Is there any technology to give my eyes or hands or my brain back?
Put the iPad face down for target practice.. Now aim for the Apple, junior
This is crazy! I would not use this for my child. They would just sit there and play and not go potty. 
lol, if i was still a kid, I'd be on the pot all day.
Does this mean that the iPad belongs next to a log of sh!t?
Do they make adult sizes?
Ricky K
hahahahha nice good thing
It's important as parents we teach our kids to disconnect from technology sometimes.... if you can't d/c in the bathroom, where else would you?
I'm using $ 1 packs of stickers to potty train my 2yo. Working great, I even give myself a sticker once in awhile. 
And we wonder what is happening to the educational system!
thats not rigth there are apps for it
Yea,if u have eyes in the back of your head
good for kids that dont know how to use their parts right
I think it should be called the Ishitter
Does it give you gold star, if you aim it right??? (;
There's a crapp for that.
This is craZy! What has happened to parenting values? What has happened to having patience to teach and guide toddlers?? Now it gets to leaving them alone on the potty to self entertain instead of interacting with the child by reading to him/her or teaching them speech and social skills by talking with them. While technology advances humans regress in many ways. 
We are so lazy in the so called civilized industrial world. Some tribal people, and those educated, still potty ( or bowl) train their children at birth. And we are supposed to be the advanced race! Lol!
It really is for LAZY parents who do not want to socialize, and deal with helping their children grow. There is nothing good about this~~It is PATHETIC that any parent would love to have this. 
maybe there needs to be a app that teaches the mums and dads on how to train there child....
yeah that won't effect the child's eyesight at all ...
Stupids. Kids already have trouble separating themselves from their screens. Human interaction is a dying art. Major social problem
I thought Apple patented the lowercase i?
Just throw a few cheerios in the bowl...this is too much!
Best invention by Apple yet, revolutionazing the way we learn to take a shit. What will they do next?
that's one way to teach your kids to associate shit with apple...
i (somewhat) approve
ali neo
please make it for more people :P i like it :))
Tami Q
Nice sentiment, really is.. But a little i ridiculous i think.. Have we really reached a evolutionary point that healthy people need a tech aid to teach us to use our normal body fucntions, civilized? Lol come on, next will be a IPlate to teach us to eat! If u use this, im sorry but ur a lazy parent.... 
But what if he (Or she) stood up grossness
It's the new plan Talk, Text, and Shit
Oh my god. We have finally lost it. 
wow, my little brother would love to pee now :)
wow ... just wow -___- what has this generation come to were we have to use an iPad to teach our children how to pee children that are learning how to pee wont even be able to read the words on the damn screen! its sad that apple is really running out of ideas this is just horrible who ever invented this needs to just lye down in a ditch and forever stay their!! and besides if your haven a baby in this economy you wont be able to afford that any way! so good going you little shit fucks!
so now we have to Bribe our children to shit
Ah - I see that they've finally invented the Twitter-Shitter. 
What ever happened to parenting? People just stick their kids in front of some digital bullshit and go to the bar.
Too much. We need a brake from screens.
Hmm - I worry that the kiddies won't want to leave the pot!
LoL +Neil Tipper :D
Apple's got this one wrong in training kids to sit backwards on the toilet seat :-( now they'll keep looking at the flush when they grow up... and they won't even know that their grown-ups used to once upon a time sit the other way around! :p
and they'll mention it in the history books... :p
the wonders of modern technology - i hope they will soon invent a device that will take a shower for me - it would save me time in the morning :)
it just trains kids how to have electronics with them at all times. completely unnecessary.
This is outstanding for apple but Microsoft will be coming out with one soon for less money, people will buy it, lastly Microsoft will have to bail Apple out of the shitter again
This is awful!!  Is there no place where a kid can go without being "plugged-in"?!?!  Ridiculous.  
i think, the best name is phispot "piphis dina pot"
That's Called The iPad Totally Dependency.
Can Parents Be Like Years Ago When They Did Their Job For Kids Education?
Ha, ha, ha.... People buying this must have some sort of mental problems.
Soon we'll have iRobot and Will Smith will get a robot arm.
Jay A
my little man will love this. hmmm... gave me an idea for his iPad!
Is there an adult version?
Yes, an adult version would be great. I hate almost falling over getting off the toilet because both my legs are beyond asleep due to my elbows digging into them. :)
Is people so obsessed with Internet and hi-tech now day they can't even go tak a shit without bein online....
Wich leads me to this question:
How many of you have been in a chat room while in you're in the shitter?
95% of the tweets I've ever sent have been from the toilet.
Now we wont be able to get them out of the bathroom. Yet another facet of our lives where technology is distracting us from the real goal.
imagine your kid sitting on this smelly potty, playing "infinity blade" in your living room. Nice :D
Yep Apple where it belongs on the craper
That's the place I drink my morning coffee, on the toilet.
very bad idea...!! and when they grow they really need real one. ipad guys are crazy and don't have any brain.
so in the future people will need apps to poo? does dead battery equal constipated when they grow up lol
well i know where i'd do my buisness and it would be in the potty thats for'd be on that ipad.
Too much! And this is coming from someone whose kids BOTH have iPads. Too much!
Pease tell me they make this for adults :-D
Anyone that buys this needs to take a good look at their parenting. FFS !
Finally! A good use for Apple products!
I remember the good old days, when kids could go to the bathroom without electronic stimulation.  What has happened to us as a society?
hell no. that thing is NOT in ny house EVER!!!!!!
Huahahaha ... Such a downward ideas towards upscale technology .. 
Maybe i should try one nd see how its works lols
I have a kid still trying to master potty training..This dumb idea would just make him shit and watch cartoons..FAILED
Ewww!  I wouldn't want to touch that tablet after the business end of tings if finalized.  Little kids are germ factories, especially at potty time.
I assume that's some sort of bowl you must empty, from time to time! Or, do you just stand it Flush with the wall?
Are they going to make an adult version?
Missed Opportunity - should have been a joint development w/Nintendo - the iWii
this game looks like to me haha toilet with video games with his toilet nice
But if it is the only thing that works. Well it works it works. 
The iPad is in the wrong spot, it should be getting shat on.
Just when you think you've seen it all... :)
Triple P Parenting would LOVE this one.... lol
Great. Sit on the toilet backwards ^^
Thats not right. Because then they'er going to feel as if they NEED that to go potty.
Woow...! Exceland..
Maybe having Tinybladder is not so bad.
Everybody is waiting to do something horribly stupid n insane.....looks good though...:)
I know adults hoked on WOW who will be renovating the toilet after seeing this
I hope it doesn't make it to the market.  This is a bad idea.
Equally as bad is plugging your kids into a DVD player in the backseat of your car.  It's no wonder why kids don't have any patience.
Better yet, we can call it ì2. I can't help but roll on the floor laughing my butt out. Oh! I better stop before .....
Lol Now no one need ever go to the toilet again!
Perfect, for those who enjoy urine on their iPad. 
That is a great idea i just might get 1
Next is the igarbage(it takes itself out)
This gives a whole new meaning to looking in your rear view mirror !
Cute. It's also good with helping your older ones relax and not rush themselves through a potty break. We currently use the DSi which keeps them from rushing and pushing to finish! Good idea!
dat is to funni i wish i had thar when i was a little girl lol
I'd buy it for my baby. I think children grow smarter than to fail to learn that you don't face the tank on a toilet, I'd hope so anyway! Lmao
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