I've started circling G+ friends in theme circles when they post things related to my own interests. Wait, what?

I'm a professional geek (I make my living writing about technology-related subjects). But I'm also a shameless health freak and one of those annoying foodie types. I have other obsessions and interests as well.

It's easy to GET posts in my stream based on my interests -- just follow people who talk about them. But I'd also like to SEND posts to people who share my narrow interests, without annoying the larger group.

So now I have circles that categorize topics, rather than people. I made circles called "Food," "Health," "Politics," and others.

When people I'm already following send ME things in any of my topic categories, I add them to the appropriate circle (while leaving them also in the original circle).

Then, when I want to do something like post a picture of my lunch, I'll address it only to the known foodies, rather than spamming everyone with something most people don't care about.

What do you think? Is this a good practice?
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